U.S. Wildland Fires | Recap | February 28, 2021

As the 2021 Fire Season starts ramping up across the United States, we will be bringing daily Sit Reps as a combined post excluding the Northwest (Washington State and Oregon). Should the fire season become like 2020, posts will be broken down by each State or if they are multiple incidents into separate Fire Incidents.


SC QUAL 11, 12 and 6. Prescribed fires. Incident #ALF-210090. Shoal Creek. 758 acres. Dispatched 0742. Alabama Interagency Coordination Center.

CN MILL CREEK 02. Prescribed fires. Incident #ALF-210089. Conecuh. 774 acres. Dispatched 0735. Alabama Interagency Coordination Center.

TL SCHOOL B. Prescribed fires. Incident 3ALF-210088. Talladega. 494 acres. Dispatched 0725. Alabama Interagency Coordination Center.


GOATS FIRE. Goats Bluff Road, Oklahoma. Oak and brush. Dispatched 1037. 0.1 acres. Arkansas-Oklahoma Interagency Coordination Center.


FIRE FACT | In 2020, more than 80% of Arizona’s wildfires were human-caused. (Source: AZ Department of Forestry).

May be an image of tree and text that says 'FIRE PREVENTION ΠΙΡς Drown. Stir. Repeał. Put out your campfires! Secure łow chains & check tires before getting on the road. Never pull your vehicle off the road & into vegetation. Check the weałher before burning & use arrester. Keep water source nearby. spark DFFM.A2.G0V DFFM. Fireworks & target shooting are never allowed on Arizona Słałe lands at any time.'
Credit | AZ Forestry

LITTLE FIRE. I-40, mile marker 263 EB, seven miles southeast of Winslow. 100 acres. Resources BAT 1-1, BAT 1-2, CH1, CPTR 4-2and CPT 4-3. Arizona Dispatch Center.

MITRY LAKE CAMPGROUND FIRE. Mittry Lake. Dispatched 1132. MT. Open incident. Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center.


FIRE FACT | The state is starting to see a flood of landslides in areas where wildfires burned up areas of land. It is becoming a more frequent occurrence. Read more about these incidents. Post-wildfire Landslides Becoming More Frequent in Southern California (usgs.gov)

KNOLLS FIRE. Malibu Canyon Road and Malibu Knolls Road. LA County FD units responded at 0429 hours this morning to a .25 acre fire in medium fuels with strong winds out of the north and structures threatened. The second alarm was called immediately and a request for two additional copters for a total of three. Copter 19 confirmed a second brush fire in the area of Serra Retreat just under a mile east of the KNOLLS FIRE. (0451 hours). At 0500 hours, main fire increased to two acres that were having immediate threats to structures in the area; the second fire was knocked down by Copter 19. Units were being set-up for structure protection. Forward progress was stopped at four acres. Residents were sheltering-in-place. Dozers and rest of the resources were released at 0542 hours. Two LACoFD Firehawk helos were used during the early morning aerial fire operations. Held at 4.8 acres and there were about 200 firefighters that fought this stubborn brush fire. No cause has been released. (Sources: LA Co Fire Ops, LA Co FD)

Credit | LA Co Fire Ops

PINE RIDGE FIRE. Mutual Aid call/wildfire. 4500 block of Pine Ridge Avenue (San Diego County). dispatched 1024. Incident #CNF-622. This was a house fire into brush. Firefighters held it to a 10 x 10 spot with heavy winds. Crews got it knocked down super fast. Cleveland National Forest Dispatch Center.


FIRE FACT | Florida states they are the leader in the use of Prescribed Fires in the United States. They are reducing the risk of devastation, protecting lives and their homes. (Source: FFS Everglades)

Credit: State Foresters (2019)

B-5/F-19/F-22 FIRES. Prescribed Fires. Eglin AFB. 2000 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.

NC4 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. Big Cypress Reservation. 300 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.

BU73 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. BU 73. 1,788 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.

BU328 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. Apalachicola NF. 3,895 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.

BU50 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. 01-50. 4,412 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.


FIRE FACT | Georgia Forestry Commission’s firefighters have been completing Prescribed Fires like its fellow nearby States.

Credit: GA Forestry Commission

COMPARTMENT 116 RX. Prescribed Fire. Dispatched 1304 hours. Georgia Interagency Coordination Center.


FIRE FACT | In 2019, one of Missouri’s residents flew to California, rented a car and worked on setting 13 wildfires. He tried to fly home after attending his 50th high school reunion. Multiple agencies came together on this case. The MO man was arrested and charged. he committed no arsons in his own state. (Source: News media)

ALF RX SUPPORT PREPO CY21. Resource Order. Unknown locaition. Dispatched 0810. Missouri Iowa Coordination Center.


