Walker Creek Fire | Tonasket, WA


A new wildfire is burning about 22 miles east of Tonasket and 1.5 miles southeast of Bonaparte Lake in Washington State, which ignited on August 3, 2021, around 1522 hours PT.

The cause is unknown but it is a known fact that many lightning storms have impacted several key areas around the State. More of the same kind of weather is being forecasted and there are serious concerns.

Credit | NE WA Fire Info – FB page

The WALKER CREEK FIRE has burned 75 acres of heavy multistoried timber and has a zero-percent contained.

Extreme fire behavior with single and group torching, as well as spotting has been reported by Fire Officials.

There are 139 total personnel on the fire ground with one (20) person hand crew, three (10) person hand crews, six wildland fire engines and three dozers. The Incident Commander or IC is Tom Merritt.

So far, firefighters have been able to successfully protect all structures with none been reported as damaged or destroyed.

Evacuation Orders (Level 2 and 1) have been issued for

  • Level 2 for Summer Road, including Bonaparte Run and Bun Road.
  • Level 1 for Diamond Bell Road.

After an assessment from last night’s fire behavior, determined there were 200-300 hot spots that had ignited on the northern area of the fire traveling up to a 300 yards in distance, which more or less is the size of three, you heard right, three football fields! In the evening it was said that spotting had increased up to one-half-of-a-mile.

Several fire bosses along with a copter, dozers and crews are working to put a line around the new spots. Tonight, there will be patrolling the fire perimeter for any new starts or rekindles.

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Thief Steals From CA Fire Station

SILVERWOOD LAKE, CALIFORNIA — The San Bernardino National Forest Officials are searching for this man who burglarized and stole from a firefighter at the Cottonwood Fire Station around 1845 hours PT on April 19, 2021.

See the source image
This thief is the one that steals over $2,000 worth of firefighter equipment from an San Bernardino NF Fire Station. Media source: Caught On Video: Thief Breaks Into San Bernardino Fire Station, Steals $2,000 In Equipment – CBS Los Angeles (cbslocal.com)

The station is south of Silverwood Lake off of Highway 138.

According to the investigation and security cam evidence, the burglary suspect broken into the station by prying open a door. The loss is said to be a backpack filled with gear and a toolbox with hand tools worth an estimated of $2,000.

Authorities are saying the suspect is described as a slender possibly a Caucasian or Hispanic male with a goatee but could possibly have altered his appearance after the crime.

It is said that he left in a gray 4-door vehicle possibly a Honda.

UPDATE | We have received information from sources, that they have caught the thief through Social Media tips and have recovered most of what was stolen. That’s what we call great sleuthing and community support. Nice work!

About Thefts in Fire Stations

In researching for this story, I hate to say that this is not a rare occurrence but seems to be a normal occurrence. With that being said, this is not okay and especially to those who are out protecting and saving lives.

Here are some of occurrences as shared by news media around the Nation



A Kennewick man who had stolen property from a City Fire Station was jailed after trying to sell power tools from the robberies. The Grandridge Boulevard Fire station has had three break-ins since the beginning of the year resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars in power tools, belt sanders, saws and power drills. Source: News Media Burglar caught after Kennewick fire station ransacked 3 times (msn.com)



Multiple Memphis, TN. fire stations were burglarized hours from one another in August of 2020. 11 vehicles were burglarized during one incidents with busted out windows, enabling suspects to enter and still property from four of the vehicles. At a second location, five cars were broken into and so forth. A total of four fire stations were hit in one night.


A Woodland Fire Station in the Cowlitz County Fire District 1 was discovered to be broken into on Monday, December 28, checking the station. It does not have surveillance cameras and is not fully staffed so they don’t have an idea when the occurrence took place. Thieves broke in through the rear of the building by ripping out an exterior wall and kicking down the interior wall. Suspects stripped four of their fire apparatus of medical equipment, handheld radio and took several tools including axes and chainsaws. Several unknown number of their SCBAs were also taken. They cost a whopping $8,000 each. The estimated loss for this department and its community is a minimal amount of $50,000.

More details can be found via the news media Burglary at Woodland fire station results in $50K loss, slows response time | Local | tdn.com



A fellow firefighter was suspected of stealing from his brothers and sisters and also setting fires to keep them away. He was observed while committing some of the crimes. The 11-year veteran was arrested.

Source: Phoenix firefighter arrested in burglaries of fire stations | Fox News



Thief Steals Electronics From Fire Station – CBS Denver (cbslocal.com)

See the source image
On October 26, 2017, a thief brazenly steals electronics from a Deer Trail Fire Station in Colorado.



While firefighters were out of their station battling a wildfire in Contra Costa County, a brazen and bold thief robbed their station would come back fighting the 800-acre Morgan Fire near Mount Diablo State Park found someone had stolen electronics, personal items including wedding rings and other items. They (suspects) had rummaged through their lockers, desks and dorm area. Reports of an attempted break-in while they were sleeping woke up, scaring the would-be burglar away.

