Active Wildfires | NW Region | August 8 2017

NORTHWEST WILDFIRES | A few more wildfires to add to our list while removing some of them now fully contained, not necessarily out. Here is our recap for Monday, August 7, 2017.

#BearButteFire (OR) Wallowa – Whitman NF. IMT 2 . 20 miles NW of Baker City. Timber(OR) Rouge River-Siskiyou NF. IMT 2 (also managing Spruce Lake Fire). Active fire behavior with group isolated torching. 383 acres. 10% containment. 341 personnel.  7 crews, 15 engines and 2 helicopters. $87,000 CTD..

Fire burns up ladder fuels and torches a tree within the Blanket Creek Fire.

This is what Fire crews may be faced when fighting forest fires. Courtesy: Inciweb

#BlanketFire (OR).  Active fire behavior with torching, short-range spotting. 4,600 acres. 31% contained. 727 personnel. 20 crews, 20 engines and 5 helicopters. $8.7 Million CTD..

#ChetcoBarFire.  (OR) Rogue River-Siskiyou NF. NIMO. 16 miles East of Selma, OR. Phoenix NIMO. Timber and brush.  Fire has burned into the scars of Biscuit Fire (2002) and Silver Fire (1987).  Moderate fire with flanking and backing. 4,533 acres. 12% containment status. 66 personnel.  2 crews, 1 helicopter. $1.5 Million CTD..

#CinderButteFire (OR)  BLM – Burns District. 10 miles W of Riley.  Brush and tall grass. Start August 2, 2017. 52,531 acres. 60% containment status. 496 personnel. 14 crews, 27 engines and 2 helos. $2.1 Million CTD..

New! #ClarksCreekFire (OR) DOF. 18 miles NE of La Grande.  Timber, short grass.  Moderate fire behavior with creeping, smoldering and backing. 300 acres. 0% contained. 47 personnel. 11 engines and 1 helo. $45,000 CTD..

#DevilsLakeFire (OR) Fremont-Winema NF. 7 miles SE of Bly. Timber and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with creeping and smoldering. 1,702 acres. 82% containment.  487 personnel. 10 crews, 17 engines and 2 helos. $3.4 Million CTD..

Helicopter at Foster Field helibase. Photo: Marshall Wallace.

This much-needed fire asset is leaving  the Foster Field helibase presumably taking a full bambi bucket of water. Photo Credit: Mark Wallace, USFS

#DiamondCreekFire    (WA) 18 air miles from Mazama and at the intersection of Diamond Creek and Lost River in the Paysaten Wilderness of the Okanogan-Wenatchee NF.  Started July 22, 2017. Cause is suspected as human intervention. — Moderate fire behavior with uphill runs, torching and spotting. 9,486 acres. 0% contained. 117 personnel. 2 crews, 5 engines and 4 helos. $1.7 Million CTD..

#HanoverFire (ID) Moderate fire behavior with uphill runs and long-range spotting.  5,431 acres. 0% containment. 282 personnel. 1 Type 1 crew, 2 Type 2 crews, 8 engines, 1 dozer, 4 feller bunchers, 3 skidders, 2 log loaders and 1 processor. Northern Rockies IMT 2..

 #HayesRoadFire (WA). 10 miles NE of Mansfield.  SE WA IMT 2. Brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 2,306 acres. 90% containment. 90 personnel. 1 crew, 17 engines and 1 helo. $406,000 CTD.

#IbexFire (ID) Active fire behavior with running, group torching and spotting. Structures threatened. 4,4646 acres. 0% containment. 27 personnel. 2 helos. $250,000 CTD..

A group of people working on the Indian Creek Fire are listening to a briefing from the Helibase Manager and helicopter pilot about the Indian Creek Fire activity. Mt. Adams is visible in the background.

Some of the most important people you want to ever meet – the talented pilots of those large flying machines that like to drop retardant and water down below on the Indian Creek Fire. Courtesy: Inciweb

#IndianCreekFire (OR)  West side of Eagle Creek Trail.  Between Tunnel Falls and 7.5 mile camp Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness within the Hood River Ranger District of Mt. Hood NF.  NIMO.  Moderate fire behavior with backing and creeping.  83 acres. 0% containment status. 75 personnel. 1 crew, 2 helos. $1.5 Million CTD..

#KnotGrassFire (WA) S of Pomeroy (SE part of State) on Asotin and Garfield County line. Grassland, some crops and timber. 350 acres. 90% contained.  54 personnel. 1 crew, 11 engines and 1 helo. $69,000 CTD..

#LavaFlowFire  (ID) Idaho Falls District, BLM.  7 miles South of Atomic City. Brush and grass. Minimal fire behavior. 22,651 acres. 98% containment. 65 personnel. 2 crews, 5 engines. $875,000 CTD..

 #MammothCaveFire (OR).  Moderate fire behavior with flanking and backing. 47,052 acres. 40% contained. 234 personnel. 3 crews, 24 engines and 3 helos. 3 structures destroyed. $360,000 CTD..

Type II rotor filling its bucket in preparation for a drop on Noisy Creek fire

A Type 2 rotor fills it Bambi bucket (orange container) full of water from a source preparing for a drop over the Noisy Creek Fire. Courtesy: Inciweb

#NoisyCreekFire  (WA) 3 miles E of Sullivan Lake. Pend Orielle County.  Colville NF. Lightning caused. Start July 15, 2017 @ 0800 hours PDT.   Active fire behavior with backing, flanking and uphill runs.  3,120 acres. 22% containment. 212 personnel. 3 crews, 10 engines and 3 helos. $2.1 Million CTD..

 #PowerlineFire (ID) BIA – Ft. Hall Agency. 20 miles SW of Pocatello. Brush and grass. Extreme fire behavior with running, flanking, torching. Evacuations in effect. 46,000 acres. 25% contained. 301 personnel. 8 crews, 26 engines, 4 helos. $300,000 CTD..

New! #RebelFire (OR) Willamette NF. 23 miles NE of Oak Ridge. Oak. Moderate fire behavior with single-tree torching, backing and flanking. 150 acres. 0% contained. 109 personnel. 4 crews, 4 engines. $100,000 CTD..

#ShoestringFire (ID) BLM – Twin Falls District. 4 miles S of Gooding. Brush, Short grass. Active fire behavior with running. 35,737 acres. 50% containment. 50 personnel. 6 engines, 3 helos. 1 structure destroyed. $170,000 CTD..

Smoke column with fire visible at the leading edge of the fire

Explosive smoke and flames on the Spruce Fire. Courtesy: Inciweb

 #SpruceLake Fire (OR) Crater Lake National Park. 15 miles SW of Diamond Lake. Timber.   East of Idanha. Timber and brush.   Active fire behavior with short-range spotting, torching and flanking. 5,300 acres. 13% containment. 332 personnel. 14 crews, 4 engines and 2 helos.$2.1 Million CTD..

Yellow shirted firefighter standing by a fire engine and portable water tanks on a road

Fire engines with portable tanks on the Suiattle Fire. Courtesy: Inciweb

#SuiattleFire  (WA) Near Suiattle River Road. Snohomish County. DNR air and ground resources on-scene. Start July 30, 2017. — Minimal fire behavior. Contained and in mop-up operations on Saturday, August 5, 2017. 216 acres. 221 personnel. 3 crews, 10 engines and 3 helos. $2.1 Million CTD..

#WhitewaterFire (OR). 15 East of Detroit. Active fire behavior with spotting, group torching. 5,421 acres. 0% containment. 619 personnel. 18 crews, 11 engines and 6 helos. $5.2 Million CTD..


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