LAFD Stop Fire in Tracks

Los Angeles, California

LAFD fire crews battled an early Saturday morning fire in the 3100 block of West 59th Street in Los Angeles, California.

Units BC18, BC706, E266, E294, E57, E66, E94, RA266, RA866, SQ21, T66, T94, CH9, 12 were dispatched at 0023 PT to a row of carports fully engulfed behind a row of 2-story apartment buildings.

About 49 LAFD fire units responded to the Hyde Park area taking about 28 minutes to put the fire out and stopping fire from spreading to two exposure buildings. Unfortunately, multiple vehicles were damaged.

No injuries to firefighters or civilians were reported.

Cause and the total amount property damage is under investigation and has not been released as of yet.

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LAFD Faces Greater Alarm

A two-story commercial building suffered extensive fire damage in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, October 30, 2020.

LAFD Fire personnel and assets were dispatched to a 2-story commercial building located in the 800 block of south San Julian Street (later address changed to the 900 block of the same address).

First due arriving units reported heavy pressurized smoke showing from the rooftop around 2003 hours PT.

The first due units (initial dispatched resources) were FS9, B1, Council District 14, BC1, BC11, E209, E210, E4, E9, RA209, RA809, SQ21, T10, T9, CH9, CH13.

A Greater Alarm structure fire was escalated at 2023 PT with reports of the building being a one-story with a possible upper mezzanine, concrete tilt-up construction and a size-up of 100′ x 200′. Firefighters were in offensive fire strategy with a heavy interior fire.

Building Photo
Photo Courtesy | BING

Greater Alarm units dispatched were BC18, BC5, CM22, E10, E15, E203, E209, E210, E211, E220, E221, E3, EA1, EM1, EM13, HR3, RA10, CH14.

About 15 minutes later (2036 PT), firefighters were in a defensive fire strategy. The interior operations team made it deep inside the structure and was unable to locate any fire. It appeared to be overhead in a possible mezzanine of the building.

Due to rapidly poor conditions, all members were pulled from the interior and rooftop operations and immediately exit the building. Initially, Command had an unconfirmed report this structure was housing a fabric buisness.

Additional Units dispatched at 2036 PT were: RA3, RA4, RA803, RA9, T11, T20, T21, T21, T3, UR3, UR5, and UR88.

At 2202 PT, the address changed to 917 South San Julian Street, where fire fighters returned to offensive fire strategy and making enough suppression to re-enter the interior of the structure. This was to enable them to reach the remaining hot spots inaccessible by the master streams from the exterior sides.

One firefighter was transported due to a heat related illness and was said to be in fair condition.

Units working and on-scene were BC1, BC11, BC18, BC5, CM22, E10, E15, E203, E209, E210, E211, E220, E221, E3, E4, E5, E9, EA1, EM1, EM13, EM9, HE1, HR3, PI1, RA10, RA14, RA209, RA3, RA4, RA803, RA809, RA9, RS3, SQ21, T10, T11, T20, T21, T3, T9, UR3, UR5, UR88, CH9, CH13, CH14.

In the end of this incident, it would take 109 firefighters to knockdown this stubborn fire around 2213 PT. It would take them 2 hours and 9 minutes to extinguish this blaze.

Fire personnel will remain on-scene throughout the night for overhaul operations and fire watch to ensure no rekindling.

Units still on-scene are: AR1, BC1, BC11, BC18, BC5, CM22, E10, E15, E203, E209, E210, E211, E220, E221, E3, E4, E5, E9, EA1, EM1, EM13, EM9, HE1, HR3, PI1, RA10, RA14, RA209, RA3, RA4, RA803, RA809, RA9, RS3, SQ21, T10, T11, T20, T21, T3, T9, UR3, UR5, UR88, CH9, CH13, CH14.

The LAFD Arson Section is investigating this fire.


This is a commercial structure that has three different bays and currently being used as a store building built in 1975. It is located in the industrial neighborhood of Moran, a subdivision inside the Los Angeles city limits.

It boasts over 10,000 square feet and is nestled in between several other large commercial structures nearby.

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There are still several California wildfires actively burning and some that have minimal observed fire behavior in the State. Here is a compiled list of each fire and their current status.

This is a Sit Rep for Friday, October 30, 2020.