Source: Firehouse burglarized while firefighters were out battling Calif. wildfire (yahoo.com)

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Antelope Fire | Tennant, CA | 1


– Issued by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (posted 8/2/2021 1626 PT)

Evacuation Information — Siskiyou County Evacuation Map (arcgis.com)

EVACUATION RESOURCES — DIAL 2-1-1 or go to this multi-county website Siskiyou | 2-1-1 NorCal (211norcal.org)

A wildfire is burning near Antelope Creek and Forest Road 41N28, about five miles south of Tennant (Siskiyou County), in California that just had evacuation orders issues for both the Tennant and Antelope Creek area.

This is burning on Klamath National Forest lands and is approximately 300 acres in size with an unknown containment status.

The fire started on August 1, 2201 around 1128 hours, from an unknown cause.

Lead Agency: Klamath National Forest.

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Dixie Fire | Paradise, CA | 1

UPDATE 1 || AUGUST 2, 2021



FIRE COMMUNITY MEETING – AUGUST 2, 2021 – 1900 HOURS – VIRTUAL MEETING https://www.facebook.com/CALFIREButteCo – Facebook

 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81721688745 – Zoom

USA 215-446-3649 Conference code: 746758
USA 888-557-8511 (US Free) Conference code: 746758


The DIXIE FIRE in California is not to be confused with the DIXIE FIRE in Idaho. This California wildfire is burning about 15 miles northeast of Paradise, above the Cresta Dam in Feather River Canyon in Butte and Plumas Counties, California.


There has been 248,820 acres consumed. Firefighters from the air and ground have successfully reached a 35% containment status.


It was sparked by an unknown cause on July 14, 2021.


In Unified Command with CAL FIRE Butte County and Lassen National Forest.


It was reported to the NIFC at 0700 hours this morning, the fire behavior was minimal with creeping, flanking and creeping with several communities and infrastructure threatened. Evacuations, area, road and trail closures were in effect.

Reports on Social Media began pouring, showing anything else but minimal fire activity.


1635 | Possible flare-ups. AA210 requested 4 LATs for air drops.

1659 | Northern side of the fire is very active.

Credit: CAL FIRE

1705 | Fire on south of Greenville, has crossed firelines at Round valley Reservoir and burning over the ridge towards Greenville.

Credit: PG&E

1720 | 2 USFS – Plumas NF multiple units to Greenville HS for structure protection.


There are 22 copters, 427 engines, 72 dozers, 79 water tenders, 101 crews and 5,463 total personnel.


Lassen National Forest, CAL OES, BNSF, Marin County SO, CZU Strike Team 9170C (working Div I and J), Modesto FD (5-engine strike team), Plumas County, SO, SCC Firefighters, NASA, Tehama County SO.

A firefighter looks out at a burning forest on the Dixie Fire.
Credit: Lassen NF


  • 9 Structures (residential, commercial, other) damaged
  • 67 structures (residential, commercial, other) destroyed


Fire Train

Saving Lives on the way to the Dixie Fire

Modesto Fire Department sent a five-engine strike team to the wildfire incident, when there was a crash landed near the Truckee Tahoe Airport. These firefighters were in the in right place at the right time.

10 Tanker’s Many Successes

10 Tanker has done 69 missions so far, dropping 635,868 gallons of retardant.


Closed. Hwy 36 between Hwy 32 and Hwy 89. (8/2/2021)

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WA Wildfire Activity Report

There many wildfires still burning in the State but here is the report from wildcad.net showing past wildfire activity for Saturday, July 31, 2021.

2038 | Mountain Home Road

Smoke Check to Mountain Home Road in Chelan County. CHELAN-26 dispatched. Open call.

1944 | Danville Fire

HI 7109 dispatched to Danville in Ferry County. This is an other Agency Assist call. Dispatch Center: WA-NEC.

1941 | C-Post Fire

C-Post Road in Oso (Snohomish County). 0.1 acre of grass, shrub, timber and understory. IC Entringer as of 2016. In Patrol status as of 2204. Dispatch Center: WA-NDC.

1521 | Moxie Fire

Chehalis Road in Moxie (Grays Harbor). 1 acre of grass and shrub. IC: Reed. Contained/controlled at 2100 hours. In patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA-SPS.

1459 | Race Track Spot Two

Fire assets, resources dispatched to Sheep Creek in Stevens County. 0.1 acre of grass, shrub, timber and understory burned. Contained 1558 and controlled at 1641 hours. It is currently in a patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA-NEC.

1426 | Race Track Spot Fire

1st fire at Sheep Creek as the second fire. Contained and controlled at 1500 hours. Dispatch Center: WA-NEC.

