Thank you for joining us for some WA Fire Activity Updates.  Here is the CAD activity report for Sunday, May 28th. – May you all be safe out there.


2144 PDT Dispatch | #FrenchCreekFire  – Okanogan County.  French Creek.  Resources en route at 2145 hours. SO 241 and 242 dispatched.

2026 PDT Dispatch | #ShermanParadiseFire – Spokane County.  Marshall.  Resources en route at  2045 hours.

1640 PDT Dispatch | #GeigerFreewayFire – Spokane County.  Aero Road.  Other Agency – WFS.  .01 acre. Grass fire.

1531 PDT Dispatch | #FishTrailFire – Spokane County.  Lincoln.  Other Agency – WFS.

1245 PDT Dispatch | #LedbetterFire – Pend Oreille County.  Ledbetter Lake. Resource on-scene at 1420 hours.

0901 PDT Dispatch | #ColbertMedianFire – Spokane County.  Colbert.  Other Agency – WFS. .01 acre.


0800 PDT Dispatch | #HorseParkFire – Kittitas County. FD, DNR response. T20 R15 S28.  Brush fire.  Grass and brush for fire fuels. .25 acre.


1410 PDT Dispatch | #CarsonCutoffFire – Near Stevenson. SR14 x MP 47.8.  Lined and mopped up. Shrub and Oak underbrush.  1.5 acres.


1114 PDT Dispatch | #LittleJohnFire  – Little John Campground. 0.1 acre.

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#BacaFire | NM | 1



The Baca Wildfire was ignited by lightning on May 12, 2017, about 6 miles NE of Quemado Lake and 10 miles south of the town of Quemado (Catron County), New Mexico.


Assigned to this fire are the following resources:

  • IC Ricky Cox / Gila/Las Cruces Type 3 IMT
  • 1 Wildland Fire Module
  • 2 Hot Shot crews
  • 4 Type 6 engines
  • 1 Helicopter
  • 41 Overhead
  • 91 Total Personnel

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


The Baca Wildfire fire behavior has moderate backing.  Due to the lessening winds, there was a small increase in acreage.  The fire has backed itself SE to Baca Mesa.

There has been 2,566 acres of Ponderosa pine and grass that have been destroyed.

Firefighters will continue to monitor and patrol along the containment lines.


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#BlackCanyonFire | AZ | New!



A fire thought to be tapped at the C & S Auto salvage yard was said to have reignited 2300 hours MST on Saturday, May 27, 2017.  The Salvage yard located at the intersection of Smith Way and Tara Springs Road in Black Canyon City, Arizona.


Together collectively, the Black County FD, Daisy FD, Scottsdale FD, Paradise Valley FD, Phoenix FD and the Glendale FD worked throughout the night trying to suppress and contain the fire.  Close to 8’oclock this morning, fire was holding at 15 acres but not before evacuations were conducted.


The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office along with members of the Yavapai County Jeep Posse, as a precaution evacuated residents within the Black Canyon City communities.

A Red Cross shelter was opened at the Canon School located at 34360 S School Loop Road in Black Canyon City, Arizona.


Firefighters are still working to contain the fire.

Reports of smoke is said to be drifting from Black Canyon City into nearby communities, Groom Creek and Spruce Mountain.

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#SnakeRidge Fire | AZ | 2


Incident Summary

A wildfire broke out on the Coconino National Forest, located about  9 miles NW of Clints Well, Arizona.  The cause was due to lightning that hit the area and then lingered.  It was discovered was called in by Baker Butte Lookout on Friday, May 19, 2017.

Resources / Equipment

A  Type 3 IMT unit commanded by both Jeff Thumm (IC), Jason McElfresh (Deputy IC) are assigned to this incident, along with 100 fire personnel and miscellaneous overhead fire support.

The scene when first responders arrived, near the source of the wildfire, reported by Baker Butte Lookout on May 19, 2017. The fire was caused by a lightning strike. (Snake Ridge Fire - May 19, 2017 - Jason McElfresh, Deputy Incident Commander)

Snake Ridge Fire – May 19, 2017 –  Photo Credit:  Jason McElfresh, Deputy Incident Commander

Current Fire Operations

The fire has destroyed up to 6,800 acres of dead and down wood and pine needles  that are considered to be heavy fire forest fuels.  Burnout operations will be conducted as needed.  Continued monitoring and patrolling the areas by fire crews will be made on Sunday.

