South Seattle Fire Prompts Full Response

MAY 5, 2021 2055 PT

A duplex fire prompted Fire units to be dispatched through the Fire Alarm Center to a structure fire in the in the block of 19th Ave S and S Stevens Street, in Seattle, Washington.

The incident was named the STEVENS COMMAND.

Seattle Fire units dispatched were A14 AIR26 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E13 E30 E5 E6 L1 L3 M10 M44 MAR5 R1 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 at 2001 hours PT.

This was originally listed as an interior fire contained to the Charlie/Bravo corner that extended into the attic. The Charlie Division was established and members were cautioned to check in with the Division before going in due to arching and downed power lines.

Fire was brought under control at 2012, about 11 minutes into the call. It was said to be burning in the overhead. On the Charlie side, there was no heat detected and at this moment considered to have the fire under control but a short report from the exterior showed light smoke coming from the Alpha side.

RIT was established at 2016 hours PT.

After overhaul was in operations, there was indication of extension above the kitchen. Active visible fire was see in the Bravo/Charlie side up to the attic. Two engine companies took up lines to the area and immediately put water on the fire.

A Decon line was established (2024 hours).

Utilities were secured: Gas for both structures (2026 hours) and power (2034).

Roof operations had a plan to cut into the roof above the kitchen but decided not to. (2028). Water on the fire (2030) and then a tap fire (2031).

Exactly at 30 minutes, fire crews egressed quickly to make sure this did not extend further or cause it to put other exposures at risk. Nice work, Seattle Fire!

Two adults and two dogs were displaced by the fire and are being assisted by the Red Cross.

No reports of injuries to the occupants or crews were reported.

Fire Marshal 5 (FIU) was called to the scene. No word on the cause or content damage is known at the time of this post.

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NW Wildfire Activity | April 19, 2021


Snowshoe Fire | Old RR Road

1508 dispatched. 15 acres. NC 7112 (IC). C93, E691, H341, HI25, HI37, HI40, HI41, HI61, HI7107, HI7110, HI7112, SO7208. Units on-scene 1415 hours PT. WA DNR – NEC.


Moonlight Fire | Moon Creek

0015 dispatched. 0.1 acre of grass, slash. In patrol status. WA DNR – NEC.


Tallman Fire | Tallman Road

1341 dispatched. 1.4 acres. AR28, AR64, AR7401, AR7412. Resources on-scene. WA DNR – NEC.

Washington Fire | East Washington Road

1216 dispatched. 0.1 acre. AR25 (IC). AR25, AR7407. Resources on-scene. WA DNR – NEC.

Enoch Fire | West Enoch Road

1207 dispatched. 0.1 acre. AR64 (IC). In patrol status. WA DNR – NEC.

Depot Springs Fire | West Depot Springs Road

0207 dispatched. 0.1 acre of grass and slash. In patrol status. WA DNR – NEC.

Mount Spokane Fire | Mount Spokane Drive

2026 4/18/2021 dispatched. 0.1 acre. NE6 (IC). 75% mopped up. WA DNR – NEC.


Mitchell Draw Fire | Mitchell Draw

0339 dispatched. 1.5 acres of timber, litter, slash. AR62 (IC). AR7402. 0630 contained. 1700 controlled. WA DNR – NEC.


Mill Creek Incident | Smoke Check

1527 dispatched. Mill Creek. Limited info. WA DNR – CWC

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NW Wildfire Activity | April 9, 2021

Here are a few wildfires that have occurred on Thursday and Friday on April 8 and 9, 2021.

APRIL 9, 2021


Chelan Butte. Chelan County. 8.6 acres. Grass, brush and timber. Escobar (IC). Contained 1753 hours. Dispatched via Central WA Comm Center.


Spring Creek Canyon. Lincoln County. 5 acres. Grass, shrub and timber. AR27 (IC), AR7402 and 7407 on-scene at 1650 hours PT. Open incident. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC..


