#SnakeRiverFire | Washington State | New!

GARFIELD COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE (Correction: We goofed and put Grant County.)

Incident Summary | A wildfire ignited from an unknown cause on Saturday, July 15, 2017.

The fire is burning near Pomeroy, Washinigton, about 4 hours from the Seattle area on the other side of the State.

Size | 500 acres and growing. 0% containment.

Cause | Some are speculating that it was caused by lightning as one who lives nearby says there was quite a big lightning show last night. We are still waiting for the official cause.

Resources | State Mobe was approved at 0800 hours on Saturday, July 15, 2017.  Type 3 will be assigned as well. We have reached out to the WA State Mobe and waEMD to try to get additional information.

Threats | Homes, crops and cell phone towers.

Photo Credit: WA DNR

Current Fire Weather | 80*F temps, 47% RH and winds SW 9 mph with gusts of 11 mph.  RED FLAG WARNING due to potential lightning and thunderstorms.

Social Media | We are using #SnakeRiverFire and #WAwildfire2017 #WAwildfire #GarfieldCoFire

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