#BREAKING – Brush Fire #UpperGooseLakeFire Burning Near Moses Lake, Washington

A brush fire broke out at 2000 hours this evening in the Upper Goose Lake area in the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge tonight.  It is located approximately 15 miles of Moses Lake, Washington.

It is said to be 300 acres in size.  Brush and sage have been reported as the fire fuels but other #sm sources have brush and timber are also involved.

No evacuations have been ordered and no structures are being threatened at this time.

There are about 20 engines, 2 helicopters on scene from the Local, State and Federal Fire Agencies.  The fire is 50% contained.

An updated news release from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office be shared at an unknown time Friday morning.

We will provide more information as it is received.

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#BREAKING –> GRASS BRUSH FIRE #DaviesPassFire in Klickitat County, Washington

A grass brush has been reportedly burning in Klickitat County, Washington State at the Junction of SR 14 and US 97, moving East.

Social Media sources state it is approximately 2,000 acres at this time.

Some Twitter users have reported that US 97 / SR 14 has been closed in Goldendale to Biggs.  No other information has been received.

We are working to locate more info on this #WaWildfire.

Hashtags we are using:  #DaviesPassFire #KlickitatCoFire #WaWildfire #NWFB

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

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STRUCTURE FIRE: Seattle Firefighters Respond to S Holden St House Fires

Seattle, Washington

Firefighters were dispatched to the 3500 block & S Holden Street.  Here is the call log of the incident as we heard it going down.

2102:  Engines 13, 26, 30, 27, 33, 10, 26, 36, 6.  Ladders: 1, 3, 7, 12. Battalions 4, 5.  Aid Unit 14.  Medic Units 28, 44.  Air 9. Deputy1. REHAB1. Safety2. Air260. CommVan. PIO.  Marshal5. 234.  [Per Seattle Fire CAD]

21xx: Time not recorded. First due unit reports: “2 fully single family residences approximately 20×30. Asked immediately for 2nd alarm. Established “Holden Street Command”.

21xx:  E13 laying a pre-connect, on the water hydrant and is now taking a line through the front door. E33 is water supply. E27 is on Charlie side, laying down line to at rear of house. L12 is Search and Rescue west side. E30 is backup for E13.  E26 checking East basement. L12 conducting primary search.

2130: Assignments: “East Branch” B4, E33, E26, L7, L12.

Seattle Fire Buff Unit driven by Lee Kane, Support 4. [Photo by LR Swenson]

Seattle Fire Rehab Unit [Stock Photo by LR Swenson]

2131: Division Charlie/E27: Reporting  fire mostly knocked down. Going to get air bottles exchanged.

2132:  Wset branch requesting one company.  E6 is reassigned to branch.

2133:  E10 reassigned to Charlie Division. REHAB & Staging is located at Air9 unit, west of Command Post.

2136:  Fire knocked down in both buildings. Red Cross needed for 2 displaced adult males.

2137:  L7 exiting building.

2138:  East branch reports Fire under control; doing overhaul.

2139:  IC told: City Light can’t guarantee that the house isn’t energized.  Will take 10 minutes


Seattle Air Unit [Credit: LR Swenson]

2140:  West branch/E36 &  East branch/E6. Told to exit the building with all of the firefighters.  Power not secure.

2141: Fire under control.  Completing a demob plan. Due to the heat, keeping firefighters a little longer in REHAB.

2142:  “Holden St Command” called Dispatch to confirm 2 Alarm companies.

2145:  All firefighters are out of the West building. E36 PAR. L1, L3 back in service.  40 minutes on incident clock.  PIO on scene.

2146:  Command requests to terminate incident clock.  Says that no burning embers.  Dispatch will discontinue time checks.  Said tap fire will take a little while.

2148:  Power has been secured.

Firefighters help each other with their air bottles at the S. Monroe fire on June 18, 2012. (Photo by Lisa Swenson)

Firefighters help each other with their air bottles (Stock Photo by LR Swenson)

2149:  E10 to report to Command Post.  E27 to replace them.  E6 to complete overhaul in the East branch.  West building power is not secure. City Light is in process of pulling meter.

2200:  Bottles being from Air 260.

