Day 37 | The Best in The #NWFireBlog Images

Rotor 9 at Mansfield Airport

Mansfield WA | While traveling on one of several Fire chasing adventures in Eastern portion of the State, we ended up finding one of Department of Natural Resource [DNR]’s Rotors waiting for deployment.  Of course, always – there’s a perfect photo op waiting to be exposed.  And, since we love everything FIRE, we were not going to pass up this perfect timiing to photograph them.

This is Rotor 9, one that is stationed at DNR’s helibase in Ellensburg.  We seem to be finding Rotor 9 all over the State and being quite alot like many other fire resources.  I’m sure we’ll seeing Rotor 9 again in the near future.

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#VA #AmberAlert | #HaveYouSeenMe ??


Scottsville VA | An Amber Alert was issue today for the kidnapping of little Haven Melina Moses last seen at 5128 W River Road in Scottsville, VA on Saturdaay, February 6, 2016. Haven is described as a white female, born May 22, 2012.  She is 3′, 30# with straight blonde hair and blue eyes.



Her abductor is James Arnold Moses III whom is descrbed as a white male with straight black hair and brown eyes.  He is 5’4″ and 130#.  He is said to be driving an unknown Honda  with unknown plates heading to the Augusta – Rockingham County area.





ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Fluvanna County Sheriffs Office at 1-434-589-8211 or Virginia State Police at 1-800-822-4453.

The #NWFireBlog 

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Island Dreams vs Realities Are Not One in the Same

Kiribati Islands – When most of us think about tropical islands here in the States, we think of our U.S. Hawaii, Florida or California or more globally recognized islands, isuch as those in Barbados, Tahiti, Jamaica and the list goes on.  However, there are other much lesser known islands that are out there.

We have written about the Kiribati Islands, known as low-lying atoll and corral reef islands spread out over several thousands of miles. These low-lying islands are sinking every year, as Global Warming that threats to sink many islands across the Globe unless the World reaches out to save them.

Our island dreams usually consist of tanning ourselves on sandy beaches getting a nice bronze sun, where as the low-lying residents fear the King Tides that wash up on to their beaches eroding the walls that protect their homes and livelihoods.

For years, the President and Council that represent this not-so-known Country of low-lying Islands has been seeking higher ground with neighbor New Zealand but so far, they have the shut door on the residents that are working to save their population or face extinction.

We are showing their stories because it appears that no one is listening and if you are, what you doing to save the lives of so many? We may live hundreds of thousands of miles away but we can see through their eyes in images and see their stories of where they are reaching out to those to help them.

Please read this young woman’s pleas and tell me that this doesn’t pull on heartsrrings:

Yesterday, Feb. 4, 2016, rain started falling. It rained until morning, and this is what it brought. This is in my village in Tarawa, Bairiki. I live on the other side. The strong winds, and the heavy rain were so bad that schools shut down early, and sent kids back home.

I feel frightened, and we don’t know what the next days, months, or even years will bring. I always feel worried, what will happen to our country in the future? Sometimes I feel hopeless because the waves, the rain, the winds, the storms just keep coming.

But let’s pray that the new government will bring a light of hope for the country and our people. -Bonrenga Mannei, 23

The New Zealand government ruled out the people of Kiribati as immigrants due to impending refugee status saying that’s not how the law was writtten. It’s okay for those fleeing war torn areas but to these people there appears to have HOPE.  We all know this isn’t the case and as we continue to do – is help share their stories.  Please help us tell the World what is happening.


Here’s another post from a young teen in 2012.  Here’s her family’s story.

Salty water – Lisa Aremwaiti, 18: 2012

My name is Lisa Aremwaiti. I am 18 years old and come from Buota, North Tarawa. Since I was little, I have used this well to get fresh water for my family. Now the water has become salty and not good. We don’t have fresh water in our well anymore, so I have to walk to a different well down the road to a different village to get water for my family now. –

Please share with the world this message and help gamechangers make a difference in saving lives globally.

