CenturyLink Outage | 9-1-1 Centers Back Up, Continues For Others

UPDATED – 12/31/2018 – 2350 PST

Nationwide | A nationwide phone and internet outage interrupted mostly 911 call centers, several medical facilities, a Department of Corrections jail, ATM machines and the list goes on occurred on Thursday, December 27th and well into a few days thereafter.

911 Centers Up, Outages Continue for Others

It is said that most or all of the 911 call centers are fully operational again but some residential customers are reporting outages on New Year’s Eve as of 2206 PST.  Some of these customers are said to be in New Mexico, Ohio, Boise (ID), Peoria & Scottsdale (AZ).

Some customers are venting their frustrations on Social Media with the internet/phone/security giant telling them that there are no outages and there must be a phone with their home.

States That Were Impacted

The following as of this morning’s post is impacting 911 centers, commercial and residential customers in WA, OR, UT, CO, CA, TX, AZ, NV, IL, NM, MN, MI, NE, ID, OH, NC, IA, GA and IN.

Preliminary reports state that there was a problem with their Colorado site sending out bad packet information that caused the internet and phone lines to go down.

The FCC is currently investigating.

Washington State Emergency Phone Numbers 

Some of you may run into a busy signal or find that it is difficult to get through 911. If this is the case, here are some local phone numbers to call.  As far as we have been told, there are no current outages impacting any 9-1-1 centers.

Chelan – Douglas Counties (Dispatch). 509-663-9911

Clallam County (Dispatch).  360-417-2259

Clark County 911.  This is for those in Clark County, Vancouver.  360-693-3111 or can text 911 or 311.

Coast Guard Sector – Puget Sound.  206-217-6001.

Enumclaw PD Dispatch.  360-825-3505.

Sammamish / Issaquah PD Dispatch.  425-888-3333.

Jefferson County Dispatch.  360-385-3831

King County Sheriff’s Office.  206-296-3311.  This is for those who are in the areas of the King County International Airport, KC Transit, Sound Transit,  Beaux Arts Village, Burien, Carnation, Kenmore, Maple Valley,  Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Seatac, Newcastle, Sammamish, Shoreline, Skykomish and Woodinville.

Kitsap County Sheriff Dispatch.  360-308-5400.

Kittitas County Dispatch.  509-925-8534.

Mason County Dispatch.  360-426-4441.

Pierce Co 911.  253-798-4721.

Pierce Co Fire & EMS.  253-588-5217.

Puyallup Police.  253-798-4722.

Redmond Police Dispatch.  253-798-4722.

Renton Fire.  425-430-7000 staffing line. ** Currently, reporting as not impacted by outage. **

Seattle 911 Center (Police).  206-583-2111 or 206-625-5011. Text 911.

Seattle Fire.  206-583-2111.

SNOCOM. 425-407-3911. Snohomish County.

WSP.  Snohomish, Skagit, Island Counties.  360-654-1204.  Whatcom County.  360-676-6911.   Yakima County.  509-457-0207.  Benton, Franklin and Walla Walla.  509-628-0333.

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We will continue to follow this developing story as more information is received.

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Arizona Wildfires | CAD Activity | July 7, 2018

UPDATE 1 – 2030 PDT

When you are thinking of reporting your next wildfire, remember these are the faces of those behind of many Communication Centers, such as the AZ Interagency Dispatch Center, located in Phoenix Arizona like this one in this video.

608 FIRE

The 608 FIRE was caused by an illegal campfire that broke out in the Sycamore Campground with fire resources being dispatched at 1044 hours.  Fire crews contained the fire at 1045 hours and bringing it under control at 1050. The fire was put out at 1100 hours.  0.1 acre was burned. (Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center)

612 FIRE

The 612 FIRE was due to an illegal charcoal grill on Mount Lemmon that ignited prompting a fire response to the area at 1414 hours.  It was quickly contained at 1430 hours and under control at 1435 hours. (Tucson Interagency Center)

615 FIRE

The 615 FIRE was caused by an illegal campfire located at the Parker Canyon Campground, prompting fire crews to respond to the area at 1625 hours.  The fire was quickly contained at 1630 hours and under control at 1635 hours. 0.1 acres.  (Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center)

Photo Credit | AZ State Forestry


An abandoned campfire was burning on Forest Road 9350, prompting fire crews to be dispatched to the area at 0841 hours, dubbed CAMPSITE 41 FIRE. 0.1 acres were burned. (Showlow Interagency Dispatch Center)


The CASEDORE FIRE is burning in the Casedore Springs area which prompted the Phoenix Interagency Fire Center to dispatch fire assets at 1423 hours this afternoon. 8 acres have been burned.