2205:  E10 in service, returning.

2207:  Attic on West side is cold.

2208:  Aid14 is back in service.

KUDOS to Seattle Firefighters for getting the fire out Super fast.  The citizens are lucky to have such great Firefighters in their City!  Here’s to a vwarywary qwuiet night. [Shhhh…]

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

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WILDFIRE: #MonumentFire Reignites as Weather Becomes More Erratic

Quincy, Washington

Around 1130 hours this morning, sources were reporting the original incident #MonumentFire [name has been used by many fire agencies, Law Enforcement and Media sources], that it had been completely contained and evacuation orders were lifted.

As of 1615 hours, we were beginning to hear firefighters on the fireground reporting hight temps of 103F, low humidity of 12% and winds picking up.  Usually, when we hear this – it makes cringe knowing what all three can do to an already damaged fire scorched are.  [As of 1830 hours, the temps in Quincy are being reported as 98F but we all know temps can see higher with gear/equipment & standing directly under the sun].

Unfortunately, that all too familiar image of fire burning again has come back to visit.  It has reignited and large amounts of Firefighters are yet, facing the dangers.

We posted a question on the State’s Department of Emergency Management Camp Murray Washington] for an update on the new info that had come to light, as no new details found on Grant County Sheriff’s Office or any of the other media sources.

It appears that several Law Enforcement Agencies like the WSP including EOC WA EMD, some Fire Departments and others have been using the same hashtag as us #MonumentFire while some are using #MonumentHillFire.  The morale of this post is that there is simply no new information but just for entertainment purposes, here is our response.  [This is intended not to offend anyone.  We are here to provide you all with true, up-to-date and accurate information just like anyone else.]

This is the response we received:

Washington Emergency Management Division We have no new updates from Grant County Sheriff’s Office – Tom Jones, Sheriff.

As an FYI.

We don’t monitor our Facebook Account 24-7. Most up-to-date information on Washington Wildfires can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #wawildfire

If you don’t have a Twitter Account, you can go to the website tagboard.com and insert #wawildfire into the search box and it will search across the area for you and a Twitter Account will not be necessary.

Tagboard. The social media hub for hashtags.

Hate to say it but they are following our @nwfireblog account. Maybe it’s an auto reply? Interesting response…. [We still Love our peeps at the State EOC and appreciate all of the long hours they are putting into these very active Fire incidents!]

Anyway, this is what we have been able to gather so far:

  • Higher temps
  • Low humdity
  • Winds picking
  • Fire rekindling

Some of the visual highlights being seen on the fireground.

#FireImages Credit:  Tender40Boss, Jake Weigley/Orting Valley Fire & Rescue [Published with permission]

orting2              orting1

Check out the view what firefighters are now facing.

The Puget Sound Strike Team posted this great video about 1720 hours ago of an Air Tanker dropping over the ridge.  Spectacular footage pf a tanker working to secure and protect a farm.  [Check out their Facebook Page for the video clip –> https://www.facebook.com/SouthPugetstriketeam]

As more information is received, we’ll post more details.  For now, this is all we have but want to end with one of our most favorite quotes:

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

– Mattie Stepanek

[Editor’s Note:  “Thank You to all of our friends and followers whom are Firefighters,  in EMS, Law Enforcement, 1st Responders, Medical, Emergency Managment, Support personnel, Shelter Volunteers and everyone [sorry if we fogot anyone. It’s unintentional.]

“Your tireless efforts, compassion, dedication, endless hours of Saving/Protecting Lives & Property do not go unnoticed at the Washington Fires [#SleepyHollow, #Road6Fire and now #MonumentFire].

Though we are not there with you physically, we are there with you emotionally.  For those who cannot or will not say Thank You, we would stand on one of the hillsides and shout out our gratitude [okay, maybe not], but we really do appreciate what you are doing for the great people of Washington State and for those around the Country. We are truly proud of you all.  Keep up the great work!-Lisa]

Thanks for the follows! We appreciate every single one of You.

