California Plagued by Multiple Storms | Update 2

Another day has come and so have more problems for California residents, visitors, businesses and the government alike.  Here are the latest disaster happenings in this State by location.

Hwy 267 – Brockway Summit

I-80 Near Summit

  • Closed: I-80 closed due to blizzard conditions over summit. Caltrans crews trying to clear snow. E/B drivers stuck in Colfax. (Media)

North/Central Areas

  • Weather:  Neat loop of an atmospheric river on water vapor bringing *more* rain to Northern and Central California. (NOAA)

Alameda County

  •  Flash Flood Warning issued for Niles Canyon area near Alameda Creek. (Fremont PD)
  • Morrison Canyon will remain closed due to mud and land slides until early March. Please do not drive up the road. (City of Fremont)

Photo Credit: City of Fremont

Bay Areas

  • A Break? More Showers still hanging on across the & areas. A break will come soon. (Citizen via Twitter)

Bridal Veil Falls (near)

  • TRAFFIC ALERT: Highway 50 near Bridal Veil Falls is 1 lane in each direction due to a roadway slip out. Expect delays. (CAL Trans)

Photo Credit: CAL Trans

Donner Summit

  • Road Conditions:   Visibility improving – snow/ice removal will take time. (CAL Trans District #3)

Lake Berryessa Spillway

  • Above Spillway:  This afternoon Morning Glory Spillway at 3 1/2 feet above top of spillway. About 5,000 cfs coming out at the bottom.

Los Angeles County

  • Northerly winds to develop Wed across mtns, desert & area. Winds could spread into other parts. (NWS Los Angeles)


Coyote Creek (Near)

San Jose residents in low-lying areas close to Coyote Creek should be prepared for evacuation due to flooding. If your home is very near Coyote Creek, please take necessary precautions now to be prepared to leave.

Homeless Encampments

The San José Housing Department conducted extensive outreach to alert people living outdoors along Coyote Creek about dangers associated with camping by the creek. The City has opened its four winter overnight warming centers as it regularly does during periods of cold and wet weather.

  • Tully Community Library – 880 Tully Road
  • Bascom Community Center – 1000 S. Bascom Avenue
  • Biblioteca Lationamericana – 921 S. 1st Street (ADA Accessible)
  • Washington United Youth Center – 921B S. 1st Street (Designated for Families)

Downed Trees

To report downed trees and flooding, call (408) 794-1900 (24/7 number). If a tree is in the roadway, please call 911 to make the report immediately. To reach PG&E to report lines down and obtain updates on power outages in your area, please call 800-743-5000.?


High stream flows in Coyote Creek are expected to cause low-lying areas near Coyote Creek to flood. Peak flows from the Anderson Dam spillway are expected on Tuesday, and this will affect the downstream areas of Coyote Creek .

Red Cross Shelters

  •  James Lick High School – 57 N. White Rd 95127
  • Evergreen Valley High School, 3300 Quimby Rd in response to the Coyote Creek flooding.
  •  Shirakawa Community Center – 2072 Lucretia Ave 95122
  •  Mayfair Community Center – 2039 Kammerer Ave 95116

Road Closures

  • Quinn Ave – Senter Rd to Will Wool Dr
  • Rock Springs Dr – Nordale Ave to southend of Rock Springs Dr
  •  Wool Will Dr – Wool Creek Dr to Quinn Av
  • Will Creek Dr – Senter Rd to Eastend
  • Welch Ave – Nordale Ave to Needles Dr
  • Needles Dr – Senter Rd to Rock Springs Dr
  • Nordale Ave – Senter Rd to Rock Springs Dr
  • Bevin Brook Dr – Senter Rd to eastend of Bevin Brook Dr
  • Phelan Ave – East of Senter Rd to Bevin Brook Dr
  • Berryessa Rd – Sierra Rd to Commercial St.
  • Keyes St – Senter Rd to Roberts Ave
  •  Tully Rd – Lucretia Ave to Senter Rd
  • Williams St at 16th St
  • Senter Rd – Tully Rd to Story Rd
  • Rock Springs Rd – Phelan Ave to Needles Dr
  • Bailey Ave – IBM Eastbound to Santa Teresa Blvd
  • Santa Teresa Blvd Southbound – Bayliss Dr to Bailey
  • Coyote Ranch Rd – Monterey Rd to Coyote Creek
  • Open one lane: Foxworthy Avenue – from Rubino Dr to Hillsdale Ave
  • Open one lane: Berryess Rd Westbound – Sierra to Commercial