At 1506 hours this after, fire resources were dispatched to a wildfire in the TNF.  The CENTER FIRE was contained at 1724 hours.  0.1 acre burned.  (Phoenix Interagency Fire Center)


The CUMERO FIRE is burning on Cumero Mountain near Sasabe, Arizona.  The fire started approximately July 5, 2018 from an unknown cause and was listed on July 6, as burning 3,725 acres (3,625 US side and 200 in Mexico) of tall grass and brush.

It is currently burning into Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in the interior of Mexico. The Garcia Ranch and communications towers were being threatened.   Light rain fell over the fire line minimizing the fire activity.  Fire crews were able to gain a 50% containment around the fire and are working on mop-up operations and securing the edge of the fire perimeter.

Smoke from the Cumero Fire blocking the sky. Phot Credit: Sean Cox

Photo Credit | Sean Cox (via Inciweb)

Concerns of excessive heat and high winds may be impacting crews and resources.

Resources include four crews, six engines, one helo, two water tenders and overhead support personnel.   A TFR is in effect over the fire.  Stage 2 Fire restrictions are in effect for the Coronado National Forest. (AZ DOF)


The ELLSWORTH FIRE is burning inside the Show Low Interagency Dispatch Center’s area, where they dispatched resources at 1502 hours. 1 acre of grass, pondo pine have been consumed.


The GRANITE FIRE is burning in the Granite Basin in Arizona.  Fire resources were dispatched at 1611 hours.  (Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center)


The JIMMY TANK FIRE is burning in Bear Siding.  Fire resources were dispatched at 1444 hours.  0.1 acres have been burned. (Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center)


The LOST CREEK FIRE is burning in TCA prompting fire resources to be dispatched to the area this afternoon at 1446 hours.  10 acres have been scorched. (Williams Dispatch Center)


MILE MARKER 15 FIRE prompted assets to be dispatched at 1416 hours, which was contained several hours later at 1834 hours.  0.1 acres as burned. (Phoenix Interagency  Fire Center)


The SMITH CANYON FIRE is burning 27 miles west of the Airport. Fire assets were dispatched at 0631 hours.  (Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center)


The TIYO FIRE located in the National Park Service prompted fire resources to be dispatched today at 1550 hours. This is still reflected as an open incident.  Limited details are available.


The VALLEY VIEW FIRE was said to be burning in the House Rock area sending dispatched fire crews to the area at 1241 horus.  The fire was contained at 1630 hours and out/controlled at 1712 hours.  0.1 acres were burned.  (Williams Dispatch Center)


The VISTA FIRE prompted Bitterroot’s E 12-46 and E 12-48 to the incdent at 1221 hours.  An acre has been scorched.  (Phoenix Interagency Fire Center)


At 1438 hours today, fire resources SCA E-5863 were dispatched at 1438 hours.  15 acres have been scorched. (Phoenix Interagency Fire Center)

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WILDFIRE RECAP: Current Active Fires Burning in U.S. | Tuesday, June 12 2018

UNITED STATES – California seems to be the winner with so many wildfires igniting every so often followed by States such as Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arizona, and the list grows like an out-of-control firestorm.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of fires. Please bare with us as we attempt to play catch up of ALL States across our nation. – Ed,

377 (AZ) | Apache-Sitgreaves NF. 5 miles NE of Heber.  Timber and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 4,833 acres. 90% containment.  57 personnel. 1 crew, 2 engines 1 helicopter. $1.2M CTD.

416 (CO) | San Juan NF.  13 miles N of Durango. 20,131 acres. 15% contained. Timber and brush. Active fire behavior with short-crown runs, isolated torching and spotting. 917 personnel. 20 crews, 47 engines, 8 helicopters. $9.2M CTD.