(c) 2016 The NW Fire Blog

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Day 36 | The Best in The NW Fire Blog Images | Garibaldi Fire (OR)

Thank you for reading our post. We started posting the Best of Images we have taken since the beginning of our inception in 2012.  You will recognize Images from past stories, fire chasing trips and some you may have never seen published before.  You can find these stories and images on our other Social Media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thank you for joining us!

‘In July 2014, my hubby and I were heading down to Vegas for a few days to attend a Public Safety Writers Conference.  I had never been to Vegas but he had.  He also had been a long-haul truck driver in a previous life and wanted to show me all the beautiful scenery along the way.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR 01

‘As we were making our way on our many days of happy and tiring journeys, we saw smoke on the horizon and I begged him to drive us towards the smoke column rising in the distance. As a blogger, your curiousity can get the best of you but we headed over to where the smoke was rising in the background.  I was more than giddy and couldn’t believe we were catching our first fire out of town.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR rig

‘If you know me personally, you would know how giddy I get.  To explain in a visual perception is like an excited kid in a candy store.  It was my inner fire buff mentality kicking into high gear.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR 03

‘This is all that was left but at least we see some fire and lots of hose lines laid across the streets. Us arriving “on scene” gave us a clear picture of a Training burn in progress. Fire apparatus was spread across a half block giving us many photo opportunities to capture them in action.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR 02

‘I wish we had more time to chat them up but getting some great images was a pretty amazing opportunity for any Fire photographer and giving a glimpse into a small part of what they do in the Life of Firefighting.  Maybe next time, since we are neighbors.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR Engine

‘Though you may not have known we were on scene photographing your amazing work, we’d like to Thank You for allowing us to watch our #HeroesInRed doing what you all love so much and making training a huge priority so that you can help Save Lives in your communities.’


All Content & Images are the property of MediaMadnessNW and The NW Fire Blog and may not be reproduced, edited or reformatted in any other form without the express written permission from its Owner. – ed.

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4 Years and Still On Fire for Public Safety

It has been four busy years since we created our online Public Safety publication that has grown more and more by the day, weeks and into the years.  We Thank every single one of you for joining us on our journeys going Fire Chasing to visiting facilities quietly snapping you all in action.  We are still on fire for “Everything Fire, EMS, 1st responders and Law Enforcement”.  It’s just how we roll here in the Northwest.

Copy of Smoke on the Horizon

We cannot get away from this image as we lay witness to the fierce fire taking over  brush  and fields ,within seconds. and working to destroy a lifetime of hard work and dedication.  #RimrockFire [in the Douglas County Complex Fire]

A lot has happened in 2015.  Here’s a recap:


Fire Season came early and it seemed like all of Washington State at one point or another was ablaze and we heard your stories of responding via locally, State, Federal, City, County and across the Globe as mutual aid.


A Coulson AirTanker sits at the Moses Lake, Washington Tanker Base. Photo was taken Summer of 2015. Photo Credit: LR Swenson.

  • State of Alaska had many fires burning across thousands of acres and even scorching part of Canadian territories.
  • Eastern Washington was like a firestorm and that’s an understatement. Beloved Lake Chelan and other hot travel destinations saw their revenue burning up.  Many homes were lost, as were businesses and communities wiped out.
  • California saw alot and is still reeling from the drought that has brought many fires including arsons, all across their State bringing heartache, hundreds of evacuations, unbelieveable Fire Images taken by some increadible talented Photographers.

We know we are forgetting some States and fire incidents.  We are just highlighting a few in between.  The Fire Season was so busy, we were literally running from call to call and trying to keep up.  We knew that was out of the question.

In the end, we were able to catch our breath and tweet, writing and post a few stories and major events in between.


We had several opportunities to put our Fire Photography skills to the test by capturing several fires, fire suppression tools at work and the personnel on the ground working tirelessly as they jump from one fire to the next.

We were on scene at the Highway 28 Fire, Rimrock Fire, I-90 Fire and several others.

