The Wildfire Log: Colville’s Elmer City Fire



Sunday, June 23, 2019

Incident Summary | A wildfire has ignited this Sunday afternoon at a meat smoker near a garage of a structure in the 3500 block of Hwy 155 north in between Belvedere and Elmer City, Washington.  (unconfirmed by our verified fire sources pf the exact cause but info being reported by a 3rd party on a fire related site).

The fire is burning on the Colville Indian Reservation and fire personnel along with assets are working to stop the fire from damaging or destroying any of their structures.

No photo description available.

GOES-17 satellite data showing a fire between Elmer City and Nespelem, Washington. | Credit: NWS – Spokane

Resources | Resources include 2 helicopters from Omak and Colville (H340, 344), WA DNR, Colville Fire, Redding air tanker (on a load and return) and hand crews. Various fire districts.

Evacuations | Those in the Rebecca Lake community are under evacuation.

Fire History | There have been a rash of fires that have hit the Elmer City area.  Here is a timeline of some of those previous fires.

October 3, 2018:  A fire started inside the Grandview Trailer Park just outside of Elmer City.  4 mobile homes are destroyed. 2 are damaged.  Residents are devastated, including one local artist who loses his art studio. Fire resources who responded were:  Elmer City, Colville Confederated Tribes, U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Mount Tolman Fire Center, Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee, Electric City and Douglas County responded.

Photo Credit:  Okanogan County Emergency Management Agency.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor, nature and water

Sept. 11, 2016:  SR 155 @ SR 174 is closed due to a 2nd fire. Parts of Grand Coulee communities are at a Level 2 evacuation.  Fire heads down towards the Elmer City Post Office in this photo.

Photo Credit:  Grant County Sheriff Office.

August 16, 2012:  An Okanogan County sheriff deputy trades his badge to help with firefighting.

Current Social Media Reports | Here are some eyewitness accounts and what others are saying across all Social Media Channels:

“Can see smoke 1 mile N of the Grand Coulee Dam.”

“Fire started downhill near the river and worked its way east/southeast and now due east. “

Fire may have started behind a fruit stand on Hwy 155 and north of Peter Dan Road.”

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The Wildfire Log | Woodbury Fire | AZ | June 23

Update 4 | June 23, 2019 | Sunday

Incident Summary  | The WOODBURY FIRE is burning on the Tonto National Forest in a remote area of the Superstition Mountains but is moving out of the area.


On June 11, 2019, there were 5 wildfires burning at the same as the WOODBURY FIRE (5,000 ac. 0% contained), MOUNTAIN FIRE (7,470 ac. 53% contained), COLDWATER FIRE (9,665 ac. 15% contained), MAROON FIRE (8,605 ac. 88% contained) and HELLS GATE FIRE (100 ac. 0% contained).

Location | About 5 miles northwest of Superior; 8 miles southeast of Roosevelt Marina and about 4 miles south of Roosevelt, Arizona.

Woodbury Fire Public Information Map June 23, 2019

Image Credit | Tonto NF IMT team

Fire Behavior | Fire behavior is active with uphill runs, running and flanking. Fire operations are continuing.

Cause | The fire began on Saturday, June 8th from an unknown ignition that is currently under investigation.  It was determined to be human caused.

Fire Resources | There are 905 fire personnel assigned to this incident along with SW Area Type 1 IMT 2. IC is Rich Nieto.

AFMA wildland medics, Aaron and Mac (in photo below) are some of the most elite resources out there because they are constantly prepared to rapidly treat and transport any fire line crew member fighting the fire.  These are the guys you want there if you were injured or felt fatigued.

Photo Credit: AZ Fire & Medical

Most of the fire resources are to the northwest, east and southeast sides of the fire. The Incident Command Post or commonly called the ICP in Gold Canyon will be moving to the Dr. Charles A. Bejaranon Elementary School in Miami. Their move will be completed by the evening of June 24, 2019.

