WASHINGTON – Some of these wildfires have turned into large incident and may be in separate posts.  Please stay with us and read what is happening in the Northwest.  Though fire season has been full on for the last few months, things are now imploding with a few of them turning into firestorms.  This is for the State of Washington Only.

As we play catch up, updates on Oregon’s worsening fire conditions and the many fires they are experiencing.  Idaho is also being impacted as well.


#NineCanyonFire – Nine Canyon Road.  Dispatched @ 1551 hours.  Grass, brush, timber and snags. 10 acres.  IC Captain 160.


#SlideFire – Field’s Point Landing. Dispatched @ 0535 hours.  Grass and brush. 2 acres.  Fire contained at 0902 hours and under control at 1416 hours.


#PendrySpotFire – Perry Wilderness.  Dispatched @ 1718 hours. Grass, brush and snags. HI-144 and HI-148 resources.  0.1 acres. In patrol status.


#AmabilisMountainFire – Amabilis Mountain.  Dispatched at 1746 hours. Grass, brush and timber. E-332 and SE-461 resources .  IC as of 2003 hours. 0.2 acres.


#MoreheadSpringFire – Morehead Spring.  Dispatched @ 1351 hours PDT.  Grass, brush and timber. 0.1 acre. IC Cline.


#Highway20SpotFire – Newport. Dispatched @ 1416 hours. Grass, brush and duff. 0.01 acre. In patrol status.

Tanker flies over the fire line on the Upriver Beacon Fire | Credit – Spokane Valley Firefighters


#UpriverBeaconFire – Upriver Drive.  AA 444TS AR 25 AR 28 AR 31 AR 32 AR 440 AR 441 AR 444 AR 445 AR 448 BC 31 DNR 33 FB 201 FB 202 FB 206 FP 10 FP 16 H 346 HT 41 HT 43 T 837.  IC AR 25 (@ 1722 hours).  Grass, brush, reproduction and light timber. Resources on-scene at 1608 hours. 75 acres and growing.

#ReflectionLakeFire – Elk-Chattaroy Road.  Dispatched at 1427 hours.  AR 26 AR 414 AR 422 AR 442 HT 42 LOA 34 on-scene at 1439 hours.  Grass, brush, slash, reproduction and timber. 1.6 acres.

SMOKE CHECK – Riverside State Park – Indian Trail. Dispatched @ 2021 hours AR 26 AR 443 E 562 H 346.


#GreenWoodLoop.  Dispatched @ 1551 hours. NC 341 @ 1637 hours. Additional resources on-scene as of 1559 hours.

#ChinaBendFire – China Bend. Dispatched 0721 hours. Resources on-scene at 0800 hours. IC at 0833 hours. Unknown results.


#AndersonLakeFire – Anderson Lake, Yelm. Disaptched at 1239 hours. IC Wilkins. Unknown results.

#140AveFire – 140th Avenue in Rochester. Dispatched @ 1200 hours.  Resources include CARLSEN E262 E801 HANLIN JEWELL KNUTZEN OLSON RICKS SIMMONS and ANDERSON (IC). No details.


#DoddRoadFire – Dodd Road.  Dispatched @ 1914 hours.  Unknown fire fuels. No resources on the incident.


#CoalCreekFire – Off of Hwy 542.  Dispatched at 0830 hours.  Slash, brush and timber. Contained and brought under control at 1040 hours.  In patrol status as of 1130 hours PDT.

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SPOKANE VALLEY – Fire resources were dispatched at 1600 hours PDT to a brush fire on Tuesday, July 17, 2018, located in the 6400 block of East Upriver Drive.

Photo Credit | SCFD8

About 10 minutes later, additional resources would be dispatched at the same location for a structure fire.

Update 3 – July 18, 2018 – 0545 hours PDT

Forward progression of the fire has been stopped with the aid of air and ground fire suppression resources, including a two inmate crew, five DNR engines and local fire districts working together to reach all fire objectives set by Fire Managers and Command.

All Level 2’s and 3’s evacuation orders have been reduced to 1’s and 2’s.

The Red Cross Shelter is still open at the Bowdish Elementary School accepting evacuees and their pets.  The SCRAPS, an animal shelter is assisting owners with large animals as well.

State Mobe resources including a Task Force are starting to arrive in the Command Post around 0430 this morning.  Snohomish County Fire District 7 responded as part of the State Mobe response with a Ladder truck and four members.

Upriver Drive and Frederick roadways will remain closed until further notice.

Update 2 – July 17, 2018 – 2015 hours PDT

A Red Cross Shelter has been opened at the Bowdish Middle School located at which is pet-friendly.

A NE WA IMT Type 2 has been ordered.