Sandbag Locations

  •  San Jose Happy Hollow Park , 1300 Senter Road (this is ½ mile north of the Central Service Yard, which is no longer accessible because of road closures) .
  •   Mabury Service Yard, 1404 Mabury Road
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District Winfield Warehouse, Winfield Boulevard between Blossom Hill Road and Coleman Avenue

(More Preparedness Tips –>


Weather Forecast

  • Scattered showers persist across this evening. Of note, a strong thunderstorm has formed in Tehama County. (NWS Sacramento)


  • Raining – It has rained a little over one inch in the past 2 days in the Ventura foothills.  (Twitter eyewitness)

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Tornado News | San Antonio Texas | Update 1


A tornado has struck the San Antonio area after an Alert was issued to its residents in the area about one hour ago (2253 Hours CST) has occurred around (2340 Hours CST).

About 40 houses in a neighborhood has suffered major damage.


The following are collaborating for this incident and information listed below is for both Officials and disaster victims.

Bastrop County OEM (

  • T-Storm Alert:  Severe Thunderstorm Warning from 2/20/2017 12:22 AM to 1:15 AM CST for Bastrop County.
  • Flood Warning:  Areal Flood Advisory from 2/20/2017 12:19 AM to 2:15 AM CST for Bastrop County.

San Antonio Fire and EMS (

  • Search & Rescue Operations:  Firefighters were out searching door-to-door looking for survivors and dealing with unsecured damaged gas lines that had been their lines severed.
  • Tornado Path:  Tornado path as far as we can determine: Includes structures on Linda Drive and 7707 Broadway.
  • Damage Assessments (preliminary): Tornado path as far as we can determine: North Central San Antonio, North of Olmos Park & Alamo Heights, South of San Antonio Airport.
  • Incident Command:  Command for EMS and Fire is on Shadywood Lane in San Antonio. (2352 CST)

San Antonio Office of Emergency Management (San Antonio EOC)  (

  • Assistance:  If anyone needs assistance with storm related damage call 911.
  • Property Damage:  If any damage is seen in the morning, please report it to 311.
  • Damage Calls: The city has begun logging and assessing damage from the storm.

National Weather Service – San Antonio (

  • Alert!  Another tornado warning coming for circulation south of San Marcos. Circulation denoted by bright red colors S of Redwood. Moving northeast. (2145 CST)
  • Alert!  Two tornado warnings remain in effect, but we are not seeing any tight circulations at this point. (2140 CST)
  • Wind Speeds:  56 mph wind gust at Austin Bergstrom International Airport just now. (0001 CST)
  • Threat Area:  Threat area now located across southeastern Travis County, far northern Caldwell County and entering into western Bastrop County. (0002 CST)
  • Possible Touchdown: There may have been a tornado touchdown earlier near US 281 just northwest of the Quarry Market area.
  • Alert!  New tornado warning coming out for Williamson County. Circulation located south of Taylor. Moving NE. (0007 CST)

Photo Credit: NWS San Antonio

  • Alert!  Strong rotation southeast of Taylor. Circulation is denoted by circled region. (0028 CST)

Photo Credit: NWS San Antonio



  • Old Fredericksburg Rd/Kendall-Bexar County line. PD manning barricades on flooded streets.


San Antonio Fire & EMS:

  • Fire/EMS scanner from San Antonio reporting homes with much roof damage, collapsed carport, 11:47pm CST Possible Tornado

San Antonio Police Dispatch:

Kendall County Fire & EMS:



  • NOT DFW – Powerful storms and potential tornadoes hitting central Texas hard. Tornado warnings between San Antonio & Austin.
  • Alerts:  Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays and Travis County in TX until 12:30am CST.


  • Sirens:  First time I’ve heard the Tornado Sirens in Hollywood Park go off. Crazy, Tornado Warning in San Antonio.



