BENTON COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE (USA) — TriCity WSP Troopers have investigated 10 collisions as of 1035 hours on Saturday, November 26, 2022, so far this morning.

Freezing Fog has been blamed for the cause but drivers need to realize they also need to slow down and drive according to conditions.

The majority of these accidents are occurring south of Kennewick on I-82.

On November 22-23,2022, WA State Patrol Troopers responded and investigated 12 Yakima, 18 Grandview, and 63 Kennewick and one fatality crash.

Though this may be in Eastern Washington State, the low lands in Western Washington are expecting some snow with dustings to accumulate inches. All drivers need to be cautious when driving on our roads because they tend to be slick and dangerous.

Photo Credit: WSP

Published: 11/26/2022, 1045 PT

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