BURGER CAMP FIRE. Wayne County, Jones County Line. District of Chickasawhay. Dispatched 1120 hours. Mississippi Interagency Coordination Center

BIENVILLE CPT 64 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. Jasper County Roads 506 and 507. Scott Company. District of Bienville. Dispatched at 0842 hours. Mississippi Interagency Coordination Center.


C-159 FM. Prescribed Fire. Unknown location. Hazardous Fuel Reduction. 960 acres. Dispatched 0831 hours. South Carolina Interagency Coordination Center.

C-216 LC. Prescribed Fire. Unknown location. Aerial ignition. 728 acres. Dispatched 0828 hours. South Carolina Interagency Coordination Center.

C-76 FM. Prescribed Fire. Unknown location. Hazardous fuel reduction. 858 acres. South Carolina Interagency Coordination Center.

RX BURN C-30 and C-31. Unknown location. BAT 1, 2, CAPT 603, 604, DZ 2, SRF E401, 603. Dispatched 0817. Savannah River Dispatch Center.

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AZ Wildfire | Little Fire | 1



Firefighters from the Arizona Fire Department and the Arizona State Department of Forestry are on-scene of a wildfire that ignited on tribal land and has now moved onto state lands.

It is located approximately five miles southeast of Winslow, Arizona.

Arizona Department of Transportation is also assisting as an Incident Cooperator.

Cause is unknown..

The fire has been named the LITTLE FIRE for its location near the Little Colorado River.

The fire has destroyed an approximate 100-plus acres of salt cedar. Containment status is unknown at the time of this post.

Smoke is visible from I-40 and may be seen from other advantage viewpoints, as winds begin to pick up.

Hashtags being used on social media – #AZFire #AZForestry #LittleFire

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CA Forests Touched by Wildfire Activity

Posted 2/26/2021 2120 PT

Here is a Sit Rep of wildfire activity in forests across the State of California. This Sit Rep is for the days of February 23 – 26, 2021 from the various dispatch centers.

According to the National Interagency Coordination Center, more commonly known as the NIFC prepares a daily SIT REP for those Fire managers from the various U.S. Regions who report in wildfire activity in their areas. This does not include CAL FIRE or any County agency but mostly Forest Services areas.

‘There were 362 new wildfires that required light fire activity across the U.S. with eight of those being new large incidents in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.”

FEBRUARY 23, 2021

0922 CAMDEN HOUSE PILES RX. Prescribed Fire. Camden House. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

0950 BLUE UNIT 2 RX. Prescribed Fire. Blue Mountain. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

1313 PALA FIRE. Mutual Aid call. I-15 and Pala Road in Pala Mesa. Unknown acreages or cause. Cleveland National Forest.

1406 WEAVER BASIN RX. Prescribed Fire. Weaver Basin. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

1918 RUNAWAY FIRE. SB I-15 and Runaway Truck Ramp. 0.1 acre. Federal Interagency Comm Center.

FEBRUARY 24, 2021

0757 DESERT FIRE. Brush fire. Hwy 138 x 235th Street SW, Fairmont. (LA County). 1 acre in light to medium flashy fuels. Source: CA Fire

0830 RX CAMP CREEK TRIBAL BURN. Prescribed Fire. Camp Creek on Highway 96 in Oregon. North Coast Interagency Comm Center.

0833 Non-reportable. 47 East and Barrel Springs Road. Angeles ECC.

0853 CY21 ALF RX BURN SUPPORT. Resource Order. Alabama. Stanislaus National Forest.

0933 WNP ADMIN PILES. Carr Tower House. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

1252 TOM FIRE. Toms Hay Farm on Highway 9S and Signal Road. Much (fuels). 0.1 acres. Unknown cause. Federal Interagency Comm Center.

1347 ENGINEER FIRE. Mutual Aid dispatch. Engineers Road and Highway 79. Limited information. Cleveland National Forest.

1527 BLUEJAY #002 FIRE. Bluejay campground site #19. Limited information. Cleveland National Forest.

1541 False alarm. Juniper Hills and Linda Mesda Road. Angeles ECC.

1951 No name Fire. SB 261 Toll Road at I-5. City of Irvine, CA (Orange County). Brush fire. One lane SB was closed temporarily of the 261. No threats to nearby areas.

Vegetation fire with firefighters on scene
Credit | OCFA

FEBRUARY 25, 2021

0931 SHANNON FIRE. Shannon Dale Road and West Sierra Highway in Acton.. .25 acre. LA Co FD lead agency. No known cause. Angles ECC. Source: LA Co FD.

