#GoldBarFire Explodes Overnight – SitRep4

Updated 5/14/2016  1320 PDT

Incident Summary

The #ProctorCreekFire was spotted burning in the heavily loaded fire fuels of logging slash and timber, located at the 4200 block in Snohomish County’s Highway 2, just off of Forest Road 62 in Gold Bar, Washington on May 13th.


The fire is approximately 5 miles East of Gold Bar in Snohomish County, Washington.

At the base of the of the hillside where the fire is burning is private land.  Local Firefighters were first due with additional State and Federal fire personnel arriving quickly.  The top of the mountain was stated it is 99% DNR land.  All local, State, Federal and other jurisdictions were working in a Unified Command system.

Fire Response

DNR personnel were dispatched at 1611 PDT to the scene where they were faced with a brush fire turned large not contained wildfire.

Resources on scene include:

  • Monroe FD
  • Gold Bar FD
  • US Forest Service
  • WA DNR
  • Snohomish County Fire Dist #26
  • Snohomish County Fire Dist #7
  • Snohomish County Fire Dist #3


  • SNOHawk10 (Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office) providing water drops, and acting as aerial lookout for ground fire crews.
Photo Credit: Snohomish County Fire District 7.

Photo Credit: Snohomish County Fire District 7.

Historical Timeline

A Historical outline of events taken place on this fire are listed here with the most current first to the last (start of the fire).

May 14, 2016 – Saturday

1015 Hours.

Briefing held this morning by Snohomish County Fire District #7 PIO and they reported it was raining on the fireground.

Photo Credit: Snohomish County Fire District #7

0928 Hours.

Aerial view of the fire.  Fire has reached 325 acres burned with the assistance of Snohomish County’s Helicopter via Aerial Mapping.

Photo Credit: Snohomish County Fire District #7

0830 Hours.

Firefighters were more than grateful and thanked all of those who donated fluids and goodies to them.

Photo Credit: Snohomish County Fire District #7

Photo Credit: Snohomish County Fire District #7

0530 Hours.

The wind had died down.  A photo shows heavy smoke and flames in the distance, a fire monster itching to start up again.

Photo Credit: Snohomish County Fire District #7

May 13, 2016 – Friday

1611 Hours.

The fire was active with a fast forward spread occurring.  Hot spots were starting all around crews and with the aid of Snohomish County’s SnoHAWK10 in the air.  The fire had burned 30 acres quickly.

The wildfire was said to have a 0% containment status and presenting a heavy thermal column.    It was reported as being a wind-driven fire as winds were beginning to pick up.

Access was difficult for firefighters due to the tough terrain.  The Snohomish County Sheriff Office’s SnowHAWK10, a Huey helicopter had been brought in to assist with water drops.

A 2nd Alarm was called.

Snohomish County is providing a staging area for the WA DNR fire crews, equipment and additional resources (see photo below).

Photo Credit: Snohomish County Sheriffs Office.

1930 Hours.

Almost 3 hours later, there were several spot fires with one extinguished (probably more but did not hear it on the Scanner) and a fire on the South side of the drainage.  It was currently South of their current position.  Fire was growing rapidly.

2000 Hours.

Within thirty minutes, a Jurisdiction 1 Engine had arrived on scene.

2036 Hours.

A Level Evacuation Order was given to the residents on the South side of Hwy 2 between 437th Drive SE and FS Rd 62.

2300 Hours.

Concerned neighbor, Jessika Marie has probably seen a lot happening in her neck of the woods as she has lived there 30 years.   Living  near the Gold Bar Fire, she shares photos taken at 2300 last night, when the acreage count was at 120 acres. Update: on 5/14/2016, she stated the count was to 200+ and later that it was raining in the area.

Photo Credit: Jessika Marie

2330 Hours.

The fire was moving towards homes and an elevated Level 2 Evacuation order went into effect for the same area, affecting 26 homes.

2345 Hours.

The current weather was at 59-degrees with 0% of precip, 66% humidity and winds up to 11 mph.  Rain was expected to hit the area on Saturday. 

Photo Credit: Snohomish Fire District 7

Photo Credit: Snohomish Fire District 7



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