Suppression Costs-to-Date

Fire suppression costs-to-date are $175,000.00. (as of May 26, 2017)


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#PhinneyFire | Seattle, Washington

Seattle Fire crews (Stock Photo by (c) 2017 LR Swenson)



Firefighters were dispatched @ 1850 hours PDT to a FIRE IN BUILDING call in the 4700 block of Phinney Avenue North in Seattle (Phinney neighborhood), Washington on Saturday evening.


Command first established “Phinney Command” at the time of arriving


Fire operations would quickly take off, just like this incident.  Here is the timeline for this fire:

1856 | L8:  Assigned to the roof.

1857 | E18:  Laying a back-up line.     Command:  Floor 3 showing smoke from the roof, possibly into the roof. Asked unit to check for extension.

1858 | E21:  En route with pike poles.  Reported 3.5 stories and fire on Fire 3.  Fire coming from the ceiling.  Need pike poles. E17:  Assigned to put water on exterior side and using water from E9.  E16:  Assigned RIT.

1902 | Dispatch:  10 minutes on the incident clock.

1904 | Primary Search:  Completed on the fire floor (Floor 3).  All clear.

1905 | Command:  3-story wood frame, residential building turning white and multiple crews inside.  REHAB is at 47th & Phinney.

1906 | Command to Dispatch:  Blocking Phinney Avenue N.  Asked to notify King County Metro that street is blocked.

1909 | An unknown fire crew:  Smoke is pushing from the attic.

1910 | Equipment Request:  multiple 8 ft. Pike Poles are requested.

1912 | 20 minutes on the clock.

1913 | Report:  Fire knocked down.  1 crew is checking  extension.

1915 | Report:  Fire knocked down.  Marshal 5 has been requested.  Interior crew to wait to do any further knock down until FIU arrives on-scene.  E9: Decon line established.

1916 | E26:  Exiting out of the building.

1917 | Air9:  Arrived to fire.

1918 | B6:  Sufficient with needs.  No additional resources needed.

1919 | B6:  Secondary search completed.  All floors searched, Nothing found.

1922 | Back in Service:  Engine 6 and Ladder 6 were put back in service.

1924 | Dispatch to Command:  33 minutes on the timer.  Tap fire.

1927 | E16: RIT team reporting tap fire.  Will remain in Staging.

1928 | Fire crews found the electrical panel, shutting down power to the building.  North end of the fire building have been searched (secondary) on all floors are an all clear.

1930 | E9:  Engine water to be used and they can now remove the supply line.


The following units were dispatched to this fire:

A2 AIR9 B4 B6 DEP1 E16 E17 E18 E21 E6 E9 L6 L8 L9 M18 M44 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 and MAR5 (FIU).


The fire was knocked down at 1913 hours and a tap fire reached at 1927 hours.  A Decon line was set up and all fire crews were sent through.

Firefighters worked diligently to get this stubborn fire suppression, under control and contained.  No civilian or firefighter injuries were reported.

Marshal 5 is still on site searching for the cause.  There was no preliminary cause released at the time of this post.

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#CougarButteFire | OR | New!


Incident Summary

On Friday, May 26, 2017, around 1500 hours, a fire was reported 11 miles West of Bend and just North of Skyliners Road in Central Oregon.  At the time of the fire it was only observed at 10 acres but would quickly grow Friday evening into 125 acres and holding.

Firefighters would be working throughout the night to attempt suppress and contain the ever-growing wildfire.

“Several engines, crews and one helicopter responded to the fire, partly burning in the scar of the Bridge Creek Fire, and it is 10% contained as of 8:00 p.m. Several crews will continue working through the night on the fire to build and secure fire lines.” – Central OR Fire

This is the first fire for the Central Oregon area and we can say their Wildfire season has officially begun.

