Fire Burns Near Previous Seared Landscape

Montana – The Elk Hill Wildfire broke out on April 9th and had been actively burning grass and downfall near the lower North  Fork Sun River and SE of the Lewis & Clark National Forest Service cabin on Cabin Creek in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of the Rocky Mountain Ranger District in Montana.

Forest Service Fire Apparatus.  Credit: MT Lewis & Clark Forest Service

The fire deemed to have started either by warming or a campfire had spread to being within the perimeter of a previous wildfire that burned in the Circle Creek area back in 2005.

Close-up of two of the three smoke columns, the larger of the two columns in the background. Picture taken from airplane

Photo taken on April 10, 2016 shows the magnitude of the Fire.  Photo Credit: Lewis & Clark National Forest.

On Thursday night into this morning, the area received  10-inches of snow, enabling Fire Managers allowing a 100% containment status.  Due to this precipitation, Fire resources and personnel had been released down to 20 still assigned to this incident.  The incident is currently in monitoring status.

smoke column in middle, taken from airplane

Fire Image taken during a flight above the incident. Photo Credit:  Lewis 8 Clark National Forest.

A total of 1086 acres were burned.

No Cost-to-Date was known at the time of this post.

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