Sheriff Office Searching for Missing Couple


An Arlington, Washington couple – Patrick Shunn, 45 and his wife, former B.C. resident, Monique Patenaude, 46, have been missing since Monday, April 11, 2016.  Patrick was last seen at his job in Kirkland on that day.  His brother pleaded to the news media saying this is completely out-of-character for him.

Reports released in the Media, say Patrick “Pat” Shunn’s wife, Monique Patenaude was last seen around 1pm on that same Monday near her property.  Authorities were called when they failed to show up for pre-planned events.

The couple have ties to Oregon, the Arlington-Darrington-Oso and B.C. areas.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is calling their disappearance as suspicious.


Both of their vehicles, descriptions, photos and Alerts were splashed all over mainstream media, Social media and through friends and family, in hopes they would be found along with the couple or, at least giving a sense of where they could be located.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office released a statement in how their Helicopter, “SnoHAWK10” located both vehicles, which appeared to have gone over an embankment down into a remote wooded area in the Oso area. Both vehicles lay near one another.

Due to the vehicles’ location, Police state they had not had the opportunity to search.  They are still rulling this disappearance as suspicious.


A news source reported and tipped us off about a lawsuit filed against the couple for some type of trespass charge.  We wanted to find out more about it ourselves before reporting on  our own, in hopes it could shed light on what they were having to live through and what that may have entailed, as this whole thing seems like a mystery all in itself.


In pouring over the many Washington State Court cases, we did happen to find one that appears to include many potential neighbors as we will call them due to the close proximity to where those in the Declarations live to the couple.

Since, we are not Legal Experts nor directly involved with this one case – we will not be making any type of assumption as to what the case may be about. However, what we will say is this – there are a lot of parties involved in this one particular case that could easily peeks someone’s interest.

We can only theorize but we will leave that up to the Law Enforcement professionals to make that determination based upon what the evidence is telling them in their investigation.


Do you have information on the whereabouts of Patrick Shunn and his wife, Monique Patenaude?  If you have any tips but are afraid of sharing what you know or have seen, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has set up an anonymous Tipline at 425-388-3845.


All information is gleaned from the various sources including the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Washington State Courts, Address verification sources and Social Media.  

We do not represent nor proclaim we are Law Enforcement Professionals but we are familiar with the system and some of their investigative processes.

For the purpose of this post, we are only engaged in reporting the facts in a journalistic point-of-view.  All our opinions are our own and not a representation of any Law Enforcement Agency.


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