The SILVERADO FIRE is being managed along with the BLUE RIDGE FIRE by an IMT Type 1, CAL FIRE’s Team 6. It is burning about 9 miles east of Irvine in Orange County. Fire fuels include chaparral, brush and tall grass.

Current fire behavior has been observed as minimal with backing, creeping and smoldering. Still being threatened are structures but evacuation orders have been lifted. Some road closures are still in effect.

There has been 13,390 acres destroyed along with three structures. Containment status has reached 51% by fire crews.

There are approximately 1,323 total personnel assigned along with 3 crews, 219 engines and 6 helicopters.

Total cost for fire suppression and containment expenses have reached a whopping $7.9 Million Dollars.


Photo Credit | Chino Valley Fire District

The BLUE RIDGE FIRE is located about 1 mile north of Corona also in Orange County. Fire started on Monday, October 26th.

Fire behavior is also listed as minimal but about 14,334 of brush and tall grass have been consumed along with one structure. Infrastructure is still under threat. Containment of this fire has reached 39% by crews and they are working every day to reach their 100% full suppression and containment objectives.

There are a total of 728 personnel still on this incident along with 7 crews, 144 engines and 4 helicopters.

Cost-to-date has reached $4.9 Million CTD.

Significant Event(s) | Burned 2 main structures and 8,850 acres in the Chino Hills State Park, which included the Rolling M Barn and minor damage to employee housing, along with two bridges.


Creek Fire, holding line, 7th Marine Battalion
Photo Credit | Sierra NF

The CREEK FIRE is located about 35 miles northeast of Clovis in the Sierra National Forest. Its fire command will be transferred from an IMT Type 1 (CA Team 1) to an IMT Type 2 (AK Black Team) on Saturday, October 31st.

Timber, chaparral and tall grass are fire fuels. About 379,571 acres have been destroyed along with 856 structures. Fire behavior is observed as active with backing, torching and creeping. Structures are being threatened.

No photo description available.
Photo Credit | USFS

This costly fire has reached an all-time high of $170 Million Dollars.

Containment by fire fighters has reached 70%.


Crew member serving as lookout over Kern River
Photo Credit | USFS

The SQF COMPLEX FIRE is located about 33 miles east of Porterville in the Sequoia National Forest. It is being managed by a USFS Type 2 IMT (EA Gold Team).

Fire behavior continues to be observed as active with flanking, backing and with single-tree torching. Structures inside the fire perimeter are currently threatened.

About 170,165 acres have been destroyed along with 228 structures. Crews have reached a 80% containment status.

There is a total of 389 personnel along with 5 crews, 11 engines and 7 helicopters.

Cost-to-date has reached $109.4 Million Dollars.


The COLEMAN FIRE is burning on lands owned/managed by the Los Padres National Forest, about 13 miles southwest of King City. Brush and tall grass are fire fuels.

Minimal fire behavior has been observed with smoldering occurring. About 574 acres have been consumed and a 93% containment status has been reached.

Total of 85 personnel are still assigned to this incident along with 1 crew, 2 engines and 1 helicopter.

The cost for this fire is listed at $3.5 Million Dollars.


Big Bear Hotshots wait for the fire to drop down to the highway before going to work.
Photo Credit | USFS

The EL DORADO FIRE is burning about 3 miles northeast of Yucaipa which is being managed by CAL FIRE’s San Bernardino Unit. Timber, chaparral and brush are fire fuels.

Fire behavior has been observed as minimal with creeping and smoldering. A total of 22,744 acres have been consumed but crews have successfully reached a containment status of 95%. 20 structures were lost.

About 94 total personnel along with 1 crew, 7 engines and 1 helicopter are assigned to this incident.

Cost-to-date expenses have reached $39.5 Million Dollars.


The MORAINE FIRE is located in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park (NPS) and about 5 miles northeast of Kanawyers. Timber and brush are fire fuels.

Fire behavior is currently observed as being moderate with flanking, creeping and with isolated torching. 988 acres have been burned. No structures have been reported as lost.

Cost-to-date is at $130,000.


These fires burning in California are not being managed with a Type 1 or 2 IMT, as they do not currently have a full suppression strategy assigned to each incident.


Located on the Sierra National Forest. Fire has burned 1,185 acres and has a 60% containment status. There is one personnel assigned to this incident. Cost-to-date is at $370,000.