Incident Cooperators | Superstition Fire and Rescue, Golder Ranch FD, Pinal County EMA, Maricopa County, Gila County EMA, Tonto NF, American Red Cross, AZ DOT, FEMA, AZ DOEQ, AZ Department of Public Safety, Apache Junction (City), AZ State Forestry, BLM AZ Fire, Gila County SO, Maricopa County SO, Pinal County SO and Tri-City Fire District, Flagstaff IMET, New Mexico Fire Dispatchers, and Arizona Humane Society.

Incident Cooperators Spotlights:

Pet Disaster Assistance | The AKC’s Pet Disaster Relief organization, a part of the AZ Humane Society is assisting the Gila County Animal Care and Control organization near a Red Cross shelter located at the Miami Intermediate School. They arrived on June 20th and had already two dogs and one cat in their care.

PIOs | There are many men and women Public Information Officers or commonly referred to as ‘PIOs’ that work together from various agencies to bring accurate information to the public, such as evacuation info, community meetings, updates, handling of media and public inquiries and the list goes on.  For this fire, PIOs are representing Tonto NF, City of Apache Junction, Pinal County, AZ Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (AZ EIN), AZ State Forestry, AZ Department of Environment Quality and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) AZ Fire.

SFMD Type 3 crew during burnout operations. | Photo Credit: SFMD

Fire Size, Containment Status | 96,307 acres of tall grass, brush and chaparral destroyed.  There is a 24% containment status.

Current Status | Weather has been in the high temps with very low relative humidity or also more commonly called RH, along with strong southwesterly winds that provide large fire growth. Spread is occurring mostly to the northeast in higher terrain above 4500 feet elevation on the interior of the fire.

Fire Managers are tasking crews with direct and indirect attack operations to  push back the fire and diverted away from the area’s collective assets:

  • Tonto National Monument
  • 115kv power lines
  • 500kv power lines – major line
  • Carlotta mines & mine infrastructure
  • Transportation corridors
  • Commercial properties
  • Private homes
  • Rec areas
  • Riparian waterways
  • Endangered species, such as the Mexican Spotted Owl
  • Sonoran Desert ecosystem

SFMD’s Type 3 crews are continuing with burnout operations for structure protection.  They have helped to save the area near Tonto National Monument and along highway 188 near the Roosevelt Dam Bridge.

Fire is expected to be mostly on the eastern half of the perimeter.

Photo Credit: SFMD

Air Tankers are still being used to assist with fire suppression and containment from the skies.

Evacuations | Shelter for evacuees is located at the Lee Kornegay Intermediate School. 4735 S Ragus Road, Miami, AZ.

Evacuee Resources | For evacuations, shelters, livestock and pet shelters, call 928-402-8888.

Closures | Tonto NF closures:  AZ DOT closures:

Fire in Images | Photo Credit: AZ DOT

SIGNIFICANT EVENTS | Firefighters save a 700-year-old Salado cliff dwelling found at the Tonto National Monument Park.

Fire in Images | Here are some incredible fire images coming out of this incident from official government agencies and public organizations splashing these photos all over Social Media.

June 21, 2019:

Woodbury Fire | Photo Credit American Red Cross

Landsat image of the Woodbury Fire

60,000 acres can be seen on this recent Landsat image. | Photo Credit: USGS Landsat Program

June 20, 2019:

Photo of the Roosevelt Dam | Photo Credit: Kevin Duby, ADOT Emergency Manager

Fire crews structure protection of the 700 yo Salado cliff dwellings at the Tonto NM | Photo Credit: Tonto NF

AFMA fire crews, Vince & Ronnie tasked with structure protection. | Photo Credit: AZ Fire & Medical

AKC’s Pet Disaster Relief at the Shelter near Red Cross. | Photo Credit: AZ Humane Society

June 15, 2019:

Smoke rising from fire in Superstitions. View from SR 88 at Canyon Lake. | Photo Credit: Kevin Duby, ADOT Emergency Manager

June 17, 2019:

The Progression Map. | Photo Credit: Tonto NF

June 14, 2019:

Recon flight over the fire. | Photo Credit: AZ State Forestry

Fire emerges from behind the Superstition Mountain on 6/14/2019. | Photo Credit: AZ DOT

June 12, 2019:

The men and women are the faces behind the messaging to the public and media. | Photo Credit: Pinal County OEM

June 11, 2019:

NWS IMET team deployed to the fire. | Photo Credit: NWS IMET

June 10, 2019:

Crews previously working on the Mountain Fire in Cave Creek are diverted to this fire. | Photo Credit: Daisy Mtn Fire & Medical


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The Wildfire Log: Illegal Burn Calls Increase


Since June 18, 2019, fire call reports have been pouring into dispatchers with several of them taking precious firefighting resources away to deal with illegal burn incidents. By all means, if you think you see a wildfire – please report it.

