July 24– Last night, the Seattle Fire Department Hazardous Material Team went inside the milk processing factory and capped the leaking ammonia gas pipe.

Between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Monday Night, the hazardous material perimeter was reduced to just the milk processing facility site and South Andover Street. The shrinking of the perimeter allowed Rainier Avenue South to be reopened and allowed for neighboring businesses to reopen.

Overnight, firefighters remained on scene to monitor the ammonia levels both inside and outside the facility. The Seattle Fire Department’s Mobile Ventilation Unit also remained on scene.

On Tuesday morning, the Hazardous Material Team will return to the site to re-assess a plan to drain the rest of the ammonia gas from the broken pipe.

The next update will come at 9 a.m

REPOST (Courtesy of Seattle Fire)