  • * Public Works Building – Courtesy: NWS Corpus Christi

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#LARain Continues to Drown California | Update 1


Drought to Flooding

Someone lied when they said, “It never rains in California” just received another six – nine inches of rain on Friday evening (around 1900 hours) prompting massive flooding, many traffic accidents, drivers getting stuck in the mud and running into the river.

Sink Hole Swallows Cars, Fire Truck

One video circulating the internet of two cars being swallowed into a sinkhole in Wrightwood.  Another shows where a fire truck sitting on the edge a sinkhole begins to skid sideways then topples on its right side down into the crater.

Water Rescues, Hard Road Closures

Swiftwater rescue teams were dispatched to rescue several drivers.  Police Officers were responding to calls to areas where heavy traffic was located, conducting hard closures and waiting for CAL Trans and County Public Works to arrive to completely shutdown the area to traffic.

FACT:  Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down & 2 feet of water can sweep your vehicle away. Be safe,turn around &don’t drown.

(Source: FEMA Region 9)


For those whom may not know what an Incident Cooperator is, here is the definition.  Incident Cooperators are those from an Agency, non-governmental, non-profits or anyone who assists with the Incident to help those in need, protect and serve, provide services or supplies, etc.  We think you get the picture.

Listed below are those such Partners.  We are adding those as info is being received throughout the the CA Storm event.


  • EOC activated by CA Governor
  • Working on coordinating recovery, sand bagging resources, Oroville Spillway shore-up
  • Checking on infrastructure lost in N Central and Central CA
  • Working with CAL Trans on closures and reconstructing roadways (emergencies)
  • S Cal OES Region EOC activated

Photo Credit: CAL OES

Photo Credit: South CAL OES EOC


Studio City

  • Sinkhole created, eats two cars.  Watch this video for stunning images.


  • Incident Management teams (IMT) on-scene
  • Helping with assistance
  • Has provisions for 25,000 people:  Food, Water for five days
  • Supplies also include:  cots, blankets, other supplies


How YOU Can Help (Donate)

  • Red Cross volunteers are ready to help as heavy rains move in. To help, text “CAFLOODS” to 90099 to donate $10.

Photo Credit: American Red Cross


  • District 3:  Hard closures
  • District 7:  Pumped water off of I-15 @ Sheldon by using generators.
  • District 8: At sinkhole where Fire truck fell into sink hole.

Photo Credit: CAL Trans


  • Emergency Text Messages (News/Alerts)  Text NOTIFYLA to 888-777 or

Photo Credit: City of Los Angeles



  • Antelope Valley:  Accepting ALS patients from diverted RR Hospital
  • Ridgecrest Regional Hospital:  Only accepting BLS patients; currently on divert


  • Sante Fe / Ranchero Roads
  • Summit Valley / Ranchero Roads


Santa Clara

  • The 2 patients and 2 dogs that were rescued from Santa Clara River by Air Squad 9 were transferred to Ventura City Fire Dept for evaluation.


LA County

  • Two Flood Advisories in effect. LA County through 12:30 AM and a new advisory for SBA/VTU Counties through 2:30 AM. (NWS Los Angeles)

Ventura County

  • Moderate to locally heavy showers developing across Santa Barbara much of Ventura County. Could be a few thunderstorms overnight. (NWS Los Angeles)


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Incident Hashtags

  • #CAStorm
  • #LARain

Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media

  • Woodbridge @ Laurel Canyon:   Woman’s car fell into large sinkhole, LAFD firefighters rescued her.  (Twitter user)
  • 10 Freeway closed in South LA for standing water in lanes. (Media @ 1930)
  • Mud flow breached barriers in Iron Canyon earlier today. Never drive through rushing water/flooded roads. (Co Public Works @ 1930)
  • My Neighbor is Building an Ark, So Far He’s Got Two Chihuahuas and a Frightened Squirrel. (Twitter user/Humor)


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BREAKING NEWS: CA’s Oroville Spillway Structural Integrity Breached

Updated 2300 Hours PST


The torrential rains have stopped but not the ill-will effects from the over abundance of it over the once drought-ridden State.

Too much of a good thing has this State reeling from the damage from flash flooding, land and mudslides to today where the secondary spillway at the Lake Oroville Dam has created a much bigger problem.  Too much water flowing quickly over the dam causing management to allow water to flow to a secondary spillway.