APPLE (CA) | Tehama-Glenn Unit, CAL FIRE.  5 miles NE of Flournoy.  2,956 acres. 96% contained. Brush and tall grass. Min fire behavior. 6 personnel. 2 engines. 9 structures lost. $185K CTD.

BADGER CREEK (WY) | Medicine Bow-Routt NF. 2 miles NW of Mountain Home. 1,000 acres. 0% containment. 198 personnel. 5 crews, 10 engines, 5 helos. 1 structure lost. $50K CTD.  NEW fire in the last 24 hours.

BEAVER (CA) |  CAL FIRE.  Off of Coalinga Hwy and Airline Hwy, E of King City (San Benito County). 200 acres. 20% contained. Forward spread stopped. #BeaverFire

BELLA CREEK (AK) | Southwest Area Forestry; DOF.  400 acres.  0% containment. Unknown location.

BOCCO (CO) | Colorado River Valley Field Office of the BLM. 3 miles NE of Wolcott. 415 acres. 50% containment.

BUFFALO FIRE (CO) | NEW!  Fire started on Buffalo Mtn in Summit County about 2 miles west of Silverthorne.  EVACUATIONS in Silverthorne.  CLOSURES – Hard closure at Twenty Grand Rd. INCIDENT COOPERATORS:  Summit Fire & EMS, Summit Co EOC, , Colorado Governor John W Hickenlooper, Breckenridge Police . 1,384 homes evacuated from Mesa Cortina and Wildernest and above 20 Grand Road. 1,160 homes below 20 Grand Road on pre-evac notices.  No homes/structures lost or damaged.  Current moderate smoke levels not a significant health risk but could change later in the evening.   EVAC SHELTER Frisco Elementary (RED CROSS) located at 800 8th Avenue at 2000 hours. 100 acres in heavy timber. Active fire with torching and spotting.  #BuffaloFire

BURRO (CO) | San Juan NF.  14 miles S of Rico.  Timber. Active fire behavior with short crown runs, flanking and torching.  2,136 acres. 0% containment. 168 personnel. 4 crews, 2 engines. $450K CTD.

BUZZARD (NM) | Gila NF. 10 miles E of Reserve.  Moderate fire behavior with flanking, backing, creeping. Structures threatened. 41,227 acres. 69% containment. 410 personnel. 8 crews, 9 engines, 3 helicopters. $10.8M CTD.

CHROME (CA) | Tehama-Glenn Unit, CAL FIRE. 5 miles NW of Chrome. 2,290 acres. 75% contained. Brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 221 personnel. 10 crews, 15 engines, 1 helo. 1 structure lost. $635K CTD.

DENIKTAW RIDGE (AK) | Galenza Zone of BLM. 20 mi SW of Hughes.  8,525 acres. 0% contained. 32 personnel. 1 crew, 1 helo. $195K CTD.

DOESTOCK CREEK (AK) | SW Area Forestry; DOF.  213 acres. 0% containment. 5 miles South of Chuathbaluk.  Timber and short grass. Active fire behavior with creeping, smoldering and single-tree torching. 13 personnel. $1K CTD.

DEVIL’S ELBOW (AK) | SW Area Forestry; DOF.  180 acres. 0% containment.

DULBY HOT SPRINGS (AK)  | Galena Zone, BLM.  10,000 acres. 0 % containment.

EAGLE CANYON (OK) SE Area, DOF.  9 miles E of Cloudy.   300 acres. 50% containment.  16 personnel, 7 engines. $18K CTD.

EMERY GAP (NM) | Cimarron District. 8 miles N of Folsom. Timber, brush ad short grass. Minimal fire behavior. 834 acres. 60% containment.137 personnel. 6 crews. 18 engines. 5 helicopters. $300K CTD.

EUCLIDE (CA) |  CAL FIRE – Riverside Unit. Off Hwy 71 S of Euclid Avenue in Chino. Riverside County. 100 acres. 5% contained. Forward spread stopped.

FAIRHAVEN CREEK (AK) | Galena Zone of the BLM.  15 miles S of Buckland. 876 acres. 0% containment status.

GWEEK (AK) | SW Area Forestry; DOF.  320 acres. 0% containment. 0 resources.

HAYSTACK (AK)  | Tanana Zone of the BLM.  22 miles N of Lake Minchuina.