Resources include from the following areas:

Spokane County Fire Districts 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 13. Spokane Valley FD, Spokane County, Spokane City FD.

Kootenai County (ID) Strike Team that consists of CDA FD, Kootenai Fire & Rescue and Hauser FD.

WA State Fire Mobe resources have been approved and are en route.

Additional Resources:  Lincoln County, Cheney FD, Fairchild AFB and Medical Lake.

*  *  *

Update 1 – July 17, 2018 – 1840 hours PDT

A fast-moving wildfire is burning near the address of 6400 block of East Upriver Drive in Spokane County prompting immediate Level 3 (LEAVE NOW!) evacuations of homes in the area.

WSP is reporting a fatality collision at SR 290 at Evergreen for a fatal crash between a semi vs motorcycle accident investigation that is still on-going.  The Upriver Beacon Fire is burning nearby.  Traffic is very slow throughout the area and when you see lights and sirens – to #MoveOver.

One home has been destroyed and more are currently being threatened.

Level 3 evacuations are in effect.  The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has the top of Columbia Drive blocked.  Police are asking those to AVOID THE AREA.

As of 1800 hours this evening, the fire burned an estimated 75 – 100 acres.  There is a zero percent containment status.

Resources include:

  • WA DNR – 5 engines, 3 fire bosses, 2 helicopters.
  • Spokane County Fire District 8
  • Spokane Valley Fire Department

More updates to come soon.  Thanks for reading our post and be safe out there!

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Current Weather Reports | Washington State

Current Weather Reports for the following Washington areas are:


Sunny with 62*F temps with 0% precip and 71% humidity.  Winds are out of the south at 2 mph. Temps are forecasted to rise to a high of 85*F and remain at 1800 hours and slowly drop around 2000 hours.  Winds are expected to increase to 8 mph out of the southwest but drop 1 mph by 2000 hours.


Weather is currently 62*F with sunny skies and winds at 5 mph.  Humidity is at 54%.  Temps are expected to rise to a high of 98*F with a low this evening at 64*F.  Partly cloudy skies are forecasted for later in the day.


Currently at 0600 hours, temps have risen to 72*F with sunny skies and winds at 6 mph.  Humidity is at 44*F.  Temps are expected to increase to 102*F and drop this evening to a  low of 70*F.  On Wednesday, the temps are due to be a high of 95*F and a low of 65*F.  Beginning Thursday until the end of the week into the weekend, temps are due to continue to be in the low 90*F’s with sunny skies.


Current weather report for the Kalama area is 84*F temps with 0% rain in the forecast and winds out of the NNW 9 mph.  Humidity is 55%.  Skies are sunny.  By Wednesday, skies are due to become partly cloudy with decreased temps in the mid 70’s and an increased precip of 20% and a humidity of 68%.  Winds will move out of the NW at 9 mph.


Weather forecast for this Mason County area are current temps of 57*F rising to 80*F with increased clouds. Beginning Wednesday, temps are due to decrease to the mid 70’s and become mostly cloudy to partly sunny.

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UPDATE |Washington | Milepost 33 Fire

WASHINGTON STATE — Wildfire burning near Kalama in Cowlitz County started on Monday, July 16, 2018, from an unknown cause.

UPDATE 2 – July 17, 2018 – 2030 hours PDT – Final Report

More than 70 Interagency personnel worked together during this incident including WA DNR, Cowlitz Fire Districts 1, 2 and 5 along with the Sheriff’s Office and Kalama PD.  Acres burned remain the same.

UPDATE 1 – July 17, 2018 – 0530 hours PDT – Newly reported fire.

Pacific Highway was expected to be reopened during the night as fire crews were blocking for fire suppression activities. Drivers were highly encouraged to use a detour around the area.

There were originally three DNR engines and two helicopters, as well assistance from local resources assigned to the fire.

As of 2300 hours Monday night, there were 10 acres that had burned in extremely steep terrain and 50% containment achieved.  Crews were expected to monitor the fire throughout the night.

A Type 3 IMT unit is expected to assume fire control on Tuesday morning.

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Washington State| Kings Landing Fire


UPDATE 1 – JULY 16, 2018 – 2130 Hours PDT

A wildfire broke out near Phillips Lake in Mason County at 1624 hours PDT, where two acres were said to be burning in heavy timber.

Photo Credit | Mason County Sheriff Office

Resources include WA DNR, Green Diamond, Central Mason County Fire & Rescue, Mason County Sheriff’s Office and other local units.

The estimated of damaged lands are about 6 – 10 acres as of 1910 hours.  Due to spotty cell service, updates are very sparse.

There were reports of smoke visible from those in the Puget Sound area.

Mason County Sheriff’s Office has gone back into service with Mason County Fire assuming command of this fire.


