Published Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 2045 hours PT

====== INCIDENT SUMMARY ======

The VANTAGE HIGHWAY FIRE ignited from an unknown cause which is under investigation, started on August 1, 2022, around 1205 hours PT on the Vantage Highway.

Smoke from the fire is in west central Grant County and is now being carried by winds across the river and up into Grant County. The fire has burned down into the Columbia River gorge on the Kittitas County side.


The VANTAGE HIGHWAY FIRE has currently burned about 26,500 acres and is now 25% contained. There are still a lot of unburned fire fuels which may increase the acreage over time. A flight recon will be flying over the area to give a more accurate acreage count.

Crews are still on the ground constructing and securing containment lines.

====== RESOURCES ======

There are two hand crews, 26 engines, two dozers, six water tenders, two scoopers, two LATs, and three fire bosses.

The ICP is located at the Kittitas Secondary School under the direction of the SE WA Type 3 IMT. Additional resources WA DNR, BLM, and the Washington State Patrol-Fire Marshal’s office.

This incident remains under the State Mobe response plan.


There has been one structure and three outbuildings lost.

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