North Basin. Stevens County. .7 acres. Grass, shrub. NC25 (IC). Contained and controlled 1600. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.


Vantage. Kittitas County. 0.1 acre. Grass. SE-Martin (IC). Contained and controlled 1545. Dispatch Center: CWC.


2200 Bishop Road, Vale. 5 acres. Open incident. Dispatch Center: Vale Dispatch Center.


Maxwell Pond. Just SW of Wallowa. 1.5 acres. Grass. Human-caused. ODF NStat. Resources responded 4/8. Assisted Wallowa RFD. Contained 4/9/2021 1100 PT. Dispatched by Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch Center.


Unknown location. .3 acres. Limited information.

APRIL 8, 2021


Aeneas Creek Road. Ferry County. 1 acre. 7107 (IC). In patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.


Granite Lake Road. Spokane County. 1.5 acres. Short grass, timber. AR29 (I). Contained 1815. Controlled 1930 hours. Dispatch Center. WA DR.


Vale. .1 acre. Dispatch Center: Vale Dispatch Center.


Tiller Ranger District. Douglas County. Contained 4/9 0839 PT. Controlled 0840. .1 acres. Dispatched: Roseburg Interagency Comm Center.

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April 5, 2021 | NW Wildfires


A few fires broke out in both Oregon and Washington States today but nothing too major. Thanks to quick egress out on the fireline from keeping these fires turning into big wildfires.

Here is a recap of today’s incident via the, communication centers.

0754 PT Dispatched

BUCK FIRE. Buck Creek Road. Pend Orielle County, WA. 0.1 acre. AR66 (IC). Contained 0930 PT. Controlled at 0950 PT.

0759 PT Dispatched

HUBERT ROAD TWO FIRE. Spokane. Stevens County, WA. .01 acre. Grass, brush. In patrol status.

0805 PT Dispatched

SCOTTIE DOG FIRE. Scottie Dog Lane. Spokane County, WA. 1.9 acres. Grass, shrub. AR29 (IC). In patrol status.

0808 PT Dispatched

BECK CREEK FIRE. Beck Creek, OR. 0.1 acre. Contained 4/5/2021 1344 PT. Controlled 1345 PT. Out 1346 PT.

1147 PT Dispatched

DAVIES FIRE. Davies Road. Okanogan County, WA. 13 acres. Grass. HI7112 (IC). In patrol status.

1237 PT Dispatched

MASON FIRE. Mason Road. Spokane County, WA. 1 acre. Grass, brush, timber. AR65 (IC). In patrol status.

1913 PT Dispatched 4/4/2021

CAMAS FIRE. Camas Prairie. Klickitat County, WA. 27 acres grass, brush, timber and slash. SE Miller (IC) as of 1315 PT. Resources: SE 863, SE Lawson. OPEN INCIDENT

1400 PT Dispatched 4/4/2021

QUINCY LAKE FIRE. Quincy Lake, Grant County, WA. .25 acres. Grass, brush. Riker (IC). Contained and controlled 4/5/2021 1030 PT.

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Snohomish County firefighters responded to a 2-alarm residential fire in the 49000 block of SR 2 in Gold Bar, Washington State. The fire occurred on Saturday, April 3, 2021 around 2153 hours PT.

Units dispatched were T53, KCT195, 1G9, 1K1, A51, A54, AIR54, B31, B53, E31, E51, E53, E54, M32, T51, TN54, KCTN166, E33, KCE195.

All occupants were said to have escaped the structure. However, firefighters were being challenged with no water supply and utilities had not been secured at one point during the incident.

About 30 minutes after the water supply issues, fire crews were able to find success in knocking down the fire

One person was said to have suffered burns but it is unknown the severity of their injuries.

SR-2 in Gold Bar was blocked due to the fire incident. Officials were asking that drivers use another route to bypass the area for their safety and due to emergency vehicles in the area.

No preliminary cause of the fire was released.

A damage assessment to the property and contents was also unknown and too early to determine.

