Saddle Mtn Fire | Washington | New!

OTHELLO, WASHINGTON – Update 1 – August 2, 2018 – 2100 hours PDT —


Fire assets from WA DNR were dispatched and immediately en route around 1554 hours today to the SADDLE MOUNTAIN FIRE, located southeast of Othello, Washington.

It looks like it may go as big as it did two years ago. That one was 10,000 acres overnight.” – Photo Credit: Scott Eickerman


Initial BLM resources were dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center at 1502 hours PDT which included:  BLM-13 BLM-15 E-6695 BLM E-842 E-863.

DNR sent five engines and a single helicopter to the fire line of the already estimated 1,000 acre wildfire.

IC Cottrell has been assigned to this wildfire incident.


The fire has burned a total of 1,000 acres of grass and brush.


We were covering the SADDLE MOUNTAIN FIRE in 2017.  This photo shows we were across the highway in Royal City, Washington State.

Image may contain: cloud, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit | Eric Swenson / NW Fire Blog

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