JUDD (AZ) | SE District, DOF. 3 miles N of Bisbee.  Brush and tall grass. 4,093 acres. 85% containment. 163 personnel. 7 crews, 1 engine, 1 helo.  $500K CTD.

KILOLITNA RIVER (AK) | Tanana Zona of the BLM.  52 miles NW of Rampart. 600 acres. 0% containment.

MOHAB (UT) | 8 homes destroyed in Moab wildfire, fire tears through homes in Holyoak. Over 100 residents are evacuated.  SHELTERS 1) Gravel Pit Lanes Bowling Alley, 1078 Mill Creek Drive.  2) Grand Center, 182 N 500 West. 3) The Gonzo Inn, 100 W 200 South.

MOLYBDENUM MOUNTAIN (AK) | SW Area Forestry, DOF. 18 miles N of Chuathbaluk.  650 acres. 40% contained. Active fire behavior with creeping, backing, single-tree torching.  Timber and short grass.

NORTH INNOKO (AK) | Galena Zona of the BLM. 32 miles NE of Ophir.  2,000 acre. 0% contained.

OTTER BAY (FL) | National Forests in FL. 7 miles NE of Lake City.Southern rough.  120 acres. 50% contained. 13 personnel. 2 engines. 1 helo. $5K CTD.

OUR CREEK (AK) | SW Area Forestry; DOF.  200 acres. 8% contained.

PINE RIDGE (UT) | Vernal Field Office of the BLM. 14 miles NW of Vernal. 521 acres. 85% contained. Timber, brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. 2 personnel. 1 engine. $727K CTD.

PORTER (OK) | OK DOF. 2 miles S of Kenton. Brush and grass.  Extreme fire behavior with group torching, short crown runs and spotting.  3,000 acres. 10% containment. 78 personnel. 18 engines and 1 helo.  $183K CTD.

RABBIT RIVER (AK) | Galena Zone of the BLM. 700 acres. 0% containment.

RIM (ID) | Upper Snake Field Office.  10 miles SW of American Falls. 1,111 acres. 75% contained.  Brush and tall grass. Mod fire behavior with isolated torching. 44 personnel. 2 crew. 3 engines. $75K CTD.

SANTIAGO FIRE (CA) |  CAL FIRE.  Off Hwy 241 x Santiago Canyon Road (Orange County). 155 acres. 60% containment. Forward spread stopped.

Photo Courtesy | OCFA

SCENIC LOOP COMPLEX (TX) | TX A&M Forest Service. 15 miles NW of Ft. Davis.  190 personnel. 4 crews, 27 engines, 5 helicopters. 26,380 acres. 100% containment. $2.3M CTD.

SOAP LAKE (WA) | Grant County Fire District 7.   Fire started on June 11, 2018 @ 1630 hours along SR 17 4 miles north of Soap Lake.. 2,000 acres of sage and brush. 50% containment. 1 small outbuilding was lost overnight. State Fire Mobe resources authorized on June 12, 2018, at 0045 hours. Unknown cause. Under investigation.

SOLDIER CANYON (NM) | Mescalero Agency of the BIA.  1 mile NE of Mescalero. Timber, brush and medium logging slash.  Moderate fire behavior with single-tree torching, flanking and backing. 1,270 acres. 90% containment. 418 personnel. 11 crews, 13 engines, 4 helos. $2.5M CTD.

SOUTH (CA) | San Benito-Monterey Unit/CAL FIRE. 5 miles SW of Santa Clarita. 175 acres. 95% containment. Chaparral, brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 42 personnel. 5 engines. $1M CTD.

TRAIL MOUNTAIN (UT) | Manti-Lasal NF. 15 miles NW of Orangeville. 1,737 acres. 10% containment. Timber and brush. Extreme fire behavior with crowning and wind-driven runs. 262 personnel. 7 crews, 11 engines, 5 helicopters. 1 structure destroyed. $3.5M CTD.

TRIMOKISH HILLS (AK) | SW Area Forestry; DOF.  18 miles S of Fairbanks.  1,500 acres. 0% containment.

TUMIT CREEK (AK) | Galena Zone of the BLM.  517 acres. 0% containment status.

TUSIKPAK LAKE (AK) | Galena Zone of the BLM.  16 miles E of Point Hope.  13,344 acres. 0% contained.