I90 fire

I-90 Fire near Vantage, Washington gives us a front row view of DNR’s Rotor 9 being used as one of many fire suppression helos. Credit: LR Swenson.


While you all were very busy preparing to be deployed as strike teams to area fires, we were quietly photographing your fire suppression tools, stations and some of you flying those great flying machines during incidents.  Next time, we hope to hang with you in person and say, ‘hello’ as we are passing through.


We will be announcing a new Feature on our Blog.  Our 2015 Firestorm Book project has been postponed and we hope to later revisit in the near future.

More details about our newest project will be given in the next few posts.  Make sure to follow us for more detailed postings.


You can catch us on our Social Media platforms, like Twitter @nwfireblog and on Facebook. We love to have you hang with us and partner with us on our journeys together.

Fire Apparatus, Tender 65

Fire Crws on the Rimrock Fire, part of the Douglas Complex Fire. [Credit: LR Swenson]

We know the Fire Season is just around the corner and yes, we just jinxed it by saying it out loud but we hope to be in the flesh on more Fire Chasing calls bringing more Fire Images and stories.


We appreciate you following us and reading our stories, career opportunities and engaging with us by providing feedback, ideas, stories and helping us become a Success!  We are not just seen and read in the Northwest, but Globally and any Country you can think of – we’ve probably left a footprint.

~ LR Swenson, Writer/Blogger

(c) 2016 The #NWFireBlog





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A severe Winter storm has slammed into parts of the Mid-Atlantic and  Eastern parts of our Nation.  We will be providing Updates for each State as there is simply too much information to combine all into one blog post.


On Saturday at 1430 EST, NY State Governor Cuomo issued a State of Emergency which has impacted many lives and saving thousands, if not millions.  Here’s what we know so far.

COUNTIES AFFECTED:  Bronx, Kings, Nassau, Suffolk, New York, Queens, Orange, Putnam, Richmond, Rockland and Westchester.


As of 1430 EST, the Governor issued a ROAD TRAVEL BANS.

ROAD TRAVEL BANS | This means that no one is to travel on any of the following roadways listed below or as a driver, you will face the consequences of being charged with a misdemeanor and fined up to $300.  Additional fines can also apply.

“Safety is our number one priority – and right now, it is not safe for the general public to travel,” said Governor Cuomo. “Closing the roads and exterior rail roads and subways is the right thing to do in this situation, because it helps emergency personnel do their jobs and respond to the storm as aggressively as possible. We are doing everything necessary to keep people safe, and I encourage all New Yorkers to wait out the storm indoors.”

– Governor Cuomo

NYC:  Local and State roads are off-limits.

LONG ISLAND:  State roadways, Long Island Expressway and Northern State Parkway have been close.

MANHATTAN:  Law Enforcement is manning all road blocks during the State of Emergency Road Travel ban.  If you are found to be on the roadway during this ban, you will face a misdemeanor charge with up to $300 in fines. Additional fines can be added for additional violations.  The Executive Order has been signed by the Governor.

PORT AUTHORITY:  All Tran-Hudson Crossings


According to the Governor’s Office, New  York City is expected to see a snow accumulation of around 24-30″ and Long Island is expected to receive between 18-24″ of snow before Sunday.  Heavy winds are expected to hit between 30-40 mph with wind gusts up to 55 mph. Visibility is likely to be like blizzard to whiteout conditions.

Power outages are expected due to the heavy amounts of snow predicted to continue in already hard-hit areas.



We have provided you with a list of Utilities and who to contact in your area.

  • 800-527-2714-Central Hudson
  • 800-752-6633-Con Edison
  • 718-643-4050-National Grid – Metro
  • 800-930-5003-National Grid – LI
  • 800-365-3234-National Fuel Gas
  • 800-572-1111-NY State Electric & Gas
  • 877-434-4100-Orange & Rockland
  • 800-490-0075- PSEG Long Island
  • 800-743-2110-RG&E



Recorded as one of the worst blizzards on record occurred on March 11th through the 14th when an unmildly winter appeared out of normal, suddenly changed over to heavy rain followed by snow.  The Great Blizzard of 1888 was said to be one of the area’s worst storms on record.

