Update 2 | Trench Accident Steals 2 Lives, 1 Saved in Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho – A trench accident occurred near Hill Road and Parkway in Boise, Idaho approximately 3 hours our time (West Coast) today burying three construction workers.  The call was received by Police/Fire Department around 1735 hours Mountain Time.

Units dispatched to the scene were: 4 Engine Companies, T7, Bat1, Chief5, 3 Aid/Paramedic units, Eagle Rescue and 2 trench rescue trucks.

While on-scene, it was determined two of the three construction workers were deceased and began in recovery mode.  One was conscious and transported to a nearby hospital.

No word on what caused the trench to collapse or if they were in compliant with L&I/OSHA regulations for conducting work in the trench.

Information was received from a source stating they have recovered one victim’s body, while still searching for the second one.  We reached out prior to this post requesting an update on the third victim and a general update on the incident.  We are waiting for a response.

Thanks to  for assisting with this story and helping provide vital details so we could share this story with you.

UPDATE: at 2047 PDT.  All victims have been recovered/rescued from the trench.  We still do not know the condition of the one construction worker who was rescued by firefighters.

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