Resources & Equipment

A Type 3 IMT IC Travis Moyer and ICT Mike Aizpitarte assumed command of the fire at 0700 hours on Saturday, May 27, 2017.

Sunday fire operations will include 3 wildland fire engines, 1 dozer, 1 Interagency Hotshot Crew, 4 crews, 1 Type 2 helicopter and several overhead positions managing the blaze.

Incident Cooperators

US Forest Service, Bend Fire and Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.

Current Fire Conditions

Around 0900 hours on Saturday morning, Firefighters continued building containment lines on the E, N & S and had constructed fire line throughout the night were expected to finish the East flank this later in the morning.

Fire crews have successful kept the fire at 125 acres and reached a 10% containment status.

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#SnakeRidge Fire | AZ | New!


Incident Summary

A wildfire broke out on the Coconino National Forest, located about 34 miles SE of Flagstaff, Arizona.

The fire has destroyed 4,759 acres of timber, brush and short grass on National  Forest  land.

Resources / Equipment

Resources assigned to this incident are 83 personnel, 3 crews, 3 engines and 1 helicopter.

Fire Conditions

Fire behavior is moderate with torching.   There is a current 0% containment status.

Suppression Costs-to-Date

Fire suppression costs-to-date are $175,000.00.


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#StocktonFire | CA | New!


Incident Summary

Firefighters were just sitting down for dinner when the bells sounded for them to respond to a structure fire close to 1800 hours on Thursday, May 25, 2017.  Crews found multiple homes, warehouse, and a pallet yard on fire on Weber and “E” Streets.

Firefighters are saying that the fire may have started in the pallet yard with winds pushing the fire to increase in size and acreage.  No confirmation has been received from any other sources.

Fire Operations

The fire quickly elevated to a 4-alarm fire due to the size with multiple houses, warehouses and rail cars catching fire.  Here is the timeline for this call via scanner feed:

1749 |  E11, E4 hooking up to a hydrant with a 5″ on Myrtle and B street.  Water tender 15 has arrived and to supply water to E10.

1750 | E10 reports no water.

1751 | Using 2 1/2″ on Wilson and Crossman.

1754 | (2) 2 1/2″ being used.  Crews reporting low pressure. E12 deck gun ineffective.  2-4 houses on fire.  This is on Main Street.

1756 | PD has called shutdown RR tracks on NW side of the fire.

1759 | E10 is “Exposure Group” has Engines 13 + 14. Has (2) 2 1/2″ stretched.

1800 | Div Alpha:  No resources needed. E7 to run down hoseline down B Street.

1802 | E10 asks personnel to lay hoseline 500 ft and bring high-rise packs.

1803 | Truck 2 shutting down operations.   Div Delta:  3 rail cars on fire (N side) of the fire. No water available.

1804 | Command:  5 engines and mutual aid requested.

1806 | Staging:  is located on Myrtle + B Street.

1807 | Exposure Group:  3 houses are fully engulfed.  Defensive operations.

1808 | Truck 4 aerial ineffective.  2 1/2 ” deployed.

1813 | PG & Eshutting down grid in 10 minutes.

1815 | Staging:  located at Myrtle + “D” Street.  Manpower needed for hose lines.  All traffic on TAC1.  Command:  “All personnel need to wear SCBA + highrise pack.”

1819 | Div Alpha: Chief Palmer.   Dispatch advised of wildland fire on Weber and Bravo Street.

1822 | Div Delta:  No resources needed.  Additional resources needed on Bravo.  2 immediate Strike Teams responding per Dispatch.

1823 | Exposure Group:  2033  on scene.  Assigned to Command Post at Weber + Street.  Cancelling 3 of the 5 water tenders requested earlier by Command.

1824 | Exposure Group:  Crews reporting fire in the trees.  Command to do a 360 walk through and check in the alley.

1826 | Command to Operations:  Fresh crews coming in on west side of the fire, can access off of Myrtle Street.

1830 | Command:  Need RR rep here at the fire.  Product on fire in RR box cars.

1831 | Our Fire Weather Report:  72* F, sunny with winds at 16 mph.  48% RH and UV being on the low side.

