WASHINGTON STATE | Washington State has been relatively cool for fires this time of year while fellow States nationally such as Arizona, Utah, Florida among others, have seen their share fare of wildfires these last couple of days.  We are spreading the word of fire activity per WA DNR’s wildfire CAD system.

Wildfire Activity for Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mayflower Fire 

Dispatch time:  1449 Hours.  Location:  Spokane County.  Baird Road.  Size:  1 acre. Status:  Controlled at 1813 hours.

Rutter Fire

Dispatch time:  1258 Hours.  Location:  Spokane County.  Indian Trail.  Fire fuels:  Grass, brush, light timber.  Size:  0.1 acre. Status:  In patrol status.

Dishman Spot Fire

Dispatch time:  1100 Hours.  Location:  Spokane County.  Dishman.  Fire fuels:  Grass, brush. Size:  0.01 acre.  Status:  Controlled at 1215 hours.


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