FEMA: “We’re Looking for Those Who Made a Difference After Sandy”


Do you know an individual or group who made an impact after Sandy? Recognize them!

  Posted by: Rich Serino, Deputy Administrator

At FEMA and across the federal government, we recognize that in order to successfully support disaster survivors and meet the needs of the community, the whole community must work together as a team. A month ago, I wrote about some of the successes of bringing together government and non-government partners to solve challenges we faced in responding to Hurricane Sandy. Recognizing our community partners is critical to the efforts to rebuild and recover. The White House is hosting a Champions of Change event to recognize individuals and organizations that provided truly remarkable and creative contributions to support the response and ongoing recovery of Hurricane Sandy.

Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to listen to many survivors and speak with a number of FEMA’s partners. During these conversations, I heard time and time again about the outstanding people and groups that have made a real and tangible difference. We now want to recognize these contributions, but need you to identify the champions! If you or someone you know demonstrated outstanding leadership (or was more of a hidden hero) after Sandy, I strongly encourage you complete a White House Champions of Change application. Here are some quick details about the process and next steps:

  • You may nominate individuals, groups or organizations for their work related to Hurricane Sandy. We encourage nominations from all individuals and organizations involved in Hurricane Sandy response and recovery.
  • Individuals wishing to submit a nomination must complete the form and return it by Wednesday, March 6. To submit a nomination, please e-mail the form to FEMA-Sandy-Champions@fema.dhs.gov with the subject line “WH Champions of Change.”
  • Once the nomination period has closed, a panel of FEMA leaders will evaluate and select finalists. The White House will then consider the list of finalists and make final selections. Final selections will be announced in early April 2013.
  • The White House will host a Champions of Change event April 24, 2013 to recognize those who made a positive impact following Hurricane Sandy. So take the time to complete the short application and spread the word. 

The best solutions to the issues we face come from the people and the communities that are closest to the challenges of disaster response and recovery. I know that to be the case because I’ve seen it in action.


 [Courtesy of FEMA Blog]

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