FIVE-ALARM LOVE: Our 5 Most Favorite Best Firefighter Wedding Proposals on YouTube

Okay, we’re a little partial to these fun wedding proposals – Firefighter style.  Who knows?

This could inspire some more amazing wedding proposals by y’all….[Hint. Hint. Hint]

#1 – “Swedish Firefighter on Ground Proposes to Girlfriend Helicopter Pilot While She’s Airborne.”

#2 – “FD Uses Training as Cover for Wedding Proposal”

#3 – “Firefighter Proposals to Teacher During Fire Drill”

#4 – “Firefighter Proposes to Girlfriend at Restaurant & the Crowd Roars”

#5 – “Houston Firefighter Proposes to Houston PD Officer.”

We know some of you may not approve of using Department apparatus or equipment during these “proposals” so we ask that you just enjoy these awesome clips with the rest of us.  We love every single one of them.

Thanks to those who shared them on We appreciate you opening up your special moments in your life with the rest of the world.  May you all have happy long lives together.

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