JULY 13, 2018 – A 35-acre was reported burning on the east side of US Hwy 101 south of California Rd near Brockdale and Johns Creek areas.

Photo Credit | Mason County Sheriff Office


Fire behavior was said to be active on two flanks and the head of the fire.  Fire crews were making great progress with air resources.

Resources included DNR helos and engines from Bremerton, Lacey, Gig Harbor and Olympia plus a Task Force from Thurston County.  Firefighters from McLane Black Lane FD

MAY 27, 2016 – Two brush fires broke out in Mason for a total of 7.5 acres burned.

AUGUST 28, 2015 – A 20-30 acre wildfire breaks out in the area of Sunnyside Road and Skok Valley Road near Shelton.  Burns in slash, timber and brush.  Fire burns total of 50 acres.

JULY 31, 2015 – Fire burns in the County. Winds high but were beginning to die down.

JULY 28, 2014 – Mason County is quickly knocked down.

OCTOBER 4, 2012 – Every available engine from Mason County is working on the RAINBOW LAKE FIRE.  Evacuations were in effect.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 – New fire is burning near the high school near Hwy 302 and Hwy 3 in Shelton.

Photo Credit | Mason County Sheriff Office

AUGUST 17, 2012 – Brush fire forces Mason County Sheriff’s Office to close Hwy 3 at Krabbenhoft Road and south of Allyn and vehicles having to take a detour to Anthony Road.

JUNE 25, 2012 – Gunshots at a wrecking yard spark a massive fire with an explosion.

AUGUST 18, 2011 – Wildfire EELLS HILLS shows up in Mason County burning 50 acres.

MARCH 27, 2011 – Firefighters respond to a plant fire.

AUGUST 24, 2010 – Firefighters respond to a wildfire named the CALIFORNIA ROAD FIRE, located 6 miles north of Shelton.  Voluntary evacuations in effect.  Resources include one helicopter and ground resources on-scene.

AUGUST 15, 2010 – Fire destroys one structure and 60-80 acres on the RICHERT ROAD FIRE.  Resources including two rotors are on-scene.

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Washington Wildfire | Klines Meadow Fire | Update 1

STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. – Fire resources NC-326, NC-347 (IC) and NC-61 were dispatched through NEC to a smoke check at 1709 hours PDT.


NEWLY REPORTED | Washington State Wildfire | Rattlesnake Fire 2018 | 1

CRESTON, Wash. —

UPDATE 1 – July 15, 2018 – Sunday – 1800 hours PDT

A wildfire is burning on Bureau of Indian Lands (BIA) that started on private land on Thursday afternoon of July 12, 2018 around 1303 hours.

Photo Credit: Gary Carlson Photography (Used with express permission)

It is located 20 miles northwest of Davenport and 45 miles southeast of Keller, Washington.  Additionally, it is west of the Lincoln Boat Launch – west of Creston and within the Hellgate Game Preserve on the Colville Indian Reservation.

Unified Command is  with a Type 3 NE WA IMT Team 3 as command along with Colville Confederated Tribes, BIA and DNR.  ICP is located at the Creston School in Creston, Washington.

It was human-caused fire but the exact cause has not been released.  Some locals who claim were near the fire start speculate it was started by fireworks and those whom allegedly were involved have been taken into custody.

We are waiting for an official cause to be released from Fire Officials.

Photo Credit:  Gary Carlson Photography (Used with express permission)

Currently, there has been 2,600 acres of timber, grass and tall grass scorched and a 49% containment status gained.  The fire size increased substantially from Saturday, due to the winds shifting.

Hazards and challenges will also grow as fire weather changes across terrain.  Firefighters are still working tirelessly through high temps today of 93*F, light winds, very low humidity, battling steep and rugged terrain and RATTLESNAKES! Hence, the name of this wildfire.

Firefighters will be assigned to do the following:

  • Construct dozer lines that were compromised by trees that fell over the line that caused slop over
  • Complete dozer lines on the east flank to the Columbia River
  • Strengthen the fire line by conducting burnout operations of brush not yet burned
  • Strengthen the line to reach the ultimate objective of 100% containment around all sides of the fire’s perimeters.

There are 250 personnel assigned to this wildfire along with four (20) person crews, 15 engines, two bulldozers and eight water tenders along with aviation resources as needed.

About 200 firefighters are staying in a remote spike camp at Sand Flats, where a helicopter will fly in and serve them their very first hot meal since the beginning of the wildfire.

Photo Credit:  Gary Carlson Photography (Used with express permission)

There are no evacuations, however there is one residence and cultural resources that are threatened.

As of today, there has been $350,000 as a total in fire suppression and containment costs-to-date.

