There are multiple fires burning on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, which include the DOUBLE CREEK, STURGILL, NEGO, and GOAT MOUNTAIN FIRES burning all in the State of Oregon.

The JONES CREEK FIRE is a new start in the last 24 hours is not currently under the same IMT but has been added to this post, due to being in the same area.

They are all being managed by the PNW Team2, a Type 1 IMT.

Fire Fact | The NIFC received intel from local fire managers, that there were five wildfires in the northwest in the last 24 hours and two of them became new large incidents.

This is the update for Tuesday, September 6, 2022.



The Double Creek Fire is located about 10 miles southeast of Imnaha.

Credit: USFS

Fire behavior is active with uphill runs, group torching, and flanking. There have been 43,668 acres burned.

A 0% containment status remains. The expected containment of this wildfire has been tentatively scheduled for October 31, 2022.

There is 696 total personnel along with 11 crews, 55 engines, and six copters.

Structures are threatened.

Evacuations are in effect:

Level 3: GO NOW. Town of Imnaha south to Freezeout and Freezeout Rd, Campground including the Canal Rd (3920), and Lick Creek Rd (3925).

Level 2: GET SET. Lostine River Road from Fir Road South including all campgrounds, Imnaha north to Fence Creek including lands east to Lightning Creek.

Level 1: BE READY. Lostine River Road from Hwy 82 to Fir Road, Freezeout south to Pallete Ranch & Imnaha River Woods.

Closures are in effect:

Upper Imnaha Rd., Hat Point Rd. Forest Service Road (FS Rd) 39 from Target Springs Junction to Ollokot.

CTD: $3.1 Million.


Located 15 miles southwest of Enterprise.

Active fire behavior with group torching, flanking, and backing. There have been 14,262 acres consumed and a 0% containment status still remaining.

Credit: USFS

The expected containment date has been set for October 31, 2022.

Structures threatened.

Evacuations are in effect.

CTD: $477,000


21 miles southeast of Enterprise.

Credit: USFS

Active fire behavior with group torching, flanking, and backing. About 7,277 acres have been destroyed.

There is a 0% containment status remaining on this fire.

Area/Road/Trail closures are in effect.

CTD: $371,000


Nine miles south of Lostine.

Moderate fire behavior with backing. About 121 acres have been burned and there is a 0% containment status.

CTD: $23,000


17 miles northeast of Imnaha.

Moderate fire behavior with running, creeping, and spotting.

There have been 2,000 acres burned and has a 0% containment status.

CTD: $300,000

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