AZ | Telegraph Fire | 5

SIT REP 5 — JUNE 9, 2021 — PM POST

INCIDENT SUMMARY — A wildfire named the TELEGRAPH FIRE is located off of Highway 177, about five miles south of Superior on the south end of Old Telegraph Canyon. It was one mile away from the town of Top-of-the-World but is now less than this distance.

The fire was reported on Friday, June 4th around 1330 hours MT, according to Fire Officials.

Burning vegetation during a burnout operation in the Oak Flat area on the Telegraph Fire.
Credit: USFS – Tonto NF

CAUSE — Human caused. Exact ignition is under investigation.

FIRE BEHAVIOR — Very active with flanking and is wind-driven.

CURRENT STATUS — 84,860 acres of grass, chaparral and woody fire fuels. 34% containment status.

Fire is established in the Russell Gulch is flanking to the east to the Forest Service Road 651 through the late morning and early afternoon. Burnout operations in effect to protect the communications tower along Signal Peak on Pinal Mountain.

Air resources are dropping fire retardant but fire is burning through check lines due to low RH and if left not firmly reinforced, says the US Forest Service officials.

Fire is expected to cross over FS Road 651 and into the 2017 Pinal Fire scar. Winds are due to pick up as well. In the next 48 hours, fire is likely to approach Pioneer Pass road on the east side of Pinal Mountain and continue filling in the 2017 Pinal Fire scar.

The fire is also burning in Gila County.

RESOURCES — Lead Fire Agency: USFS. 923 total personnel. IC/Bales, an Type 1, SW IMT 2.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS — USFS, Tonto NF, Globe RD, Red Cross, High Desert Middle School, Apache Junction Rodeo facility, Pinal County Sheriff Office.

EVACATIONS — BE READY for Town of Superior and Battle Ax area. GO NOW! Top-of-the-World and Oak Flat campground. Listen/follow PCSO Facebook Page —

Telegraph Fire behavior is very active
Credit: USFS – Tonto NF

COST-TO-DATE — $5.1 Million.


Public Information Meeting – June 9, 2021 — (1) Facebook Live | Facebook

Gila County — Public Information Line — 928.402.8888

Gila County — Animal Shelter – AT CAPACITY. County is working on finding an alternative.


#TelegraphFire #AZwildfires #FireSeason2021 #SuperiorAZ

Listen to local, State and Federal officials and if they tell you to EVACUATE, please do so!

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Another Derelict Building Up in Smoke


INCIDENT SUMMARY | Seattle Firefighters were called to a working Fire in Building call just before 1600 hours on Tuesday, May 8, 2021. First due units confirmed a working fire in the vacant and another derelict structure.

LOCATION | For easier mapping, it is located in the 500 block of Harrison Street and northbound of Denny Way to Republican Street and right across from the Seattle Center, a favorite and iconic City tourist locale.

PC: Seattle Fire Department

RESOURCES | Units were dispatched via the Fire Alarm Center or FAC at 1558 hours PT.

  • Air Units — 240, 240-260.
  • Battalions — 2, 5, 6, 55.
  • Engines — 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 17, 20, 22, 25, 31.
  • Command Staff — PIO, DEP1, SAFETY2, STAFF10.
  • Ladders — 1, 3, 4, 6, 10.
  • Medical Group — MEDICAL GROUP | M44 (Supervisor), M10, A25, REHAB1.

OPERATIONS | Timeline for this incident

  • 1601 — Crews were investigating reports of a fire in a vacant building.
  • 1604 — Water on the fire.
  • 1608 — Changed strategy from defensive to offensive position after a possible person reported inside the building.
  • 1711 — 10 fire engines, 5 ladder trucks and additional support units on-scene. 70 firefighters fighting the first alarm blaze.
  • 1713 — Reports of a person in the building but crews checked with thermal imaging cameras (also known as TICS) from the outside. They were unable to locate anyone. At this time, firefighters were unable to enter the interior of the building due to heavy smoke and for firefighter safety due to a possible structural collapse.
  • 1715 — Operations in a defensive strategy and a collapse zone.
  • 1732 — Upgraded to a 2nd Alarm. PIO arrived on-scene. Heavy smoke in the area.
  • 1823 — Alpha-Delta. Collapse of wood façade on the corner of the building.
  • 1900 — RMC clearing and going back in service.
  • 1901 — REHAB1 back in service.
  • 1904 — B6 back in service.
  • 1913 — PIO in service.

SIGNIFICANT EVENTS | Highlights of this Incident

  • Person reportedly inside the building was never located.
  • Heavy flames and smoke could be seen from all around Seattle.
  • Refueling of apparatus completed during the incident.
  • Upgraded to a 2nd alarm.
  • Collapse zone established.
  • Fire Watch is in effect and will remain on-scene overnight to watch for hot spots and rekindling.