This fire is located in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. There has been 7,241 acres burned and is currently being assisted by a total of 8 personnel and a single helicopter. There is a 40% containment status. $130,00 is the cost-to-date as of today.


Blue Jay Fire Lukens Lake 10.22.2020
Photo Credit | NPS

The BLUEJAY FIRE is burning in Yosemite National Park (NPS) and is about 50% contained and holding at 6,915 acres. There are 18 total personnel assigned and no additional resources at this time. 1 structure has been reported as being destroyed. $255,000 cost-to-date.


Wolf Fire 10.22.2020
Photo Credit | NPS

This is one of two fires burning in Yosemite National Park and this one is showing no resources currently assigned. However, 2,040 acres have been burned and a 30% containment status has been reported. $54,500 is the cost-to-date for suppression and containment expenses.


A group of firefighters on a road next to a slope covered in flames and smoke.
Photo Credit | USFS

The DOLAN FIRE is located in the Los Padres National Forest and has adversely impacted 124,924 acres but crews have been able to reach a 98% containment status. There are 110 total personnel with 1 crew and 2 engines. 19 structures have been lost. This fire has caused $65.7 Million in cost-to-date expenses.


Wildfire. Photo Credit: Mike McMillan/USFS
Photo Credit | USFS

2 Fires continue to burn on the Mendocino National Forest that is being managed by an USFS IMT Type 2 (CA Team 14) on this incident located 14 miles northwest of Elk Creek. Timber, chaparral and tall grass are fire fuels that are burning.

Minimal fire behavior is currently occurring along with creeping and smoldering.

The fire has destroyed a total of 1,032,649 acres of federal lands. However, fire crews have this fire almost at a 100% containment (93% currently).

About 559 total personnel are attached to this incident along with 10 crews, 24 engines and 2 helicopters.

This devastating fire has destroyed 881 structures and reached a whopping $152.3 Million in costs-to-date!


Two firefighters use hand tools to dig out the roots of a charred stump to remove residual heat
Photo Credit | USFS

The NORTH COMPLEX is located 1 mile southwest of Crescent Mills in the Plumas National Forest where 318,935 acres of timber and brush have been scorched.

A minimal fire behavior has been reported with backing, creeping and smoldering. Containment has reached 96% by crews.

Total count of personnel include 264 firefighters, 3 crews, 9 engines and 2 helicopters.

This is another extreme firestorm which consumed 2,352 structures and caused a total amount of $178.3 Million costs-to-date!


10.03.2020 Structure Wrapping N-NE side of Fire
Photo Credit | USFS

The RED SALMON COMPLEX is located in the Six Rivers National Forest, and 14 miles northeast of Willow Creek.

Fire behavior is said to be moderate with backing, creeping and smoldering.

144,317 acres of timber has been lost but great news of 0 structures being lost has been reported. This fire incident, like others, has reached a $111.1 Million price tag on fire suppression and containment costs. Containment has reached 78%.

There are 241 total personnel with 2 crews, 11 engines,7 helicopters attached to this incident.


9/14/20 Firefighter from Galice Wildland Fire Module securing the containment lines edge near Goodwish road, Dwight Creek and Almost Heaven off Hwy 199
Photo Credit | USFS

The SLATER FIRE is located about 5 miles north of Happy Camp in the Klamath National Forest.

Fire behavior is listed as minimal with flanking, creeping and smoldering. Structures are still being threatened. About 156,832 acres of timber and brush have been destroyed. Crews have reached an 85% containment status.

There are total of 271 personnel along with 6 crews, 7 engines and 3 helicopters.

A total of 440 structures have been lost and there is a $50.4 Million price tag for suppression and containment expenses to date.


Point protection, Rogue River, 9/15/20
Photo Credit | USFS

About 5 miles north Seiad, the DEVIL FIRE is burning and has said to have a minimal fire behavior with smoldering.

There has been 8,885 acres of timber that has been destroyed. Crews have saved any of the structures in the area, as none has been reported as lost.

Crews have reached a 67% containment status and have been released from this incident. Cost-to-date have topped out at $679,000.


Fork Fire 9/8/2020
Photo Credit | USFS

In the El Dorado National Forest, there is a fire named the FORK FIRE that is burning about 15 miles northeast of Pollock Pines.