Don’t forget we are also on Social Media:  @nwfireblog [Twitter], “The NW Fire Blog” [Facebook] and NW Fire Blog [Flickr.com]

We are using the following Hashtags:

  • #NWFB – The NW Fire Blog
  • #MonumentFire – The Monument Fire located in Quincy
  • #QuincyFire

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog [#NWFB]

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NEW WILDFIRE: #MonumentFire near Quincy Washington State

Near Quincy Washington

A wildfire was reported around 2251 hours PDT last night near the town of Quincy in Washington State.

Due to dry conditions and winds, Grant County Sheriff’s Office immediately putting out a Level 3 evacuations notice around midnight for ALL homes on Rd 13 – NW near Adams Rd.  They told residents to immediately vacate their homes.  Fire was fast approaching.  Sheriff Deputies were en route to the fire scene along with resources.

Around 0120 this morning, Level 2 evacuations were being conducted for residents on Rd K NW – Martin Rd near Quincy.

#FireImage Courtesy of Grant County Sheriff's Office

#FireImage Courtesy of Grant County Sheriff’s Office

Five [5] structures were reported lost around 0200 this morning.  Shelters in Quincy were being established says the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

A State Mob was requested around 0207 this morning consisting of 20 engines and a Type 3 Incident Command.  State EOC located in Camp Murray was activated.

At 0300 hours, the Sheriff’s Office release a statement that the fire would not be reaching nearby Ephrata.  The fire was also stated to be at 2% containment status.

At 0311 Media PIOs were staging at Fire District 3, Station 1 located 1201 Central Ave S in Quincy.

Around 0500 hours the fire was stated to be burning S to SW at 2100 acres with a 20-30% containment status.

0545 hours Fire activity was reportedly burning N of Rd 13.

A Media briefing is scheduled at 0900 hours at Fire Station 13 located at 1201 Central Ave S in Quincy.

Fire Incident Summary:

Fire is burning 3.5 mi NW of Quincy.  It was reported at 2251 hours on June 30, 2015.  It is burning in sage brush and grasses.  It is being driven by 10-15 mph winds.  At 0300, the fire was said to be at 2,000 acres.  It was listed as 2% contained.  The area where the fire is burning is in an agricultural, rural, farmland, vineyards with some steep slopes.  Level 3 evacuations for 24 homes.  A shelter has been setup.  5 structures lost said to be outbuildings or abandoned buildings. No homes have been lost or any new structures as of 0500 hours.  No casualities or injuries have been reported.

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

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COOLING CENTERS Open for Public as Hot Weather Sizzles [Oregon] – June 27

We haven’t seen this hot weather since 2009, sources say.  To help residents with the scorching hot weather,  cooling centers are being opened.

Here is a group of cooling stations opened & lsited by State.  We are startiing with Oregon first as this is our next door neighbor [We’re in Washington State] and information is easily accessible.


Clackamas County

  • Canby Adult Center. 1250 S. Ivy St, Canby. Hours:  Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.  503-266-2970.
  • Clackamas Service Center. 8800 SE 80th Avenue, Portland.  Hours:  Friday 2pm-7pm. Saturday 4:30-9:30 pm and Sunday 3pm-5:30 p.m. Meals and other services available. 503-771-7914.
  • Damascus Community Church. 14251 SE Rust Way, Damascus. Hours Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5pm when temperatures reach 90 degrees;  Sunday from 8 am to 12:30 pm. 503-658-3179.

  • Lake Oswego Adult Community Center. 505 G Avenue, Lake Oswego. Horus:  Wednesday-Friday 8am-9pm. Saturday 9am-9pm and Sunday 12-9pm.  503-635-3758.  Call for updates as hours may change depending on events.

  • My Father’s Heart Street Ministry. 603 12th Street, Oregon City.  Hours:  Friday 8:30am-7pm. 503-722-9780. Call for weekend hours.

  • Sandy Senior Center.  38348 Pioneer Blvd, Sandy.  Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm.  503-668-5569.

  • Wilsonville Public Library Cooling Center.  8200 SW Wilsonville Road, Wilsonville.  Open normal business hours. The library will stay open until 9 p.m. if temperatures reach 100 degrees. 503-682-2744.

  • Winfield Village. 8170 SW Vlahos Drive, Wilsonville. The Fireside Room is open to the general public seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. when temperatures reach 90 degrees. Water is available. 503-682-0653.

