Coney Island Beachgoers Shocked By Gun Buried In Sand, Found By 10-Year-Old Girl

Originally posted on CBS New York:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Residents and beachgoers at Coney Island, Brooklyn were shocked Tuesday, after a 10-year-old girl found a loaded gun buried in the sand in the water.

As CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported, the girl found the 9mm handgun around 2 p.m. Monday at the beach, buried in the sand under about 2 feet of water.

“That is unbelievable that you could just even find that, said Linda Talbot of Garden City, Long Island. “I mean, needles were one thing; a gun is something else now.”

The NYPD said the girl was playing on the beach and looking for sea shells when she found the gun. She immediately alerted her mother.

“I would have a heart attack,” said Mae Sowell of Coney Island. “You’d be surprised what you’d find out there in the water. Wow, wow.”

“Besides the sea shells, apparently, there’s a gun – scary; God forbid,”…

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Weight-Loss Supplement being Recalled due to DMAA Present

MedWatch logoMedWatch - The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program

RegenESlim Appetite Control Capsules: Recall – Presence Of DMAA

AUDIENCE: Consumer

ISSUE: Regeneca Worldwide a division of VivaCeuticals, Inc., is conducting a voluntary nationwide recall of its RegenESlim appetite control dietary supplement, lot # EX0616R15814 and lot #11414RE5516, because FDA analysis confirmed the presence of DMAA. DMAA, also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine, or geranium extract, is commonly used as a stimulant, pre-workout, and weight loss ingredient in dietary supplement products. FDA has warned that DMAA is potentially dangerous to health as it can narrow blood vessels and arteries, which can cause a rise in blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems such as shortness of breath, arrhythmias, tightening in the chest, and heart attack.

BACKGROUND: RegeneSlim is purchased by and distributed through a direct sales force within the United States and Puerto Rico, and through online sales, for both personal consumption and retail sales. RegeneSlim is packaged in approximately 3 ½” by 3” green and white sachets that contain 2 capsules, with the name RegeneSlim displayed prominently on the front of the sachet.

RECOMMENDATION: Consumers who have purchased affected RegeneSlim lot numbers are advised to immediately stop using the product and return it to the place of purchase. Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-949-281-2600 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. PDT. Consumers should contact their physician or healthcare provider if they experience any problems that may be related to taking or using RegeneSlim.

Healthcare professionals and patients are encouraged to report adverse events or side effects related to the use of these products to the FDA’s MedWatch Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program:

  • Complete and submit the report Online:
  • Call 1-800-332-1088 to request a reporting form, then complete and return to the address on the pre-addressed form, or submit by fax to 1-800-FDA-0178

Read the MedWatch safety alert, including a link to the press release, at:

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Carlton Complex – Okanogan-Wenatchee NF – Washington State 8/7/2014

UPDATE as of 2107 – 8/7/2014


Start:  7/14/14.

Cause:  Lightning.

Fire Incident Summary:  4 fires started originally then became 1 on 7/20/14.

Plume From Cougar Flat Fire Over Liberty Bell ICP [Photo Credit: inciweb]

Plume From Cougar Flat Fire Over Liberty Bell ICP [Photo Credit: inciweb]

  • Stokes Fire.
  • The Gold Hikes Fire.
  • The French Creek Fire.
  • The Cougar Flat Fire.

Tent City on the South Zone [Photo Credit: inciweb]

Tent City on the South Zone [Photo Credit: inciweb]

New starts:

  • Rising Eagle Rd Fire.
  • Little Bridge Fire.
  • Upper Falls Fire.

Personnel:  1805 approximately.

DC-10 drops retardant. [Photo Credit: inciweb]

DC-10 drops retardant. [Photo Credit: inciweb]

Acreage:  253,377.

Terrain Conditions:  Timber & grass.  Steep & Difficult.


  • 300 destroyed.
  • Critical infrastructure.

Firefighters digging Fire Line on East Zone [Photo Credit: inciweb]

Firefighters digging Fire Line on East Zone [Photo Credit: inciweb]


  • Level 1: Pearrygin Lk State Park & E Chewuch Rd [Carlton Complex Fire]
  • Level 1:  Sun Mtn Resort; Pine Forest; Private land along Hwy 21; Twisp River from Elbow Coulee to Forest Boundary.

