Another Disaster Hits State of Arkansas | 1

UPDATE 1 – 3/28/2020 – 1730  HOURS PST

Craighead County, Arkansas.

A tornado touched down early in the evening on Saturday, March 28th in Jonesboro, Arkansas, causing significant damage to homes, businesses, a shopping mall and utility infrastructure.

Video footage | AR DOT

Resources involved in the incident includes Volunteer Fire Departments, along with the Red Cross and the Arkansas Governor’s office.

Red Cross:  50 volunteers.

Governor Asa Hutchinson:  Monitoring situation. Wishing all are safe.

Lake City VFD:   Rescue, Brush, 7 personnel.

Caraway FD: 7 personnel, pumper truck.

Monette FD:  Unknown # of personnel & equipment on-scene.

Southridge : 12 personnel.

Valley View Fire Protection District:  Unknown # of personnel & equipment on-scene.

Cash FD:  # of personnel/equipment unknown.

Philadelphia Fire Protection District:  6 members.

Brookland Fire Protection District:  1 squad, 5 personnel.

Bono Fire Protection Dist:  Unknown # of personnel/equipment.

Operations quickly came together at the helm of the local Jonesboro Police Department, County Sheriffs and State Police in what appears to be Unified Command at the Turtle Creek Mall.  Emergency responders are working diligently to search, rescue and treat injured, as well as addressing potential hazardous conditions out in roadways, highways, homes and structures.

Photo Credit:  Jonesboro E911


Officials are asking all to stay home where you are safe and healthy.

Photo Credit:  City of Jonesboro, Arkansas


Current Alerts that are in effect currently are:

Citywide curfew has been issued by the Jonesboro Mayor, Harold Perrin for 1900 hours PST. No one should be on the streets.  (Mayor’s Office)

Damage reports coming in on Social Media, showing :

Caraway/Race intersection.  German auto, Aldi and Gateway Tire look like they took a direct hit.

A local meteoroligst says based upon some of the damage, this appears this could be the worst tornado to hit the area since the F3 on April 3, 1984 (36 years ago).

This tornado is said to be at a F4, which ripped through the heart of downtown Jonesboro.

More updates will be posted as information trickles through.  Please be safe, Arkansasians.

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Seattle Firefighters Battling Building Fire

SEATTLE, Washington

Firefighters are yet again on another large blaze this weekend.  Seattle Firefighters were dispatched on Saturday morning around 1051 hours PST to a 2-alarm fire in a vacant building located in the 600 block of South Roy Street.

First due units reported heavy smoke and flames in the vacant building.  Due to heavy fire and unknown interior conditions of the building, crews were being forced to fight it from the outside; a defensive operation.  No fire crews were allowed inside the building.

The Fire Department was encouraging those who live in the area to close their windows due to heavy smoky conditions to prevent smoke inhalation.

Photo Credit | Seattle Fire Department


A wall on the Delta side was starting to bow out (around 1227 hours) and command asked crews on this and Charlie sides to watch the structure.  All firefighters were out of the collapse zone.

After almost fighting the fire over a period of two hours, fuel tanks were beginning to run low.  A fuel truck was requested to assist with several companies.

We are covering this incident with Live Updates on Twitter @nwfireblog 

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Friday Night Fire Breaks Out at Seattle Marina

SEATTLE, Wash. – Seattle Firefighters were dispatched to a well-involved fire at a local Marina located in the 1300 block of SW Spokane Street on Friday night at 2127 hours PST.

This incident was designated as “Spokane Command” by the Incident Commander.

The fire broke out from an unknown cause at the Jim Clark Marina located near Harbor Island in West Seattle with crews emptying out several Seattle fire stations.

Units dispatched were:

  • Medical: Aid10, Aid14, Medic1.
  • Battalion Chiefs: 5, 7.
  • Command Staff:  Deputy1, Safety2, Staff 10.
  • Engine Companies:  10, 13, 27, 29, 32, 36, 5, 8, 30, 11.
  • Marine Group:  Fire Boats 4 and 5. Patrol 4 (Seattle PD), Marine 1, Rescue1.
  • Ladder Trucks:  L1, 3, 11.
  • FIU: Marshal5.
  • Firefighter REHAB:  REHAB1 (Ladder 27, Seattle Fire Buff volunteers).