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NW Impacted by Small Wildfires

April 1, 2021 | Thursday

The Northwest experienced a total of 13 wildfires for a total of 19 acres with one fire in Oregon and no detected burned acres, while the State of Washington sustained 12 new fires and had a total of 19. This was for the time period of March 19th through the 25th.

The wildfire information listed in this post for both Washington State and Oregon for April 1, 2021.


Milwaukee Fire : Milwaukie Road. Dispatched 15:25 PT. 0.1 acres. Short grass. Contained 15:35. Controlled 15:50 PT. IC AR28. Dispatched via NEC. ##


Spring Field Fire: Hunters Road. Dispatched 13:41 PT. 4.2 acres. Grass, timber, understory, litter. Contained and controlled at 1630 hours. In Patrol status. Dispatched via NEC. ##


Wildland Firefighter Safety

Washington State is the first among states begin developing wildfire smoke worker-safety rules. Check out the story on !Fiberone News Radio.

National Preparedness Level

The National Preparedness is at a Level 2 due to increased fire activity and potential for new fires in numerous geographic areas, increased resource and incident management team and resource commitments (for COVID).

Northwest Weather Forecast

he broad upper-level trough over the West will weaken and shift eastward over the weekend but will bring snow to portions of the Intermountain West into tomorrow before exiting the region. Upper-level ridging will build into the West before another upper low slides southeast from Alaska along the Pacific Coast before broadening over the West early next week.

Due to the trajectory of this upper low, precipitation will likely be confined to the Coast Ranges of Oregon and Washington, Cascades, and northern and central Rockies early to mid-next week. 

Current Fire Stats (2021)

From January 1st through March 26, 2021, there have been 9,230 wildfires for a total of 226,826 acres. (Nationally, speaking).

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Washington Sees Monday Wildfires

The State of Washington saw some wildfires on Monday, March 29, 2021. Here is a short recap of today’s fire activitity.

Photo Credit | NWFB Stock Photo


A wildfire was reported in Pleasant Valley in Stevens County this afternoon when resources were dispatched via the DNR Incident Comm Center at 1510 hours PT. Unknown acres were reported. AR 28 arrived as the IC. It is currently in the patrol status. Unknown cause of ignition. ##


A wildfire ignited on the Main Road in Okanogan County, dubbing the fire name UPPER MAIN FIRE. Dispatched at 13:12 hours PT. 0.1 acres of grass and brush were lost. HI 40 was the IC. Resources arrived on-scene quickly and contained the fire at 1415 hours and got it under control at 1430 hours PT. No word on the cause. ##

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Northwest Hit by Wildfire Activity

MARCH 28, 2021. SUNDAY.

Green Ridge Fire (OR)

The Green Ridge Fire broke out on Green Ridge on Sunday, March 28, 2021. Fire assets were dispatched at 1613 hours PT which included BC41 and OPS41. At the time of this post, the fire had burned .25 acres. ##

Greenwood Fire (WA)

Wildfire. Highway 395 North. Stevens County. Grass, brush. 1 acres. NC63 (IC). Dispatched 1215 PT. In patrol status. ##

Mullinx Fire (WA)

Wildfire. South Mullinix Road in Spokane County. Grass, brush. AR 62 (IC). 0.2 acres. Contained 1330. Controlled 1400. ##

North of Shelvlin Fire (OR)

Fire personnel and assets were dispatched via the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center at 1552 hours PT which included 9101, BC32, BC42, E231, E330, E341, E65, E9160, E9162, E9561 and E9561. At the time of this post, the fire had consumed 15 acres. ##

Round Lake Fire (OR)

A fire response was deployed to Round Lake at 1437 hours PT via the Lakeview Interagency Dispatch Center. One acre had been destroyed. ##

Waitts Lake (WA)

Smoke check. Stevens County. AR26, NC25 dispatched 1533 hours PT. Resources are in the area. DNR Dispatch Center. ##


Lumen Way Fire (WA)