1218 BIG PINES RX FIRE. Ball Flat. Angeles ECC.

1335 CHANTRY RX FIRE. Angeles ECC.

1343 D STREET FIRE. Brush fire started off of the I-15 freeway at D Street. City of Victorville (San Bernardino County). E311 resources. Light flashy fuels. 1351 Mutual aid from Federal Interagency Comm Center dispatched.

1419 LACO BRUSH FIRE. San Francisquito Canyon Road and West Copperhill Drive. Unknown acreage, status or cause. Angeles ECC.

1946 VEG FIRE STREET COMM CENTER. G Street x Loma Linda University. Limited information. Federal Interagency Comm Center.

FEBRUARY 26, 2021

1019 ALF RX SUPPORT PREPO CY21. Resource Order. Alabama-ALF. Mendocino National Forest.

1036 SHELL CREEK ROAD FIRE. 8700 block Shell Creek Road in Santa Margarita, CA. Los Padres Comm Center.

1133 CARLTON FIRE. Mutual Aid call. 9100 block of Carlton Hills Blvd in Santee. Cleveland National Forest. So CAL Fire crews on-scene. Fire started near Santee Lakes. 1-2 acres. Heavy fire fuels with a moderate rate of spread backed by winds. Evacuations were ordered. Arson fire. Suspect detained. Source: So Cal Air Operations.

1231 Resource Order. Fresno Air Tanker Base. CA RO5-0004, COVID-19 pandemic IMT Supply. Sierra NF.

1246 SHAKE FIRE. CAAEU-005589. 0.1 acres.

1313 PARK FIRE. Brush fire. 100 x 100 spot. In River Bottom near Olivas Park Golf Course. LA County FD.

1332 BESKEEN FIRE. Quincy, California. P5NT77, BC 53. (resources). IC CPT C Schaffer as of 1449. 1 acre. Contained 1513 and under control 1603. Plumas ECC.

1336 BODEGA BAY FIRE. Bay Hill Road. CAL FIRE-CALNU-003318. Discovered 1336. Out 1400. 0.1. Cause unknown. Source: Fire Mappers.

1452 TUNNEL AVE FIRE. Brush fire. Tunnel Avenue x Bayshore Boulevard in Brisbane. Resources: BC16, 17, 20, CM31x4 COM, E51, 61. Source: Pulsepoint

1508 LAKE HUGHES FIRE. Vegetation Fire. 5 Freeway and W lake Hughes Road. Castaic. 20×20 spot off of the freeway. Source: CAL FIRE.

1523 SELDOM 3 FIRE. CASKU-001450. 0.1 cause unknown. Source: Fire Mappers.

1542 Smoke Check. Three Sisters. False Alarm. Sierra NF.

1622 SHAMROCK FIRE. CAMEU-002672. CAL Fire. 0.1 acre. Unknown cause. Source: Fire Mappers

1747 ONRAMP FIRE. I-5 and Lake Hughes On-Ramp. Resources SO#13, RD#07, P5EK1S-0501. Unknown acreage, status, or cause. Angeles ECC.

1812 LORIE FIRE. 0.1 acre. Unknown cause. CAAEU-005653. Source: Fire Mappers.


The University of California Cooperative Extensive website has a wealth of information. Check them out there…..Preparing Your Home – Fire in California (ucanr.edu)

Want to learn how to create a defensible space around your home? Check out….CAL FIRE’s Ready for Wildfire here. CAL FIRE Incidents (readyforwildfire.org)

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Sit Rep 2 | Texas Deep Freeze Event

Courtesy | Texas A&M Forest Service



A deep freeze or also known as an extreme winter event hit the State of Texas in February, causing power outages and water shortages. The power company was warned to start winterizing their equipment to protect against power outages but it occurred anyway and many have frozen to death in their homes, cars and outside of their residences as they try to warm themselves.


Austin Police Department

“I know there are so many people doing similar things right now, from healthcare workers to utility workers, to fire and EMS workers. But man, when you see it so blatantly in front of your face – the sacrifices people are making to help others and save lives – it really is a gut-punch of reality. Please remember to be kind and patient with one another as we all try to get through these last few days of snow.” – APD Detective Cunningham (Facebook page)

May be an image of one or more people and indoor
Photo Credit | Detective Cunningham, APD

Austin Fire Department

When there is a call in the middle of an extreme winter event, they go out 24/7.

