Sit Rep 2 | September 15, 2020

The ALMEDA DRIVE FIRE started on September 8th on  private land, one-mile north of Ashland, Oregon from an unknown cause.  It has now moved on to lands owned by the Oregon State Department of Forestry – Medford Unit and is the Lead Agency on this wildfire incident.

Currently, the fire has been kept within its perimeter and beginning to become more stabilized.  The fire has destroyed 3,200 acres and crews have successfully reached a 70% containment status.

An Urban Search and Rescue Team, UT Task force 1 and members from Utah and Nevada have begun the painstakingly process of damage assessments, hazards mitigation and detailed searches. Fire Officials are urging people to stay away from evacuated and fire areas, as they work to complete their specific objectives.

There are a total of 48 personnel along with 12 engines.

There have been 600 homes  and 100 other structures destroyed.  At the time of this post, there are 6,100 homes and 500 other structures still under direct threat.  Updated | Multiple reports of 2,357 homes have been lost after damage assessment reports roll in. 

SHELTER NEEDS –> Jackson County EXPO 541.774.8270 for info, details.

TFR –> Still in effect meaning NO DRONES IN FIRE ZONES

Missing persons –> Medford Police Department 541.774.2283. Line staffed al evening. If no answer, leave a message.

(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Updated 9/15/2020 2250 PT

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