Multnomah County

—> Note:  Portland Fire and Rescue will help anyone who has transportation needs to one of these Cooling Centers for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities.  2 vans will be staffed from 1pm-9pm Friday – Sunday. <—-

  • Meals on Wheels. 1032 SW Main St. , Portland.  Hours:  8:30am-8pm, Monday through Friday.  Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 8pm. 503-953-8204.
  • Hollywood Senior Center. 1820 NE 40th Ave, Portland.  Hours:  8:30am-6pm, Monday through Friday.  Saturday 2pm-8pm. Sunday 4pm-8pm. 503-288-8303.
  • Meals on Wheels People.  600 NE 8th St., Gresham.  Hours:  8pm-8pm, Monday through Friday.  5pm-8pm for Saturday and Sunday. 503-953-8201.

Hillsboro Residents

  • Hillsboro Police Department – West Precinct.  [If Lobby locked, pick up phone in Lobby area].  250 SE 10th Avenue, Hillsboro. 24 hours.
  • Hillsboro Main Library.  2850 Brookwood Parkway. Hours:  10am-8pm Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, 12pm-6pm Sunday. Closed 4th of July.
  • Shute Park Branch Library.  775 SE 10th Avenue. Monday – Wednesday 10am-8pm, Thursday – Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm. Closed 4th of July.
  • Hillsboro Senior Center.  750 SE 8th Avenue.  Hours:  Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.
  • SHARC [Lobby area].  953 SE Maple Street, Hillsboro.  Monday – Friday 5:30am-9:30am, Saturday 7am-5:30pm, Sunday 8am-5:30pm.

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

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#Arizona Fires: Mt Emma – Near St George, UT – June 26, 2015

Mt. Emma Fire started on June 24, 2015, at around 1640 Hours.

The lightning caused fire was spotted initially on Wednesday, June 24th by personnel at the Black Rock Lookout, which was approximately 194 acres.  It located 75 miles SE of St. George, Utah.

FireImages by BLM / Alan Syphus

Mt. Emma now approx. 2,043 acresBy Thursday, it began burning a portion of the Grand Canyon, prompting BLM [Arizona Strip District] fire personnel to respond.  Fire tactics have included deploying direct and indirect suppression.

Mt. Emma burns in rugged, remote terrain making suppression efforts difficult

The Mt. Emma Fire is in the same vicinity as the 1999 Emma Fire which scorched 1286 acres and 2005 Tuweep Fire burning 1866 acres.

Aerial View of Mt Emma – Courtesy @inciweb

Mt Emma Fire aerial

During this incident, The Wolf Hole fire just located 10 miles South of St. George which was stopped at 7 acres.  The Sand Cove Fire located 30 miles SW, also of St. George was active but no longer and is being monitored.

Altogether, the total acres burned is 2,043.

Fire Image – Courtesy of Inciweb

Mt Emma Fire aerial

Resources on involved on this incident in the beginning/or currently:

1 Hotshot Crew, 1 Type 2 Initial attack and 7 Great Basin smokejumpers.  1 Type 3 helo and 1 Type 6 engine.

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

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ALASKA WILDFIRES: Open Incidents – June 25, 2015

Alaska has been hit by Fire starting from various causes from lightning to human-caused.

Here’s a compilation of what’s happening up in the beautiful Alaska now on fire.  Our thoughts are with those fire crews, Managers, Dispatchers and those supporting Firefighters on the front line. Those residents that may be in line of danger, we are also thinking of you as well.  Please heed all warnings and listen to what they recommend that will protect you and their safety.


