Day 36 | The Best in The NW Fire Blog Images | Garibaldi Fire (OR)

Thank you for reading our post. We started posting the Best of Images we have taken since the beginning of our inception in 2012.  You will recognize Images from past stories, fire chasing trips and some you may have never seen published before.  You can find these stories and images on our other Social Media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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‘In July 2014, my hubby and I were heading down to Vegas for a few days to attend a Public Safety Writers Conference.  I had never been to Vegas but he had.  He also had been a long-haul truck driver in a previous life and wanted to show me all the beautiful scenery along the way.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR 01

‘As we were making our way on our many days of happy and tiring journeys, we saw smoke on the horizon and I begged him to drive us towards the smoke column rising in the distance. As a blogger, your curiousity can get the best of you but we headed over to where the smoke was rising in the background.  I was more than giddy and couldn’t believe we were catching our first fire out of town.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR rig

‘If you know me personally, you would know how giddy I get.  To explain in a visual perception is like an excited kid in a candy store.  It was my inner fire buff mentality kicking into high gear.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR 03

‘This is all that was left but at least we see some fire and lots of hose lines laid across the streets. Us arriving “on scene” gave us a clear picture of a Training burn in progress. Fire apparatus was spread across a half block giving us many photo opportunities to capture them in action.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR 02

‘I wish we had more time to chat them up but getting some great images was a pretty amazing opportunity for any Fire photographer and giving a glimpse into a small part of what they do in the Life of Firefighting.  Maybe next time, since we are neighbors.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR Engine

‘Though you may not have known we were on scene photographing your amazing work, we’d like to Thank You for allowing us to watch our #HeroesInRed doing what you all love so much and making training a huge priority so that you can help Save Lives in your communities.’


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