Fires Reporting as Human-caused | Update 3

Updated 6:30 AM PST / 9:30 AM  CST

Reports of Human-Caused Ignited Sparks Many Emotions

A large mainstream media outlet was sounding the alarms saying Fire Officials are reporting the nearly 15,000 acres has been consumed, taking along with 250 structures and killing three (3) people.

Though human-caused can have several meanings, we did not want to come right out and say this is Arson related but a trend in Tennessee lately has shown that most of the wildfires in this State have been just that – Arson.  We are hoping the cause has a different outcome but we are waiting and hopeful.

Wind gusts were reported as high as 87 mph which has been one of the most biggest factors in this fires with more than 10 wildfires firefighters have to fight head on.  Resources are quickly being drained though hundreds if not thousands of fire crews are fighting dangerous flames at any given single time making conditions just even that more difficult and frustrating to Officials.

The Red Cross, one of the largest Incident Cooperators has reported providing 10,000 meals and snacks to those who are in Shelters and 1,000 meals to Firefighters.


How YOU Can Help Evacuees

List of Organizations….Here is a compiled list put together by a local media outlet.


Please Help…..Find Missing Gatlinburg/Sevierville Man

Missing….We have information that has come to light about a missing man around the time the wildfires occurred.  He was reported as missing as of yesterday (11/28/2016) around 8:00 PM CST.  He spoke with family and them his own house was destroyed.  Brad Phillips’ daughter was asking for assistance on Twitter to help search Shelters as his family is out of the area.

We are doing a repost by the Amanda Phillips, the daughter of missing Brad Phillips from Gatlinburg/Sevierville, TN.  Please circulate his photo and let’s help this lady find her missing Dad.


We research our articles with some Posts taking hours to find correct and accurate information.  As some of you know from many Political posts, there is fake news out there with one of our Political winners tweeting about 170,000 acres have been destroyed.  Others stating the whole City of Gatlinburg has been destroyed, which is simply not the truth.

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