  • Started June 15, 2015
  • Human-caused
  • 8819 acres
  • Located Sterling in Kenai Borough
  • 11 structures destroyed
  • 30% contained
  • Resources:  12 crews, 8 engines, 1 dozer, 2 water tenders, 2 helos
  • 425 personnel
  • Closures:  West end of Skilak Lp & campgrounds
  • Burning restrictions:  See details at http://akfireinfo.com
  • 3 injuries:  small cut & heated related injuries.
  • Incident Cooperators:  Alaska Division of Forestry, Alaska State Troopers, Kenai Peninsula Borough, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Wildfire Smoke Health & Safety Q & A:  http://dec.alaska.gov/air/smoke_qa.htm

“Helicopter Assists During Burnout Operations – #FireImage Courtesy: #Inciweb.org



  • Started 6/21/15
  • Lightning caused
  • 2147 acres
  • Located on Anaconda Creek / 8 miles N from 27 mile Chena Hot Springs Rd
  • 141 personnel
  • Type 2 Team assumed Command 6/23/15 1400 hours

“Fire Activity on South Side of #AnacondaCreek Fire”.  #FireImage Credit:  Mike McManus.  [via Inciweb.gov]


  • ICP: Pleasant Valley Community Center
  • 2 Specialists due to arrive today to update existing structure protection, plans and work with Fairbanks N Star borough to update Evacuation planning in Pleasant Valley and Two Rivers Communities
  • Timber [litter & understory] fire fuels burning

“View from The Logging Road near Compeaus Trail” – #FireImage Credit:  Mike McManus via Inciweb.gov


  • Closures:  See info at http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/4321/25292/.
  • Public Contact Info:  907‑799‑5486 or contacting anacondacreekfire@gmail.com.


  • Started 6/22/2015
  • Lightning caused
  • 12,189 acres
  • 30 miles NW of Fairbanks along Elliot Way / near Fairbanks N Star
  • Rolling hills with mostly Black Spruce
  • 62 personnel
  • ICT 3 Command assumed 6/25/15 at 0600 hours
  • 1 HotShot crew providing structure protection
  • 0 Helos, 0 Engines, 0 Dozers
  • Weather: Hot, dry winds up to 15 mph
  • 0 % contained
  • Hazards:  Visibility poor due to smoke.
  • Threatened:  AlyekaTrans-AK Pipeline, fiber optic cable and Elliot highway at mile markers 33 & 34.
  • Fire Behavior:  Fire jumped Elliot Hwy Monday at mileposts 33/34.


  • 3 fires in one complex:  Kobe Fire, Fish Creek Fire
  • Mile Post 311 Fire – stopped at 17 acres
  • Kobe Fire: 6 mi SW of Anderson.
  • Kobe Fire: 9400 acres burning in Black Spruce.
  • Fish Creek Fire:  5 mi NE of Anderson.
  • Fish Creek Fire:  6900 acres burning in open grass and marsh.
  • Total acres. 16,300 acres.


  • Started 6/16/15 by lightning

“Backhaul Brought in by Boat Pilot” – #FireImage Courtesy via Inciweb

Backhaul brought in by boat pilot.

  • 25 mi E of Delta Junction
  • 9473 acres
  • Fire fuels are Black Spruce and tundra.
  • 157 personnel
  • 1% contained

“HOTShot Crew Moving along Cummins Road” – #FireImage via Inciweb

Hotshot crew moving to the next spot on Cummings Road.

  • Conditions: Dry fuels and strong winds increased fire activity
  • Fire suppression: Focusing on fire suppression on highly valued structures
  • [structure protection].

“Air Boat Transporting Firefighters on Healy Lake” – #FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb.

Airboat bringing in firefighters to helispot along Healy Lake.


  • Burning in the Healy Lake area.
  • Moving up hillside towards Healy Lake Village.
  • Located S of Healy River.
  • 450 acres.

“Supply Site on Healy Lake” – #FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb.

Equipment sling site on Healy Lake.


  • Fire located inside of Healy Lake Village.
  • Slowly increasing in size.
  • Working on structure protection.
  • Public can find out info on Fire[s]:  Email: healylakefire@gmail.com

“First Days of the Healy Lake Fire” – #FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb.

Healy Lake Smoke/flame.

  • 5% contained [for both]
  • 427 Personnel
  • Resources:  1 heavy lift helo & 2 medium helos.
  • WeatherForecast:  Warmer and more dry in mid 70’s with a 48% humidity rate.  Thunderstorms to occur in the area with winds from the SW that may gust up to 25 mph.  Colder weather expected on Friday with chances of isolated rain showers.


There are multiple fires inside this Fire though it’s not listed as a “Complex”.