“Blizzard 1888 01”. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

The storm began on March 12th after midnight as heavy rain began to fall.  With temps dropped, snow immediately began dumping on to NJ, NY, MA, RI and CT.  The storm continued for one-and-a-half days affecting the Nor’Easter States.

10 PM March 12 surface analysis of Great Blizzard of 1888.png

“10 PM March 12 surface analysis of Great Blizzard of 1888” by Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons. Transfer was stated to be made by User:bagster.. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

Significant events occurred during this storm deeming it one of the most severe blizzards in recorded history.  Here are some of those highlights:

  • The storm is said to have dropped 20″ – 30″ of snow on Northern VT.
  • Snowdrifts reached 30-40′ high seen covering rooftops of homes from NY to NE.
  • 58″ snow fell in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • 48″ snow fell in Albany, NY
  • New Haven, CT received 45″
  • New York City felt the pain of 22″
  • Reports of 80 mph wind gusts but officially records indicate 40 mph with 54 mph wind gusts as being “official” in New York City
  • Sustained winds had an average of 45 mph that produced 50′ snowdrifts

Railroads shut down and residents were forced to shelter-in-place for up to a week.

The average temps were with a minimum of 6-degrees and a daytime high of only 8-degrees on March 13, 1888.  It was the recorded as the coolest day on any record for the month of March.

This storm caused $25M [equals to $860M in our current day [2016]] and had a record of 400 deaths across Eastern U.S. and Eastern parts of Canada.


Not much was found between the earlier years and 2006.  What we do know is this extratropical and winter storm formed on Feb 11, 2006 touching the lives of those in the Mid Atlantic States and including Northern VA and ME. It was deemed to be a Cat 2.

The following day on Feb 12, 2006, it found its way to impacting major Cities such as Baltimore to Boston with 26.9″ accumulations in snow coverage to NYC.  This was the most recorded since 1869, when the recordkeeping started.  States such as VA, MD, DC, PA, NY, NJ, DE and NE  were affected.  Areas suffered $5M [2006 USD] in damages.


This Dec major Nor’Easter and historic blizzard occurred on Dec 5 through the 29th of 2010 that affected large parts of Norfolk, Philly, NYC, Hartford, Providence and Boston with receiving up to 12-32″ in most areas.  Impacted was NC, NYC, NJ, CT, ME, MA and Atlantic Canada and had in $80M in damages [2010 USD].


This storm occurred in N’easter US and parts of Canada two weeks after a previous major Blizzard and struck the same affected areas already touched in earlier Jan.

JAN 31 – FEB 2, 2011 AMERICAN WINTER STORM aka Ground Hog Blizzard

This extratropical cyclone Blizzard, Ice Storm, Winter Storm and named tornado outbreak touched Central US< NE and the Great Lakes that dropped 27″ of snow on Antioch, IL.  The storm incident caused $1.8B in damages and led to 36 deaths.

FEB 5-6, 2010 BLIZZARD aka Snowmageddon

The February 5-6, 2010 Blizzard or also known as “Snowmageddon” Category 3 [Major] extratropical cyclone, blizzard and winter storm caused 41 deaths. Te storm had 978MB that dropped 38.3″ of snow accumulations on Elkridge, MA.  Impacted areas were Midwest and the East Coast from IL to NC to NY.  Affects from this storm were felt by those North and West of Northern Mexico, CA and Southerner, Mid Western, Southwestern and most notably in the Mi Atlantic States.  Severe weather took place in NM, VA, PA, MD.  Landslides and  Flooding occurred in Mexico.  Widespread of snow accumulation of 20-35″ in Southern PA and Eastern States. No estimated cost of damages were known.