Those who choose to burn during a burn ban is risking a lot from your fire potentially escaping its containment to spreading to nearby brush, grass, lands, to structures to infrastructure.  The Fire Service is asking those to be careful.

Check with your county for burn bans and if 4th of July fireworks bans are in place.  There may be some exception to the rules but checking with your County or City will tell you what is allowed and what is not.  It is better to be safe than sorry for the danger that your burn pile could escape its containment.  Some times even embers from your fire can spread through the air and catching nearby brush, grass or other structures on fire.  Please…. heed any and all warnings, alerts and bans.

Here is the fire activity for the last several days and most of the calls firefighters are being dispatched to are illegal burn calls. Please listen to any and all warnings, alerts and bans.

Ferry County

6/18/2019 – 0743 hours PDT – Arborview Road.  Brush. Contained – 0800 hours. Controlled – 0825 hours.  Out – 0830 hours. 0.01 acres.

Okanogan County


Pend Oreille County

6/18/2019 – 1355 hours – Davis Lake. – Illegal burn, no escape.

6/21/2019 – 1105 hours – Le Clerc Road North – Illegal burn, no escape.

Spokane County

6/18/2019 – 0840 hours – E Oregon Rd, Elk.  – Illegal burn, no escape.

6/18/2019 – 0848 hours – Military Cemetery.  #TrailsFire. Grass, brush, light timber. Contained – 6/18/2019 @ 1010 hours.  Under control  – 6/18/2019 @ 1200 hours. Out – 6/21/2019 at 1005 hours.  .01 acres.

6/18/2019 – 1119 hours – Dunn Road – #DunnFire.  Grass, brush, reproduction, light timber – Contained 6/18/2019 1530 hours. Controlled at 1903 hours. 3.1 acres.

6/18/2019 – 1632 hours – #MontgomeryGroveFire. Grass, brush, slash. IC AR 444. Contained 6/18/2019 1815 hours. Controlled 6/18/2019 1900 hours. Out 6/21/2019 1032 hours. 0.01 acres.

6/19/2019 – 1233 hours – Fruithill Road – No fire found.

6/21/2019 – 1041 hours – Ritchy Road. #KoskiFire. Grass, brush, light timber. IC AR 443 arrived 6/21/2019 @ 1515 hours. Controlled 1300 hours. Controlled 1700 horus. 0.7 ares. In patrol status.

6/21/2019 – 1453 hours – Milan – No fire found.

Stevens County

6/19/2019 – 0556 hours – Newhouse Lane – Seeing smoke from another wildfire.

6/19/2019 – 0556 hours – Finley Gulch. #CoonradFire.  Brush, slash, reproduction, timber. Contained 6/19/2019 0815 hours. Controlled 6/19/2019 0945 hours. 0.13 acres.

06/19/2019 – 0856 hours – Chamokane Drive at Long Lake Dam –  Illegal burn, no escape.

6/21/2019 – 0811 hours – Spanish Prairie Road – Illegal burn. No escape.

6/21/2019 – 1319 hours – Gold Creek Loop Road – Illegal burn. No escape.


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The Wildfire Log: Snohomish County’s Happy Hollow Fire

Snohomish County, Washington State

At about 0845 hours PDT this morning, fire assets via the Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center were dispatched to the Happy Hollow Road in Stanwood (Snohomish County), Washington State.

Fire crews were immediately on top of the fire as they brought the less than one acre of slash under control and contained by 0900  hours.  It was put out shortly thereafter at 0928 hours.

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The Wildfire Log | Woodbury Fire | AZ | June 21

Update 3 | June 21, 2019 | Friday

fire burning over desert vegetation with smoke column

Photo Credit | Tonto NF

Incident Summary  | The Woodbury Fire is burning on the Tonto National Forest in a remote area of the Superstition Mountains but is moving out of the area.