Wildfire. Lambert Creek Road. Ferry County. 50.1 acres. Grass, brush, timber. HI 40 (IC). Dispatched at 1818 hours PT. contained 3/28/2021 1130 hours. Controlled 3/28/2021. ##

Spears Meadow Fire (OR)

Wildfire. Off Highway 20, East of Prineville, down 3550 Road. 0.1 acre. Dispatched 1825 hours PT. Central OR Interagency Dispatch Center. ##

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NW Wildfire Activity | March 10-14, 2021


Nothing major has started here in Washington or Oregon but there have been some wildfires that have been sparked during the week of March 10th through March 14th (up to 1400 hours PT).


CENTENNIAL FIRE. 3/12/2021 0549. 0.1 acre. Grass, brush, duff. Contained 3/12/2021 0700. Controlled 3/12/2021 0715. Dispatched via WA-NEC.

EAST PRONG FIRE. 3/11/2021 1219 PT. 0.1 acre. Slash, light, timber. East Prong in Klickitat County. IC SE-Dobson. 3/11/2021 contained/controlled/out 1327 hours PT. Dispatched via WA-CWC.

HAYFORD FIRE. 3/12/2021 1258 PT. 1 acre. Brush, grass and slash. AR62 IC. No known location. Dispatched via WA-NEC.

LAKESHORE FIRE. 3/10/2021 1300 PT. 0.8 acres. Brush, slash, timber. IC Escobar. Chelan County, Lakeshore Road. Contained 1800 hours. Dispatched via WA-CWC.

MOFFAT FIRE. 3/10/2021 1700 PT. 0.1 acre. Grass. 3/10/2021 contained 1740, controlled 1800, out 3/12/2021 1027. Dispatched via WA-NEC.

RANCH FIELD FIRE. 3/10/2021 1445 PT. 40 acres. Grass, brush. IC N26. Fire District and DNR. Dispatched via WA-NEC

SKEELS FIELD FIRE. 3/12/2021 1232 PT. 5 acres. Brush, grass and timber. IC NC25. In patrol status. Dispatched via WA-NEC.


BF SHADY ELK. RX Fire. 3/9/2021 @ 1747 hours PT. Dispatched via Rogue Valley Interagency Comm Center.

BUCK CREEK 1 0030 RS. RX Fire. Kid Peak. 3/11/2021 0812 PT. Dispatched via Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center.

GRASSLAND FIREWOOD 2/4 0031 PR. RX Fire. Juniper Butte. 3/11/2021 0826. Dispatched via Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center.

HC SWEETER LANDING. RX Fire. IC Sladwick. 3/11/2021 0752 hours PT. Dispatched via Rogue Valley Interagency Comm Center.

HC HARE LANDING. RX Fire. IC Sladwick. 3/11/2021 0751 hours PT. Dispatched via Rogue Valley Interagency Comm Center.

KANINE FIRE. Wildfire. 3/10/2021 1630 hours PT. 2 acres. Grass. Contained 1750 hours PT. Dispatched via Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch Center.

RESOURCE ORDER. Holiday Farm suppression repair, resource order. 3/12/2021 1048 hours PT. Dispatched via Eugene Interagency Comm Center.

RESOURCE ORDER. 2021 R9 Fire Support. 3/12/2021 1049 PT. Dispatched via John Day Interagency Dispatch Center.

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Edmonds Chimney Fire Quickly Contained


Firefighters were dispatched to the 5600 block of 145th Street Southwest to a chimney reported extending inside the home just after 1730 hours PT.

Units A15, B21, E15, E23, E25, M15, MSO21, TR21, B15, L14 were dispatched from Snohomish County Fire Districts.

Dispatch relayed heavy black smoke was seen from the home but due to quick egress efforts, firefighters successfully stopped the fire within ten minutes from the original dispatched time. The timer was stopped after the fire was out.

A Fire Investigator was en route to the fire ground.

Cause of the fire and dollar amount for property loss was known at the time of this post.

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