Drawing water f rom a nearby water source [Photo credit: inciweb]

Drawing water f rom a nearby water source [Photo credit: inciweb]

Incident Cooperators:

  • United States Forest Service [USFS]
  • Washington Department of Natural Resources [WADNR]
  • Bureau of Land Management [BLM]
  • Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Okanogan Fire Districts #6 & #15
  • Okanogan County Sheriffs Office [OCSO]
  • Chelan County Fire District
  • Chelan Fire Districts #1, #, #4, #6, #8
  • Washington State Department of Transportation [WSDOT]
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • American Red Cross [ARC]
  • Chelan County Sheriffs Office
  • Oknogan County Emergency Office of Operations assisting the towns:  Pateros, Brester, Twisp, Malott, Winthrop, Canyon and Methow.

Fire on East Zone on July 21, 2014. [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]

Fire on East Zone on July 21, 2014. [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]


  • 5 miles SW of Okanogan, WA
  • 7 miles South of Twisp, WA
  • 9 miles SW of Omak, WA

Dropping water on the fire [Photo Credit: inciweb]

Dropping water on the fire [Photo Credit: inciweb]

Future Objectives:

  • Focus on N end of Pearrygin Lk; the Rising Eagle Rd Fire; NW of ski area at Hwy 20 and E of Leecher Loookout

Editor’s Note:  Remember, to keep all those in your thoughts and prayers whom are either on the fireground, in the air, in administration, dispatch or somehow involved.  We want  you all to know we are here supporting you by showing the great progress and tireless efforts you all have been exerting. Please be safe, friends.

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WA Wildfire: Devil’s Elbow – Colville Indian Reservation 8/7/14

8/7/14 UPDATE as of 1900 Hours

Start:  Saturday, August 2, 2014.

Cause:  Lightning.

Location:  15 miles E of Nespelem, Washington.

Personnel:  313.

Acreage:  8296.

Fire Incident Summary:  4 fires in this complex.

  • Cub Creek Fire [located on Colville Indian Reservation]*
  • Central Peak Fire [*]
  • The Deadhorse Fire [*]
  • Timm Brothers Ranch Fire [near Columbia River]


  • Level 3:  Hwy 21 fromcapoose Creek to South Nanmkin Rd.
  • Level 2 & 1: N and S of this area.


  • Hwy 21: From Bridge Creek Rd to gravel pit. [N of Nanamkin Rd.]
  • San Poli River Rd [N of Bridge Creek Rd].
  • Central Peak area and all access roads.
Central Peak burning on 8/5 [Photo Credit: WA IMT4]

Central Peak burning on 8/5 [Photo Credit: WA IMT4]

(c) 2014 The NW Fire Blog | @nwfireblog [Twitter] | [email] | The NW Fire Blog

Photography Courtesy of: WA IMT #4 via

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Looking for Wildland Firefighters to Help with Two Outside Projects



in Oregon State

We have recently been contacted by a Research Institute company in NV and a Broadcasting agency located in Oregon looking to talk to our Wildland Firefighter friends about the crazy fires taking place here in the West.

The first opportunity is for a Nevada company looking to have firefighters share their “wildland” fire stories with them to determine fire behavior through human experience.  It sounds like a great opportunity!

The second opportunity is to share your “wildland” fire stories, experiences during the fire season in Oregon.  This is something they have never done before and with all of the media exposure on our fires here, they want to hear from you.


Contact us directly via email and we will shoot you, your PIO or agency the info.  We’ll be checking for your emails.

Good Luck and thanks for following our blog! We’ll be posting updates as we receive them.

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Diarrhetic Shellfish Poison (DSP) Detected in Washington State shellfish

Vashon-Maury Island, Washington – The Washington State Department of Health released a statement on the King County’s website on Wednesday, August 6, 2014, stating the Quartermaster Harbor beach had been closed.

The closure is due to unsafe levels of Diarrhetic Shellfish Poison or also known as DSP, detected in shellfish on the beaches.  This pertains to all clams, oysters, mussles, geoduck and scallops.

The County is working on installing signage warning the Pulic not to collect the toxic shellfish.

Think you have poisoning? Here are some of the signs:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea

Freezing or cooking the toxins from the shellfish do not work and therefore, the Health Department found it necessary to ban shellfish harvesting.  It can only be detected in a lab.

The County recommends the following:

“Recreational shellfish harvesting can be closed due to rising levels of DSP at any time.

Therefore, harvesters are advised to call the DOH Biotoxin Hotline at 1-800-562-5632 or visit the Biotoxin Website before harvesting shellfish anywhere in Puget Sound.”

Please heed to this closure notice which in turn stop anyone from getting very sick and allow authorities to try to rectify the situation by keeping the Public safe.