That does not sound all that too bad, does it?  It is actually frightening to know that the California Department of Water Resources is using the secondary spillway the first time in its 49-year history.  Due to the extreme fast rising water, it has exposed a breach in its construction and now it is about to fail.  This could spell catastrophic for those downriver, therefore we are today covering news about a mass evacuation in the City of Oroville and Palermo, California.

Courtesy: US Army Corps of Engineers


Here is a compiled list of what is happening in each City and County in California.

Biggs (City of)

  • Evacuate NOW!

Butte (County of)

  • Evacuation Info (for residents):  Butte County Sheriff Office, 530-872-5951.
  • Hospital:  Oroville Hospital is NOT evacuating.
  • Shelter:  Alliance Church on Clark Road. For people and small animals.
  • Shelter:  Camelot Equestrian Park,1985 Clark Road. For people and large animals.
  • Staging:  Butte County college for both Fire/PD.
  • Update:  ButteSheriff: Not clear when residents will be allowed to return. Lake level still needs to be lowered to make area safe. (2214 PST)
  • Schools:  Due to the situation in Oroville, all Butte College Facilities will be closed tomorrow, 2-13. All classes are canceled. All Butte College Facilities are closed to students and employees. The Butte College bus service will not be running. The Butte County colleges will send out updates as they receive more information. Please call the Butte College Police Department if you have any questions at 530-895-2351

FACT:  “A spillway is a structure used to provide the controlled release of flows from a dam or levee  into a downstream area, typically being the river that was dammed. “


Oroville Dam (R) and secondary spillway (L). Credit: CA DWR.

Chico (City of)

  • Red Cross Shelter:  Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2357 Fair Street, (small animals accepted).
  • Large Animal Shelter:  Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2357 Fair Street, Chico
  • Shelter:  Neighborhood Church of Chico, 2801 Notre Dame Blvd. (no animals inside).
  • Shelter:  St. Johns Episcopal Church, 2341 Floral Avenue, Chico (small animals accepted if leashed and crated).

Colusa (County of)

  • Shelter:  Colusa County Fairgrounds.  1303 10th Street.

Corning (City of)

  • Shelter:  Rolling Hils RV Park. (10 spaces left, can take large animals at equestrian center).

FACT:  “The Oroville Dam is the tallest and largest dam in the United States.”

Feather River

  • Fish Hatchery:  Massive water flows on the Feather River. Hatchery fish rescued and secure .

Glenn (County of)

  • Shelter:  Glenn County Fairgrounds, 221 E. Yolo St. Orland, CA (accepting livestock, no small animals, 40 RV sites).

Nevada (County of)

  • Shelter:  Nevada County Fairgrounds is currently sheltering 143 people. 150 people are waiting for a cot.

Orland (City of)

  • Shelter:  Glenn County Fairgrounds.  221 E Yolo Street.

FACT:    “Spillways release floods so that the water does not overtop and damage or even destroy the dam. Except during flood periods, water does not normally flow over a spillway.”

Credit: CA DWR


  • Hospital:  Oroville Hospital is open for emergency patients only. No one has been evacuated from the hospital. If not an emergency, go to another hospital.
  • (Emergency Peer Accommodation Matching Page): (NOTE: you will need to vet source before visiting/staying at another location. We are unfamiliar with this board.)
  • Road Closures:  SB 149 at 99, SB 70 at 149, EB 162 at 99, & 149 at Openshaw Rd. are all CLOSED. (CHP)
  •  Sheriff Office:  Assisting with mandatory evacuations.

Paradise (City of)

  • Shelter:  Elks Lodge  1100 Elks Lane – (no small animals accepted, RVs allowed in Parking Lot).

San Diego (City of)

  • Mutual Aid:  SD Swift Water Rescue team activated. Waiting for orders from state and will deploy to Butte Cty when directed to do so.


