Active Wildfires | California | Aug 25, 2016

The State of California has been experiencing way too many Wildfires lately for those who work/play/live/visit and its 1st Responders to go unnoticed.  Here is a compiled of wildfires from just today (Thursday, August 25, 2016).

Monterey County California Fires burning. (Credit: NASA)

Cedar Fire – 5 miles N of Alta Sierra.  Sequoia NF.  Active fire behavior with short crow-runs, group torching, and short-range spotting.  23,239 acres. 10% contained. 2374 personnel. 36 crews. 219 engines. 16 copters. 12 structures lost. $24.4 Million CTD.

Chimney Fire – 15 miles West of Paso Robles.  CAL Fire – San Luis-Obispo Unit. CAL Fire IMT2.  1,898 Structures remain threatened.  Evacuations in effect.   43,933 acres. 41% contained. 3,972 personnel. 105 crews, 327 engines. 16 helicopters. 7 Air tankers, 46 dozers, 59 water tenders.  68 structures lost. $42.3 Million CTD. 1898 structures threatened.

All evacuation orders have been lifted.

Last night, fire behavior was active with winds driving the fire into the northwestern region. Winds were W to NW with temperatures in the mid 50’s and higher relative humidity which helped firefighters reinforce containment lines. The Hearst Castle and Hearst Castle Infrastructure remain threatened.

Clayton Fire – 1 mile SE of Lower Lake.  CAL Fire – Sonoma Lake – Napa Unit.  Located off Hwy 29 and Clayton Creek south of Lower Lake.

Cause ruled as Arson. Suspect has been arrested and charged.

300 structures destroyed, 29 damaged.

Firefighters worked through the night to construct and strengthen control lines. Steep, rugged terrain continues to challenges fire control efforts. 40 firefighters. 2 engines. 1 crew. 1 helicopter.  3,929 acres. 99% contained.

Grade Fire – 2 miles N of Yreka.  CAL Fire – Siskiyou Unit. Active fire behavior with running, short-range spotting and uphill runs.  710  acres. 60% contained.  10 structures lost.  $229,000 CTD. Hwy 263 closed in the fire area.

Rey Fire – 7 miles North of Goleta.  Los Padres NF.  Located North of Santa Barbara and near White Rock Day Use Picnic area.. Active fire behavior with short-range spotting and flanking in Divisions “P” and “S”.  31,505 acres. 39% contained. 1976 personnel. 56 crews. 135 engines. 23 copters. 0 structures lost. $11.6 Million. Forest Service.

Cause under investigation.

1 reported injury.

The fire spotted into the Zaca burn scar and around Ogilvy Ranch in the Mono drainage. Resources are currently assessing the possible damage and the extent of the spots.

Tonight crews will be assessing the fire area to assist in repositioning resources tomorrow. Infrared flights will take place to spot any possible heat along the constructed line

Soberanes Fire – 7 miles NW of Big Sur.  CAL Fire – San Benito-Monterey Unit. Transfer of Command from IMT to a new will occur on Friday, August 27, 2016. Active fire behavior with flanking and short-range spotting.  The fire continues to slowly move south and east of Miller Mountain in Hiding Camp Canyon, and farther south near the Ventana Cones. Fire behavior remains a slow backing and flanking fire through an eight year old fuel bed of grass, brush and timber litter. Near the coast range, the fire continues to flank southward in the Big Sur drainage below Mount Olmstead. $158.7 Million CTD.

Cause: Illegal Campfire.

90,062 acres. 60% contained. 410 structures still being threatened while 57 homes and 11 outbuildings have already been destroyed.  3 structures and 20 outbuildings have been damaged. 1 fatality plus 4 injuries.

1494 personnel. 44 engines. 27 crews. 12 helicopters. 18 dozers. 42 water tenders.

CAL FIRE San Benito-Monterey Unit/Los Padres National Forest, CA State Parks and Recreation, CHP, CAL-OES, CDCR, CA National Guard, Big Sur Land Trust, CAL-TRANS, CCC, CA Fish & Wildlife, Coast Property Owners Association (CPOA), Community Foundation for Monterey County, BLM, American Red Cross, the County of Monterey, PG&E, Carmel Highlands F.P.D., Monterey County Regional Fire Protection District, Mid Coast Volunteer Fire Brigade, Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade and the Cachagua Fire Protection District.