1834 | Tender 31 arrived to provide supply to Engine 10 that is located between C and B Streets.

1835 | Tender 52 arrived, assigned to Exposure Group.

1836 | Division Alpha:  Reporting there is a PG & E distribution lines on the south of the Weber and transmission lines on the Bravo side.  Rep at the command post.

1837 | Dispatch:  Rail cars are tankers on fire?  Command advised only box cars engulfed, not the tankers.

Image may contain: fire and outdoor

Photo Credit: Stockton Firefighters Local 456

1842 | E244 arrived, reporting to Command Post.   Crews reporting pallets on fire.

1843 | Command:  Requesting Operations to start assigning personnel to C Street + Myrtle for primary searches of houses.

1845 | Div Delta:  Mop-up operations in effect.

1846 | Dispatch:  1.5 hours for Red Cross ETA and Auxiliary with water en route.

1853 |  Our Fire Weather Report:  71*F temps with winds from the West 16 mph.  49% RH and low UV.

1913 | Strike team cancelled. No longer needed by Command.

1914 | Shutting down 5″ in Division Delta.

1915 | Strike Team Leader + unit on scene.

1923 | Media:  Staging a Myrtle + C, mid block.  PIO to give update in 15 minutes.

1941 | Command:  Fire under control.

1942 | Engine Companies:  Companies  shutting down 5″ and other operations.  Div Delta:  Modesto Fire company being assigned to Division.

1945 | Exposure Group:  Water tender needed to help supply 2 1/2″.  All primary/secondary searches completed on the Charlie to Bravo divisions.  Negative found and zero extensions.

1947 | E10:  Exposure Group assisting company with picking up hoses.

1954 | Companies were beginning to assist each other to pick up hose lines.  A front end loader was requested from the Public Works Department.

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Photo Credit: CC0/Wikipedia (All rights have been waived by the Photographer)

Stockton, California is the seat for the county of San Jaoquin and located in the central valley of the State.  It is also positioned on the San Jaoquin River.

It’s City boasts an estimated population of 315,592 residents as of a 2016 census.

Stockton is considered the 13th largest City and the 63rd largest in the United States of America.


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West Mims Fire Behavior Slowing | 15


The West Mims Fire is located approximately  2.5 miles northeast of the Eddy Fire Tower in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and 7 miles east of Fargo, Georgia.

The wildfire started on April 6, 2017 from lightning.

Update 14 – May 24, 2017

  • Slow fire operations day due to adverse weather (thunderstorms) causing firefighters to be pulled off the line.
  • 833 fire personnel
  • 152,748 acres destroyed
  • 60% containment status
  • Fire behavior is minimal and smoldering
  • Ground fire said to be in heavy fire fuels, dozer berms and logging debris piles.
  • Continued structural protection, patrol and mop-up operations in the next 12 hour operational period.
mopping up (extinguishing hotspots) a dozer berm

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb (mopping up hotspots)

# # #

Update 14 – May 15, 2017

  • 152,147 acres.
  • 18% containment status.
  • 944 personnel assigned.
  • Fire activity was quiet today.
  • Fuel moisture was high enough that little growth occurred.
  • Some areas still had smoldering and creeping in heavy fuels and dozer berms.
  • High potential for initial attach from recent lightning activity.
  • Expected 100% containment status on 11/1/2017.

# # #

Update 13 – May 12, 2017

  •  148,303 acres.
  • 16% containment status
  • 804 personnel assigned.
  • Fire behavior is very active, running, spotting and flanking.
  • There has been a strong push from the Southeast to the  Northeast across the interior of the swamp and South of Bugaboo Island, as well as other areas.
  • Unified Command:  The Southern Area Type 1 Red Incident Management Team is managing the fire with Georgia Forestry Commission, Greater Okefenokee Association of Landowners (GOAL), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida Forest Service, and U.S. Forest Service.
  •  As of 1812 Hours, mandatory evacuations for GA Bend, St. George, Canady Loop and Moniac area.

