The Wildfire Log | The Powerline Fire in Grant Co, WA | 1

Incident Summary | A wildfire burning in the Saddle Mountains which is north / northwest of Mattawa (Grant County), Washington (State).


Photo Credit: Grant County SO

Current Fire Status | At about 1353 hours, the fire had burned 100 acres and was at a 0% containment status.

Evacuations | No evacuation orders are on order at the moment.

About the Saddle Mountains

The Saddle Mountains are an upfolded anticline ridge of basalt in Grant County, which is located in the central portion of Washington State.

Credit & Info by Wikipedia

The ridge is approximately 2,700 feet in elevation and ends in Othello near the foot of the Drumheller Channels. It continues to the west where it is broken up at the Sentinel Gap, a water gap through which the Columbia River passes before ending in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

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The Wildfire Log | Ventura County’s South Fire | 3

Incident Summary | A second-alarm brush fire is burning in the area of 21000 block of South Mountain Road and off of Balcom Canyon Road, just east of Santa Paula in Ventura County, California.

Fire name is SOUTH INC Fire, formerly the SOUTH FIRE.

Resources | (IC) Ventura County FD.  (Incident Cooperators) Fillmore FD, LA County FD (Firehawk) , CAL FIRE,  CHP Moorpark Division and Ventura County Air Unit.


Photo Credit: VCFD PIO

Current Fire Status | CAL FIRE has deployed some of their resources as an Incident Cooperator. (1423 PDT)

Fire has increased to 120 acres. 0% containment.

Right flank is being held with retardant while the left is a high priority for the IC/Fire Manager.

It is moving towards the east in the middle of the slope and still going AWAY from structures.

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The Wildfire Log | Ventura County’s South Fire | 1

Incident Summary | A second-alarm brush fire is burning in the area of 210000 block of South Mountain Road, west of Fillmore in Ventura County, California.


Photo Credit: @pettyranch

First due fire resources reported smoke and flames with the fire running uphill and about .25 acre in light to medium fuels.  It is burning above Fillmore.

The fire is named the SOUTH FIRE.  Fire Command is #SOUTHINC

Resources | Fillmore FD and LA County FD (Mutual aid). CHP Moorpark Division. Ventura County Air Unit.

Incident Timeline |  1153:  Fire reported at 21000 blk of South Mountain Rd. Dozer 7 on-scene.  A 2nd dozer, additional air tankers are ordered.

1200:  RE27 reported the fire was at 10 acres in steep terrain with potential of 100 acres. One structure was being threatened.  Structure protection activities in progress.


Fire in bowl. Credit: VCFD PIO

1201:  Fire upgraded to a second-alarm brush fire.

1217:  5 Type 3’s being requested in lieu of inbound Type 1 Engines.

1237:  LA County FD sending Copter 19 with Fly Crew 901 and SU20, BC44 deployed as mutual aid.

1242:  The Fire IC is stating the official name of this fire has now been changed to #SouthInc brush fire.


Tanker dropping retardant. Credit: VCFD PIO

1259:  Fire around 50-60 acres with moderate rate of spread. Fire crews trying to use road system as fire break.

1259 | Fire is at 20 acres and air resources are going direct with fire suppression efforts. There is a minor structure threat.

1306 | Fire is now 50-60 acres with moderate ROS. Additional wildland fire engines and air assets are on order.

Traffic Alerts | CAL Trans is asking drivers to be aware of Emergency Vehicles in the area which is south of the City of Santa Paula.  No impacts on SR126 currently.

Social Media | A new update will be released at 1400 hours unless there is significant fire activity or evacuations begin to occur so we can get the information out to the public and provide you with updates.

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The Wildfire Log | Shady Fire, a NW Wildfire | 1

Incident Summary | A wildfire sparked by lightning was reported on the evening of July 10th.  It is located about two miles east of Seafoam Guard Station in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness on the Middle Fork Ranger District in Idaho.

This fire is also located on the Salmon-Challis National Forest lands.

Shady Fire July 12, 2019

Shady Fire photo taken on July 12, 2019. | Courtesy: Inciweb

Resources | There are currently 23 fire personnel assigned to this incident with the ICs are Currie and Trainee Donati.

Fire Behavior | At this time, the fire behavior is moderate with short uphill and short wind-driven runs.  Activity on the fire’s edge is also moderate.

Current Status | Firefighters are monitoring fire progression towards ID’d values at risk and will continue to ID further assets in the fire perimeter.

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The Wildfire Log | WA State Fire Activity | July 6 2019

Due to the high number of wildfires here in Washington State, we will be grouping them together here.

COLUMBIA PLATEAU FIRE – Martindale – Franklin County

Fire resources dispatched at 1436 hours PDT to Martindale in Franklin County.  Assets and resources include:  BATT-603, Engines 341, 373, 6695, (BLM) 672.117 acres of heavy sage destroyed.

DEEP CREEK FIRE – Alladin Road – Stevens County

Fire resources include H344, NC 41+Crew, 7303 and 7304 are o/s of a wildfire which dispatched their agencies and equipment at 1746 hours PDT.  They arrived o/s at 1818 hours.  Less than one acre has been currently burned.