Location | About 5 miles northwest of Superior; 8 miles southeast of Roovelt Marina and about 4 miles south of Roosevelt, Arizona.

Fire Behavior | Active with uphill runs, running and flanking.

FIRE DANGER | Payson and Pleasant Valley (Very High)

Cause | The fire began on Saturday, June 8th from an unknown ignition that is currently under investigation.  It was determined to be human caused.

Resources | 1,112 personnel. 21 crews, 5 air tankers, 28 engines and 8 helicopters with some men/women from the Flagstaff and Casa Grande areas, plus a SW Type 1 IMT, Team 2. IC:  Rich Nieto.

Incident Cooperators | Pinal County EMA, Maricopa County, Gila County EMA, Tonto NF, American Red Cross, AZ DOT, FEMA, AZ DOEQ, AZ Department of Public Safety, Gila County SO, Maricopa County SO, Pinal County SO and Tri-City Fire District.

Fire Size, Containment Status | 65,903 acres of tall grass, brush and chaparral destroyed. 42% containment status.  Estimated full containment by July 1, 2019.

FIRE PREPAREDNESS LEVEL | Has been increased to 3, Nationally is 2.

6/21/2019 Day Ops Map | Photo Credit – Tonto NF

Current Status |  The fire has burned 65,903 acres of tall grass, brush and chaparral.  It is currently starting to move out of the Superstition Wilderness and along the corridor of State Highway 188.

Firefighters began firing operations adjacent to the Spring Creek Ranch and additional time will be focused as conditions allow them to do.  This will help create a wider barrier.

5 Air tankers were used on fire operations on Thursday, June 20th.

Tasked with direct and indirect attack operations to stop the threat to assets:  Tonto National Monument, 115kv power lines, 500kv power line serving the Phoenix area, the Pinto Valley and Carlotta mines and their infrastructures, to major infrastructure, transportation corridors, commercial property, private homes, rec areas, riparian waterways, threatened and endangered species (Mexican Spotted Owl) and the Sonoran Desert ecosystem.

FIRE DANGER | Tonto Basin, Globe and Mesa/Cave Creek (Very High)

Fire Status – NE area |   This side burned aggressively within the perimeter causing a lot of smoke, as the fire moved inside its containment lines.  The fire then became wind-driven by winds from the southwest and reportedly reaching top speeds of 25 miles-per-hour!

Fire Status – Eastern side |  It is burning towards the mining operations in the main Pinto creek drainage along Spencer Canyon and West Pinto Creek.

Fire Status – West side | Little fire activity for the last several days was reported.  This area in patrol status.

Fire Status – South side | This is the same information as the West side which is great news for Fire Managers and those whom may live in the area.

Evacuations | Shelter for evacuees is located at the Lee Kornegay Intermediate School. 4735 S Ragus Road, Miami, AZ.

Image may contain: sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit | Tonto NF

Closures | The Tonto NF has closed the Superstition Wilderness and the adjacent Forest and campgrounds along State Hwy 188, east of the Roosevelt Dam.  More detailed closures, visit —>

Tortilla Flat Campground and Boulder Picnic area/trailhead are closed.

Highway 88 (Portion of).  The USFS is unsure when this portion of the highway will be reopened.

SIGNIFICANT EVENTS | Firefighters save a 700-year-old Salado cliff dwelling found at the Tonto National Monument Park.

No photo description available.

General area where fire is burning.

Damage Assessment |  Structure protection group has installed sprinklers, cleared brush and implemented firing operations at the Reevis Mountain School, one portable yurt suffered minor damage. $10.9 Million cost-to-date in fire suppression costs and containment efforts.

The USFS – Tonto NF states that there has been no damage reported in the Tortilla Flat area.

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The Wildfire Log | Yakima County’s Alkali Canyon Fire

Mattawa, Washington State – A wildfire ignited from an unknown cause on Thursday, June 20th located about two miles north of Priest Rapids and 27 miles ENE of Yakima, as well as about four miles from Mattawa.

