Washington Wildfire | Silver Lake Fire | Newly Reported


A slow-moving wildfire ignited on Monday, August 6th located north of Cheney off of I-90 that had already burned 100 acres at the time fire assets being deployed.  It was reported by several fire Agencies in that the wildfire had a high growth potential.

Credit: WA DNR

Wildfire assets AR 108 AR 32 AR 422 AR 441 AR 446 AR 449 H 344 HI 40+Crew HT 41 HT 44 NC 40+Crew NC 41+Crew NE 06 were deployed on Monday, August 6th at 1310 hours to Silver Lake in Spokane County, Washington.

Fire Managers were already being challenged with the fire burning in timber and threatening homes and prompting local Officials to issue Level 3 and 2 evacuations.  Fire mobe resources were quickly requested, approved and deployed to the fire line bringing in more than 100 firefighters represented from 11 agencies , four fire boss aircraft.


As of today, the fire is still at 100 acres but crews have reached a 20% containment status.

Credit: WSP PIO Trooper J Sevigney

Fire crews are still in mop up operations.  They will work to hold and secure established fire lines.

There are currently 119 personnel along with two crews and 28 engines.

The eastbound lanes of I-90 were closed along milepost 265, but one lane has since been reopened.

Incident Cooperators included:

Credit | Spokane FD8

  • Spokane County Fire District #8 (from Station 84 – Ponderosa Station)
  • Washington State Patrol
  • Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Total fire suppression and containment costs-to-date have reached $200,000.  Estimated containment is around August 9th.

Several sources are using variations of the SILVER LAKE FIRE hashtags such as #silverlakefire #SilverlakeFire #SilverLakeFire #SilverLakeFirePNW

Washington Wildfire |Dallman Road Fire


Update 1 – August 6, 2018 – 2030 hours PDT – A wildfire was apparently burning off of Dallman Road and Tyee Lane on Camano Island in Island County, Washington.  E523 was showing the resource whom responded with Tully as IC as of 1835 hours PDT.

Fire resources were initially deployed today around 1628 hours PDT.

Fire fuels include brush, duff, logs and light timber.  Approximately, 0.1 acres have been destroyed.

We are still working to bring more details on this fire as they received.

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Washington Wildfire |Ragged Butte Fire | 3

UPDATE 3 – AUG 7 2018 – 2045 HOURS PDT

The fire has been fully contained today says the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office whom is back to calling the wildfire the ROAD P FIRE.  We will use both hashtags to differentiate that this is the one and same fire.

On Monday night, fire crews were able to keep the fire under control throughout the night with no new fire growth.  The Sheriff’s Office cancelled all evacuation notices and orders due to no threat to its communities.  Roads closures have also been cancelled and areas reopened.

UPDATE 2 – AUG 6 2018 – 2045 HOURS PDT

Resources include Douglas County Fire Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4, Okanogan Fire District 15, Bridgeport FD, Chelan Fire Districts 5 and 7 and BLM.  Gebber’s Farms is also providing personnel and equipment.

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Credit | DCSO

The Douglas County Sheriff’s office stated fire behavior is wind-driven and is located North of Lahey Junction, between Road 24 NE and Road 28 NE (north/south) and Road L NE and Road P NE (east/west).

Level 2 evacuation notices have been issued to four residents. No further structures are threatened at this time.

Fire has scorched 2,500 acres and containment status is unknown.

UPDATE 1 – AUG 6 2018 – 1900 HOURS PDT

A new wildfire has ignited off of Road P NE in Douglas County, Washington in the area of 47 58.464, -119 26.466.

It has been named the Ragged Butte Fire and it has scorched 10 acres of grass and brush so far.

Command is said to be at Highway 17 at Road P.

Structure protection is in effect by local Fire Districts .  No resources showing dispatched through the CAD system yet.

No further details available.

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Saddle Mtn Fire | Washington | New!

OTHELLO, WASHINGTON – Update 1 – August 2, 2018 – 2100 hours PDT —


Fire assets from WA DNR were dispatched and immediately en route around 1554 hours today to the SADDLE MOUNTAIN FIRE, located southeast of Othello, Washington.

It looks like it may go as big as it did two years ago. That one was 10,000 acres overnight.” – Photo Credit: Scott Eickerman


Initial BLM resources were dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center at 1502 hours PDT which included:  BLM-13 BLM-15 E-6695 BLM E-842 E-863.

