Hurricane Matthew Slams into Tropical Islands | Update 1



Photo Credit/NASA (Taken on Oct. 4, 2016)


A Category 4 hurricane has slammed and caused catastrophic damages to Cuba and Haiti.  The hurricane began building its character on September 29th as a Category 5 but losing some wind speeds down to a Category 4, but the Hurricane has pummeled the tropical islands in the Caribbean.

Now, the Hurricane has prompted millions of people to be evacuated away from Coastal towns/areas/states.


Alerts  / Notifications


 Air Travel :   Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) will close @ 1100 hours on 10/5/2016.


Connecticut State:  Sign-up for Alerts and Notifications.


Pinellas County Emergency Management:  Citizen lnfo Center to open Wed, 9am-9pm (727) 464-4333  >

Broward & Miami-Dade Counties:  All schools closed.

Miami:  Biscayne National Park Islands have been closed.

Floridians: “Prepare for a direct hit’ -Gov. Scott.


 State of Emergency Declared:  “Acting on a recommendation from our Emergency Operations Command in anticipation of , I issued a SOE for 13 counties.” – Gov. Nathan Deal.

North Carolina

State of Emergency Declared:  ” Mayor of Southport declares state of emergency.” – City Mayor Dove.

South Carolina

Dorchester County :  As you are reviewing our county evacuation zones remember that IF you are NOT in one of the zones BUT you live in a mobile/manufactured home OR in a low-lying area, you need to strongly consider relocating to a safe structure. – Emergency Management Department.

South Carolina State:  “Gov. Haley declares state of emergency.”


Shelter / Evacuations

National Guard:   Army & National Guard are setting up shelters/resources in their communities.

Photo Credit/National Guard

Take Your Pets with You!

Humane Society:  Tips on how to prep your Family member in your Evacuation Plan.

Human Services  – Donations

UNICEF:   How you can Help –>

U.S. Navy:  Deploying ships to help with relief aid.


Georgia and South Carolina told by Governors to brace for a direct hit. Photo Credit/NOAA


U.S. State Department:  “U.S. Embassies in Haiti, Jamaica and the Bahamas are closed, and most airports in those countries are now closed as well.”

U.S. Airlines:  Airlines begin waiving change fees for U.S. flights.

Media Streaming

Florida:  “Matthew poses the highest risk to Palm Beach County.”

Florida, Keys:  “Tropical Storm warning issued.”

Florida, South:  “6 stations out of gas by 12am.”

Florida, Southeast:  Download the Hurricane Tracker App” ( Twitter @hurrtrackerapp )

Haiti:  “Heavy rainfall beginning to hit at St Boniface Hospital this morning. Our team is weathering.”

Satellite Image:   “Large discussion about this photo looking like a skull and how it is 27 days from Halloween.” Twitter users are all  >Freaking out> and all abuzz about it.

Photo Credit/NASA

Traveling Advice:  “It took 3.5 hours to get to Columbia, and it’s a blessing it didn’t take longer. Take Hwy 176 instead of I-26.” (Tweeted @ 12:49am EDT).

Weather Reports:  “New American model shows strengthening upper high in Texas turning back east after it misses trough “train” northward.”

“Thank you for reading our Blog. Please send good vibes, prayers and other support to those who are in the path of the one of the biggest Hurricanes in 50 years.”

~ Lisa / Blogger ~

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