Tulley Fire – 6 miles N of Weitchpec.  CAL Fire – Humboldt – Del Norte Unit.  Located off of Hwy 169 & Martin’s Ferry Rd, northwest of Weitchpec. CA IMT Humboldt County.  Moderate Fire behavior with up hill runs, short-range spotting, torching.  505 acres. 20% contained. 1386 personnel.  50 crews. 95 engines. 11 copters. 17 dozers. 15 water tenders. 2 structures lost. $3.2 Million. State lands.  40 structures still under direct threat.

Cause deemed: Arson.

Cooperating Agencies:  Cooperating Agencies: California Highway Patrol, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, CalTrans, CDCR, Cal OES, Humboldt County OES, American Red Cross, Yurok Tribe, Hoopa Tribe, BIA, USFS, HIA, CCC, PG&E, NDF, and NDC.

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NW Wildfires Growing and Growing | August 24, 2016


wildfires 2016

Wow…. these wildfires are growing by the minute and, because once again where there are so many – we are finding ourselves having a difficult time keeping up.  Some will be individually reported as time permits, whereas, others may be grouped together.

Thanks for your support, photos and letting us know when fires are breaking out!  We Love your feedback and being so engaging!  We thank you SO much!!

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Photo credit: Joanie Schmidgall (Blue Top Fire)

Today, Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) released a report that approximately 89% of all of their wildfires this year have been from arson.  That seems to be hitting a lot of States, including Washington (and our nearby neighbor, California).

Blue Top Fire

The fire started on Wednesday, July 27, 2016. Initial attack crews responded to a 2 acre fire located in the vicinity of Blue Pool and Tamolitch Falls, a popular recreation area along the McKenzie River Trail (#3507).  The fire is currently being investigated to see if it is human-caused.

63 personnel.  58 acres. 80% contained.  It is currently minimal, creeping, smoldering and isolated torching.

Cherry Road Fire

This fire is located in East of Owyhee Reservoir, Oregon. BLM lands.The fire threatened the Lake Owyhee State Park, Greater Sage Grouse habitat and wild horse management areas; the Wild Horse Basin Wilderness Study Area, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, and several grazing allotments.

32,100 acres. 85% contained. 252 personnel.  4 crews, 29 engines. 2 copters. 0 structures lost.  $1 Million.

Rail Fire

This wildfire is burning on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and being managed by a IMT 2 Team with IC (Sheldon). It is located about 5 miles West of Unity, Oregon and burning in timber.  The fire behavior is being reported as smoldering with group torching, single torching and wind-driven runs.  Numerous structures are still being threatened. Numerous structures threatened. Road, trail and area closures in effect.

32,530 acres. 45% contained. 867 personnel. 24 Crews, 42 Engines, 7 Dozers, 25 Water tenders, 4 Masticators, 5 Skidders/Skidgins   Aircraft: 4 Type 1 heavy helicopters, 1 Type 2 medium helicopter, 2 Type 3 light helicopter. 0 structures lost. $19.3 Million.  Forest Service lands.

2500 Road Fire

This wildfire is burning in the Toledo Unit of the Oregon DOF’s territory, about 3 miles NE of Depoe Bay, Oregon in heavy and medium logging slash.  . The fire behavior is active with creeping and smoldering.

200 acres. 0% contained. 276 personnel.  16 crews. 16 engines. 2 copters. 0 structures lost. $175,000.00.  State lands.

Withers Fire (Last report)

This fire was burning in the territory of the Lakeview District of the  BLM, about 1 mile North of Paisley, Oregon.  It was burning brush and short grass.  At one time, multiple homes were threatened with road closures in effect.

3,424 acres. 100% contained.


Hand crew extinguishing fire within 300' radius of residence

Hand crew doing Mop-up operations around structures on the Hart Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Washington State DNR has stated that humans have started over 80 fires so far.  Remember, you can do your part by making sure campfires are completely out and no outdoor fires due to dry conditions.  #OneLessSpark

Buck Creek Fire

Located Upper Chiwawa River in Leavenworth, Washington. This wildfire was ignited by lightning.  It currently has 85 personnel and has burned 1,987 acres of timber.  There is no known containment status but the fire is said to be creeping.