1328 | Central Park Drive Fire

Central Park area in Olympics area. 0.1 acre of timber and understory. IC Johnson. Contained 1555 and under control at 1640 hours. Currently in patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA-OLS.

1140 | Ram Fire

Venita Bridge, Benton County. 0.1 acre. Grass and shrub. Contained 1310 hours. Dispatch Center: WA-CWC.

1137 | Elk Pine Fire

East Valley Lane in Spokane County. 0.1 acre of grass. Contained at 1220 hours. Controlled at 1230 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA-NEC.

0918 | Jones Island Fire

Jones Island Marine State Park in San Juan County. 0.1 acre of grass, slash and timber litter. IC: Etringer 1224. Out at 1327. Dispatch Center: WA-NDC.

0726 | Bug Lake Fire

Bellingham Squallicum Parkway in Whatcom County. 0.1 acre of shrub and timber. IC: Mcgough at 0141 PT. In patrol status at 1422 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA-NDC.

0540 | Cook Landing Fire

Cook in Klickitat County. 0.1 acre of grass and shrub. IC: Miller. Contained at 0828 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA-CWC.

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Chuweah Creek Fire | Grand Coulee WA

UPDATE 1 | JULY 31, 2021

The Chuweah Creek Fire is burning about 15 miles north of Grand Coulee, Washington. It started on July 12, 2021 from lightning. The fire’s origin was deemed to have started right outside of Nespelem.

Night Shift Chuweah Creek Fire 07.17.21
Credit | Colville Agency

There has been 36,752 acres of brush timber destroyed. Fire has not increased in the last 24 hours as reported by local Fire Officials. Crews however, have gained an 85% containment status.

There are 69 total personnel assigned along with one crew, five engines and one copter.

Fire behavior is minimal.

Road and area closures are still in effect.

14 structures were reportedly lost due to the incident.

There has been about $8.3 Million dollars in fire suppression and containment costs-to-date.

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Summit Trail Fire | Inchelium WA

A wildfire named the Summit Trail Fire is burning about 15.26 miles west of Inchelium, Washington on the Colville Indian Reservation, which ignited from lightning on July 13, 2021.

Fire behavior remains active with uphill runs and short crown runs. There has been 118,540 acres of slash, timber and brush consumed. A 12% containment status has been reached.

A fire engine watches a smoky forest, a  hoseline runs down a road
Credit | BIA

There are 816 total personnel attached to this incident along with 13 crews, 28 engines, 12 dozers, 27 water tenders and five copters. As of 1000 hours this morning, the NW IMT Team 7, IC Jason Loomis have taken over command. They are also managing the Chuweah Creek Fire.

Evacuations in progress.

LEVEL 1 (Get Ready)

  • Lafleur south on hall Creek Road to Hall Creek Flat
  • Seyler Valley road south to Bridge Creek Road
  • Bridge Creek Road (including Mollenberg Lane) to edge of Twin Lakes


  • Sitdown Creek Road at County Hwy 99
  • Reservation closed to industrial activities and the general public

Total cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment efforts have reached $10.3 Million.

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Bruler Fire | Detroit Lake, OR | 2

UPDATE 2 | JULY 30, 2021

The BRULER FIRE was detected on July 12th near the boundary between the Detroit and Sweet Home Districts, near the junction of FS Rd11 (Straight Creek and Quartzville Roads) and FS Rd 1133. This is about nine miles south of Detroit Lake, Oregon.

Bruler fire smokes with Pinnacle Peak in the background- July 20, 2021
Credit: USDA

Fire behavior is moderate with backing and creeping.

Fire Managers say:

There has been 195 acres burned and there is a 53% containment status.South Cascade Interagency Type 3 Team will continue to mop-up. It is estimated thatanother five days of work is needed to complete all secondary contingency lines and have them secure.

Confidence grows as mop-up efforts progress; however, the fire has not been tested by higher winds. This may
change today as we are expecting scattered thunderstorm cells and lightning in the fire area.

Additionally, there is a Red Flag Warning and a Fire Weather Watch in effect over the Bruler Fire area through Thursday night. Crews will continue to be vigilant and adaptable to any potential increases in fire behavior or new starts in the
area. “Our goal is to focus day to day, and be flexible where needed” said Chris Mushrush, Type 3 Incident
Commander (trainee).

Command is under the direction of the USDA Forest Service. There are about 144 fire personnel along with two engines and 11 copters.

Total CTD is $4.7 Million in suppression and containment expenses. As you can see, the numbers have doubled since our last update on this wildfire incident. On structure has been destroyed and fire crews have saved all others.

Projected containment is expected to be completed on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

The cause is unknown. It is under investigation.