Photo Credit | Stacy Oakley, AFD\

Personnel and equipment have been dispatched to many incidents, including broken pipes, major water calls, structure fires, challenges to low water pressure, frozen water hydrants, and a water shortage, but they must still respond.

In the last 24 hours, they have responded to 64 collisions with one rescue, 16 wires arcing or down, 26 public assist calls, 191 alarm activations, two fires, 168 broken water pipe calls with a total of 9-1-1 calls for service within their service area at 1,086 and 296 outside of their jurisdiction in Travis County. A normal average within a 24-hour period is between 300-500 calls.

Dispatched calls are handled through their department and EMS through the Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, as well as partnering with the Austin Police Department.

Photo Credit | Stacy Oakley, AFD

Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services

During the winter storm event, field and communications medics worked multiple 12 and 24-hour shifts, covered extra shifts to help their members, stayed overnight at stations, provided transportation for each other to and from work, checked on each other and their families.

May be an image of outdoors
Photo Credit | ATCEMS

They responded to 6,058 calls for service, 187 environmental exposures, 519 falls and 115 traffic collisions with injuries.

The Austin EMS Association also gets a big shoutout for all as they went into a mobilization immediately at the beginning of the storm to support their Medics. They began a fundraiser to deliver hot food and other relief to their members with a goal of $5,000 but they succeeded by ten times as much and paid it forward for additional agencies in other areas.

Photo Credit | ACTEMS

They successfully delivered 1,800 meals to ATCEMS Medics, Austin FD crews and APD personnel, as well as other First Responder organizations. Food also was delivered to area hospital staff, shelters warming centers. Some of the food was sent to Central TX First Responders and Copperas Cove and Fayette County.

All of these long hours and tireless efforts are all done on off-duty time as volunteers. Wow! Nice work!

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and road

Houston Fire Department

Houston firefighters, cadets and HFD Fire Chief Sam Pena answering the call of the citizens by helping with water distribution and helping their local citizens in need.

Photo Credit | Houston FD

Spring Fire Department

The Spring FD states they have now weathered through the storm. Station 74 has been a very busy month for personnel, apparatus and equipment.

May be an image of outdoors
Photo Credit | Captain Tim Weiman, SFD

Texas A&M Forest Service

“Personnel from the McGregor Heart of Texas Task Force deliver some much-needed supplies in North Texas on February 18, 2021.

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'FIRE 9301'
Photo Courtesy || Matthew Whelan/TFS


Yesterday, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. declared that a major disaster exists in the State of Texas and ordered federal assistance to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the areas affected by severe winter storms beginning on February 11, 2021, and continuing. See the full article on the White House website here –> President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Approves Texas Disaster Declaration | The White House


Texas Food Bank Network Provider | Texas Health and Human Services TX Health and Human Services website has a vast variety of services they can extend to their residents that is geared to the Aging, Disabled, Financial/Food/Health/Mental Health needs and other helpful information. Find your nearest food bank to where you are.


AEP Texas

AEP Texas reports as of 1800 hours CST on Saturday, that most of their customers have had their power restored with only a few pockets of individual or smaller groups of customers. Some are taking a little longer than expected due to damaged equipment or other challenges. Call #866-223-8508 to report an outage or visit their site at AEPTexas.com or Outages & Problems (aeptexas.com)

CenterPoint Energy

Reports of most of their customers’ power has also returned. Here is an outage map. CenterPoint Energy Outage Tracker


Damage Reporting | Polk County

Individuals and Business in Polk County who sustained losses from the winter storm can apply for FEMA assistance by visiting www.DisasterAssistance.gov or by calling 1-800-621-3362 or 1-800-462-7585.


Food Bank-Water Distribution Centers | San Antonio

May be an image of text

Water Supply | Lake Livingston

Water has been restored to the areas listed in the attachment below; however pressure may fluctuate or possibly drop completely at our tanks due to high demand, main line breaks and leaks on customer lines. Crews are working diligently to keep up with all repairs. Report any watermain breaks at the water tanks. Please see the entire message below.

Comfort Station | Euless

Comfort Station and will remain open Mon-Sat from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sun from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. We welcome those needing access to restrooms, showers or access to water. Please bring your own towels, supplies and water containers. (Posted by Euless Parks and Community Services)

Water Distribution | Lewisville FD

Public Water Stations ExtendedThe two public water stations available on a first-come basis, will be open on Sunday, Feb. 21, and Monday, Feb. 22, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., each day at the following locations.* Lewisville Animal Services, 995 E. Valley Ridge Blvd.* Lewisville Thrive, 1950 S. Valley Pkwy.Be sure to bring your own containers.Clean water is suitable for all uses, including drinking or bathing.