The fire jumped the night of the 20th and then began running on to the US Army’s Yakima County Training/Firing Center.  Both Yakima County and Kittitas County Fire Departments assisted the Army’s firefighters.

Additional resources were dispatched from the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center around 1230 hours PDT on Thursday.

At the time, there was about 60 total personnel with 12 engines and one helicopter attached to the incident.

A total of 4,000 acres of brush and grass have been destroyed.  Reports of the fire are stating it was contained on Friday, June 21, 2019, around noon.  Fire behavior was previously reported as extreme with running and spotting.

The total cost of fire suppression and containment efforts reached a high of $25,000.

No firefighter or civilian injuries were reported.

No damage or destruction of structures were reported.

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The Wildfire Log: Benton County’s Toothaker Fire

Benton County, Wa. – A wildfire ignited from an unknown cause on Thursday, June 20th, at approximately 1540 (3:40 pm) hours PDT in the area of South Meals Road and East Toothaker Road, near Finley, Washington.  The location is also approximately 80 miles ESE of Yakima,  Washington.

Fire Resources

Additional resources were dispatched via the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center at 1607 (4:07 pm) Hours PDT on June 20, 2019.

Incident Cooperators include Benton County Fire Districts 1, 2 and 4; West Benton Fire and Rescue, Richland Fire Department, Pasco Fire Department and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Fire Status

The fire has destroyed 100 acres of grass and brush in the Heaven Hills area.  It was limited to this number of acreage due to a precipitation producing storm that fell over the fire line on Thursday night.  Fire Managers estimated there was a 75% containment status reached.

As of this morning (6/21/2019), the fire response had been reduced to just two engines.  They were being tasked with mop-up operations and putting out any new hot spots.

Damage Assessment

There was no injuries to civilians or firefighters reported.

No homes or outbuildings were reported as damaged or destroyed.

Fire Danger is High

No photo description available.

Eastern Washington State has increased their Preparedness Level and they are reporting the Fire Danger at an all “HIGH” level for the time period of June 19 – July 3, 2019.  The Fire Service all across this portion of the State is asking for you to be very careful when burning outside. The only fires allowed are: recreational and warming fires, as well as agricultural burning.  NO residential burning is being allowed.

Image Courtesy of:  Benton County Fire District #1


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The Wildfire Log’s East Kachess Fire


A wildfire broke out on Friday, June 21,2019 around 1301 (1:01 pm) hours PDT from an unknown cause on the Kachess Dam in Kittitas County, Washington.

Firefighters quickly contained and brought the fire under control today at 1415 (2:15 pm) this afternoon.

Fire fuels included Duff.  The total acreage loss was less than one acre.

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The Wildfire Log | Woodbury Fire | AZ | June 19

Update 2 | June 19, 2019 | Wednesday

Incident Summary

The Woodbury Fire is burning on the Tonto National Forest in a remote area of the Superstition Mountains, approximately five miles northwest of the town of Superior, Arizona.

Fire Fact | 4 wildfires, COLDWATER FIRE, MOUNTAIN FIRE, BYLAS FIRE and WOODBURY FIRE were burning east and northeast of Phoenix at the same time on June 11, 2019.

Ignition Details

The fire ignited by an unknown source on Saturday, June 8, 2019, that has been deemed to be human-caused. The exact type of ignition has not been released and the cause is still under investigation.

It is deemed as a human caused incident that is still under investigation.

Photo Credit | AZ State Forestry

Fire Assets

About 786 fire personnel are assigned to this include  20 crews, 33 engines and seven helicopters from the following Agencies:

  • Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical
  • USFS
  • Payson Hotshots
  • Golder Ranch FD (Wildland Team/Type 6 engine/Type 3 engine)
  • Fry Fire District (Assistance with Tender support for bucket operations)
  • Tanker 914, plus additional tankers

Additional Incident Cooperators include the following:

  • Gila County OEM
  • Gila County Sheriffs Office

These are the many faces behind those who help manage all aspects of a long-term or large incident.

Photo Credit | Gila County OEM

Community Meetings

Public Community Meetings have been held all week and presenting to the hundred of attendees the who, what, where, when and how on this wildfire by those on the IMT.