DNR sent five engines and a single helicopter to the fire line of the already estimated 1,000 acre wildfire.

IC Cottrell has been assigned to this wildfire incident.


The fire has burned a total of 1,000 acres of grass and brush.


We were covering the SADDLE MOUNTAIN FIRE in 2017.  This photo shows we were across the highway in Royal City, Washington State.

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Photo Credit | Eric Swenson / NW Fire Blog

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Angel Springs Fire | WA | New Wildfire


INCIDENT SUMMARY.   Resources were dispatched around 1557 hours PDT today to a wildfire producing a large smoke plume about five miles north of Reardan which included engines fire boss airplanes and hand crews.

(Video as of 1800 hours PDT – Courtesy NE WA IMT)

LOCATION. Fire is north of Davenport.

CAUSE.  Media reporting that a combine caught fire in a wheat field and quickly raged out of control.

(Video as of 1930 hours PDT – Courtesy NE WA IMT)

RESOURCES.  NE WA IMT Team 1 (Command), WA DNR, Lewis County Sheriff Office, Spokane FD, Lincoln County Fire District 1,  and three local Fire Districts along with 14 engines, three (10) person hand crews, six bulldozers and plus, air resources as needed.

Photo Credit: WA DNR

Around 1657 hours, DNR stated they had five engines two fireboss airplanes and two 20-person hand crews that were en route to the fire scene.  They would join the crews from three local Fire Districts and one from Spokane.

Air resources see from above on Flight Radar 24.

FIRE STATUS.   170 acres burned with 60% containment.  Six structures threatened, one lost.

Media is reporting 800 acres.  We have put out our feelers to see if that is accurate since the latest information we had around 2000 hours.

Gusty wind conditions are making fire suppression efforts challenging.

EVACUATIONS.  Level 3 evacuations have been reduced to Level 2 for those in the Baldridge area.  Please remain aware of your situational awareness, in case you have to evacuate your homes again.

SOCIAL MEDIA.  We are using #Hashtags #AngelSpringsFire #WAIMT #WAwildfires2018

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UPDATE 1 – AUGUST 1 2018 – 1945 PDT – A wildfire is said to be burning dubbed the LITTLE ROCK FIRE STATION on Little Rock in Thurston County, Washington.  Fire fuels include timber understory.

E 801 was dispatched at 1754 hours and assisting local fire resources on August 1, 2018 at 1754 hours PDT.

According to the WILD CAD Activity log, there has been 0.01 acres destroyed.

No further details available.

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UPDATE 1 – 8/1/2018 – 1500 HOURS PDT – A wildfire ignited on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, and fire assets were deployed on 1729 hours PDT with multiple resources, along with two fire bosses on order.

The fire is burning about nine miles north of Reardan in Lincoln County, Washington State.

Around 1750 hours, the fire behavior had increased to torching and running. burning about 20-25 acres.

Level 3 evacuations were in effect for those around the Moore Road and 231.

At 1809 hours, a heavy air tanker was inbound.

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UPDATE 1 – AUGUST 1 , 2018 – 1445 HOURS PDT – A wildfire was reported on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, with two helicopters en route to the fire line at 1852 hours PDT.

The fire has burned approximately 19 acres and crews have successfully reached a 60% containment status.

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UPDATE 1 – JULY 31 2018 – 0610 HOURS

A wind-driven wildfire is burning north of Northport (Stevens County) is said to be burning about a .5 mile to the north was estimated on Monday, July 30th to be around 100 acres.

Resources deployed included 3 DNR planes, 2 helicopters and an unknown number of engines.

Fire behavior was reported as being very active with a high rate of spread due to high winds in the area.  Air resources were grounded for the remainder of the night while ground crews worked on night operations.

More updates are due to be uploaded as more information is received.

Thank you for reading our post!

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Photo Credit | OWNF

UPDATE 1 – JULY 31, 2018 – 0550 HOURS PDT

A wildfire is burning about 20 miles northwest of Entiat and near Plain. It is burning in the Mad River area on the Entiat Ranger District.

Fire fuels include heavy timber, snags and logs in very steep inaccessible terrain.

It was detected July 29, 2018 and started by an unknown ignition. Cause is still being determined and is under investigation.