More information pertaining to this story, can be found on the County [King] website at

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New York To Spend Up To $300M To Raise Homes In Flood Zone

Originally posted on CBS New York:

FREEPORT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — More help is on the way for thousands of Superstorm Sandy victims.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday on Long Island that the state will pick up the tab to elevate homes for anyone who is in the 100-year flood zone and wants to raise their house. New York has committed to spending up to $300 million on the program.

Cuomo made the announcement at a home in Freeport that was devastated by Sandy in 2012.

As CBS 2’s Alice Gainer reported, the sight of homes being raised high enough to resist damage from future storms is becoming a common one on Long Island’s South Shore. Homeowners who have been through Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy say it is the only way to have some peace of mind.

“I can’t live here and go through a third storm,” said JoAnne Page, of Freeport. “And I love Freeport, I love being…

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87-Year-Old Woman Hit, Killed While Crossing Street In Queens

Originally posted on CBS New York:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – An 87-year-old woman was hit by car and killed Tuesday night attempting to cross Willets Point Boulevard in Queens, police said.

Police said Agatha Tsunis was struck near Willets Point Boulevard and 163rd Street in the Flushing area of Queens around 8:54 p.m.

Tsunis was taken to New York Hospital Queens with severe head injuries, where she was pronounced dead on arrival, authorities said.

According to police, the driver of the car that struck her remained on the scene.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Carlton Complex Wildfire – Update 7/30/14

Fireline made by crews in Black Canyon [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]

Fireline made by crews in Black Canyon [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]


Pateros, Washington – On July 17, 2014, four fires [the Stokes Fire, the Gold Hikes Fire, the French Creek Fire and the Cougar Flat Fire] within the Carlton Complex incident merged into one large devastating fire.  Within 48 hours, the fire plowed right through the City of Pateros devastating the small town and taking 312 residences within Okanogan County.

Plume from Cougar Flat fire over Liberty Bell ICP [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]

Plume from Cougar Flat fire over Liberty Bell ICP [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]


Currently, the fire is located five (5) miles SW of Okanogan; seven (7) miles of Twisp; and nine (9) miles of Omak, Washington State.  The Carlton Complex Information blog is also reporting the fire is South of Withrop, Washington.


This is the largest wildfire ever recorded in the State of Washington’s wildland fire history.  Lightning was the cause of the original fires.


Today, the fire is at a 67% containment status with 251,025 acres burned.  Some Western Washington locals reporting smoke rising from the Cascades as far away as Bellevue – located ten 10 miles East of Seattle.  Containment is based upon three zones: Carlton Zone, South Zone and East Zone.

A DC-10 dropping retardant down below [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]

A DC-10 dropping retardant down below [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]


A volunteer group composed of military veterans and First Responders started to deploy to the City of Pateros.  Their sole mission is to “Bridge The Gap” in offering their expertise and skilled learned in the military partnering with other First Responders and offering help in disaster response and recovery situations.  They are known as “Team Rubicon”.

Team Rubicon was formed in 2010, after a devastating earthquake in Haiti.  Two former U.S. Marines gathered up six other military veterans and First Responders deploying as a volunteer group to the catastrophic incident.  Team Rubicon flourishes as an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with proudly serving on 65  missions in both the United States and worldwide.  They operated on donations and corporation sponsorships.

The City of Pateros requested Team Rubicon to respond to the Carlton Complex Wildfire to help provide assistance with debris removal, volunteer management, damage assessments and administrative tasks as needed.

It’s volunteers are highly skilled and can step into the role of an Incident Management Team instantaneously or as a Disaster Medical Team.  None of their volunteers are paid for their services they deem “labor of love”.  Their current project with the City is being called “Operation: Humble Trooper”.

Firefighters working hard to dig a line on the East Zone [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]

Firefighters working hard to dig a line on the East Zone [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]

The organization grew from 330 volunteers in 2010 to over 16,000! Membership continues to grow every year.  If would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities, check out their website at or contact their Public Affairs Officer Sam Kille @ or by phone at 516-782-7062.


  • Chelan Fire Districts #1, #3, #4, #6, #8
  • Chelan County FD
  • USFS Firefighters
  • US Fish & Wildlife Firefighters

Over 3,100 Firefighters and personnel are on the fire ground.

  • Washington Natural Guard

Providing road security and brought in a kitchen to supplement the DNR kitchen.

  • Rocky Mtn [Blume] Type 1 Team
  • Helitacks

Assisting with water drops.