Fire Fact | 12 wildfires are burning 67,587 acres on National Forest lands.  – Forest Service_NIFC (June 17)

Air Quality

Reports of increased smoke and ask from the fire was made public to make them aware that it may be seen in the communities of Roosevelt and the Tonto Basin and along the Roosevelt Lake.

Fire Fact | Large wildfires such as this one, can create its on fire weather and we are not talking about sunny days but wind-driven, rock pelting and hazardous conditions in-a-kind-of-way for those that fight it from the sky and ground.

The fire is so huge it can now bee seen from Scottsdale, Miami and many other places around the area. (See Social Media comments)

Photo Credit | Daisy Mtn Fire & Medical

Fire Facts | 44,451 acres of tall grass, brush and chaparral has been destroyed. Crews have reached a 15% containment status. – Tonto NF


As the fire creeps closer to the Roosevelt Lake area, officials are now issuing evacuation orders on a voluntary basis.

Photo Credit | Forest Service_NIFC

Fire Fact | Fire suppression efforts and containment costs have reached a mind boggling $8 Million to date. – NIFC

Social Media 

Social Media users are reporting eyewitness accounts of what has been unfolding out near their homes, businesses and news outlets.  Here is what they are saying (we have mostly paraphrased them):

January 18, 2019

“Smoke visible from the Sky Harbor, making visibility on approach no that great.”

June 17, 2019

“Smoke plume visible on satellite.” – NWS Phoenix

“Smoke from the fire could be smelled from 30 miles away. It also burned my eyes.”

“The unsettling feel when you can see smoke from this fire, let alone any fire from downtown Phoenix.”

“The fire has tripled in size.”

June 16, 2019

“Over 700 personnel. Hoping they’ll have contained by July 1st. No signs of rain to help firefighting efforts.”

June 15, 2019

“Smoke and ash in Globe.”

June 14, 2019

“Smoke can be seen from Queen Valley, Gold Mountain near Tortilla Flats.”

June 13, 2019

“Smoke plumes could be seen from Saguaro Lake.”

“Fire is visible from the ICP, about 7 miles from the Peralta Trailhead.”

June 12, 2019

“Command Center established at the Peralta Trail Elementary School in Gold Canyon.”

June 11, 2019

“Fire has grown to about 5,000 acres. Gold Canyon and Apache Junction still safe. No structures in danger. Fire is in the wilderness about 10 miles northwest of Superior, Arizona.” – SFMD

“It’s rare to see smoke in the Phoenix metro area. ”

June 10, 2019

“Smoke visible from Apache Junction.”



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The Wildfire Log | Lumgrey Fire | CA | 1

UPDATE 1 | JUNE 19, 2019

A wildfire named the LUMGREY Fire ignited on Monday, June 17, 2019, around 1800 hours from an unknown source, which is currently under investigation.  It started as two separate fires that merged together. The incident is off of CA Hwy 96 and near Lumgrey Creek on the Klamath National Forest in Siskiyou County, California.

There are approximately 266 total personnel along with an US Forest Service – Klamath NF IC E. Willy is in charge of Fire Command.  Some resources were dispatched on Tuesday from neighboring Eldorado National  Forest and CAL FIRE  to assist with the wildfire.

CHP lead drivers as an escort on Hwy 96 for local traffic only.

Help from above also arrived with airtankers based out of the Medford Airtanker Base making drops about 18,000 gallons of retardant and spending a whopping $94,000!

The forward movement of the fire and its behavior is expected to be at a minimal impact but there were legitimate concerns when the fire was reported on June 18th, that it had jumped the Klamath River.

As more assessments are made of the total fire perimeter, there may be a readjustment of total acres burned.  At the time of this post, there was about 207 acres destroyed.

Crews have reached a total 60% containment as this evening.  They will, however, continue to work on securing and improving lines around the fire which will increase the containment number.

Evacuation warnings for Dutch Creek and Empire Creek were lifted.  Previous evacuation warnings were also given to those who live near the Gottsville area. (June 17).

Fire images | Photo Credit:  USFS – Klamath NF. Courtesy of: Inciweb

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