Cayuse Mtn Fire

This wildfire is burning inside the Spokane Agency/BIA lands.  It is being managed by a IMT 2 (Goff). It is located 8 miles SW of Wellpinit, Washington and burning in timber and tall grass.  The fire behavior is moderate with single tree torching and backing.  Numerous structures are still under threat.  Evacuations, road and trail closures are in effect.

18,000 acres. 30% contained. 0 personnel/resources. 13 structures lost. $1 Million. BIA land.

Hart Fire

The Hart Fire is burning in the NE Region managed by Washington’s DNR.  It is being managed by a IMT 2 team.  It is located 35 miles NW of Spokane and 13 miles North of Davenport and South of the Spokane River in Washington State.  It is burning in timber and short grass.  The fire behavior is moderate with single tree torching, creeping and backing.

Additional crews and engines arrived yesterday evening. The primary focus will be on strengthening  fire line in the northwest portion of the fire and extinguishing all fires within 300 feet of structures.

The entire fire area is under a Level II evacuation. Road closures are in place at the junction of Highway 25 and Hart Road and at Porcupine Hill Road.

4200 acres. 20% contained. 206 personnel.  3 crews. 29 engines. 3 helicopters.  15 structures lost. $250,000.00.  State lands.

Spokane Complex (2 fires)

The Spokane Complex consists of two fires: the Wellesley Fire and the Yale Road Fire. The Wellesley Fire is located North of I 90 on the eastern edge of Spokane. The Yale Road Fire is located South of Spokane and I-90, and SW of the small community of Valleyford.  Both fires started on the afternoon of Sunday, August 21, 2016 as a dry cold front moved through the area with strong gusty winds.

6,132 acres. 0% contained.  581 personnel.  10 crews.  69 engines.  5 helicopters. 17 structures lost.  $450,000.00 Cost-to-date.

Pickens North Fire

DNR fire crews were originally dispatched to a car fire that extended into nearby grass and brush in East of Ellisford near the intersection of Pickens Valley Road and Round-up Road in Okanogan County, Washington.  At 2033 hours, it was reported by DNR at 250 acres. Resources include an unknown number of dozers, hand crews and engines on the fire ground

Tule #6 Fire

This fire is burning in the (BIA) Yakama Agency’s territory located ,about 7 miles South of Toppenish, Washington.  It is said to be burning in timber, brush and tall grass and has a minimal fire behavior.  Fire is threatening structures.

6,200 acres. 80% contained.  173 personnel.  5 crews. 20 engines. $195,000.00.  BIA lands.

Kahlotus Fire

The Washington State Fire Marshall’s Office is managing this wildfire that is located about 1 mile SE of Kahlotus, Washington that is burning in brush and short grass.  It’s fire behavior is wind-driven and spotting threatening multiple structures in its path Road closures in effect. Reduction in acreage due to more accurate mapping

5942 acres. 80% contained.  78 personnel.  2 crews. 10 engines.  4 structures lost.  $500,000.00.  State Lands. Some media outlets are reporting this is was 100% contained this morning.

Olympic National Park (Unofficial Complex)

There are currently 4 fires burning inside the Park.  We are classifying them as a Complex due to multiple fires are burning at the same time

Fire Name: Godkin
Initial Report: 7.25.2016
Approximate Acreage: 515 acres
Location: 25 miles south of Port Angeles along the Elwha River
Elevation: 3500’

Fire Name: Hayes
Initial Report: 7.26.2016
Approximate Acreage: 1617 acres
Location: 20 miles south of Port Angeles on a ridgeline between the Lost River and Hayes River
Elevation: 5000’

Fire Name: Cox Valley
Initial Report: 7.28.2016
Approximate Acreage: 56 acres
Location: Approximately 12 miles south of Port Angeles, near PJ Lake north of Obstruction Point Ridge
Elevation: 4200’

Fire Name: Ignar Creek
Initial Report: 7.29.2016
Approximate Acreage: Approximately 3/4th Acre
Location: Approximately 22 miles northeast of Lake Quinault
Elevation: 2400’


Health and Well

Wildfires, we know can very dangerous to our safety if we come in contact with a wildfire burning in near or around our towns or even having the winds carrying the smoke impacting our breathing.