1,673 acres of timber and brush have been destroyed but no structures in the area have been destroyed, which is great news for the area.

Total personnel of 31 remain along with 1 crew and 2 engines.

Cost-to-date have reached $7.2 Million.

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Enumclaw Touched by Fire

The Living Court Assisted Living community facility located in the 2200 block of Jensen Street in Enumclaw (King County), Washington State was touched by a small fire on Friday evening around 2215 hours PT.

Image result for 2229 jensen st enumclaw wa 98022

It was reported that the fire was quickly contained but fire fighters were still working to knock it down. Residents inside the building were assisted during evacuations.

There was one area on the east side of the building reportedly as being flooded.

Police were on-scene to help with evacuations and traffic control.

Engine 34 from the Enumclaw Fire Department was dispatched as mutual to help King County Fire Agencies:

  • Valley Fire
  • VRFA
  • South King Fire
  • IAFF 2024
  • Mountainview Fire
  • IAFF2595
  • King County Medic 1
  • Puget Sound Fire

Did not hear of any reports of injuries to residents or to firefighters.

The Red Cross was requested and is assisting the facility.

No preliminary cause was known at the time of this post.

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Seattle Has 2nd Alarm Fire

Firefighters were dispatched on Saturday, October 24, 2020, at 1620 hours PT to a vacant building located in the 400 block of 7th Avenue South in Seattle, Washington.

At 1633 hours, 7th Avenue Command upgraded the call to a 2nd Alarm fire incident sending out additional resources and equipment.

First and second alarm Seattle Fire units include: E10, B6, E5, L1, A10, Air10, B2, Deputy1, E2, E25, E6, L10, L6, M10, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, Safety2, Staff10, L3, Air240-260, B6, E13, E22, E30, E34, L6, L9. PIO and L4.

2nd Alarm units were quickly code green at 1638 hours PT.

A small fire was said to be burning at the time of the stairwell on floor three but would be knocked down relatively fast. Command called it a tap fire at 1642 hours.

MAR5, Seattle Fire’s Investigator was on-scene to determine what the cause of the fire is and its origin. At this time, there is no preliminary cause to report.

Just like when they train and drill, SFD’s crews focus on suppression and containment applying quick egress efforts. Actions of firefighters quickly stopped the spread to other connected exposures and limiting damage to the structure overall.

There were no reports of injuries to firefighters or civilians.


This building is located in the 400 block of 7th Avenue South in the heart of the Sodo (industrial) area of Seattle. This structure is listed as a brick building that was built in year of 1920.

According to 2020 assessed King County tax records, this is the home to the Republic Hotel, a rooming house on the top three floors of the building, a retail store on the street level and an unfinished basement.

However, when firefighters arrived – they stated this is a vacant building.

Here is a current photo of the vastly 7,680 square multi-level building that was touched by fire this afternoon. It is said to be valued at $2.3 Million according to a 2020 assessment.

Photo Credit | King County government

Building media

Nice work, Firefighters and saving another Seattle iconic structure.

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Wildfires contain to burn in the State of Oregon, while Washington State appears to be on the mend from its extreme fire season with one fire burning without a Type 1 or 2 assigned.

Here is a compiled list of wildfires still burning in Oregon.

BEACHIE CREEK | 6 miles N of Detroit | USFS

Beachie Creek smoke plume with Opal Lake in the forground
Photo Credit | USFS

Willamette National Forest. 193,573 acres of timber. 85% containment. Minimal fire behavior. Closures in effect. 1,323 structures destroyed.64 total personnel along with 1 crew and 1 engine.

$223 Million cost-to-date.

RIVERSIDE FIRE | 1 mile SE of Estacada | USFS

Riverside Fire from La Dee Flats area.
Photo Credit | USFS

Mt. Hood National Forest. 138,054 acres of timber. 72% contained. 139 structures lost. 28 total personnel. 1 crew.

$20.2 Million cost-to-date.

LIONSHEAD FIRE | 20 miles W of Warm Springs | BIA

Burnout operations help to decrease the intensity of a fire.
Photo Credit | BIA

Warm Springs Agency. 204,469 acres. 46% containment. 280 structures destroyed. 179 total personnel with 4 crews, 16 engines and 2 helicopters.

$60.2 Million cost-to-date.