UTE PARK (NM) | Cimarron District. 1 mile E of Ute Park. Timber, brush and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior. 36,740 acres. 92% contained. 244 personnel. 4 crews. 8 engines. 2 helos. 14 structures lost. $8.3M CTD.

WEBBER CREEK (AK) | Upper Yukon Zone of the BLM.  32 miles E of Circle Hot Springs. 2,944 acres. 0% containment.

WILLOW (NM) | Gila NF. 6 miles E of Mogollon.  New wildfire in the last 24 hours.  Active wildfire with short-range, spotting, smoldering and backing. 350 acres. 0% containment. Not being managed by a Type 1 or 2 IMT. 89 personnel. 2 crews, 3 engines, 1 helo. $74K CTD.

WILLOW CREEK (UT) | Uinta/Wasatch-Cache, Forest Service. 20 miles SE of Heber. 650 acres. 10% containment.

ZITZIANA RIVER (AK) | Tanana Zone of the BLM.  800 acres. 0% containment.


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WILDFIRE RECAP: Current Active Fires Burning in U.S. | Monday, June 11 2018

UNITED STATES – There have been so many wildfires burning during this crazy and most expected Fire Season but we know if we capture them one-by-one for each wildfire, we would probably cause your Social Media pages to implode, so we are doing a Wildfire Recap of  all current and active fires from several acres to thousands of them.

377 (AZ)

The 377 Fire is burning on Apache-Sigreaves NF lands about 5 miles northeast of Heber in timber and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 4,833 acres. 90% contained. 57 personnel. 1 crew. 2 engines. 1 helicopter. $1M CTD. #377Fire

416 (CO)

The 416 Fire is located in the San Juan National Forest, about 13 miles north of Durango in timber and brush.  Active fire behavior is present with group torching, single-tree torching and spotting.  Structures are under direct threat, while evacuations, road, area and trail closures remain in effect.  22,131 acres. 10% containment. Fire was said to be growing largely to the west. 813 personnel. 18 crews. 47 engines. 8 helicopters. $6.6M CTD. #416Fire


The Airline Fire is burning in the area of the San Benito-Monterey unit (CAL FIRE) about 16 miles north of King City in brush and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior is reported.  1,314 acres. 92% containment. 136 personnel. 2 crews. 20 engines. $4.1M CTD. #AirlineFire


The Apple Fire also burning in the same unit as the CHROME FIRE is burning 5 miles northeast of Flournoy in brush and tall grass.  It too, has a minimal fire behavior showing. 2,956 acres. 90% containment. 28 personnel. 7 engines and 9 structure lost. $141K CTD. #AppleFire


Bocco Fire is a new fire in the last 24 hours that is burning in the district of the Colorado River Valley Field Office on BLM lands about 3 miles northwest of Wolcott in chaparral and short grass.  Moderate fire behavior is present with flanking, backing and creeping.  Structures and sage-grouse habitat is being threatened.  415 acres. 20% contained. 148 personnel. 5 crews. 7 engines. 2 helicopters. $450K CTD. #BoccoFire


The Burro Fire is burning about 14 miles south of Rico in the San Juan National Forest.  Active fire behavior is occurring with short-crown runs, flanking and torching.  Roads, area, trail closures are in effect.  1,000 acres. 0% containment. 123 personnel. 5 crews. 1 engine.  $400,000 CTD. #BurroFire


Burning 10 miles east of the Reserve on New Mexico, this wildfire behavior is moderate with backing, flanking and torching.  Structures are still under threat. 41,227 acres.  69% contained.  405 personnel. 8 crews. 9 engines. 4 helos. $10.8M CTD. #BuzzardFire


The Chrome Fire is burning in the area of CAL FIRE’s Tehama-Glenn Unit about 5 miles northwest of Chrome in brush and tall grass with minimal fire activity showing.  2,290 acres. 50% containment status. 250 personnel. 10 crews. 20 engines. 1 helo.  1 structure lost. $389K CTD.  #ChromeFire


The Eagle Canyon Fire is burning in the southeast area of the Oklahoma DOF’s lands, about 9 miles east of Cloudy in timber.  There is extreme fire  behavior that is running. 300 acres. 50% containment.  16 personnel. 7 engines. $18K CTD. #EagleCanyonFire