FIRE BUILDING | This is a masonry constructed with low quality built in 1929, is approximately 12,855 square feet. It is listed with the King County Tax Assessor as a Restaurant/Lounge as its present use. However, we see that it has been unoccupied for awhile and boarded up. It is located near the Seattle Center and Space Needle.

Building media
PC: King County Tax Assessor

This building was remodeled in 1999 and 2004.

Building assessed value is just over $4 Million Dollars from $3.5 Million Dollars in the previous assessed year, per Tax records.

Current Picture
PC: King County Tax Assessor

CLOSURES | Issued by the Seattle Department of Transportation

  • 5th Ave N NB closed at John St.
  • 5th Ave N SB closed at Republican St.
  • Broad St EB closed at John St.
  • Thomas St closed EB & WB between 5th Ave N & Taylor Ave N.


“Really hazy at Mercer and Dexter”

“Sad to see that. It’s been boarded up for awhile, but I would not be surprised if there was some temporary occupation going on.

Oh that’s a big fire in Seattle

“That burning vacant building used to be a dance club back in the day.

“[SFD] still fighting the flames inside this vacant building that used to house popular nightclubs.

there is a massive fire in a vacant building right below. CRAZY!

This fire was covered by local, national news and in our nearby neighbors in Portland, Oregon.

INJURIES | None reported that we are aware of.

CAUSE | Unknown, under investigation.


#SeattleFire #VacantBldgFire #FireInBuilding

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AZ | Telegraph Fire | 4

SIT REP 4 | June 7, 2021 | 1845 PT/MT

INCIDENT SUMMARY — A wildfire named the TELEGRAPH FIRE is located off of Highway 177, about five miles south of Superior on the south end of Old Telegraph Canyon. It was one mile away from the town of Top-of-the-World but is now less than this distance.

Smoke from the Telegraph could be seen from SR 177
Credit: USFS – TNF

The fire was reported on Friday, June 4th around 1330 hours MT, according to Fire Officials.

CAUSE — Human caused. Exact ignition is under investigation.

FIRE BEHAVIOR — Extreme fire activity with a high rate of spread, uphill runs, flanking and torching.

CURRENT STATUS — 56,676 acres of grass and shrubs. 0% contained. Remained very active overnight until 0200-0300 on Monday morning. This was due to humidity went up to 23% and winds decreased. The fire then began creeping around 0900 as winds picked up from the southwest and the RH level dropped.

RESOURCES — Lead Fire Agency: USFS. 276 fire personnel, overhead and support resources. Six crews, eight engines and two helicopters.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS — USFS, Tonto NF, Globe RD, Red Cross, High Desert Middle School, Apache Junction Rodeo facility, SW Area IMT (Bales).

This is a topographic Map mostly in shades of green with the red line of uncontained fireline around the oerimeter of the active fire. there is a key to markings on the map to the left side of the image.
Credit: USFS

EVACATIONS — Are in Effect for Top-of-the-World.

Red Cross — Moved from Miami east to Globe.

THREATS — Structures and Energy infrastructure.

COST-TO-DATE — $1.2 Million.


Gila County — Public Information Line — 928.402.8888

Gila County — Animal Shelter – AT CAPACITY. County is working on finding an alternative.


#TelegraphFire #AZwildfires #FireSeason2021 #SuperiorAZ

We will following along with the SW Area IMT’s live coverage on Facebook of the Mescal (7pm) and Telegraph Fire (8pm) Communities by breaking it down on our blog after each meeting and live on our Twitter Page @nwfireblog

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CA Trash Trucks Ablaze


A commercial fire broke out in the 53000 block of Polk Street in Coachella, California on Sunday night around 2355 hours PT from an unknown cause.


The fire was burning approximately 10 garbage trucks were said to be ablaze.

CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department were on-scene working to contain the visible flames.

The incident is designated the BurtecIC.

The cause is under investigation.

This is a developing story and we will post more as information is received or significant fire activity increases.

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UT | Bennion Creek Fire | 1

SIT REP — JUNE 6, 2021 — 2345 PT

A wildfire named the BENNION CREEK FIRE is burning in Utah.

Day 1 (June 4) – Around 1637 hours PT, air resources estimated the fire on Day 1 to be around 30-50 acres. It was ignited by an unknown source. It is burning on Bennion Ridge on the Manti-La Sal National Forest in very remote, rugged terrain and inaccessible by fire resources.

Cause is under investigation. No structures are threatened, however about 100 people were evacuated from nearby as precautions and for their safety.

May be an image of nature

Day 2 (June 5) – On June 5th, Day 2, the fire had burned 350 acres and had a 0% containment status. Fire fuels include sagebrush, mountain mahogany and pinyon juniper.

