Published August 21, 2022, Sunday

Cal OES and the California National Guard have partnered up together, establishing the nation’s first military firefighting Strike Team.

Team Blaze is an extended arm of the California State Guard.

Team Blaze as they are called will receive 5 Type 6 engines to help build on the state’s capacity to fight wildfires and respond to any type of emergency statewide.

Credit: CA Guard

Its mission is simple: “Team Blaze exists to augment and support the State of California’s fire service, enhance the capabilities, and further the mission of the California State Guard. We will fight fire aggressively, providing for safety first. We will protect lives and property. We will not leave anyone behind.”

According to the California State Guard, “Team Blaze specializes as a Type II fire line hand crew, ready to respond to any area of California when needed. While fire response is our primary mission, Team Blaze is prepared to assist with any major disaster, natural or manmade that impacts the citizens of California.”

Currently, Team Blaze is looking for those who are interested in becoming volunteer firefighters. They will offer the expertise and training needed to become members of this elite and specialty unit.

The name, “Team Blaze” has a lot of other organizations known by this designator but cannot be easily confused with these men and women behind their official name.

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Sources: CA State Guard, Cal OES, News Media

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