WA Wildfire Activity Log | Monday

There was some wildfire activity today on Monday, May 2, 2022. Here is a brief summary of what occurred today according to our source with wildcad.net.


A wildfire broke out on Euclid Road in Spokane County, Washington. Resources were dispatched via WA DNR – NEC at 1038 hours this morning and arrived shortly thereafter on the scene at 1121 hours. The fire was contained to 0.1 acres with fire fuels being timber and litter. It was contained at 1140 hours and controlled at 1145 hours PT. No word on the cause. # Final Report #


Smoke Check. At 0847 hours this morning, resources were dispatched via the WA DNR CWC Dispatch Center to Oak Creek in Yakima County, Washington. Incident #OWF-66. Limited information received. # Final Report #

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