  • American Red Cross

Since the beginning of the Wildland fire response, the Red Cross has provided nearly 340 overnight shelter stays; 32,000 meals and snacks and more than 1,000 health and mental services in affected communities.

More than 225 Red Cross Disaster Volunteers have responded from across the Country throughout Washington State to help with the disaster.

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Bureau of Land Management [BLM]

The Fire and Aviation Directorate (FAD) is a diverse, professional organization dedicated to providing national direction, leadership, policy, standards, and operational oversight. FAD works with state and field offices to ensure a safe, cost-effective and efficient fire and aviation management program in support of the national Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mission.

The FAD is headquartered at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho, where it works with seven other federal agencies to manage wildland fire in the United States. BLM’s fire and aviation program has three organizational levels: 1) the national office provides leadership and oversight, and develops policy, procedures and budgets for the fire and aviation program; 2) state offices are responsible for coordinating policies and interagency activities within their state; and 3) field offices are responsible for on-the-ground fire management and aviation activities, often partnering with other agencies to maximize rapid initial attack.

The BLM, a leader in our nation’s wildland fire management efforts, undertakes a broad range of activities to safely protect the public, the natural landscape, wildlife habitat and recreational areas for our country’s citizens. The program includes fire suppression, preparedness, predictive services, fuels management, fire planning, community assistance and protection, prevention and education, and perhaps most significant, safety. The BLM meets these challenges by fielding highly trained and skilled professional firefighters and managers. Reducing the risk and consequence of wildland fires continues to grow in importance; however, suppression operations and safety continue to be the core of the overall fire program.

  • Chelan County Emergency Operations Center

Is reporting that they are currently not activated at this time [per their website].

  • Chelan County Sheriff’s Office


- US Hwy 2 at Coles Corner.  Detour using Chumstick Hwy and SR 207.


- Antoine Creek and Washington Creek, Level 1.

- Union Valley, Level 1.

Drone Footage:



Current weather 104 degrees, RH 12%, and winds S 5-10 mph, Gust 15 mph.

Tomorrow expect a high of 102, RH 14%, winds S 5-10mph, Gust 15 mph.

The extended forecast for this week is for increasing temps and decreasing humidities with possible thunderstorms and a Haines of around 5.

A Fire Weather Watch is in effect from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday evening for thunderstorms producing abundant amount of lightning. This is for the SE Washington areas down to Oregon down to California.

Air Attack Water Drop [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]

Air Attack Water Drop [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]


The Washington State Department of Health’s page located at contains a list of known drinking water alerts issued within the last two weeks.

  • If you lost water pressure and your water system is not on this list, do not assume the water is safe to drink. Public health officials are trying to contact other systems that may be affected.
Photo courtesy of Carlton Complex Info Blog

Photo courtesy of Carlton Complex Info Blog

[This photo [above] despicts a heavy helicopter picking up a load of water from the Methow River. This helicopter can carry up to 2,600 gallons of water. This water will be flown to to the area of the fire where it was requested. The drop of this water will be coordinated with crews on the ground to ensure the water is dropped in the spot it needs to be.]

Many water systems lost pressure because of widespread electrical outages in the Methow Valley and other areas. Potentially harmful contaminants can be drawn into water lines when pressure is lost.

If you are returning from an evacuation and have lost water pressure, boil your tap water when service is restored or contact your water system to find out whether it is necessary to boil the water.

  • To kill germs, heat the water to a brisk boil for one minute and allow it to cool before using. Continue to boil your water until notified by your water system that it is safe to drink. If you are unable to boil your tap water, you can purify water by adding bleach.


Firefighters are asking the public when entering the area, to not stop in the roadway when fire aircraft is working due to this being a safety hazard.  Pull to the shoulder safely and stop, do not impede traffic.

East Zone fire activity on July 21 [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]

East Zone fire activity on July 21 [Photo Courtesy: inciweb]


The Stampede is on, fire camp on the move: To make way for the annual Omak Stampede, the East Zone fire camp is in the process of moving to the Okanogan County Fairgrounds. All Stampede events will take place, as usual, starting August 7th. Most fire personnel will be at the fairgrounds from Thursday night, on. A few support staff will remain at the Stampede Grounds through Friday morning. Fire personnel appreciate all the support and hospitality received from the Omak Stampede.

Info Complied by LR Swenson from various sources.  Photo Credit given to sources where photos were downloaded from. The NWFB does not own any of these photos and are the sole proprietary of the Photographer or Agency.