The Eastern Fire is also burning in the same CAL FIRE Unit’s area but 6 miles east of Bitterwater in brush and tall grass with minimal fire behavior.  513 acres. 92% containment. 312 personnel. 8 crews. 30 engines.  $1.9M CTD. #EasternFire


The Emery Gap Fire is burning 8 miles north of Folsom in timber, brush and short grass.  Fire behavior is active with group torching, single-tree torching and spotting. 850 acres. 25% containment.  122 personnel.  3 crews. 14 engines. 2 helicopters. $145K CTD. #EmeryGapFire


Horseshoe Fire is burning in the Sal Lake Field Office on BLM lands, 5 miles northwest of Lakeside in short grass.  983 acres. 0% contained.  20 personnel. 3 engines. $20K CTD. #HorseshoeFire


The Judd wildfire is burning three miles north of Bisbee in brush and tall grass where minimal fire behavior is occurring.  4,093 acres. 85% containment.  163 personnel. 7 crews. 1 engine. 1 helo. $500K CTD. #JuddFire


The Molybdenum Mountain Fire is burning in the SW Area Forestry in the AK DOF area that started on BLM land, 18 miles north of Chuathbaluk.  It is burning in timber and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior has been observed.  650 acres. 60% contained. 27 personnel.  1 crew. 1 helicopter. $210K CTD. #MolybdenumMountainFire


Otter Bay Fire is in the National Forests in Florida and 7 miles northeast of Lake City burning in southern rough.  Fire behavior is moderate with smoldering and flanking. 120 acres. 50% containment. 13 personnel. 2 engines. 1 helo. $5K CTD. #OtterBayFire


A new fire as of 2302 broke out in the area of 18600 block x W Pasadero drive in Los Angeles dispatching units:  Engines 100, 273, 293, 83, 84 88 90.  This is at the top of Reseda Blvd near Braemar Country Club in Tarzana.


The Pine Ridge fire is burning in the Vernal Field Office on BLM lands, about 14 miles northwest of Vernal in timber, brush and short grass.  The fire has minimal behavior.  521 acres. 85% contained.  2 personnel. 1 engine. $728K CTD.  #PineRidgeFire


This wildfire ignited in the last 24 hours in the Oklahoma Department of Forestry’s area, about 2 miles south of Kenton. Brush and short grass are this fire’s fuels which is burning up the lands.  Extreme fire behavior with running and short-range spotting is present.  Homes are threatened.  5,000 acres. 10% contained.  61 personnel.  15 engines. $132K CTD. #PorterFire


Reindeer Lake fire is burning on the same areas as the MOLYBDENUM MOUNTAIN FIRE but this one started on Doyan Regional Native Corporation land about 20 miles east of Holy Cross.  Fire is burning in closed timber litter and showing minimal fire behavior.  320 acres. 90% containment. 42 personnel. 2 crews. 1 helicopters. Unknown CTD. #ReindeerLakeFire


The Rim Fire is burning in the area of Upper Snake Field Office and Bureau of Reclamation, about 10 miles southwest of American Falls in brush and tall grass.  Fire behavior is moderate with creeping. Structures are being threatened. 873 acres. 60% contained. 44 personnel. 1 crew. 3 engines. $50K CTD.  #RimFire


This wildfire is burning in the Ocean County (OCFA Fire District) off of Highway 241 and Santiago Canyon Road.  The fire started around 1615 hours on June 11, 2018. 1 minor injury to a Firefighter.  Firefighters will remain on the fire ground until the end of the night.  Forward rate of spread has been stopped at 1930 hours. 155 acres. 10% containment. #SantiagoFire


The Sawmill Fire is located on Navajo Region/BIA lands, about 10 miles north of Ft. Defiance in timber and brush.  600 acres. 80% containment. 69 personnel. 2 crews. 4 engines. 1 helicopter. $1.6M CTD. #SawmillFire


This Complex is made up of 3 fires which started on private land about 15 miles north of Ft. Davis in timber, brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. Rain occurred over the fire on Sunday. 26,042 acres. 80% contained. 272 personnel. 4 crews. 50 engines. 5 helicopters. $1.2M CTD. #ScenicLoopComplexFires


This wildfire started on Monday, June 11, 2018, at an unknown time or from an exact cause in Soap Lake/Grant County, Washington.   Fire crews were dispatched at 1947 hours PDT with the following responding:  AR443, BLM11, BLM13 C6201 E6695 E6696.  All resources on-scene at 1900 hours.  Reporting 300 acres and growing. 0% containment. #SoapLakeFire #Milepost81Fire #HighHillsFire

UPDATE 2124 hours | Due to poor signal, fire size is very rough estimate from the Sheriff’s Office between 100 – 1,000 acres | DNR Wildcad showed approximate time at 1900 hours around 300 aces.