Fire operations included limited access, so firefighters were being shuttled around by both Seattle Fire Boats to access points on the dock.  Due to the severity of the fire, the IC was concerned with putting too much weight on the docks and quickly pulled  crews off.  He also did not want them going too deep into boathouses, docks and boats putting themselves in harm’s way.

First due units reported that the fire was on a dock and heading towards the marina. Units found limited access and fire boats were being used as primary firefighting suppression resources.

Video Credit | Bryan Vlok (used with written permission)

Fire Boat 4 came around the water side through a railroad trestle (bridge goes over the water) and to the fire scene.  Due to limited access by firefighters on the shore side, FB4 and crew were tasked with primary fire suppression activities.  A masterstream was used at that moment to put water on the fire.

Eventually, when they were done – they were sent around to another side of the fire.  Later, when firefighters were pulled off the dock – FB4 and crew stopped the masterstream and used handlines.

At the end of the fire incident they used their masterstream again but this time for a foam blanket over the fire damaged areas.

The train trestle that goes over the water was secured for crews to lay hose down to extend near the marina.  This worked in their favor.

Units would soon be released from the scene, while a few remained to address the spot fires.

All-in-all, it was estimated at a loss of 1 boat (east side of fire) and 12 boats (including a houseboat and boathouse) on the west side.  It was reported that a boat appeared to be drifting, eventually sank completely under water.

Though a foam blanket was being applied to the fire ravaged scene, some may be conducting “fire watch” throughout the night until they are relieved by other crews.

Fire History at this Marina

There was one previous fire that broke out at this marina on December 29, 2015 from an unknown cause, which burned two boats and damaged two more.

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CORONA VIRUS 2019 | Sit Rep 7 | March 22, 2020

Washington State | Almost every single person in this State and beyond has been impacted by the COVID19 virus in some shape or form.  I have been  working from home the last few days and like, many others for weeks or until the unforseeable future.  We are all going to get through this.

Even though our last post was near the beginning of March, 2020 – we are again sifting through all of the overwhelming information and bringing current news and resources for those who need it most.

Please bare with us as we catch up and bring you moment-to-moment news throughout the day.



The first case of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States was at the LifeCare Assisted Living Center in Kirkland, Washington on January 21, 2020.  This has been deemed ground zero. However, there has now been a widespread throughout the United States overall.

Here in Washington State, where we are located – 39 counties are now reporting in with at least one or more confirmed cases as more and more people are getting tested.

We cannot stress enough, along with everyone else – Social Distancing which has become a new norm for all of us is one that young people are not taking seriously.  The COVID19 does not care who you are, what age you are or where you live in this world.  It is impacting ALL ages, genders, religions, ethinicities, races, etc.  Please listen to all COVID19 messaging, including ours. We depend on you, as you may depend on us.– Ed.



According to the Washington State Department of Health’s website, the following cases have been confirmed in each 39 counties with 1,996 cases.

Benton County | 7 cases. 2 deaths

Chelan County | 3 cases. 0 deaths.

Clallam County | 4 cases. 0 deaths.

Clark County | 10 cases. 3 deaths.

Columbia County | 1 case. 0 deaths.

FACT | About 50% of deaths in Washington State are those over 80-plus years old. 50% are female and 44% are males.

Cowlitz County | 3 cases. 0 deaths.

Franklin County  | 3 cases. 0 deaths.

Grant County | 18 cases. 1 death.

Grays Harbor County | 1 case. 0 deaths.

Island County | 21 cases. 1 death.

Jefferson County | 6 cases. 0 deaths.

King County (epicenter) | 1,040 cases. 75 deaths.

FACT | About 9% of the confirmed COVID19 cases are those aged 20-29 years of age (females) . 

Kitsap County | 18 cases. 0 deaths.

Kittitas County | 4 cases. 0 deaths.

Klickitat County | 4 cases. 0 deaths.

Lewis County | 2 cases.  0 deaths.

Lincoln County | 1 case. 0 deaths.

Mason County | 1 case. 0 deaths.

Pierce County | 107 cases. 1 death.

FACT | About 14% of those aged 30-49 years old have the COVID19 virus.

San Juan County | 1 case. 0 deaths.

Skagit County | 33 cases. 0 deaths.

Snohomish County | 480 cases. 10 deaths.

Spokane County | 20 cases.  0 deaths.

Stevens County | 1 case. 0 deaths.

Thurston County | 11 cases. 0 deaths.

Walla Walla County | 1 case. 0 deaths.