Water Pressure, Refilling Stations | City of San Angelo

In an effort to help our system regain water pressure and refill our water tanks, Mayor Gunter has asked San Angeloans to try not to use water tonight between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. Thank you all for everything you are doing for our community! We appreciate everyone’s assistance in helping conserve water.

Garbage – Refuge Alert || City of San Angelo

San Angelo – Due to high volumes of trash/recycling/bulk, customers may experience delays on pickup. Please leave your bins and items that need to be picked up by the curb or where your collection is usually located and Republic Services will get to it as soon as they can.

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Sit Rep 1 | Texas Extreme Winter Event

We are starting to post situation reports on the extreme winter weather happening all across the State of Texas. We will also post separate reports for other impacted states.

This is for the State of Texas.


HARRIS COUNTY | The Harris County Precinct 4 team is distributing non-potable water to county residents in need from noon to 5 p.m. at the Barbara Bush Library (6817 Cypresswood Dr, Spring, TX 77379). Supplies are limited to 10 gallons per person, and recipients must bring their own appropriate container (milk jugs, ice chests, etc.). (Facebook – Spring Fire Department – 2/19/2021)

AMARILLO | WEATHER FORECAST | Sunny and warmer early this upcoming week and then a cold front will move through the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles by Wednesday morning. Wednesday will be breezy and cooler and then increasing cloudiness expected Wednesday night into Friday morning with skies becoming cloudy or mostly cloudy. There will be a slight chance for snow Thursday and then a slight chance for a rain and snow mix or light snow Friday morning. Clearing skies expected by Friday afternoon.

May be an image of sky and text
PC: NWS Amarillo TX

CITY OF BALLINGER | Message from Brian Frieda, Ballinger City Manager: The City of Ballinger is currently experiencing low water pressure issues. Today the city shut down 23 houses that had major issues. The city is asking that citizens help conserve water by only using it for the necessities. Currently, there is not a boiled water advisory in effect. As the ground and pipes thaw, the city is finding leaks. If you notice a vacant house, or an empty house, with water coming from it, please notify the city to call at(325) 365-3511. If you notice a leak after hours, contact Frieda on his cell phone: 325-242-5811. If you are unable to reach him, contact dispatch 325-365-2121. (Facebook – Ballinger FD – 2/19/2021)


All hands on deck for 24/7 until all issues are resolved. Spreadsheets this morning and afternoon. Working to restore outages caused by storm damages. Reported around 300 this morning and rose to 700 with an outage in Corinth. Expect some outages as it warms up. (Facebook – City of Corinth Government – 2/19/2021)


City of DentonContinue to be under a boil water notice. Saw improvements and have begun testing. Hope to lift notice in the next 24 hours. (Facebook – City of Corinth Government – 2/19/2021)


There are no issues providing water to its customers and we do not anticipate there to be any issue in continuing to provide reliable water service. The water is completely safe to drink and use as normal. The City of Early water customers are NOT under a boil water advisory. Our public works department is working hard to stay on top of repairs to broken water mains so your water can keep flowing through this crisis. (Facebook – City of Early – 2/17/2021)


BARC | This cold weather is affecting everyone. BARC continues to respond to emergency calls and ensure its animals are cared for and remain safe. Due to conditions caused by the cold weather, BARC is closed to the public and is asking its partners to hold any animals they rescue until the current situation passes. We are all in this together- making sure our four-legged friends also make it through these challenging times.

PC: City of Houston OEM


Boil water notice: Do not drink the water without boiling it first. Bring all water to a boil for at least two minutes and let it cool before using.

( Twitter – TX HHSC – 2/19/2021)

HOUSTON FD | has been responding to many Carbon Monoxide calls and reminds all anytime related to generators: HFD has responded to numerous calls related to carbon monoxide. DO NOT heat your home using a stove, oven, or grill. Only use generators outside. Always back your vehicle completely out of the garage before idling. (Facebook Page – Houston FD – 2/17/2021) and Houston Fire Department is assisting with water distribution. (Facebook – Houston FD – 2/19/2021)


May be an image of text that says 'CITY OF LAKE JACKSON ! Updates on City Services, Infrastructure Facilities Sanitation Services Maintaining regular pick-up schedule City Hall & Recreation Center •Closed on Friday 2/19 & Monday (2/22) Boil Water Notice Remains in effect Ûeort Water Breaks/Leaks Call dispatch at (979) 415-2700 Water & Power All homes should have both CITY OF TENCHANTHEN POD for Water LAKE TEXS Request made- waiting for update from state JACKSON. UPDATED 2/19 AT 10 AM'