WHITE RIVER FIRE | 20 miles W of Wamic | USFS

Photo taken from paved road looking across fields to a fire putting up a column of smoke
Photo Credit | Mt Hood National Forest

Mt. Hood National Forest. 17,383 acres. 90% contained. 1 structure lost. Total personnel assigned is 37 along with 2 crews, 4 engines and a single helicopter.

$22.8 Million cost-to-date.

ARCHIE CREEK FIRE | 20 miles E of Glide | USFS

A single unburned office chair is all that remains of the DFPA guard station.
Photo Credit | USFS

Umpqua National Forest. 131,542 acres. 95% containment. 111 structures lost. 110 total personnel are still deployed with no other resources.

$36.2 Million cost-to-date.

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While some States are see a reduced number of wildfires due to either rain or through containment during favorable weather condition, Colorado has seen their fair share of wildfires.

Here is a current list of wildfires burning in Colorado.


CAMERON PEAK FIRE | 15 miles SW of Redfeather Lakes | USFS

Photo Credit | Mt View Fire Rescue

Active fire behavior with short crown runs, wind-driven runs and flanking. 205,005 acres of timber. 51% contained.

Several communities threatened. Evacuations. Closures in effect. 250 structures lost. $93.8 Million cost-to-date.

1,591 total personnel. 36 crews, 108 engines, 15 helicopters.


Firefighters working along Lefthand Canyon Road on October 19.
Photo Credit | Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

Pawnee National Grassland. Moderate fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering. 460 acres of timber. 43% contained.

Homes threatened. Closures in effect. $400,000 cost-to-date.

115 total personnel. 3 crews, 12 crews.

WILLIAMS FORK FIRE | 15 miles SW of Fraser | USFS

Fire consumes aspen and lodgepole as the burning operation progresses on the Williams Fork Fire Aug. 24. Photo by Kari Greer
Photo Credit | USFS

Pawnee national Grassland. Minimal fire behavior with single tree torching, short-range spotting and creeping.

14,670 acres of timber and short grass. 26% contained.

Several communities and infrastructure threatened. Closures in effect. $24 Million cost-to-date.

190 total personnel. 1 crew, 4 crews and 3 helicopters.


CALWOOD FIRE | 10 miles NW of Boulder | Boulder County lands

Photo Credit | Boulder County OEM

RM Team Black Team, IMT 2 also managing the LEFTHAND FIRE.

Moderate fire behavior with backing, creeping and isolated torching. 9,854 acres of timber, brush and short grass. 21% contained.

Several communities threatened. Closures in effect. 28 structures lost. $1.4 Million cost-to-date.

411 total personnel. 10 crews, 28 engines and 8 helicopters.


EAST TROUBLESOME FIRE | 16 miles NE of Kremmling | USFS

East Troublesome Fire, Oct. 16, 2020
Photo Credit | USFS

Thunder Basin Grassland. Active fire behavior with group torching and long-range spotting. Transfer of command from NR Team6, IMT2 to PNW Team 3, IMT1.

19,086 acres of timber and grass. 10% contained. $5.1 Million cost-to-date.

295 total personnel. 10 crews, 23 engines and 4 helicopters.

MIDDLE FORK FIRE | 10 miles N of Steamboat Springs | USFS

Unburned aspen and mixed conifer are visible in the foreground, with smoke rising behind a rocky ridge in the near distance.
Photo Credit | USFS

Thunder Basin Grassland. Moderate fire behavior with backing, creeping and isolated torching.

20,194 acres of timber. 1% contained. Structures and infrastructure threatened. Closures in effect. $6.4 Million cost-to-date.

114 total personnel. 3 engines and 3 helicopters.


ICE FIRE | 5 miles W of Silverton | USFS

A mountain side with smoke rises in places is shown. The South Fork Mineral Creek Road is visible at the bottom.
Photo Credit | USFS

Moderate fire behavior with single tree torching, spotting and backing. Structures and infrastructure threatened. Closures in effort.

583 acres of timber and short grass. 25% contained. $400,000 cost-to-date.

100 total personnel. 2 crews, 6 engines and 5 helicopters.

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Boulder County Sees 2 Fires

Two wildfires are burning in Boulder County, Colorado igniting a day from one another.