FEB 9-10, 2010 BLIZZARD

Three days later, the area experienced the effects of yet another extratropical and winder storms that would form on Feb 7th with a 969MB causing three deaths and dissipating on Feb 11th.  It wasn’t yet soon enough as it largely impacted the Midwestern U.S., Mid Atlantic and the Northeast from States, such as IL to VA, VT, WA DC, New York City [NYC], Baltimore to New Jersey.

FEB 25-27, 2010 BLIZZARD

As you can see, there seems to be a pattern for the people living in these highlighted States with Blizzards not being so uncommon these days.  This Blizzard was just like all the others as an extratropical, winter storm and blizzard.  It formed on Feb 24 and dissipated on the 27.  It was 972MB and dumped up to a high snow accumulation of 53″ in Potter Hollow, NY.  It impact touched the lives of those in CT, DE, ME, MA, MD, NH, NJ, PA, RI, WV and Canada, our next-door neighbor.

MARCH 12 – 18, 2010 BLIZZARD

Not long after the previous storm, another one was ready in its wings to yet once again impact lives of those in CT, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI and VT.  The extratropical cyclone was also a winter storm.  It had 993 MB.

JAN 2015 aka Winter Storm Juno [Unofficially Named]

This Winter Storm as some named “Winter Storm Juno” dumped 36″ of snow on MA and had highest wind gusts up to 95 mph.  The storm formed on Jan 11 and ended on Jan 31, 2015.  The extratropical cyclone had 970 mb with wind speeds of 75 mph.  It impacted CT, NJ, MA, RI and NY.

Sources:  Wikipedia, Twitter, NY State Gov Cuomo

(c) The #NWFireBlog

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GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN | 4 Seattle Firefighters Remembered

Tragedy struck at the Mary Pang warehouse incident  that  occurred on January 5, 1995, an arson-caused fire – that was deemed to be a well-played out plan by the owner’s son for insurance money.  He had hoped that  if it burned down, he would reap a large payout.

As it turned out, many people and Officials were aware of this planned attack on a Seattle business but the day to carry out the arsonist’s intentions came and went.  Soon afterwards after the intended date, the fire eventually took place and the intensity was well publicized.  It was also the day, the arsonist murdered four great Seattle Firemen and destroying hundreds of lives and those who were deeply impacted by their losses to their immediate families, Fire Department, fellow Fire Brothers and Sisters, communities and those indirectly.

I wrote a short story, Seattle Mourn from the viewpoint of a fictious reporter but based upon actual Fire Investigative reports, media news and publications, eyewitness accounts and listening to audio coverage as the fire incident unfolded on that horrendous day.  As a former Firefighter REHAB volunteer, I can only imagine the intensity, the smells, the sounds and the large number of Fire personnel arriving on scene.  This story was inspired by these amazing men – Lt. Walter Kilgore, Lt. Gregory Shoemaker, Firefighters James Brown and Randall Terlicker who lost their lives on this tragic day and published in an anthology, Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides released July 2013.

Their lives will be forever remembered and what they stood for.  Please take a little moment and say a prayer remembering those who are still greatly affected by their loss by their families, friends, Fire brothers and sisters.  We Will Never Forget.

~ LR Swenson, Editor/Owner

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NW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Week of December 27, 2015

Copy of Smoke on the Horizon

12M FIREFIGHTER. National Guard. Boise, ID.

  • No Closing Date listed.

2016 WILDLAND FIRE ENGINE LEADER.  Olympic Region.  WA Dept of Natural Resources [WA DNR].  

2016 HELITACK FIREFIGHTER.  WA DNR. Kittitas County – Ellensburg, WA.  

BATTALION CHIEF.  City of Longview – Longview, WA.

DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL.  Washington State Patrol.  Olympia, WA.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COORDINATOR.  Harrison Medical Center. Bremerton, WA.

EMS DIVISION DIRECTOR.  King County Public Health. Seattle,WA.

EMT.  Olympic Ambulance.  Lacey – Olympia, WA.  