Whatcom County | 14 cases. 2 deaths.

Yakima County | 16 cases. 0 deaths.



Free Sanitizer | The Sandstone Distillery, is making a new product: Sanitizer and they are giving it away to 1st Responders, Hospitals, Doctor offices and the public.  You can visit them at 842 Wright Road SE, Tenino, WA 98589.  They are asking for you to donate glycerin which is a key ingredient in their sanitizer recipe which is from the CDC.

Studded Tires | The date to have your studded tires removed has been changed from March 31st to April 30th. (Source: WSDOT)

Taxes | The filing date has been moved from April 15th to July 15, 2020.

Emergency Declaration | The City of Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson is expected to issue an emergency order tonight for residents to stay indoors, after the city council voted today to expand his authority during the COVID19 pandemic. (Newsmedia)

Emergency Management Center (Bellevue) | The Faces who work around the clock to help coordinate essential services 24/7/365.   “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Photo Credit | City of Bellevue


Alert | Tribal


Goes into effect tonight at 2359 hours PST until April 5th 2359 hours PST.  Shelter-in-place.

New Recovery Center | King County joins Harborview Medical Center in opening a new 41 Recovery Center. (Source: King County gov)


Donate Blood | The American Red Cross needs healthy volunteers to donate blood during this health crisis/blood shortage.

Social Distancing | Stay home unless you are an essential employee, like a Police Officer, Firefighter, Highway worker, Food / Grocery Worker, etc. or anyone else who cannot telecommute from home.  People whom are congregating in large groups are causing panic among others and are potentially spreading the virus, as learned about the young people in Florida who defied the quarantine mandate.  Several of them gathered on Florida beaches during Spring Break and now, they have acquired the virus which could have been completely preventable.

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NEW Wildfire | Camino Fire | California | 1


A brush fire is burning on Hwy 154 and west Camino Cielo Road is burning uphill on the north slope that started on Monday afternoon.

It was ignited by an unknown source, which is currently under investigation. No preliminary has been released at the time of this post.


Photo Credit | Daniel Bertucelli, SBCFD PIO


Ground crews and a helicopter from the South Barbara County Fire Department are currently assigned and actively working on the fire line.


There are evacuation warnings for those on East Camino Cielo Road east of Hwy 154 and the Painted Cave community.  The County Fire Department wants you to know this is a WARNING only and not an order.


More updates will be released when additional information is known and/or fire activity increases significantly.

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#SouthMainFire | Wildfire | California

The  SOUTH MAIN FIRE is located off of South Main Divide and Hacienda Road in El Cariso (Riverside County), California started on Friday, March 6, 2020.

The cause of the fire is most probable due to a burn on the South Main Divide that escaped containment lines and was immediately declared a wildfire.  It was at the time, a five-acre fire with a moderate rate of spread. No structures in the early stages of the incident were threated.  Additional air and ground resources were on order.

286 CAL FIRE / Riverside County Fire firefighters were dispatched to the fire, along with two fixed wing aircraft and two helicopters dropping water.


Photo Credit | Cleveland NF

Currently, the fire is 20 acres and 85% contained.  The forward progression was stopped on Friday, March 6th.

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Wildfire Activity Log | California | March 7, 2020

The wildfire activity log for Saturday, March 7, 2020, for the State of California:

1521 | MANZANITA FIRE:  Behind address located in the 3600 block of north Hemlock Drive in San Bernardino. IC:  CPT 228.


Photo Credit | Richard Cordova, CAL FIRE PIO (Stock Photo)

1427 | BRUSH FIRE:  23800 block x Mailbu Road. Between Malibu Colony Road and Puerco Canyon Road. City of Malibu. Reported as a wildfire.  Dispatched via Angeles National Forest ECC.

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Wildfire Activity Log | Oklahoma | March 7, 2020

Here is the following wildfire activity log for the States of Arkansas and Oklahoma for Saturday, March 7, 2020:


1700 | MAZE FIRE:  Short grass and brush fire fuels. Located in 21N R29W Section 23. 3.14 acres. Contained at 1800 hours.

1624  | SMILEY FACE FIRE: Newton County, Arkansas. .25 acres. Open incident.

1555 | PETER CAVE FIRE: Searcy County, Arkansas. 6 acres. Contained 1800 hours.   DOVER LIGHTS FIRE:  Pope County.   .01 acres. Contained 1728 hours.

