LECH AM ARLBERG, VORARLBERG (AUSTRIA) — Multiple people were buried when a large avalanche went off around Sunday afternoon around 1500 hours, say local media in the area.

About 200 emergency personnel were dispatched to the area, and were able to rescue one person alive, while an unknown number of others were unaccounted for.

A breakdown of this incident is listed on a local media website.


According to local U.S. media reports, the information we have received are the following:

  • 10 people were buried
  • 8 people have been rescued so far
  • 6 people were not injured
  • 2 people injured and flow to Innsbruck and Bludenz

The cause of the avalanche is unknown at this time and is under investigation.

UPDATE | Austrian Officials have now stated there were only 10 persons originally caught up in the avalanche have all now been accounted for. | 12/26/2022 1225 PT

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