Smoke is visible from Highway 6. Please avoid the Red Flag related area.

Day 3 (June 6) – Fire has burned 300 acres. 0% containment. 92 total personnel assigned with 2 crews, 1 engine and 3 helicopters. $50,000 cost-to-date. Burning on the Manti-La Sal National Forest (USFS). Fire behavior is moderate with torching, running and with uphill runs. Structures under threat. Evacuations and Closures are in effect.

Sandstone fins in the foreground and the La Sal Mountains in the background near dusk. The landscape is bathed in a pinkish purple glow from the setting sun.
Beautiful La Sal Mountains grace the Arches National Park in foreground. Credit — USFS

The fire is currently burning through steep, rugged and rocky terrain, making it difficult and dangerous for fire crews to work and suppress/contain the fire.

A Type 3 IMT is due to take command of the fire incident on Monday, June 7, 2021.

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UT | Mammoth Fire | 1

SIT REP 1 — JUNE 6, 2021 — 2340 HOURS PT

Incident Summary — A wildfire is burning on the USFS’s Dixie National Forest, about one mile south of Mammoth Cree, which ignited by an unknown cause in the last 24 hours is known as MAMMOTH FIRE. The fire started on Saturday, June 5th around 1155 hours.

Resources — An IMT2 (GB team 5) is en route. 14 engines, 3 Single Engine Air Tankers, air attack and 5 Crews are assigned.  Incident Cooperators from Cedar Mountain Fire Protection and the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office.

Fonger Type 3 IMT assumed command this morning at 0600 hours.

Location — The fire is located about 20 miles southwest of Panguitch on Tommy Creek on the Mammonth.

Size Up — There has been 566 acres of grass and timber consumed. There is a 0% containment status.

Fire Behavior — Extreme fire behavior with crowning, short crown runs and spotting.

Fire Weather — Most of southern Utah is under REG FLAG WARNINGS.

Evacuations — Are in effect for Mammoth Creek Village. Structures are under direct threat.

Losses — One structure has been lost.

May be an image of standing, fire and outdoors

Cost-to-Date — $100,000

Photo Credits — Garfield County Sheriff’s Office.

Looking Through the Eyes of Social Media — This kills me!!!! I can’t believe this is happening AGAIN! I love that place!!!”

“Today we went to a great training with Thurl Bailey and Southwest Health and as soon as the training was over we had a real life fire that started at Tommy Creek on the Mammoth.‘ – Garfield County Sheriff’s Office.

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AZ | Telegraph Fire | 3

SIT REP 3 | June 6, 2021 | 2300 PT/MT

INCIDENT SUMMARY — A wildfire named the TELEGRAPH FIRE is located off of Highway 177, about five miles south of Superior on the south end of Old Telegraph Canyon is now one mile from town of Top-Of-The-World.

It is burning on the Tonto National Forest in the Globe Ranger District.

The fire was reported on Friday, June 4th around 1330 hours MT, according to Fire Officials.

CAUSE — Human caused. Exact ignition is under investigation.

RESOURCES — 191 assigned. 6 crews, 5 engines, 2 helicopters. USFS – Tonto National Forest.

Southwest Area Type 1 Incident Management Team 2 assumed responsibility of the Telegraph Fire early this morning and additional resources continue to be assigned to the fire.

A resource order was dispatched via the Fort Collins (Colorado) Interagency Dispatch Center at 0853 hours to the Superstition Fire and Medical District Regional Training Center, in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Incident Cooperators — USFS-Tonto NF, Inciweb, Red Cross, Pinal County SO, BLM, AZ State Forestry, AZ DOT, Sedona Fire District AHS’ Emergency Response Team (AZ Humane Society), LA District USACE, AzEIN EBS and the Pinal County OEM.

In the foreground is a Fire Danger Rating sign indicating EXTREME fire danger and fire restrictions. In the background is dense smoke issuing from the heel of the Telegraph Fire.
Credit — USFS – TNF

CURRENT STATUS — 41,109 acres of shrub and grass consumed. 0% containment.

Fire behavior remains at extreme with running, torching and short-range spotting.

EVACUATIONS IN EFFECT FOR — Top-of-the-World, Oak Flats Campground, Oaks Mobile Home Park, El Capitan, Resolution Mines and (new 1815 PT) West of Miami town limits.

CLOSED — US from Superior to Miami; SR 77 from Globe to Winkelman; SR177 from Superior to Winkelman; AZ Trail is closed on Passage 17, Alamo Canyon..

