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History Repeats Itself

The Didion Milling plant in Cambria, Wisconsin is on fire. Again.  This is not the second fire for the plant but the third!  Cambria Fire Department has fought multiple fires at this facility on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, and already into Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Major fires occurred on December 28, 2014 and on January 16, 2010.

Explosion and Fire

An explosion rocked the Didion Milling plant located in the 500 block of Williams in Cambria, Wisconsin occurred around 2322 hours CDT on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, that erupted in fire.  This now a 4th Alarm and Major MCI.

Reports across several scanning channels reported that the first due in lay witness to fire burning in the center of the building.

Major Power Outage

The entire City of Cambria was said to be completely dark from a City-wide power outage.  Multiple requests for power company to respond to the Command Post were made to their Dispatch Center.



Command requested an ETA from a Power Rep to the fire scene because they needed to have utilities shut off. due to large and major power lines were down.  Power poles were also said to be down and Command relayed to their Comm Center with multiple people being entrapped underneath them.

Ruptured Gas Line

A gas line located on the East side of the fire building near the silos was burning but the Fire Department reported it being shutdown.  Employees had said they heard someone screaming awhile back but no details were known at the known.  Resources were being requested.


All non-emergency traffic was moved off of the Cambria incident Tac1 channel on to others.


Fire Departments

The Cambria Fire Department and all its apparatus/personnel were at the fire scene.  Additional resources were being paged out.

Riley FD arrived with one engine on-scene.

A Heavy Rescue team from nearby Madison was requested.

Police Department

Cambria Police Department mobile Command Post was en route to the fire scene at the time of this post was published.

Incident Cooperators

The Salvation Army was paged out to respond to the fire scene.

Red Cross was requested to take care of the families at the Highway Shop and provide refreshments.  Nutrition was said to be at the local Fire Department.  Coordination was in progress at the time of this post.

Alliant Energy released this presser:  “Crews working in Cambria after explosion. Power is back for 600 customers, 1,000 still out. We’re working with Columbia County officials.”


Unconfirmed Reports

A report of seven (7) injuries have been released but their conditions and identities have not officially disclosed to the public yet.

Medical Air Transports

There have been three (3) Medical Life Flights that have landed and transporting burn victims from the fire scene.  A fourth helicopter was ordered and is due to land at 0058 Hours CDT.


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