BROKEN PIPES | Broken pipes or water mains in your neighborhood? Please call 3-1-1 so Houston Public Workscan isolate the leak. It is essential we work together to conserve water during the #BoilWaterNotice. Please be patient if you experience longer than usual wait time. A report can also be submitted via the 3-1-1 website: https://www.houstontx.gov/311/ or the app: Houston311

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'BROKEN PIPES OR WATER MAINS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? Please call 3-1-1 so Houston Public Works can isolate the leak. It is essential we work together to conserve water during the #BoilWaterNotice.'
PC: City of Houston

EMERGENCY ALERTS | Sign up for Alerts via AlertHouston readyhoustontx.gov or Emergency Alerts – City of Houston Emergency Operations Center


BOIL WATER NOTICE | The City of Lufkin has issued a boil water notice due to decreased pressure in the water distribution system. Water for drinking, cooking, and ice making should be boiled and cooled prior to use for drinking water or human consumption purposes. The water should be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes. We will notify customers when it is no longer necessary to boil the water. (Facebook – City of Lufkin, Texas – 2/19/2021)


WARMING CENTER | The Warming Center at the Community Event Center on Fort Hood will be closed at 6:00am tomorrow, 20FEB. More than 50 military and civilian families spent time at peak; dozens of Soldiers warmed up too. Visits have dwindled as more off-post homes get electricity.


💧Water Filling Station. Killeen will open a water filling station for residents without water service. It will be located at 805 W. Jasper. All water received must be BOILED. Bring own container and amounts may be limited Saturday and Sunday, 20/21 Feb 10 am-6pm

MWR FACILITIES-PROGRAMS | closed until Monday February 21 out of an abundance of safety and concern.

HARVEY GYM | Open for Active Duty from 0800-1400 hours Saturday an Sunday. Limited capacity in the effect.

CLEAR CREEK-WARRIOR WAY COMMISSARIES | Open Saturday, normal operating hours. Out of milk but expected delivery on Sunday. 2 cases of water limit.

EXCHANGE EXPRESS | All locations are out of fuel with Exceptions of the Clear Creek and Comanche Express locations. More fuel supposed to have been delivered Friday.

WATER USE | CONTINUE TO CONSERVE. Fort Hood is NOT under “BOIL WATER” notice (including off-post villages). Fort Hood is experiencing major stress on our water supply. To avoid potential widespread and lengthy water outage, our goal is to reduce our water use by 40% until we get through this unprecedented situation. Here’s what you can do to help urn off dripping faucets when the temperature reaches 30-degrees F. Only resume dripping when the temperature drops below 30-degrees.Drip faucets into containers, especially pots in case boil water notices are needed. Avoid using washing machines and dishwashers; appliances use a significant amount of water. Store 1-gallon of water per person per day for hygiene purposes.


UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS | CLOSURES | UT campus will remain closed through at least Wednesday at 8 am. Classes will also be canceled with a few exceptions: utex.as/3dpp8O6 Like many of your residences, our campus facilities have been impacted by the weather and they are unlikely to be ready immediately for full operations after the thaw. We expect it will not be business-as-usual for a while and we will need to gradually restore both our physical space and campus operations, along with our research and learning plans. Website – emergency.utexas.edu (Facebook – Univ of Texas – 2/19/2021)


BREASTFEEDING MOMS | Patients displaced by the ice storm that need breastfeeding assistance can call the Lactation Support Hotline at 855-550-6667. This is a free service to all TX moms with latch, position, pumping, and more. (Twitter – TX HHSC – 2/19/2021)

CARBON MONOXIDE | Learn about the real dangers of carbon monoxide especially during extreme weather and how to protect yourself and those around you. Health Officials Alert Public to Carbon Monoxide Dangers (texas.gov) (Facebook – TX health and Human Services – 2/16/2021)


DAMAGE ASSESSMENT DATA | The Texas Division of Emergency Management is is working to collect damage assessment data from the public, so that they can identify the scale of the disaster and help officials assess the total statewide damages. Go to arcg.is/uOrOb or to tdem.texas.gov/warm (Twitter – TXDEM – posted 2/18/2021)

DISABILITIES | Thank you CrowdSource Rescue for your continued assistance throughout this Storm. If you are in need of bottled water and lack a way to get it, go to crowdsourcerescue.org/freeze to register for assistance. If you DO NOT have internet access you may dial 311 for help. (Facebook – The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities – 2/19/2021)

DONATIONS | Best way to help those in this State is providing funding or cash donations through a relief organization as the most efficient way. Best practices on their website: bit..ly/37qks6R (Twitter – Indiana Homeland Security – 2/17/2021)

INSURANCE TIPS | Insurance tips, protect yourself against fraud and what to do if you have damage done to your residence or structures. Insurance tips following winter storms (texas.gov) (Website – TX Department of Insurance – 2/19/2021)

PC | TX Department of Insurance

RESOURCES | National Guard Members have helped bring 650+ Texans and their pets to safe locations and deliver 3,000+ cases of water, blankets, and other supplies to those in need. They are also helping with welfare checks and assisting in local warming stations. (Twitter – TX DEM – 2/19/2021).