1425 | WOMBLE SILVER FIRE:  Montgomery County. 3.9 acres. Open incident.

1114 | LITTLE BIGGER RX FIRE:  Logan County. 1959 acres.

0943 | BONNERDALE OLD GROWTH RX FIRE:  Garland County.  976 acres.  IC:  Justus Beggs RXB2 effective 1100 hours.

0941 | CADDO POND C47 OLD GROWTH RX FIRE:  Montgomery County. 1134 hours. IC:  Justus Beggs RXB2 effective 1000 hours.

0840 | LOONEY RX FIRE:  Delaware County.  71 acres.

0754 | RORIE SOUTH RX FIRE:  Stone County. 1918 acres. IC: William Hilton RXB2 as of 1100 hours.

0753 | BIRCHFIELD COUNTY RX FIRE:  Crawford County.  1853 acres. IC:  Jimmy Lindsay as of 1100 hours.

0732 | SHUT IN RX FIRE:  Scott County.  Town of Eagleton. 4215 acres. IC:  Adam Strothers.

0717 |  HORSEHEAD WEST RX FIRE:  Johnson County.  928 acres.

0713 | ROSS CREEK EAST “SOUTH” RX FIRE:  Scott County. Waldron, Arkansas. 2576 acres.

0711 | SEED TICK RX FIRE:  Newton County.  1080 acres.

0700 | CARTER CREEK EAST SU2/4 RX FIRE:  McCurtain.  560 acres.

0636 | WILDFAT UNIT 5 RX FIRE:  Yell County.  207 acres.


1800 | Resource order dispatched for the BLACK COW FIRE. Fire is located in th Pawnee Tribal area . Pawnee County.  0.1 acre.

1630 | BLACK CROW FIRE:  2.5 miles east of Kenwood. 43 acres. Contained at 1845 hours.

1600 | TOMAHAWK CHOP FIRE: 7 miles north of Twin Oaks.  20.6 acres. Contained 1755 hours.

1504 | SLOUGH FIRE:  3.5 miles east of Hanna.197 acres. Open incident.

1444 | BLACK BEAR FIRE:  Pawnee County.  Pawnee Fire District. 3.5 acres. Contained 1930 hours.

1300 | MURPHY FIRE:  Montgomery County. 3 acres. Contained 1433 hours.

1220 | OLD TRAILER FIRE:   .25 miles south of Bull Hollow. 58.1 acres. Contained 1530 hours.

1204 | BURGER FIRE:  Osage County.

1136 | 412 FIRE:  Resource Order via Arkansas-Oklahoma Interagency Coordination Center.

1115 | FLAT ROCK 2 FIRE: Adair County. Cherokee Tribal area. 28.13 acres. Contained at 1425 hours.

1100 | REDBUD FIRE:  4 miles east of Dustin. 259.3 acres. Contained 1230 hours.

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NEW Wildfire | #412Fire | Oklahoma


A large wildfire is burning in Beaver County, Oklahoma.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, mountain, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit | OKFS

FIRE FACT | Critical to Extreme fire weather for much of Kansas again today (Saturday, March 7) with a 🚩🔥Red Flag Warning 🔥🚩 issued from US National Weather Service Topeka Kansas and US National Weather Service Dodge City Kansasfrom noon to 6:00 p.m.


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

Photo Credit | OKFS


Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Photo Credit | Harmon Fire Department

  • Oklahoma Forestry Services
  • Beaver County
  • Beaver County Oklahoma Emergency Management
  • Ellis County Oklahoma Emergency Management
  • Ellis County – Fire Strike Team – Harmon FD, Arnett FD
  • Harper County

FIRE FACT | OKFS fire crews are fighting 19 active wildfires. 7 are considered large wildfires. Crews are engaged on fires from near the Arkansas border to the Panhandle of Oklahoma.


  • Texas Forestry
  • NWS Amarillo
  • Texas Counties



  • Kansas Forestry  Service
  • KS Volunteer Fire Departments
  • NWS Wichita
Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit | KSFS

FIRE FACT | 7 Clark County Wildland Task Force units is also assisting local resources in Meade County, Kansas, while local fire departments assist on this wildfire.

  • Clark County Wildland Fire Task Force
  • NWS Dodge City
Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Photo Credit | KSFS


2212 CST  | Reports of patients and clients of the Beavert hospital and nursing home have been transported to Buffalo, Oklahoma and Meade, Kansas during the evacuation orders given.