The newest wildfire is called the LEFTHAND CANYON FIRE which ignited from an unknown cause on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Fire behavior is said to be very active. It is located in the 14000 block of Lefthand Canyon Drive, near Ward, Colorado.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, tree, outdoor and nature
Photo Credit | Boulder County Office of Emergency Management

Immediate evacuations by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office consisted of Deputies going out to the nearby town of Ward, Gold Hill, Sunshine Canyon and surrounding areas.

Evacuation point set up at Nederland Community Center 750 CO-72, Nederland, CO 80466. Livestock should go to the Gilpin County Fairgrounds at 230 Norton Dr., Black Hawk CO 80422.

The areas north of Ward, Gold hill and the 10,000 block of Lefthand Canyon Drive. Included in the evacuation order are residents of Spring Gulch Road and Gold Lake Road. Leave the area immediately if you are in those zones.

The fire has burned 303 acres.

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and outdoor
Photo Credit | Arvada Fire Department


CALWOOD FIRE would be the County’s first wildfire that broke out about three miles west of the town of Jamestown and prompting emergency evacuations of nearby Heil Valley Ranch and Hall Ranch Trails.

Boulder County EOC was activated on October 17th. Fire management is in Unified Command with USFS IC Griffin and Boulder County Buchanan.

The fire has burned 8,788 acres. Crews have reached a 15% containment status. The footprint has held steadily, according to county officials.

No new fire growth has been observed.

There are 445 total personnel still assigned to this incident.

26 homes have been damaged. Out of respect for those who have been impacted by so much, we will not publish the areas where homes and other structures were damaged or destroyed. However, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office has a list of homes and their addresses on their website, which can be found at:


Larimer County |

Boulder County |

911 Reverse | For landlines only.


303-413-7730 | For Transportation assistance needs.


Reaching out for help is definitely not a weaken and nothing to be ashamed about. There are just traumatic times in our lives we have absolutely no control over and professionals out there that can help through various methods.

303-447-1665 – Mental Health Partners

844-493-8255 – Rock Mountain Mental Health


Maps of both fires can be found on the BOCO website located at


SIT REP 5 | OCTOBER 17, 2020

PC:  Mendocino NF

A firefighter with a chain saw cuts a log on the edge of an active wildfire.


Location | The AUGUST COMPLEX is comprised of several fires in this very large Complex.  Fires are burning about 14 miles northwest of Elk Creek in Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Tehama, Glenn, Lake and Coulsa Counties in California.   Fire fuels include timber, chaparral and tall grass.

Date/Time | These fires started on August 16, 2020 around 2037 hours PT.

Command | Mendocino National Forest, CAL FIRE Mendocino Unit, and CAL FIRE Humboldt-Del Norte Unit.

Resources | There are 2,574 total personnel along with

Cause | Lightning.

Injury | One firefighter injury 8/31/2020. One firefighter death 8/31/2020.

PC:  Mendocino NF

Controlled fire is seen burning down to a road being used as a fireline. Hoses can be seen on the road.


The fire is broken up into four zones:  West, North, Northwest and South. East side of the fire remains unstaffed but is continuously being monitored.

UPDATE | The fire now has three active zones.  The West Zone is 100% contained with 140,522 acres.

Overall Size Up | 1,032,264 acres.  82% contained.

Northwest Zone |  IC Kuo with the Great Basin Team 1.  119,346 acres. 94% contained.

Fire behavior increased due to Red Flag conditions caused by high winds, low RH and unseasonably high temps.  Interior pockets burned in the Bradburn Creek area.  Containment lines were test in the Coffee Pot area.

PG&E continues to repair electrical infrastructure using helicopters to replace damaged power poles and stretch lines to restore power to impacted communities.

PC: Mendocino NF

Two firefighters use hand tools to dig out the roots of a charred stump to remove residual heat

Northeast Zone |  IC DeMasters with Great Basin Team 2. 272,089 acres. 70%.

Firefighters focused on Friday connecting the fire line west of Bear Wallow Mtn and on the east and south sides of the 2017 Buck Fire burn scar. Night shift crews continues to address hot spots along the fire perimeter.

South Zone | IC Sinclair with SW Team 1. 548,295 acres. 90% contained.

Red Flag conditions for the last 2 days. No increase in acreage. Hotshot crews and equipment continue to hold and strengthen previously built lines in the Eel River Canyon area.