  • CA Dept. of Water Resources (DWR):  @ 1650 PST. Alert given to residents for mandatory evacuations Northward due to structure integrity of secondary spillway has some erosion and it was due to have an epic failure, cause mass flooding downstream.
  • CA OES:  EOC operations.
  • CA Dept. of Corrections (CA DOC):  Evacuation/transport of inmates to nearby other jail facilities.  (normally @ daily 548 inmates)
  • Manpower:  CA National Guard
  • State of Emergency:  Governor Brown Issues Emergency Order to Help Response.
  • Task Force:  Sacramento Fire personnel staffing swift water rescue equipment have departed for Oroville area, will be ready if needed.

FACT:  “Completed in 1968, it stands 770 feet (230 m) high with a crest length (top of the dam) 6,920 feet (2,110 m) long. “

Credit: CA DWR taken on 2/12/2017.

Ventura (County of)

  • Task Force (OES Swiftwater):  VCFD currently mobilizing for a deployment to #OrovilleEvacuations


Driving Instructions

  • Spillway due to fail any given time. Stay to the North towards Chico, California. (via DWR)
  • Southbound Highway 70 is being shutdown. PLEASE HEAD NORTH.

Flash Flood Warning

  • In effect until 1600 hours (4pm) on Monday, 2/13/2017
  • DWR needs to lower the lake level by another 50 feet to prepare for the incoming storms.


Willingness to Help

  • Assistance Offered:  If anyone knows of animal rescues or shelters needing help w/ evacuation, msg me.I can help rescue, feed, transport.I’m n Chico. (Twitter user:  Becki Brunelli @junglerat8)

Credit: CA DWR. Taken on 2/12/2017.


What is being Said:

  • Media:  Lake has gone down more than 4 inches in last hour, a foot in last three hours. (2200 hours Update)
  • Evacuations:  Unknown when mandatory evacuations will be lifted.
  • DWR:  Flows over the auxiliary spillway have ceased. 100,000 cfs continue down the main spillway. (2219 hours Update)

More updates will come as information is received. Another update is due to be published tomorrow evening.

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NEW WILDFIRE: Lemmond Fire in TX Territory


A fire burning tall grass and brush started on private property has quickly turned into a large wildfire in the Texas A&M Forest Service territory.

Start date and time are unknown at this time of this posting.

Cause and if any injuries are also unavailable.


The fire currently has minimal fire behavior, however has scorched 640 acres and is being reportedly threatening structures.

Fire Fact:

Since 2005 (up to 2/7/2017), TX A&M Forest Service has on record 177,810 wildfires spanning up to almost 10 million acres. (Source: TX Farm Bureau)

Firefighters have successfully reached a 75% containment status.


There are currently 8 personnel along with 1 engine assigned to this incident.


Fire suppression costs have reached up to $1,000.00.



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NEW WILDFIRE: Arkansas’ Pidgeon Mountain Fire

Updated 2300 Hours PST



A wildfire broke out in the East Central area, approximately 35 miles SW of Ft Smith in Arkansas.

Current Conditions

Currently, fire behavior is minimal, but has consumed almost 850 acres of timber.  Fire crews have reached a 75% containment status.


There are 6 personnel and 2 engines assigned to this incident.


Cost-to-date in firefighting efforts of $2,000.00.


There is no known cause at this time and no start time or date at the time of this posting.

Social Media

The Hashtags we are using for this fire are:  #PidgeonMtn #PidgeonMtnFire #ARWildfire

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Breaking News: House Fire Quickly Extinguished in Sacramento CA

Updated 1550 PST

Sacramento, California | Firefighters were dispatched to a house fire located at 796 Klein Way around 1526 hours PST in South Sacramento.

When firefighters from Engine 11 first arrived, they observed smoke showing from vents and were pulling lines in a full suppression attack.

Firefighters quickly knocked down the fire around 1542 hours.

Searches were completed.

Units were released and put back in service.

No known cause, extent of damage or if any injuries were reported.  Limited information available at this time.

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BREAKING NEWS: House Fire in Renton Washington

0100 Hours PST

Renton, Washington


Location:  Firefighters were dispatched to a residential structure  located in the 14600 block of SE 142nd Street finding the fire alarm active.

Observations:  First due crews arrived on-scene just after midnight early Saturday morning to find a chimney fire in the walls and attic.

Staffing:  Additional fire units arrived on the fire ground very quickly.


Personnel:  Battalions 12 & 13, Engines 11,16, 78, 1078 (Norcom), Ladder 11, Aid 12.