2130 CST | Local news reporting:  “Woolly Buffalo Inn in Buffalo, Oklahoma. Offering displaced 412 Fire evacuees can stay for free this evening and Sunday night.

2014 CST | Fire continues to burn.  Fire is south of Forgan.  Smoke can be seen in the State of Kansas.

1934 CST | Continued line construction around the fire. 10% containment status.  Challenging conditions.  Beaver and Forgan have been evacuated. Reported unknown number of structures have been lost, pending the outcome of a damage assessment.

1731 CST | Fire burning on the EW 100 road, about 3 miles north of Beaver. Tanker 95 is working the flanks with ground resources.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit | OKFS

1717 CST | Plume  visible and reportedly near Beaver.  Estimated to have grown to 10,000. Numerous fire departments, include Oklahoma Forestry Services and Kansas Forest Service. Can be seen on satellite. Located in Beaver County. Evacuation in effect for the town of Beaver.

KSFS Tanker 95 is one of many resources deployed as mutual aid.


Photo Credit | KSFS

1708 CST | Beaver Emergency Management is asking people to evacuate in Forgan, Oklahoma.

1641 CST |  Continued extreme Fire behavior with wind-driven runs and spotting. Fire has moved 14-miles from the point-of-origin.  Evacuations for the town of Beaver , Oklahoma in effect.

1535 CST | Extreme fire behavor with wind-driven runs.  Structure protection in effect.

1446 CST  | Town of Beaver initiates mandatory evacuations. Fire has reached the southwestern edge of town. Structures were on fire, along with a burned area at the local High School football field.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor

No photo description available.

Photo Credit | OKHP, NW Region

1307 CST | Sirens continuously going off in the town of Beaver to evacuate the fast-moving wildfire approaching their town.

1136 CST | Resource Order dispatched via the Arkansas-Oklahoma Interagency Coordination Center.

1037 CST | The Ellis County Strike Team (OH) has been dispatched to the 412 Fire, a grass fire located about 5 miles west of Ellwood in Beaver County, Oklahoma.

0707 CST | Kansas Fire Weather

Image may contain: possible text that says 'WEATHER Wichita Windy Today with an Extreme Grassland Fire Danger! Concordia 31 Winds from the South sustained up to 30 mph with gusts as high as 40-45 mph Salina 34 Topeka 32 Extreme Fire Danger Great Bend 32 Hutchinson 37 Wichita 37 Emporia 35 Outdoor burning should be avoided! Eureka 38 Chanute 35 Medicine Lodge 31 Coffeyville 34 Forecast Wind Gusts (mph) Today 3:27AM'

Photo Credit | NWS Wichita, KS


#412Fire #OKFire #KSFire #TXFire

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Coronavirus 2019 Outbreak | Sit Rep 4 | March 3 , 2020



We appreciate you reading this post and joining in the fight against this virus and its spread by educating yourself. We wish all of you safety out there, no matter where you visit or stay. – Ed.


There are a total of 60 cases with 12 states reporting in. Six deaths have been reported according to the CDC, as of March 3, 2020.


7 New Cases

  • LifeCare employee, female, 40’s. Never hospitalized, recovering at home.
  • Family member of confirmed case, female, 60’s, never hospitalized.
  • LifeCare frequent visitor, male, 70’s, unknown condition.
  • Male, 20’s, unknown exposure.  At Swedish Issaquah.
  • Second male, 20’s, unknown exposure. At same hospital.
  • LifeCare resident, female, 80’s, never hospitalized. Died on 2/26/2020.
  • LifeCare resident, male, 50’s, Died on 2/26/2020 in Harborview Medical Center, Seattle.

There are 14 current confirmed cases in Washington State.


Photo Credit | Seattle FD


The Seattle – King County Public Health has confirmed there has been seven (7) new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, making the total in Washington to 21 infected individuals.  Of these total cases, eight (8) have died.  One person was reported as ill but has since died.

If you believe you have been exposed to a confirmed virus case, call 206-477-3977 from 8am – 7pm PST  This is the King County has a Novel Coronavirus Call Center.

If you are Healthcare Provider, call the King County Novel Coronavirus Call Center.

Call 9-1-1- if, you are having a medical emergency only. Do not go to the ER.  The ER is for most critical needs.

Call Your Healthcare Provider if, you have a cough, fever, other respiratory problems. Do not go to the ER.


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