PC: TX National Guard

NATURAL GAS DELIVERIES | The RRC continues its response to the winter storm and prioritize natural gas deliveries for human needs. Commissioners extended an emergency order this evening: http://ow.ly/XNJF50DDgfk (Twitter – RR Commission of TX – 2/17/2021)

PC | TX National Guard

INFRASTRUCTURE | Outage map for the State of Texas. Storm Safety Resource Page (texas.gov) (Public Utility Commission of Texas, Storm Resources – Website – 2/19/2021)

PRICE GOUGING | Texans who have encountered price gouging or other disaster scams are strongly encouraged to call their consumer Protection Hotline. 1-800-621-0508 or file an online complaint to txoag.force.com/CPDCOnlineForm (Twitter – Attorney General Ken Paxton – posted 2/16/2021)

EMERGENCY ALERTS | Texans can dial 2-1-1, Options 6 local community resources on health care, utilities, food housing and more. Website: Winter Weather Resources | Office of the Texas Governor | Greg Abbott (Twitter – Texas HHSC – Pinned 2/19/2021)

ROAD CONDITIONS | Contact by phone #1-800-452-9292. Website – https://drivetexas.org. (Twitter – TXDOT – 2/19/2021)


ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE/STRANDED DRIVERS | TX DPS | Call 800-525-5555 if you or a loved one is stranded on the roads. (Twitter – TX DPS – 2/15/2021)

FEDERAL | SCAM ALERTS | FEMA | Please beware of posts on social media encouraging you to call an 800 number for hotel compensation from @fema. The best information on legitimate sources of help in your area will come from local officials & @TDEM. (Twitter – TX DEM – 2/18/2021 / FEMA 2/18/2021)

INFRASTRUCTURE-DISTRIBUTION | The State is working around the clock to address four immediate winter priorities: 1) restore power, 2) Support local officials to restore water, 3) Ensure access to food and resources, 4) Get refineries back online. (Twitter – Gov Greg Abbott – 2/19/2021)

WARMING STATIONS | | To find the nearest warming station, go to this site for more information. Warming Centers – TDEM (texas.gov) (Twitter – Texas Government – 2/16/2021)

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RFA Firefighters Respond to Valentines Fire

RENTON, WASHINGTON | February 14, 2021 2 1240 PT


Firefighters from the Renton Regional Fire Authority were dispatched to a single-family residential structure fire on Sunday, February 14th, 2021 around 0750 this morning. The fire was located in the 10000 block of Southeast 166th.

While snow fell from the skies and temps were in the 30’s, firefighters quickly egressed on this fire, stopping from further damage to home.


One person was transported to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

No injuries to additional civilians or firefighters was reported.

There was no known cause at the time of this post.

Photo Credits | Renton RFA

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5th Alarm Burning in Worcester, MA

Friday, February 12th seems to be the day of structures back east with two large fire incidents currently burning at the same time.


Tonight, firefighters from the Spencer Fire and Emergency Services are fighting a stubborn and dangerous large fire at 11 Jacques Avenue in the City of Worcester, MA.

Multiple exposures were said to be under direct threat.

The fire was escalated to a 3-alarm fire at 1651 hours PT with one jumper out the back from the 3rd floor.

Photo Credit | SpencerFire1

Fire crews immediately escalated this fire to a two-alarm fire but quickly elevate the incident to a five when a visible heavy fire on the third floor and reports of entrapped fire victims were seen jumping from the third floor down onto the ground.

Challenges faced by first responders the building fully engulfed and exposure problems. Companies began to go into defenisve operations.

This is an ongoing fire incidents and we will continue to provide updates as information is received.

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3-Alarm Fire Ablaze in Passaic, New Jersey


Firefighters were dispatched to a large 3-story dwelling fire in the 200 block of Hope Avenue in Passaic, New Jersey which was deemed an immediate 2nd alarm after arriving on-scene with heavy fire showing through the roof.

This is “Hope Command”.

