Here are the wildfires that are burning in the State of California. With the State set ablaze, there are too many to list them out either indvidually or nationally.

Here is the Sit Rep for Monday, July 27, 2020.


Lassen-County. Level 3 (Go NOW) evacuations in effect. 600 acres. 5% contained.


CAL FIRE-Siskiyou Unit. 4 miles N of Yreka.  Timber, brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. 557 acres. 95% contained. 27 personnel. 2 crews, 1 engine. $3.9 Million CTD.


Modoc County/Modoc NF. 46,082 acres. 20% contained.


CAL FIRE-Lassen-Modoc Unit. IMT/CAL FIRE Team 4. 5 miles S of Adin.  Timber. Moderate fire behavior with torching and smoldering. Homes threatened. Evacuations and other closures in effect. 21,870 acres. 60% contained. 2,172 personnel. 43 crews, 181 engines, 18 helicopters.  13 structures lost. $12,9 Million CTD.


CAL FIRE-Lassen-Modoc Unit. IMT 1/CAL FIRE Team 3. 10 miles W of Susanville. Timber and brush. Min fire behavior. Creeping and smoldering. Community of Lake Forest and other structures under direct. Evacuations and other closures in effect.   9,545 acres. 55% contained. 1,883 personnel. 35 crews, 155 engines and 13 helos.  2 structures lost. $22 MIllion CTD.


USFD-Inyo NF. IMT 2 (CA Team 13). 3 miles S of Aspen Springs. Timber and brush. Min fire behavior. 120 acres. 90% contained. 300 personnel. 5 crews, 10 engines and 3 helos. $2.7 Million CTD.


USFS-Modoc NF. IMT 1. (CA Team1) and IMT 2. (Team 12). 3 separate fires. 36 miles NW of Canby. Timber, brush and grass. Active fire behavior with running. Homes and habitat threataened. Evacuations and other closures in effect.  15,458 acres. 30% contained. 1,484 personnel. 37 crews, 82 engines, 4 helicopters. $3.5 Million CTD.


BIA-Hoopa Valley Tribe. 3 miles S of Weitchpeck. Timber. Min fire behavior with smoldering. Transferred command from IMT 2 (CA Team 11) back to the local unit occurred on Monday. 100 acres. 90% contained. 150 personnel. 2 crews, 4 engines. $1.6 Million CTD.


CAL FIRE-Shasta-Trinity Unit. 20 miles SW of Redding. Chaparral, brush, short grass. Min fire behavior. 340 acres. 99% contained. 17 personnel. 2 engnes. $1.9 Million CTD.


Los Angeles County, in Gorman.   Start 7/27/2020.  Off Old Ridge Route Road. Quail Lake.  It was first reported as a 2-acre fire with heavy fuels. It was quickly escalated from a 1st to a 2nd Alarm brush fire. LA Co FD PIO, USFS-Angeles NF. Incident Cooperators:  LA Co FD, USFS, LA City FD, CAL Trans Distrit 7, CHP. LEVEL 3 evacuations in effect for those south of Hwy 138 as of 1730 PT.  310 acres. 40% contained.

Fire had jumped to the north side of Hwy 138.  Forward progression stopped around 1930 PT. Tankers that have been making great impact have been Tankers 914 VLAT, along with Tankers 72, 76, 78, 18, 19, 12, 10, 4.  LA City Fire 4.

Credit | LA Co Fire Ops


2 structures reported as damaged.  Firefighters will continue to work around the clock to gain 100% containment.   The terrain is steep and rugged.

(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Updated 7/27/2020 2300 PT

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