  • All Fires were started on 6/22/15 by lightning.
  • Resources are tallied on a joint base.
  • Blind River Fire: 18,500 ac 20 mi SW of Tanana & Yukon River
  • Harper Bend Fire: 4300 ac & Hay Slough Fire: 5900 ac, both located 6 mi SW of Tanana.
  • Bering Creek Fire: 20,300 ac is located at 50 mi downstream of Tanaa to the W to SW.
  • Tozitna Fire: 33,500 acres is located 4 mi NE of Tanana..
  • Spicer Creek Fire:  24,000 acres located 7 mi NE of Tanana.
  • Resources:  2 Type 2 IA crews and 3 more 20-person crews but on standby due to poor visibility. Waiting for conditions to clear to transport by air.
  • Sharing resources & equipment.
  • Incident Cooperators:  AK Forest Service, BLM, AK Dept of Forestry, Tanana Village Chiefs Conference, Doyon and Tanana Volunteer Fire Department.
  • ICP:  Tanana School.
  • JIC:  907-3565511.


  • No start or cause listed.
  • Located 6 mi of Willow
  • 7,200 acres

“Crews Working” – #FireImage taken by unknown PIO. Courtesy of Inciweb.

Mop-up 300 ft around structures and in from the perimeter

  • 94% contained [last update from source was 2 days ago]
  • Structures lost:  57 homes destroyed.
  • Damage:  44 with major damage [outbuildings] homes untouched.
  • Up to 343 Firefighters worked on this fire.
  • Continues to smolder.

Expectations and Helpful Tips when Returning Home  http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/4288/25215/

We will provide a new update each day until they are contained.  We miss a few and we apologize in advance!  Feel free to let us know which one[s] and we’ll add it to the list.

Thanks for following us!  Stay #Safe out there.

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

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CORRINE FIRE In Madera County, California – June 21, 2015


The #CorrineFire is located on Road 222 and Tunoi Place in Madera County, north of Auberry, California.  The fire started on June 18, 2015, at 2100 Hours PDT.


No injuries have been reported but 3 outbuildings have been destroyed.


Cause of the fire is under investigation.  It currently is listed at 920 acres with a 35% containment status.


Resources working the fire are: 1440 personnel, 120 engines, 42 fire crews, 4 helos, 11 dozers and 11 water tenders from the #CALFire #USFS #MaderaCoFD #MCSO #PG&E #RedCross #CALOES #CHP and add’l resources from Central Valley.


Mandatory Evacuations are still in force: Rd 222 North of Tunobi to Carmen Ranch Road; Corrine Lake Rd South to Box Canyon; East of Rd 222.


Evac Shelters for residents are located at:  Sierra Presbyterian Church 39696 Hwy 41 [Oakhurst] and Oakhurst EV Church 50443 School Rd [Oakhurst].

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

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6/22 – 6/25/2015.  NFPA EXPO & CONFERENCE. Chicago IL.  http://www.nfpa.org/conference

6/23/2015.  FIREFIGHTER WRITTEN EXAM.  Public Testing Network. 10am.  Sequim WA.  https://www.publicsafetytesting.com/event/events

6/23/2015.  DISPATCHER TESTING EXAM.  Public  Testing Network.  11am.  Sequim WA. https://www.publicsafetytesting.com/event/events

6/22 – 6/26/2015.  BIODEFENSE WORLD CONFERENCE.  Bethesda MD.  http://www.biodefenseworldsummit.com/

6/23 – 6/24/2015.  POLICE SECURITY EXPO 2015.  Atlantic City NJ.  http://www.police-security.com/

6/24/2015.  FIREFIGHTER WRITTEN EXAM.  Public Safety Testing.  Lynnwood WA.  https://www.publicsafetytesting.com/event/events

6/24 – 6/26/2015.  WASHINGTON STATE APCO-NENA 2015 – Public Safety Communications Conference.  Three Rivers Convention Center, Kennewick WA.  http://waapconena.org/Downloads/051115_BASKET_AUCTION_Flyer.pdf

6/25/2015.  DISPATCHER EXAM.  Public Testing Network.  10 am. Lynnwood WA.   https://www.publicsafetytesting.com/event/events