ENTRY COMMUNICATIONS DISPATCHER.  City of Redmond, WA.  Public Safety Building. 

FIRE CODE OFFICER.  City of Vancouver FD, WA.  Station #5.

FIRE MARSHAL – ON-CALL, INTERIM.  Skagit County.  Mt. Vernon,WA.

  • Continuous Opening.

FIRE OPERATONS SUPERVISOR.  Dept of The Interior / BLM.  Multiple locations in ID.

FIRE PREVENTION (Range Technician).  Dept of The Interior/Bureau of Land Mgmt [BLM].  Boise ID.

FIRE SUPPORT SPECIALIST.  Idaho National Guard.  Caldwell, ID.

FIRE SUPPRESSION TECHNICIAN.  Alpine Fire & Safety. Burlngton, WA.

FIREFIGHTER – EMT. Mission Support Alliance.  Richland, WA.

  • No Closing Date listed.


FIREFIGHTER / PARAMEDIC – Lateral Entry. City of Spokane,WA.

FIREFIGHTER / PARAMEDIC – Lateral Entry.  City of Lynnwood FD, WA.

FIREFIGHTER.  Medcor.  Lewiston, ID.


FIREFIGHTER – MEDIC.  The City of Salem.  Salem, OR.  

  •  Job ID #15-1100-02.
  • $19.33 – $26.42 Hourly.
  • Closes 1/8/16.  

FIREFIGHTER – PARAMEDIC. Polk County Fire District #1.  Independence, OR.

  • No Closing Date listed.

FIREFIGHTER – PARAMEDIC.  Spokane County Fire District #8.  Valleyford, WA.  

FLIGHT PARAMEDIC. Remote Medical International.  Worldwide Locations.

LEAD FORESTRY TECHNICIAN.  Dept. of Agriculture.  Ukiah, OR.

  • $35,609.00 / Year.
  • Closes 12/28/15.  

FORESTRY TECHNICIAN (Hotshot/Handcrew).  Dept of Agriculture.  Prineville OR.

  • 2 Open positions.
  • $28,553 – $31,944 / Yearly.
  • Closes 1/4/16. 

PARAMEDIC. American Medical Response.  Centralia,WA.

  •  career_ns=job_listing&company=EMSC&navBarLevel=JOB_SEARCH&rcm_site_locale=en_US&career_job_req_id=68447&jobPipeline=Indeed
  • No Closing Date.

PARAMEDIC.  American Medical Response [AMR]. Cowlitz County/Vancouver, WA.

  • No Closing Date.

PARAMEDIC. Ballard Ambulance. Wenatchee,WA.

  • No Closing Date.

PARAMEDIC.  NW Med Star.  Brewster, WA.

PARAMEDIC – BASIC.  Rural / Metro.   Fife, WA.

  • No Closing Date listed.

PRESCRIBED FUELS/FIRE TECHNICIAN [Range/Forestry Technician].  ID Dept of Interior / Bureau of Land Mgmt [BLM]. Various locations.


  •  $4,003.00 – $5,616.00 Monthly.
  •  Closes 1/6/16.  

WILDLAND FIREFIGHTER.  Mt. Adams Institute / VETSWork.  Ukiah OR.  

WILDLAND FIREFIGHTER (Range / Technician). Dept. of the Interior. Vale, OR.

(c) 2015 The #NWFireBlog

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Solimar Beach Brush Fire | Ventura County, California | Update 2



The fire is located 6 miles NW of Ventura [Ventura County], North of Hwy 101 and West of Hwy 33 in SRA. It is burning along Rincon [San Diego County], the Northern part of the City of Ventura, California.

Embedded image permalink

Courtesy of Ventura County Fire PIO Capt Mike Lindbery

Date and Time of Origination

The fire started on Christmas Day around 2242 Hours PST.

Incident Command Post [ICP]

The ICP is located at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  This is also the site for Press releases to the Media.

Containment Status

60% contained. Fire crews are making great progress in mopping up hot spots.