# # #

Update 12 – May 12, 2017

  • Conditions are hot and dry.
  •  The fire is most active on the West side of St. George, South of GA 94 and North of Rd. 8.  2 fingers of the wildfire on the SE perimeter have multiple spot fires.
  • Firefighters are currently holding and are working to improve containment lines.
  • Fire behavior is currently active, running, flanking and spotting.
  • An additional four bulldozers and operators, along with additional personnel have been hired, in case the wind shift to the West towards Fargo, Georgia.
  • Resources showing attached to this incident are:  Southern Area Type 1 IMT, GA Forestry Commission,  Greater Okefenokee Association of Landowners, USFWS, FLFS and the USFS.
  • About 700 firefighters from 36 States, including DC and Puerto Rico are said to be here helping.
  • 144,073 acres.
  • 15% containment status.
  • 500 structures threatened due to fire head SE towards Jacksonville.

# # #

Update 11 – May 6, 2017

  • 135,391 acres
  • Towns St. George, GA have been added to mandatory evacuation order list
  •  A temporary shelter has been established in the gymnasium of the Folkston Elementary School at 34754 Okefenokee Drive, Folkston, Georgia.
  • 12% containment status

# # #

Update 10 – May 5, 2017

  • 111,650 acres
  • 12% containment status
  • Fire in holding pattern
  • 492 personnel
  • 2 crews. 50 engines. 6 helicopters. 6 bulldozers. 38 tractor plows. 2 – 20 person Hot Shots.
  • TFR in effect including unmanned aircraft and drones.
  • $12.4 Million for fire suppression costs to date.

# # #

Update 9 – May 4, 2017

  • 111,650 acres.
  • 12% containment status.
  • 503 personnel
  • Fire behavior is active with spotting, flanking and backing.
  • Firefighters will continue putting out spot fires, monitor and patrol for any fire starts.

# # #

Updates 4-8 – April 29, 2017 – May 2, 2017

  • Located 16 miles SE of Fargo, GA
  • 100,517 acres
  • 18% containment status
  • Working against NW winds and 19% RH level.
  • Back firing ops to continue.
  • 466 personnel
  • Assigned equipment/resources:  53 engines, 5 bulldozers, 34 tractor  plows and 2 Interagency Hot Shots.

# # #

Update 3 – April 28, 2017

  • 86,868 acres.
  • 8% contained.
  • Unified Command: The Georgia Forestry Commission Type 2 Incident Management Team is managing the fire with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida Forest Service, and U.S. Forest Service.
  • 488 personnel
  • Resources/Equipment:  6 helicopters, 56 engines, 6 bulldozers, 35 tractor plows, 2 Interagency Hotshot crews and various overhead personnel.
  • Strategic firing operations in effect, while addressing windy conditions.

# # #

Update 2 – April 17, 2017

  • 265 personnel
  • 21,308 acres destroyed
  • 3% contained
  • Timber (grass/understory) fire fuels
  • Equipment on site:  Tree cutter (private contractor), 1 FWS Masticator, 1 FWS Maintainer-FWS, 12 FWS Hydrotracs
  • Resources:  12 FWS helicopters, 17 engines, 5 dozers, 27 tractor plows and 1 Hotshot crew.
  • The fire is in Unified Command with the Georgia Forestry Commission Type 2 Incident Management Team assisting in managing the fire with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida Forest Service, and U.S. Forest Service.
  • The fire behavior is currently active, running and has short-range spotting.

# # #

Update 1 – April 10, 2017

  • Located 2.5 miles NNE of Eddy Tower on south end of Okefenokee NWR in Georgia.
  • The fire started on April 6, 2017, reported at 1700 hours PDT.
  • Fire Behavior is  active, wind driven runs and creeping.
  • New Fire.
  • Resources en route.

Fire Images Courtesy of Inciweb

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#Racetrack2Fire | AZ | New!

blog header wildfires


A small brush fire broke out near Milepost 8.5 on Redmington Pass in Arizona, scorching five acres of grass and brush.

The forward rate of spread has been stopped.

There was 3 engines, 1 hotshot crew and miscellaneous overhead personnel assigned to this incident.

No cause of ignition is known at the time of this post being published.

No structures were or are under threat/damaged.  No injuries have been reported.


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