Timeline of Call:

0003:  Fire Department resources dispatched.

0019:  fire crews were still in the offensive strategy on the Alpha/Delta side, approximately 10 minutes into the incident.

0020:  E16, A12.  were checking extensions into the attic.

0021-0022:  L11, E78 and E1078 were at Level 1 Staging.

0022:  Crews indicated the fire spread into the walls, there were zero heat found

0023:  L11 was tasked with checking for extension and primary search.

0024:  B13 as Safety completed a 360* and found no basement to the structure.  B12 reported A12 was on-scene with L11 on the Alpha side.  Communications reported 23 minutes on the timer since the time of the call.

0026:  A county investigator was requested by Command.

0027:  Fire crews were opening up the Chimney on Delta side. No needs.  L11 reported primary search complete with nothing found.

0028:  A secondary search was in process.

0029:  Secondary search complete, nothing found.

0030:  27 minutes on the timer.  Discontinued by  Dispatch.

0031:  Crews were checking the attic over the garage for extension.  E1078 returned back in service back to NORCOM (Eastside)

0034:  E11 reported L11 opened up the wall above the garage and found no fire but residual smoke.

0035:   Crews went interior bringing in a fan from Alpha to Charlie side.

0036-0050:  Crews began doing some salvage work and completing all assigned tasks.  They were sent through REHAB and then released from this incident. All have returned back in service.

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BREAKING NEWS: Trio of Fires Burn in Oklahoma

Updated Midnight PST


A trio of wildfires are currently burning in the State of Oklahoma in the East Central area.  The start/date and causes are unknown at this time of this post but we are working to gain that information for future fire updates.

Here is what we know so far.

Beaver Mountain Fire

The Beaver Mountain Fire is located 4 miles NE of Quinton and burning timber and hardwood litter.  It is under the jurisdiction of OK Dept. of Forestry where extreme fire behavior with running and short-range spotting have been reported.

Fire crews have reached a 30% containment status.

Already the fire has consumed 4,500 acres and continue to rage on.

There are 8 personnel assigned to this incident, along with 3 engines and 1 helicopter.

The cost-to-date is currently at $15,000.

#BeaverMtnFire  #OKDOF  #FireImages

McNally Flats Fire

The McNally Flats Fire is located 15 miles NE of McAlester and is being managed by the OK DOF.

The fire has destroyed 317 acres of hardwood litter. Currently, there is minimum fire behavior with creeping.  It has been 79% contained with 8 personnel assigned to this event, along with 4 engines.

Homes are said to be currently threatened. No information on if evacuations have taken place or are in effect are unknown at this time.

The cost-to-date is at $2,000.

#McNallyFire   #OKDOF  #FireImages

Orchard Hill Fire

The Orchard Hill Fire is located 2 miles NW of Wister and is said to have moderate fire behavior with creeping.

The fire has burned 255 acres of hardwood litter and reached an 87% containment status.

There are 2 personnel assigned.

The cost-to-date is at $1,000.

#OrchardHillFire  #OKDOF  #FireImages


All three fires are being staffed by the OK Department of Forestry and are all three located in the East Central area.


Please see each fire for the hashtags we are currently using for each separate incident.


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BREAKING NEWS: Human Caused Cap Fire Burns in Arkansas

Updated 2330 PST


Start Date & Time:  The Cap Fire started on January 31, 2016 around 1330 hours.

Location:  The fire is located approximately 20 miles NW of Mountainview on the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest in the Leatherwood Wilderness in Arkansas.

Fire Fuels:  Timber and brush.


Personnel:  There were 25 fire personnel as of yesterday but some have been released due to the increase in containment status.  As of today, there are 18 fire personnel assigned to this incident.

Command:  The fire is being managed by Mike Haislen, ICT4 unit.

Equipment:  There are 1 crew, 2 engines and 1 helicopter attached to this fire event.


Fire Behavior:  Moderate, flanking.

Acres:   The human-caused fire has destroyed 821 acres.

Containment  Status:  Firefighters have reached a 75% containment status.

Fire Tactics:  Working to keep fire N of FS Rd 1118. Access to the area is being limited.

Evacuations:  None are in effect.


Cost-To-Date:  $30,000


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