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Tacoma, Washington | Structure Fire | 1

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. – An eyewitness account of a multi-story house fire is burning in the 3700 block of S Yakima, near SE 38th Street in Tacoma, Washington on

Thank you to  our NWFB follower, John Lyman for bringing this fire to light.

Fire has been knocked down and firefighters are currently working on hot spots.

Several fire resources remain on-scene as they extinguish hot spots inside the structure.  There is an unknown cause but appears the fire has severely damaged the rear of the house.

Multiple holes by fire crews have been punctured in the roof ventilating fire and heavy smoke.

Photo Credit | Tacoma Fire Department

No injuries reported to civilians or to firefighters have been reported.

Photo Credit | Tacoma Fire Department

There has been no preliminary cause released via the Tacoma Fire Department.

Also, no information if the occupants were home at the time or  if they were alerted by a smoke alarm.

Stay tuned for more details to this fire incident.

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Washington Wildfire | Little Camas Fire | 4 | Last Update

UPDATE 4 – 7/14/2018 – 0730 hours – Last & Final Update

July 11:  Firefighters focused on mopping up the fire’s edge, removing excess equipment and supplies, starting the demobing process. 1 Helicopter was available if water drops were needed. Weather conditions were becoming more poor as the temps heated up to a near 90*F and RH nearing 20%.  Road and trail closures still in effect. This is the last day NWIMT7 will manage the fire. A Type 3 until will be led by IC Charlies Burns which will continue to mop up and patrol the fire beginning on Friday, July 13, 2018.

July 10:  Firefighters secured fire containment lines.  They were tasked with mopping up on the interior of the fire with hand tools and water, as well as to scout for any rolling debris.  Fire was at 74% containment and 317 acres (306 acres on DNR  land and 11 acres on USFS lands). 364 personnel were assigned.  Level 1 evacuations were lifted but road and trail closures were still in effect.  Some of the fire personnel were released from this fire to assist on the Ryegrass Coulee Fire in Vantage.  No significant fire behavior or growth.  Some portions of this incident will start demobilizing.

UPDATE 3 – 0900 hours – July 9, 2018

Cooler weather has dropped over the fire line helping minimize fire behavior and slowing down the rate of spread on this wildfire near the town of Cashmere in Eastern Washington State.

Photo Credit | WA DNR

There has been 338 acres scorched and crews have reached a successful status of 5% containment, but they are continuing aggressively to obtain all fire objectives.

There are still 270 fire personnel with another 175 en route to help increase containment before the forecasted high winds on Monday, July 9, 2018 to be present.

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Washington State Wildfire | Vulcan Mountain Fire | 4


UPDATE 4 – July 14, 2018 – 0715 PDT

The fire some were observing last night near Lincoln County appears to be a possible different fire as this one is said to be burning on the Colville Indian Reservation.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature

Photo taken July 13, 2018 – Photo Credit | Ferry County Sheriff’s Office

Fire crews were assigned to work throughout the night on hot spots.  They had a good hand and dozer line around the fire last night.

UPDATE 3 – July 13, 2018 – 2250 hours PDT

We are getting reports of the fire jumping its containment lines and spreading downward towards the lake.  Fire behavior is extreme and is flaring up.

This fire is said to be almost directly across from Lincoln County and is very visible from Lincoln County.There are people on the lake and reporting the fire is heading towards them and that is it appears to be .5 miles along the river.

We have reached out to WA DNR for an update but we have not heard anything as of yet.

We will do another update in the morning before we go mobile in the field on Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned for our updates also on our Social Media pages Twitter (@nwfireblog) and Facebook (@nwfireblog)

UPDATE 2 – July 13, 2018 – 2230 hours PDT

Fire crews are making good progress limiting the land scorched to 16 acres with a 100% containment status.

They are still working on putting out the fire on the interior.

An engine crew will do fire watch (monitoring) overnight.

Additional resources (crews) will assist in the morning’s operations and working to reach all fire suppression objectives.

UPDATE 1 – July 13, 2018 (Friday) – 2030 hours PDT

The Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center dispatched the following resources:

C93 A DIV, E-21, H-341, HI-143, HI-146, HI-147, HI-149 (IC), HI-25, HI-35, HI-38, LT-22, PC E-279 and PC E-284 at 1336 hours today.

At 1514 hours, the fire had consumed 20 acres of timber, grass and brush.


DNR resources have been responded to 649 wildfires with 80% of those being human-caused since the beginning of 2018.” – WA DNR

Crews were on-scene with the aid of two helicopters and an air tanker on order.

Crews have reached a 100% containment status and will be on the fire line during night operations.

There is an unknown cause and no injuries have been reported.

No structures are currently being threatened, damaged or destroyed.

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