PUBLIC RESOURCES — Traffic Reports

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office — Evacuation updates here —

Pinal Emergency Notification System (PENS) —

Fire Info Line — Fire Information Public Phone Line: 480-608-2054. Email:

Land Closures — Bureau of Land management Emergency Fire Closure Order and Map:

Evacuation Updates — READY,SET,GO! INFORMATION:

HUMAN SHELTER LOCATIONSLee Kornegay Intermediate School — 4635 Railroad Avenue, Miami and Skyline High School — Mesa, Arizona.

For those needing emergency assistance, please call 9-1-1 immediately. For those affected or displaced by the wildfire and in need of help, visit the American Red Cross at or call 1-800-842-7349.

SMALL ANIMAL SHELTERSkyline High School — Vet, rescue and animal care staff have set-up an emergency animal shelter.

Credit — AHS
Credit: Red Cross AZ
Credit: Red Cross AZ


Birch Stockyard. 2822 North Hwy 188, Globe.

Apache Junction Rodeo Grounds.

COST-TO-DATE — $750,000


Gila County Public Information Line —


“Apache Leap burns in Superior.”

Wildland fire often makes its own fire weather including and significant winds.”

“riving home from Tucson and you can see the glow of the Telegraph fire from Biosphere 2 near Oracle.

“Superior, this is real and I’ve been in contact with the Arizona Department of Forestry & Fire Management this morning to keep up with the Telegraph Fire, among other fires. Our firefighters are literally working overtime across the state so please keep them in your prayers!” – TJ Shope/AZ Representative

“Fire continues to grow near the Town of Superior.” – Sedona Fire District.

“Smoke rising behind the Superstitions on June 4th.”

“Smoke over the Pinal Mountains this morning. (June5th).”

Between the Telegraph and Mescal fires, the drive that I love so much between Phoenix and Safford is burning away.”

#TelegraphFire #AZwildfires #FireSeason2021 #SuperiorAZ

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Angeles ECC | Overdue Campers

CALIFORNIA — Search and Rescue volunteers are searching for overdue campers from the Chilao Manzanita Loop Site 11 as of Sunday, June 6th at 1839 hours PT.

This is a developing story and more will be updated as soon as information is received.

Source: Angeles ECC CAD system.

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OR | Joseph Canyon Fire | 3

SIT REP 3 | JUNE 6, 2021 | 2240 PT


A wildfire ignited by lightning is burning about 23 miles southwest of Lewiston, Idaho in Joseph Canyon.

The fire started in the morning hours of June 4, 2021.

It has now crossed over from the Oregon side into the southeastern portion of Washington State.

“This is probably one of the most difficult places to fight fire in Oregon. Joseph Canyon is known for its extreme terrain, communications challenges, and natural hazards.” – Matt Howard, Deputy Agency Administrator for the ODF.

View from Cottonwood Creek late Saturday, Photo by Jana Peterson, ODF
Joseph Fire. Credit – BLM

It was reported by the Washington Department of Resources, which began on the Vale Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands that soon crossed over into the State of Washington protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

The fire has burned 4,000 acres of grass and timber. There is a 0% containment status.

Fire behavior contains to be active with running and isolated torching. Conditions also include high winds.

There are 209 total personnel assigned along with 4 crews, 2 engines and 3 helicopters.

Four hand crews, two engines and three helicopters are currently assigned to the fire. Additional aviation and ground resources are arriving steadily.

Fire personnel from Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), Wallowa-Whitman National Forest (USFS), Vale Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Washington Department of Natural Resources (WA DNR) are working cooperatively to protect public and private lands affected by the fire.

Northwest 7 Type 2 Incident Management Team is shadowing the interagency Blue Mountain Type 3 Incident Management Team today and will assume command of the fire Monday, June 7, 2021.

A Resource Order was dispatched through the Roseburg Interagency Communications Center at 1151 hours this morning.

Cost-to-date has reached $150,000.

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WA | Babcock Fire | 1


A wildfire began burning along I90 milepost 141 (Wild Horse Monument), north of the Vantage Bridge in the area of in Grant County on Sunday evening had ignited from an unknown cause.

The wildfire designated as the BABCOCK FIRE was also being called the I90 FIRE by Grant County Sheriff Office officials.

May be an image of nature
Credit — Royal Slope Fire & Rescue

WA DNR resources AHTANUM CREW-6201 E-331 E-6695 E-6696 PATROL-604 were dispatched at 1611 hours as part of an mutual aid response.

The fire had burned about 40 acres of sage and shrub per the last update by the GCSO but WA DNR CAD shows about 150 acres has been consumed.

Around 1923 hours PT, the fire was also said to be fully contained and in mop up operations.

Local resources have returned back in service and command has been turned over to State Fire Officials.

No structures were threatened, damaged or destroyed.

No reports of injuries to civilians or to first responders.

This is still showing an open and active incident per WA DNR’s CAD system.

An update will be posted when new information comes to light or there is significant wildfire activity.

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