Learn how to protect your Health and Wellness with this great website from the Washington State Public of Health –>


Learn about Wildfires and Insurance and how it all works.  Here’s a great link to check out —>

FEMA Region 10

Fire grants have been approved for the Yale Fire and the Wellesley Fire located in Eastern Washington.  Learn more here —>

American Red Cross

Learn how the Red Cross is helping those affected by Wildfires in the Northwest by checking out their website here –> .

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#Breaking Vehicle Fire Spreads to Brush | Washington

NEW WILDFIRE – Pickens North Fire in Cache Creek

Firefighters were dispatched around 1704 hours PDT as a car fire, that quickly spread into nearby dry grass and brush.  Resources arrived on-scene at 1724 hours PDT.

This wildfire named #PickensNorthFire is burning in the Cache Creek area of Okanogan County, Washington.

DNR is now reporting the fire has reached 250 acres with a 0% containment status.

No other details are available at this moment but we are working to get an update as soon as possible.

Updated 8/24/2016 @ 2040 hours PDT


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Deep North Fire | Washington | Aug 24 2016


Smoke above the Deep North Fire

Deep North Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Start Date/Cause

The Deep North Fire started Sunday evening from an unknown cause.


Thirty-one miles northeast of Colville, Washington and West of Deep Lake.

Size – Containment

Currently, the fire is said to be at 617 acres and is approximately 15% contained.



NW IMT team #10.

Fire Response

187 fire personnel are assigned to this incident along resources of 3 crews, 20 engines.


0 damaged or destroyed reported.


Fire Behavior

Moderate fire behavior with single tree torching, flanking and creeping.


40-50 homes are under Evacuation Level 1.

Under direct threat:  Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) timberlands, local livestock and homes near Deep Lake.





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Rail Fire | Oregon | August 21, 2016



Start Date & Time

The Rail Fire originally started on July 31st at 1430 (2:30pm) by an unknown cause.

Rail Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Rail Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)


The Rail Fire began on the Wallowa-Whitman NF, is burning approximately 5 miles West of Unity, OR.

Size – Containment Status

32,530 acres – 45% contained.

Fire Fuels

Bug-killed lodge pole pine stands with a large standing dead and down component throughout the fire area.

Current Fire Conditions

The majority of the fuel in this area is mixed conifer with dead lodgepole. Portions of this area are part of the 2002 Monument fire.

Moderate fire behavior with group torching, single tree torching and wind-driven runs.

Damage Assessment

0 structures lost reported.


$19.3 Million.


Level 1 Evacuation

A Level-1 Pre-Evacuation Advisory has been issued by Grant County for the area of Summit Rock, Elk Creek Campground and the Hunters Creek area.

The area extends from Summit Prairie Road, east to the Grant County line and south from the Grant County line three miles to Tub Springs. This was initiated per county policy because the fire is within five miles of the closest residence.

In Grant County, Level 1 is a Pre-evacuation advisory used primarily in slow-moving events. At this level, residents are made aware that danger exists and encouraged to monitor the local news outlets for information. Residents with special needs or those with pets or livestock should take note and make preparations for relocation.


Fire Personnel

867 Fire personnel and support.


24 Crews
42 Engines
7 Dozers
25 Water tenders
4 Masticators
5 Skidders/Skidgins

4 Type 1 heavy helicopters
1 Type 2 medium helicopter
2 Type 3 light helicopter



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Withers Fire | Oregon | August 24 2016


photo of the community meeting in Paisley, OR

A Public Info Meeting in Paisley, Oregon (Courtesy: Inweb)

Fire Location

The Withers Fire is located on Lakeview District, BLM territory, approximately 1 mile north of Paisley, OR.

Fire Fuels

The Fire was burning in brush and short grass.

Current Conditions

It was burning minimal.  Fire report last updated 8/22/2016.


This wildfire was started by human-intervention.  If you have any tips regarding the cause of this fire, please contact local Law Enforcement or 9-1-1 to report information.  #StandUp and #BeAHero.



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Large Quakes Rock Italy | August 23, 2016




Area hit the hardest by the Quake with some outlying areas. (Credit: USGS)

Incident Info

Two large earthquakes shook areas just SE and NE of Norcia, Italy at in the early morning hours (0230 local time or 1930 PDT), reports the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The original quake was reported by the USGS as a M6.2  and a later aftershock at M5.5.


A local Agency similar to  the American USGS reported feeling about 10 aftershocks in both Central and Northern Italy within a two-hour period.  The impact has reached as many the upwards of 10 million people in  the Country.