Damage Assessment / Threats

1236 acres have now been scorched. 1 minor ankle injury reported.

Embedded image permalink

Pilot Jim Dalton & crew, in Copter 7,have been making water drops all night keeping the fire away from houses. [Courtesy: VCAirUnit]


All Evacuation Orders have been listed.


Red Cross

The Red Cross Shelter has been demobilized.


101 Freeway

The Highway has been opened in both directions.  Fire and Police ask drivers to be cautious as equipment is still working in the area.

Emma Wood Campground

Closed.  Remains closed until further notice.



Ventura County Fire Department, CALFire and Ventura County Sheriff’s Office working together on this incident.




For tips on how to get prepared for a Wildfire, visit  For those not affected by this fire, now is a great time to start preparing for one.



We will be covering this incident with some limited interruptions as we go in / out of service throughout the day.  We will be posting updates on our Twitter account @nwfireblog so stay tuned for any new info.


We will also be providing updates on our Facebook page.  If you have not already “Like”d us yet, please Like our page.

WordPress (you are on our Site now)

You can also receive updates via email once you become a Follower of ours. We’d love to have you on board so that we can provide the newest and freshest updates on Breaking News, Career and Training Opportunities and much more!

 (c) The #NWFireBlog

Note: “We do not lay claims on the photography in this post and is the property of those we have given Photo Credit to.” – Ed.

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Solimar Beach Brush Fire | Ventura County, California | Update 1



The fire is located 6 miles NW of Ventura [Ventura County], North of Hwy 101 and West of Hwy 33 in SRA. It is burning along Rincon [San Diego County], the Northern part of the City of Ventura, California.

Date and Time of Origination

The fire started on Christmas Day around 2242 Hours PST. At 0200 Fire was at 100 acres, light fuels, wind-driven. It soon became a 2-Alarm Brush fire with an IC requested. Both sides of the 101 Freeway was shut down to drivers and all traffic.  It would soon ramp up to 250 acres with 150 Firefighters and 30 homes being threatened.

Containment Status

10% contained.

Damage Assessment / Threats

0 buildings lost and 0 injuries reported. 1200 acres scorched as of 0900 Hours.   The fire is being pushed by strong NW Winds, causing threats to oil, gas, power and rail infrastructure.

Weather Conditions

As of Saturday, December 26, 2015, current Weather conditions are Sunny with temps of 40 as the low and 57 as the high today. Humidity is 28% and winds are 6.1 knots from the WSW with 11.3 knots wind gusts.


Solimar Beach Residents

Previously the Solimar Beach residents and campgrounds were on a voluntary evacuation basis but as the fire grew and the danger became imminent, the evacuation order was changed over to a mandatory order.

Paria Beach Residents

The Paria Beach residents at the time of this post, were on a voluntary evacuation order. They should be ready to move at a moment’s notice if the fire danger becomes imminent for them.  It was stated evacuees were being told to go North out of the area.


Red Cross

The Red Cross has opened a Shelter in the Carpinteria VA Building located at 941 Walnut Avenue in Carpinteria, California.


101 Freeway

The Northbound 101 Freeway was closed at Highway 33 and Southbound at Bates Road.  At 1045 Hours, CALTrans was doing a sweep to see if it was safe for drivers to use the freeway again. No word on an update.

Union Pacific RR

All train activities have been halted due to the fire in the area.


Air Support

4 Fixed Wing Tankers have been ordered.  Unknown from which agency or where they are responding from.  LA County Fire’s COPTR 16 has been assisting with fire suppression air support.

Fire Personnel

At 0930 Hours, there were 600 Firefighters either on scene or en route assigned to the incident.  CALFire stated they have 8 engines, 2 handcrews, 2 dozers with a total of 80 personnel assigned.

Police Support

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office is working an Incident Cooperator and the official Law Enforcement on scene.



For tips on how to get prepared for a Wildfire, visit  For those not affected by this fire, now is a great time to start preparing for one.



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