Hurricane Matthew’s Fury | Update 2



A Category 4 hurricane has slammed and caused catastrophic damages to Cuba and Haiti.  The hurricane began building its character on September 29th as a Category 5 but losing some wind speeds downgraded to a Category 4.

Cuba and Haiti were hit hard.  Lots of flooding, mudslides and everything residents are now gone.

Now, the Hurricane is heading towards Florida at a rapid rate of speed and due to cause some terrifying moments for all those on the Coast and its path.  One of the worst storms felt in a 10 years.



 Air Travel :   Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) will close @ 1100 hours on 10/5/2016.


Alerts/Notifications:  Sign-up for Alerts and Notifications.


911 for Emergencies Only:  Remember, for emergencies please dial 911. For non-emergencies, dial 305.673.7901.

Airport Operations:  Broward County Aviation Department will suspend operations at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport Thursday at 10:30 am.

Bracing for Heavy Damage:  “Regardless of a direct hit or not, the impact will be devastating.” – Gov. Scott.

Closed:  All Ports to inbound vessel traffic.  Operators have ceased all container operations.

Closures:  Traffic, schools, universities, road closures for Miami Dade County.

EOC Status:  Miami Dade County EOC is now at a Level 2 Activation.

Evacuations:  Miami Dade County. Mayor orders evacuations of all mobile home parks.

Evacuations:  St. Augustine.  Unprecidented! Mandatory evacuation for ALL historic City of St. Augustine, America’s oldest city. – Twitter user

Follow Officials:  “Follow your local officials, watch the weather, do not take any chances…know your evacuation plan” – Florida Gov. Scott.

Hurricane Questions:  The Citizen Information Center  (Pinellas County Emergency Management) will open today from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Citizens may call (727) 464-4333 with questions.

POTUS presser:  We’ve got response teams and supplies ready. This is going to be a serious storm”.

Presser:  Ocean County Mayor’s Office.  Thurs. 10/6 @ 10:30 a.m.  (Twitter) will provide a briefing on emergency management efforts, weather, shelter, transportation, sandbags.

Warning:  “Florida Gov. Rick Scott asks President Obama for emergency declaration ahead of Hurricane Matthew.”

Weather Forecasters: “Storm is just 325 miles off of the Coast.” (2300 hours EDT)


 Alert:  Governor declared State of Emergency.

North Carolina

Alert:  Governor declared State of Emergency.

South Carolina

Alert:  Governor declared State of Emergency.

Evacuations:  Approximately 250,000 people have evacuated from Coastal towns. The Governor ordered more than a 1 Million people to leave their homes, businesses and area for safety.


Closed:  Kennedy Space Center in Houston


American Red Cross:  To open 100+ shelters in a various areas ahead of the Storm.  Read this link for preparation tips, apps and other important information.

Humane Society:  Tips on how to prep your Family member in your Evacuation Plan. #PetEvacuation #HumaneSociety #PetLove

Hurricane Tracker App:  Download the Hurricane Tracker App” ( Twitter @hurrtrackerapp )

Law Enforcement:  Some of the men/women on duty during deadly Hurricane.  Here are some of the faces with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (FL).

Photo Credit: PBSO

National Guard:   Army & National Guard are setting up shelters/resources in their communities.  #Shelters #Resources

Photo Credit/National Guard

Ocean County (FL) Fire Rescue:  5 strike teams just completed 12-hr shift when req to assist in the hospital evac.   Patients evac’d from Rockledge hospital to Melbourne & Davenport.

Ocean County (FL) Shelters:  

OCHA:  Humanatarium aid non-profit organization states There have been 1.3 Million people evaucated in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica.  There are 350,000 that need assistance, 15,623 people have been displaced and 152 open shelters.  A more thorough damaged assessment will be done tomorrow.

Pet Evacuation Tips:  (Dogs/Cats/Other Animals)

Don’t forget to include your pets in your preparedness plans.  Please take them with you or have someone come and pick them up.

Photo Courtesy/Miami Beach Police

Pet Identification:  (For Horses – in case they escape)

Identify your during . Braid an engraved dog tag into the mane. Use a breakaway halter so it is easier to catch.

Photo Credit: TC Equine ER

Solid Waste Resources:  Miami Dade County, Florida. 

UNICEF:   How you can Help –> #UNICEF #Giving

U.S. Navy:  Deploying ships to help with relief aid.


Preparedness Tips

  • Charge your Phone battery
  • Gas up your vehicle

American Red Cross:  


[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

5-day Forecast and Coastal areas under a warning or a watch. Photo Credit/NOAA

As of 2300 hours EDT, the eye of #HurricaneMatthew is moving near central Bahamas.  It is expected to intensify as it continues heading towards Florida.

[Image of WPC QPF U.S. rainfall potential]

U.S. potential rainfall in the next 72-hour window. Photo Credit/NOAA

Tropical Storm Nicole:  as of 2300 hours this evening, TS Nicole is said to being close to reaching Hurricane strength.  It is currently South of Bermuda and NNE of San Juan Puerto Rico.  Its max sustained winds have clocked in at 70 mph with max central pressure at 995mb.

General Info

Travel Alert:    “U.S. Embassies in Haiti, Jamaica and the Bahamas are closed, and most airports in those countries are now closed as well.” (via U.S. State Travel Department)

U.S. Flights:  Airlines begin waiving change fees for U.S. flights.

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Death Toll:  Media sources are reporting 17 deaths in Haiti alone.

EU Support:  The has been activated to help tackle the effects of I urge participating states to offer assistance. – Christos Stylianides, EU

Fire Apparatus:  Miami Beach Fire storing some of their spare fire apparatus and trucks in the Miami Marlins (Baseball) garage. Moved in just before the storm arrives.

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