JOURNEY FIRE – Thurston County

Firefighters were dispatched at 1610 hours to a fire in an unknown part of this County for a wildfire that included fire fuels: grass and brush. Engines 8213, EIDE and IC Cooper are still out-of-service at the scene.  Less than one acre burned. No cause is known.

MOOSE JAW FIRE – Pend Oreille County

Fire crews are o/s of a wildfire located on Moose Jaw Road in Pend Oreille County, which were dispatched at 1751 hours and o/s at 1815 hours.  AR450, 451 and 62 have arrived.  0.01 acres. Cause unknown.

PK CANYON FIRE – Smith Canyon -Franklin County

Crew 6201 and a BLM (6696) engine were dispatched today at 1131 hours to a wildfire located in Smith Canyon in Franklin County.  104 acres of grass and brush destroyed.  Fire was contained this evening at 1830 hours PDT.

RIGGS CANYON FIRE – North Riggs Canyon – Kittitas County

Firefighters and equipment were dispatched today at 1255 hours PDT. Resources included:  Ahtanum 20 crew, crews 33, 83 and engines 331, 332. Helicopter 346.  SE 139, 426, 461, 463, 468, 561, 721 and SE Martin, Pollack and Slyfiel.  50 acres of grass, brush and timber have been burned.

SPRING FIRE – Boulder Cave – Kittitas County

Fire assets and resources include: Engines 381 and 382 to Boulder Cave at 1758 hours PDT. 0.12 acres. Fire fuels are timber and logs.

UPPER JOE FIRE – Grade Creek – Chelan County

Crews 52, 74 and Engines 321, 353 with SE 125, 146 and Escobar were dispatched at 1342 hours PDT to Grade Creek in Chelan County. The fire has consumed 14.5 acres of grass and brush.


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Disaster News | California Suffers From Another Large Quake



What appeared as an isolated incident of a single quake with multiple aftershocks, turned out to be nothing more than a fore shock and something we don’t hear much about – until today.  The original large quake that would shake near the Ridgecrest area of Kern County, California was measured at 6.4M. This occurred on Thursday, July 4, 2019.

DISASTER FACT | 200+ Quakes measured 2.5M + have occurred between both the 6.4M – 7.1M quakes. – USGS

Today’s large quake originally measured at 6.9M has been elevated to a 7.1M with more aftershocks to come in the following minutes, to hours, to days or even months.


An American Red Cross shelter has been opened at the Kerr McGee Community Center located at 100 W California Avenue, Ridgecrest, CA.


How to Prepare for Emergencies |

When to Do When the Shaking Starts |

How to Prep for Aftershocks |

Report Structural Damage | Ridgecrest residents only | 760-499-5083. City or County inspections are onsite.

Donations for Quake Victims | Red Cross | 800-RED-CROSS or go to


We have currently signed off and going out of service on this incident as we will be out of town this weekend but staying on the Ridgecrest Earthquake Fire news watch.  We will continue postings but they may be delayed.

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The Wildfire Log: Elko County’s Whiterock Fire

Update 1 – Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A wildfire is burning near Osino, near Whiterock, Nevada that is now the size of about 2.4 acres.  Containment status is unknown at the time of this post.

Fire personnel and assets, which included 701, 702, 703, Brush 13, 232 and 52-32 were dispatched this evening around 1949 hours PDT to the fire line.

Due to limited scanner feed and pressers, we are waiting for more updates from our verified sources. Until that happens, this may be our last and final post on this incident.

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The Wildfire Log: Confusion with Wildhorse Fire Name | 5

UPDATE 5 – July 1, 2019 – Monday

The Wildhorse Fire is not to be confused with the State of Nevada’s June 20th wildfire named the same time.

This fire is located off of I-90 at the Wild Horse Monument, a few miles from Vantage, Washington.  This was reported by multiple callers from a small area at the bottom of the hillside and running uphill.  The fire began as a small few acres as reported by the first due crews to exploding to a 200 acre-incident.

About two hours ago, WA DNR sent some personnel and resources to assist as mutual aid in Grant County.  The fire was said to be burning in sage and grass.  Conditions have been dry and weather has been somewhat unfavorable, making it right for fire season to make its move and more of a challenge to Fire Officials often promotion Prevention messages to the public.

Those assigned to this wildfire incident were WA DNR CREW 33, 6201 and a BLM engine #6695, assisted by multiple Fire Districts.

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The Wildfire Log: County Fire Marshal Responds to I-90 Fire | 4

UPDATE 4 – July 1, 2019 – Monday

The I-90 IC called for the County Fire Marshal to respond to the Wild Horse Monument around 2055 hours PDT.  His ETA was said to be two hours out.

We are signing off this incident for the night and will provide an update on Tuesday, July 2nd when more information is available.

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The Wildfire Log: Grant County Fire Changes Name | 2

UPDATE 2 – JULY 1, 2019 – MONDAY

There is a wildfire burning on SR 243 at milepost 25  in Beverly, down the street from the town of Vantage, Washington State areas.  The wildfire was named the #243Fire but Command has changed it to the #CliffFire.

Washington State Patrol PIO Trooper John Bryant states the brush fire is located at Mile Poest 25, south of I-90 in Grant County.  Almost one hour ago, traffic impacts to the area was unknown.  It was recommended that drivers take a different route to enable Fire vehicles and apparatus to pass through and to and from the incident.

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