2014 The NW Fire Blog

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#ChiwaukumComplex Fire – Near Leavenworth, #WA – Update 7/29/14

Near community of Leavenworth, Washington State a fire burns thousands of acres.

Photo Credit:  Daniel O'Connor via Inciweb

Photo Credit: Daniel O’Connor via Inciweb

Mother Nature Strikes, Causing Fire to Near Iconic Town

Lightning caused a very stubborn fire, refusing to be tapped. It has been a very dangerous, HOT and frustrating fire for Firefighters. The fire started on July 15, 2014, when it was reported around 1300 hours.

Containment Status

It is currently at a 25% containment status.

More Than One Fire Makes This A Super Fire

The Complex Fire is made up of several fires:  Duncan, Kelly, Mills Canyon and Chiwaukum Creek Fires, located in the Okanogan-Wentachee National Forest.  Together, it has burned 12,377 acres with over 1200 Fire Personnel on the ground including 100 National Guardsmen joining in on the firefight.

The location of the fire is near the communities of Leavenworth, Duncan and North of Klone Peak.

  • Chiwaukum Creek Fire

Fire is moving slowly down the slope just North of Thomson Creek towards Route 2.  Creeping and individual torching is being done eliminating unburned fuels in a controlled fashion.  A handline has been built on McCue Ridge using Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics, along North line into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  Crews remain confident catching all spot fires along Route 2.  Helos are dropping water as needed.

Photo Credit: Daniel O'Connor via inciweb

Photo Credit: Daniel O’Connor via Inciweb

  • Kelly Mountain Fire

The Entiat and LaGrange Hotshots have mopped up remaining heat and have since been flown off the incident.  It is currently being unstaffed and monitored by aerial resources.

  • Duncan Fire

Heavy equipment and timber harvesters with masticators along with handcrews are currently thinning out trees and brush along Shady Pass Road [Forest Service Rd 5900] and Entiat Road.  There has been some fire activity on the North end on Monday.

  • Mills Canyon Fire

Firefighters have successfully gained a 95% containment perimeter, which has been reduced down to three Engine crews monitoring the current situation for any flareups or issues.  Past infra-red flights indicate there has been little nor heat detected.

Evacuations & Closures

  • Portions of Route 2

From Coles Corner to Mile Post 99, West of Leavenworth.  This is due to increased fire activity and to protect the Public and Firefighters.

InterAgency Cooperators

Many Agencies have come together to form one major Team helping protect Life and Property.

CC3 by Daniel O'Connor

Photo Credit: Daniel O’Connor via Inciweb

We’d like to recognize these Agencies for their tireless efforts, dedication, commitment and compassion for others.

  • Chelan County Fire Districts 1, 3, 4, 8 & 9
  • Washington Department of Natural Resources
  • Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Personnel
  • Bureau of Land Management Personnel
  • Washington State National Guardsmen
  • American Red Cross
  • Chelan County Emergency Operations Center
  • Chelan County Emergency Services Personnel
  • Chelan County Sheriff’s Office

We know they say they are just doing their jobs, but this is really difficult, HOT and hard work and we’d like to say “Thank You” for the many residents, business owners and those who may not be able to express their gratitude – so we’ll take care of it just for them.

Leavenworth is the Best Place to Visit: Rain, Snow or Fire 

Leavenworth businesses are currently open and getting there will be a fun, memorable adventure in addition to the many activities, shops, restaurants and lodging that are so much to explore and visit.

Directions into and out of beautiful Leavenworth, Washington [Announcement via inciweb]


Weather in Leavenworth

Leavenworth is currently reporting 96-degrees with clear skies and will remain in the 60’s this evening with a slight breeze from 10-15 mph.

However, for firefighters – the current temps and wind speed favor Fire Activity.  Firefighters are beginning to see some relief but could use rain in the forecast to help stop the spread and dampen the dry conditions they continue to face.

Community Meeting Announcement

A Community Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 31, 2014, at 1900 hours at Fire District #8.  The Public is invited to attend this meeting located at 2200 Entiat Way, Entiat, Washington.  It is being hosted by the Southern Area Incident Management Red Team.

The Agenda will include:

  1. Updates on Duncan, Kelly, Mills Canyon and Chiwaukum Fires.
  2. Correcting damage on private or other lands:  DNR, BLM and USFS.
  3. Rehab Status:  Mills Canyon.

(c) 2014 The NW Fire Blog | @nwfireblog [Twitter] | [Email] | The NW Fire Blog [Facebook]

Photography is the Property of Daniel O’Connor via

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