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Bootleg Fire | Sprague River, OR | 8

UPDATE 8 | JULY 31, 2021

Incident Summary

The BOOTLEG FIRE was sparked by lightning on July 7, 2021. It is named after the nearby Bootleg Spring. It is located about 11 miles northeast of the town of Sprague River and 15 miles northwest of Beatty, Oregon.

The LOG FIRE has merged in with the BOOTLEG FIRE and is under one incident name only, including stats. This occurred on July 20, 2021.

Current Status

The fire has consumed 413,734 acres of mixed grass and shrub, timber with understory, and timber with litter fuel with a 74% containment.

Fire Operations

“At this point in the fire, we have to think about two things,” says Fire Behavior Analyst Chris Moore, “the fire we know about and the fire we don’t know.” The fire we know is the actively and recently burned portions of the Bootleg Fire. Much of the recent fire activity has been torching and burning pockets of fuel within the burn area. While the fire is not yet contained, a fire line has been constructed around the entire perimeter. Now crews are working to ensure that perimeter holds (is secured) to contain the fire. In some places, fire line is 100 to 150 feet wide from the unburned into the burned area. But some places may require as much as 300 feet to confidently expect the fire to remain contained.  – PIO

South, west east perimeters: crews are patrolling and extinguishing fire and heat (mopping up) where fire is less active.

Northwest and Northeast: To strengthen and expand the fire line. contingency lines or fire breaks, are being constructed.

Engines are lined up along a roadside as headlights shine towards the camera. The sky is darkening behind them.
Credit | USFS

Fire Weather

Critical fire weather is projected for the weekend to include current drought conditions mixed in with low RH, strong surface wind and unstable air. Potential for wind to carry embers and spark new spot fires in areas where the fire line is unsecured.


Command is under Norm McDonald, Alaska Type 1 Incident Management Team.

There are 1,918 total personnel assigned.

Additionally, there are 51 crews, 95 engines and 10 copters.

Agencies and organizations that are assisting with this incident, are called Incident Cooperators. Below is the known partners but some could be missing from this list.

  • American Red Cross
  • BLM Fire
  • South Central FMP
  • Fremont-Winema NF
  • Klamath County
  • Lake County
  • Oregon National Guard
  • WA National Guard
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Fremont FD (CA)
  • SW Polk FD
  • NWS Medford
  • Metro Fire of Sacramento (CA)
  • Nevada National Guard
  • Baker Aircraft
  • Portland FD
  • American Forests
  • Tanker 10
  • NIFC
  • Kirkland (WA) FD
  • ODF
  • OR’s 2nd District Congressman Cliff Bentz
  • Medford Tanker Base

Damage Assessment

There has been 408 structures destroyed. The total CTD is $70.6 Million Dollars for fire suppression and containment costs.

Public Informaiton

Forest Service Closures | The Fremont-Winema National Forest is now open south of Oregon State Route 140. Closures remain in effect north of the highway to provide for public safety and the safety of firefighters. The full closure order and map are available at https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/fremont-winema/alerts-notices  

Impacted Fire Victims/Evaucees

Insurance Assistance | How to File Fire-Damage Claims |  For additional information on submitting insurance claims after losing your home or property to a wildfire, please visit  https://dfr.oregon.gov/insure/home/storm/Pages/wildfires.aspx or call the state’s team of consumer advocates at 888-877-4894 (toll-free).   

Public Information

Fire Information Public Phone – 541-482-1331.

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Cub Creek 2 | Winthrop, WA | 2

UPDATE 2 | JULY 31, 2021

The CUB CREEK 2 FIRE started on July 16, 2021, around 1327 hours PT, is burning about five miles north of Winthrop, Washington on Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest lands.

The cause is unknown and under investigation.

Photo was taken on July 25, and shows the Cascade Type 2IA Crew on night ops.
Credit | WA DNR

The fire is being managed by an MT1, SW Team 2 (Bales).

Incident Cooperators include WA DNR, Okanogan County Fire District #6, Okanogan County, WSP, WSDOT, OCEC, City of Winthrop, City of Twisp and WA State Parks.

There has been 54,858 acres of brush and timber burned – an increase of 1,581 acres. There is a 24% containment status.

Fire behavior is moderate with torching, flanking and backing. Operations is broken up in multiple areas.

Branch 6: Crews will continue to open up interior roads to mitigate hazard trees within the fire perimeter, as well as assess specific areas along the Cub Creek drainage area. Mop-up operations to continue.

Branch 8: To continue to prep FS Road 37 and FR39 to anticipate fire to move easterly and cause growth within the Inventoried roadless areas and into past fire burn scars. to scout for possible control line locations and ID road/ridge systems that connect back to FS Road 37.

Communication infrastructure is being threatened, as well as the communities of Mazama and Winthrop. A total of three structures have been lost. A total of $11.3 Million Dollars is the cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment expenses.

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