UPDATE 2025 hours | Dispatched just called out a 4-alarm fire and for all resources to respond.


Soldier Canyon wildfire is located 1 mile northeast of Mescalero and burning timber, brush and medium logging slash. Minimal fire behavior. 1204 acres. 28% contained. 392 personnel. 11 crews. 14 engines.  4 helicopters. $1.7M CTD. #SoldierCanyonFire


The South Fire is burning in Los Angeles County, about 5 miles southwest of Santa Clarita where several fires have broken out. This fire is burning in chaparral, brush and tall grass with it currently being at a minimal fire behavior occurring. 175 acres. 92% containment.  312 personnel. 8 crews. 25 engines. $825K CTD. #SouthFire


The Trail Mountain Fire is burning on Manti-Lasal NF lands, about 15 miles northwest of Orangeville in timber and brush.  The fire behavior is moderate with creeping and isolated torching. Structures are threatened.  1,737 acres. 41% contained. 259 personnel. 7 crews. 11 engines. 5 helos. $2.5M CTD.  #TrailMtnFire


The Ute Park Fire is burning 1 mile east of Ute Park in timber, brush and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior.  36,740 acres.  77% contained. 415 personnel.  8 crews. 11 engines. 7 helicopters. 14 structures lost.  $7.9M CTD.


Willow Creek Fire ignited within the last 24 hours in the Uinta/Wasatch-Cache National Forest, located about 20 miles southeast of Heber.  Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs, group torching and spotting has been reported. Road, area and trail closures are in effect.  Fire is being managed with a strategy other than fire suppression without a type 1 or type 2 IMT assigned.  453 acres. 10% containment.  86 personnel. 2 crews. 3 engines. 1 helicopters. $50K CTD. #WillowCreekFire

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Arizona Wildfire: #JuddFire Searing through Lands| 1

BISBEE, Ariz. – A wildfire named the JUDD FIRE is located on Davis Road, about  2.5 miles north of Bisbee and  east of SR 80/90 junction on Mule Mountain in Chochise County, Arizona.

Judd Fire from Air Attack on Thursday, June 7th

Photo Credit | AZ DOF | Taken on Thursday, June 7


The fire started from a dry lightning storm passing over the area.   Another lightning storm is expected to hit the area, which is cause for alarm by Fire Managers.


Incident Command is the Arizona State Forestry Department – State Office.  IC Contact is Tiffany Davila.

A SW Type 2 IMT (Short) ordered on Friday afternoon.

Photo Credit | AZ DOF

Original fire resources from the Arizona Dispatch Center were dispatched on June 7, 2018, around 1713 hours MST.  The fire incident is still active.

These resources include:


Law Enforcement resources include:

Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.


Firefighters are being challenged by rough terrain, including scrub oak, brush and tall grasses fire fuels and windy conditions.

Active fire behavior is observed along with up-hill runs and flanking.  Fire has burned 8,000 acres.  There is a 0% containment status.

There 135 fire personnel assigned to this incident.


Fire Managers are working to stop the forward progression and reach the 100% containment status mark.

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Arizona Wildfire: #TexasFire

TUCSON, Ariz. – A new wildfire named the TEXAS FIRE broke out around 1905 hours MST on Benson and Wilcox on the I-10 at mile post 320 (Cochise County) on Friday, June 8, 2018.

A nearby rest stop had been evacuated earlier in the fire incident.

The fire was at that time around 15-20 acres, but the forward rate of spread had been stopped (2138 hours).  Fire was determined to have been started along the I-10 freeway from an unknown cause.

Cause is still under investigation.