At 1739 hours PT, Command called for a 3- alarm due to fire extending upward.

Firefighters were reporting they were losing pressure after moving their water towers into strategic positions. Dispatch was working with the Passaic Valley Water District to get them to increase the pressure.

The third floor wall and the roof on the Charlie/Bravo side had collapsed and crews were moved out of the area to safety.

This is an active fire incident that we are covering on @nwfireblog on Twitter. More updates will be posted here as this event unfolds.

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UPDATE | 3-Alarm Fire Knocked Down



Firefighters were dispatched to a multi-level residential structure fire this evening, located at 47 Woolson (some reporting Woodson) in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

Firefighters arrived to the fire at 1826 hours PT and immediately escalated the fire to a 2nd alarm. Shortly thereafter it was increased to a 3rd alarm, after crews were told to get off the roof immediately.


Reports of heavy fire were visible on the second and third rear porches with it through going through the roof.

Crews went to nearby structures with hoselines to hit the fire building from multiple angles. Fire was quickly knockdown and crews were working putting out hot spots and transiting over to extensive overhaul operations.


Current temps are 23*F with mostly clear skies and winds at 11 miles-per-hour. Humidity is 41-percent. Crews are working snow and ice on the ground at 1855 hours PT. At 1910 hours PT, temps had increased to a cool 28*F with increased winds at 14 miles-per-hour and decreased humidity at 36-percent. Skies were now being reported as cloudy at 1910 PT (2210)

COVID restrictions are in place.

Photo Credits | Boston FD


BFD has had several multi-alarm fires in their City. Here is a sampling of some of those fires and events that date back to 1760 and to this present day.

1760 | The Great Fire of 1760. Destroyed 349 building on March 20, 1760.

1872 | Board of Fire Commissioners is created after the Great Boston Fire of 1872, destroys 776 buildings and killing 13 people. The City is faced with $75 Million Dollars in damage and destruction. Mutual aid arrived from New Haven, CT and Manchester, NH.

1887 | On March 14, 1887, the Bussey Bridge over South street in Roslindale collapse during the morning hours, killing 38 people and injuring 40. The bridge was built for two RR tracks but contained only one, collapsed after the train, tender and three cars had passed.

1889 | Two firefighters were killed during the Thanksgiving Day Fire which deemed to be an eight-alarm (never heard of one this big before) fire.

1942 | The Cocoanut Fire took place on November 28, 1942 at 2215 hours. Killed 490 lives and injured 166. Fire spread from an electrical box when it shorted out and ignited gas leaking from a faulty refrigeration unit.

1972 | Vendome Hotel Fire. On June, 17, 1972, at 1435 hours, a 4-alarm fire broke out and it took firefighters nearly three hours to control the fire, which the southeast section of the building collapsed. Nine BFD firefighters were killed and eight more injured.

2007 | Boston bomb scare when 2 men were working with a broadcasting company sent out flyers mistakenly as bomb threats causing wide-spread panic.

2013 | Boston Marathon bombing.

2014 | Beacon Street Fire. On March 26, 2014, two firefighters were killed when they were trapped in the basement in a Beacon Street Brownstone in Boston’s Back Bay. 18 others were injured.

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4-Alarm Destroys a Piece of Pittsburgh


A 4-alarm fire was sounded for a four-story commercial structure fire in the intersection of South 11th Street and East Carson in Pittsburgh’s Southside on Monday, February 8, 2021, today.

Photo Credit | Pgh Public Safety

The fourth alarm struck at 1228 hours PT due to heavy fire showing through the roof of the four-story building.

People began reporting poor visibility due to intense black smoke pouring from the building, making it difficult to see in front of them and hard to breathe.

Some were seen walking in and around this toxic smoke on the fire ground.

Photo Credit | City of Pittsburgh

During the incident, it was reported on Scanner Feed that there was a Mayday even though fire Officials would later say there were no injuries to Fire personnel operating.

The upper and middle sections appeared in images to have collapsed, leaving most of the historic buildings ravaged by the fire.

The incident took 3.5 hours to bring the fire under control at 1301 hours PT.

All-in-all, there were about 75 firefighters engaged on the fire ground. They would remain on-scene until the building was demolished and the scene deemed safe.

Both 10th and 12 Streets will be closed overnight.

The Allegheny County Disaster Team is currently on-scene providing support and assistance to an unknown number of impacted residents.


The fire building was built in the 1870s of brick, which partially collapsed and deemed to have a poor structural integrity by the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections with the City of Pittsburgh.

This was said to be the South Side Welcome Building, a very old and iconic historical building in the Pittsburgh area.

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