American Red Cross – Safe and Well App

Are you safe in Italy and want your loved ones to know? Check out The American Red Cross app @

Facebook – Safety Check App

Let your loved ones know through Facebook that you are safe.

American Citizens

The U.S. State Department is urging American citizens in Italy to let your Loved Ones know you are okay via Social Media.


Incoming Reports


The Mayor of Amatrice, a nearby mountainous town of less than 3,000 (2008 census) reported their City was in complete ruins.  People were reportedly entrapped underneath collapsed buildings.  The Mayor has pleaded with the public to make room for Emergency Response vehicles to be able to pass and reach those who need those services the most.


News Media

Local Media:  Various reports of  Magnitudes of the original Quake from M5.7 – M6.4.

Local Quake Agency:  “We have felt about 10 aftershocks from M3.8 to M6.3 in a matter of several hours.”

Video via CNN:

EMSC: “Aftershock rate is high in following M6.2 and will likely continue in the coming days.”


Beautiful Amatrice (before) in the snow-covered mountains. (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Eyewitness Reports

Mayor of Amatrice:   “We can hear people screaming trapped under the ruins. We need help!  Our historic City is no longer here.”

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Deep North Fire | Washington | Aug 2 2016


Deep North Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Deep North Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Start Date/Cause

The Deep North Fire started on 8/21/2016 around 1430 hours from an unknown cause.  The cause is being thoroughly investigated at this moment.  No preliminary cause(s) is/are known at this time.


The fire is located near Deep Lake Mountain in Stevens County  and approximately 25 miles NE of Colville, Washington.


Currently, the fire is said to be at  800 acres.

Fire Fuels

The fire is burning in heavy brush and Douglas fire stands.



The NW IMT Team 10 assumed management of this fire at 1800 hours this evening.

Fire Response

Firefighters from Washington’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) responded with both DNR Type 3 crews and air resources, with the Mutual Aid assistance from a Canadian air tanker dropping retardant.

Equipment / Mutual Aid Resources

There are currently 3 local helicopters with the aid of 3 Canadian Air tankers assisting as air resources.  The amount of air resources on current and future wildfires are dependent on the availability of helicopter due to the high number of consecutive on-going incidents occurring.



There are approximately 50-60 homes that are under Level 2 evacuations around Deep Lakes that are now in effect.


NE Corner

6300 feet of dozer lines have been completed on the NE corner of the fire.

Fire Behavior

Active fire prompting evacuations.



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Cherry Road Fire | Oregon | August 22 2016


Cherry Road Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Cherry Road Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Start Date

The Cherry Road Fire started on 8/21/2016 from human intervention.  The exact cause is undetermined but Officials are working tirelessly investigating.  We do not have a preliminary cause at the moment.


This wildfires is said to be burning in the Vale District, about 16 miles West of Homedale, Idaho and approximately 7 miles South of Adrian, Oregon and East of the Owynee Reservoir.


The size of the fire is currently at 31,210 acres.


Command Staff

IMT2 NW Team 8 (Johnson) has been ordered.  A Jordan Valley Regional Fire Protection Association and the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office are also expected to arrive or have arrived on-scene.

Fire Response

There are 100 personnel assigned to this fire.


Equipment Resources

There is currently 1 crew, 19 engines, 3 helicopters with 21 engines, 5 hand crews and other additional resources on order.


Fire Behavior

Active flame on all sides of the fire. Wind driven. High rates of spread.  Moderate to extreme fire behavior.

Higher wind gusts up to 25 mph are expected.

Damage Assessment

No structures have been damaged or destroyed, however both residences and sage grouse habitat are currently under threat.


There have been none reported.



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Withers Fire | Oregon | August 22 2016


Withers Fire near Paisley, OR

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Start Date


Fire Location

The Withers Fire is located on Lakeview District, BLM territory, approximately 1 mile north of Paisley, OR.


Human-caused. Exact cause unknown and under investigation.

Fire Fuels

The Fire is burning in brush and short grass.

Current Conditions

Minimal fire behavior. Backing and creeping. It is currently at a 85% containment status.


About 30 homes  threatened.


Fire Response

179 personnel are assigned to this incident.

Equipment / Add’l Resources

3 crews, 12 engines and 2 helicopters.



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