Published on August 21, 2022, Sunday

The following is compromised of multiple fire agencies and gleaned CAD calls from the WA DNR site. This post is for all wildfire and smoke activities for Sunday.

2009 PT — Nectarine Fire. Incident #PCS-134. Kalama. Cowlitz County. Crossland (resources). In patrol status. WA-PCS.

1946 PT — Perry Fire. Incident #NES-1686. N Perry Road. Spokane County. .25 acre. Grass, shrub, timber understory. AR63, AR7408, and AR7412 dispatched. In patrol status. WA – NEC (dispatch center).

1804 PT — Last Chance. Incident #OWF-381. Smoke Check. Okanogan County. Last Chance Point. Open CAD call, no status listed in system. WA-CWC.

1656 PT — South Erickson Fire. Incident #SPS-141 221-FCL. Tahuya. Mason County. Unknown # of acres. Fire fuels are grass, brush, and reproduction. CALDWELL E8262, E8306, and E8312 are on the scene. Open CAD call on WA-SPS.

South Erickson Fire. Credit: NMRFA

The North Mason Regional Fire Authority members were dispatched at 1700 hours to a reported brush fire in the 6000 block of NE Tahuya Blacksmith Road. First due firefighters arrived to a half-of-an-acre burning in brush and reproduction fire fuels. North Mason and WA DNR fire resources worked in unison to stop the fire’s forward progression.

South Erickson Fire. Credit: NMRFA

There are no structures in the area. As of 1934 hours PT, this evening both agencies were due to remain on the scene overnight.

1614 PT — Big Meadow Fire. Incident #NES-1683 P6 FAX6 AFD-221. Big Meadow Lake. Pend Oreille County. 0.3 acre. Timber/understory. E31, E32, NC7303, PCS 2303. 95% mopped (1930 PT). WA-NEC.

1600 PT — Heather Creek Fire. Incident #OWF-380. The Parks. Okanogan County. No status, acres or fire fuels listed in the system. WA-CWC.

1432 PT — McDuff RR Fire. Incident #SPS-140 221-FCK. McDuff Road. Thurston County. 0.1 acre. Grass and shrub. IC: Happe. Contained and controlled at 1550 hours PT. In patrol status. WA-SPS.

1017 PT — Shakerchurch Fire. Incident #SPS-138. Thurston County. IC: Ferrell at 1022 hours PT. 0.1 acre of unknown fire fuels. Contained and controlled at 1101 hours PT. In patrol status. WA-SPS.

0716 PT — Napoleon Fire. Incident #LRP-1670 PP POUU BEH-223. 0.1 acre. Timber and litter. Contained and controlled at 0912 hours PT. WA – NEC.

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