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Arizona Wildfire: #HighCreekFire

WILLCOX, Ariz. – A wildfire broke out on High Creek Road and Wells in Willcox, Arizona on Monday, June 4, 2018.

Resources were dispatched from the Arizona Dispatch Center around 1256 hours MST and 100% contained within three hours.

Fire destroyed about 144 acres.

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Arizona Wildfire: #BridgeFire

BRIDGE, Ariz. – The Bridge Fire started on Highway 95 and E Dike Road on June 3, 2018, prompting fire assets to be dispatched at 1448 hours MST.

The fire was quickly put out by fire crews at 1605 hours and kept the fire damage to a minimum of .3 acres.

No cause is known at this time.

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Arizona Wildfire: #WildcatFire | 1

FOREST LAKES, Ariz. – A new wildfire was reported at 0700 hours MST on Sunday, May 27, 2018.

The fire is located on Forest Road 178.  It is about 1 mile east of Forest Lakes and 1 mile north of Highway 260 in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.

Resources included: air attack, one helicopter, a dozer and crews from the Forest Lakes Fire District.

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Fire weather was reported as light winds and fire behavior remained low.  Even though this was the case, one campsite north of the fire had been evacuated with 1 vehicle and four campers.

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Due to good fire weather, crews were able to successfully able to hold the fire at 3 acres of consumed heavy timber.   This fire has now reached a 100% containment status.  Crews are on-scene in mop-up operations.

All air resources have been released from this incident.

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Smoke could be seen from Heber-Overgaard and surrounding areas.

Cause is unknown and under investigation.

Images | Credit:  Chief D Rodriguez, Forest Lakes Fire District/AZ.

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OOA – Arizona Wildfires Sit Rep – May 18, 2018

Statewide, Ariz. – We have gleaned information from various sources and put into a single post on wildfires that are burning across the State.


The Happy Fire is located in the NW District of the Arizona Department of Forestry and about 19 miles north of Bagdad on Mohon Peak in Yavapai County. Fire is inaccessible to engines and the rugged terrain is of concern by Fire Officials for their fire ground crews.

Aerial Photo of Happy Fire

Photo Credit: AZ State Forestry Division – State Office

Fire behavior is moderate with backing and has scorched 1,116 acres of brush and short grass. It is said to have a small amount of growth and no threats to any structures in the area.  There are no evacuations or road closures in effect.

There is a current 10% containment status and is being monitored by air.

There are 7 personnel with no additional resources.

CTD for fire suppression and containment status have reached $15,000.


Flames engulfing Ponderosa pine in foreground, heavy smoke in background

Photo Credit: Apache-Sitgreaves NFs

The Woods Fire is burning on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest about 8 miles northeast of Kohl Ranch. The wildfire was discovered on May 12, 2018  (Friday) near Forest Road 195 just west/northwest of Woods Canyon Lake on the Black Mesa Ranger District.

The fire was said to have spread to the N-NE until reached the footprint of the 2017 Alder Prescribed Burn.  Air tanker and water drops were not available due to windy conditions.  Crews would instead focus on the east and west flanks of the fire tying all the lines together with the Alder RX .  It was completely lined on Friday.

There has been 103 acres burned.  This is now at a 100% containment status.  However, there are still 16 personnel assigned.  Crews will remain on the fire line to monitor and patrol the area.

The CTD is $225,000.


The Pinery Fire is located in the Arizona Department of Forestry’s SE District,  6 miles southwest of Hilltop and 29 miles southeast of Willcox.  The fire started on private land that has moved to the north and east on to the Chiricahua National Monument and Coronado National Forest.

Firefighters with handtools standing on a dirt road next to flames in the grass and brush at night

Photo Credit: AZ Forestry Division – State Office

There has been 1,200 acres of timber and brush burned but crews have reached a 80% containment status.  The fire is said to be burning in the same footprint of the 2011 Horseshoe Fire in an area with heavy fire fuels, such as heavy grass, brush and dead/down vegetation.

Fire behavior is minimal with some smoldering.  No structures damaged or destroyed have reported, as well as human injuries.

The fire was caused by an unknown human-ignition that is under investigation.

There are 84 personnel with 4 crews, 3 chippers, 2 dump trucks, 1 backhoe and support personnel.

A total CTD of $750,000 has been reached.

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