6/26/2015.  DISPATCHER EXAM.  Public Testing Network.  10am.  Kent WA.  https://www.publicsafetytesting.com/event/events

6/26 – 7/03/2015.  2015 WORLD POLICE & FIRE GAMES.  Fairfax County VA.  http://fairfax2015.com/

6/26 – 7/01/2015.  NATIONAL SHERIFF’S ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION.  Baltimore MD.  http://www.nsaconference.org/

6/27/2015.  NEW ENGLAND FIRE, RESCUE & EMS CONFERENCE 2015.  West Springfield MA.  http://www.tradefairdates.com/New-England-Fire-Rescue-and-EMS-Expo-M3454/West-Springfield.html

7/06 – 7/09/2015.  2015 NATIONAL SPORTS-SAFETY & SECURITY CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION.  Orlando FL.  https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/index.php?eventid=106528&

7/14 – 7/18/2015.  FIREHOUSE EXPO.  Baltimore MD.  http://firehouseexpo.com/

8/03 – 08/07/2015.  PINNACLE 2015 – EMS LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE.  Kansas City MO.  http://pinnacle-ems.com/

8/04 – 8/06/2015.  3RD INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON BACTERIOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Valencia Spain.  http://bacteriology.omicsgroup.com/

8/05/2015.  AMERICAN HEROES AIR SHOW.  Museum of Flight.  Tukwila WA.  

8/10 – 8/11/2015.  Hurricane Sandy Conference:  Translating Research into Practice.  NY NY. http://www.phe.gov/Preparedness/planning/science/research-conference/Pages/default.aspx

8/10 – 8/12/2015.  WORLD CONGRESS ON INFECTIOUS DISEASES.  London UK.  http://infection.omicsgroup.com/

8/16 – 8/19/2015.  APCO 2015 CONFERENCE & EXPO.  WA DC.  http://www.apco2015.org/

8/17 – 8/19/2015.  MARITIME SECURITY 2015 WEST.  San Diego CA.  http://www.maritimesecuritywest.com/

8/30 – 9/02/2015.  ALLIANCE OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS PROFESSIONALS (AHMP) NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2015.  Scottsdale AZ.  http://ahmpnet.org/sites/conf/scottsdale2015/home.php

08/30 – 9/04/2015.  NATIONAL TACTICAL OFFICERS ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONFERENCE AND TRADE SHOW.  Salt Lake City, UT.  http://ntoa.org/tactical-conference/ #LESM

08/31 – 09/02/2015.  BIOTECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE 2015.  Orlando FL.  http://www.biotechnologycongress.com/america/

09/09 – 09/11/2015.  TAC OPS EAST TACTICAL TRAINIG AND EXPO 2015.  Arlington VA.  http://www.tacopseast.com/

09/15 – 09/18/2015.  2015 KANSAS EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION [KEMA] ANNUAL CONFERENCE.  Junction City KS. #smemchat #smem

09/18/2015.  NY CYBER SECURITY SUMMIT 2015.  NY NY.  http://cybersummitusa.com/2015-new-york-city/

09/26 – 10/02/2015.  NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL CONGRESS & EXPO.  Atlanta GA.  http://www.congress.nsc.org/nsc2015/public/content.aspx?ID=2551&sortMenu=102000

09/30 – 10/02/2015.  PETRO TRANS 2015.  Chicago IL.  http://www.petrotrans2015.com/?utm_source=PetroTrans+Issue+3&utm_campaign=PetroTrans%233&utm_medium=email

11/13 – 11/19/2015.  63RD IAEM – USA ANNUAL CONFERENCE & EMEX.  Las Vegas NV.  http://iaemconference.info/2015/ #smem #smemchat

11/17 – 11/18/2015.  1ST ANNUAL AHEPP [The Association of Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Professionals] CONFERENCE.  Omaha NE. http://www.ahepp.org/events/event_details.asp?id=516882

12/05 – 12/10/2015.  2015 AHIMTA INCIDENT MANAGEMENT TRAINING AND EDUCATIONAL SYMPOSIUM.  Denver CO.  http://ahimta15denver.blogspot.com/

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