PC: Inciweb

August Complex near Elk Creek, CA 9/29/2020 - Photo courtesy Inciweb

The suppression repair includes wok repairs of hand and dozer lines, roads, trails, staging areas, safety zones and drop points used for suppression efforts.

There are evacuations in this area.

Mendocino County |

Lake County |

Glenn County |

PC: Mendocino NF

A firefighter with a drip torch is seen in the distance with burning grass nearby.


Size Up | The fire has burned acreage across three National Forests:  Shasta-Trinity, Mendocino and Six Rivers.

Records | A single fire incident has burned over 1,000,000 acres! The State of California becomes known as having the first gigafire status.

Damage Assessment | 54 structures have been destroyed. 6 have been damaged.

PC:  Mendocino NF

Two forest service building are shown, each wrapped in an aluminum foil like material, to protect them from heat and embers.


Evacuations |

Emergency Alerts Sign-Ups |



The last 2 teams assigned from Lane and Marion Counties were demobed earlier than expected.  They were returning back to their home state after a 2-week deployment.  All 6 teams were scheduled to return back in the evening on 10/16/2020.




4 of the 6 teams from Linn, Yamhill, Clatsop and Washington Counties demobilized after their 14-day shift deployment and have started their drive back to their home state on 10/16/2020.


6 teams deployed to California as a coordinated response in several locations about two hours apart from one another and safely on 10/10/2020.




This Yamhill County Task Force came off the fireline for a day of fire before demobilizing.  They helped with mop up activities and improving direct line. Image

PC:  BLM Fire and Aviation 

BLM MTDK Veterans Crews out of Billings, helped train some of the Dept. of Defense 7th ID soldiers who were assigned to this incident.


PC: Denver FD (CO)’s Engine 301

Engine 301 was switched out on 10/16/2020 and they are heading home from a busy and tiring 14-day shift rotation.





PC:  US Army’s 14th Brigade

USFS – California

PC:  South Metro Fire & Rescue (CO)’s BRE41 crew

Image Image

This replacement wildland crew began its journey to California from Colorado on 10/14/2020.


PC:  Flower Mound FD (TX)

6 Personnel and a brush truck have returned safely on 10/15/2020 from their 35-days of deployment.


PC: Director Mark S Ghilarducci / CAL OES

We remained busy today responding & deploying significant “immediate need”. Mutual Aid Fire Strike Teams deploying from around the State to Northern CA Fires.


PC:  US Forest Service

There are currently 4,800 USDA FS firefighters and support personnel currently across the United States. These firefighters are on the August Complex fire incident.




Thank you to our military partners, at work on the #AugustComplex on the @MendocinoNF.  From training to the fire line, it’s hard to believe it’s only been 10 days!



Wind gusts continue to move the North Zone further west, prompting evacuation orders. The fire has grown to 938,044 acres with a 43% containment. 1,612 firefighters and support personnel are assigned. (9/29/2020)



This USFWS helicopter is from Florida and normally works in the southern states. Due to the extreme conditions in the western states the helicopter and crew are currently working the #AugustComplex on the Mendocino National Forest in Northern California.



CAL FIRE, Inciweb, Fire Departments, Emergency Management, National Forests, Social Media.

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Solano County Scorched

A 3rd alarm brush fire broke out at 54 Vine Street in Vacaville (Solano County), California on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Vacaville Fire personnel and equipment were immediately on-scene just before 1747 PT.

It was reported as a 1.5 acre fire moving uphill and to the north. Fire behavior was very active with a fast rate of spread and spotting. Structures were indicated as threatened.

PC: Alert Wildfire


Resources included one Copter (14) and 2 air tankers, with multiple dozers and water tenders. An unknown of Vacaville and mutual firefighters were deployed on this fire.

Forward spread was stopped at 5 acres and containment was achieved. Both airtankers on hold were released along with air attack (1811 PT).

No further retardant drops were needed, as the head and shoulders of the fire had been moved out into the grass. some resources were working on the heel but everything looked good.

However, there are a lot of hot spots within the fire perimeter and extensive overhaul would be needed.

Multiple fire companies remain along with Dozer 14-45 will continue to work at this incident.

No injuries to firefighters or civilians were reported.

The cause of this fire is unknown at the time of this post.

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