Seattle Firefighters Respond to Lake Union Balcony Fire


Firefighters were dispatched to a Balcony fire located in the 2100 block of 8th Avenue North in Seattle, Washington on Saturday evening arond 2131 hours PDT.


Battlion 2 established “8 Avenue” command at 2145 hours.


Resources dispatched to the fire included the following listed units:

  • Aid 2, Medic 1, Medic 44 (Supervisor)
  • Air10 (Air unit)
  • Battalions 2, 4
  • Deputy 1, Safety 2, Staff 10
  • Engines 2, 5, 10, 20, 25
  • Ladders 4, 6, 10
  • Marshal 5 (FIU)
  • REHAB 1 (Firefighter REHAB unit)


The 5-floor residential apartment building, about 200 x 100 in diameter had a fully engulfed 5th floor balcony on the alpha side with flames visible.

Photo Credit | Seattle Fire Department PIO



Engine 2 was first to arrive on-scene of the 5-story building and reported nothing visible.

Battalion 2 assumed command and established “8 Ave Comand” .  A 360* of the building was immediately conducted and fire was discovered on a 5th floor balcony and extending


A sampling of tonight’s fire activities during this incident does not include all who were in attendance.

Medical Unit | Medic 10 and  Engine 9 responded to the scene for the fire victim and helped transport the patient to the nearby trauma hospital.

Engine 2 | Hydrant operations.

Ladder 6 | Roof operations.

Ladder 10 | Aerial operations on alpha side.

Engine 10 | Took Line 2. Assisted with overhaul and hittng hotspots.

Engine 25 | Fire Attack.

Div 5 | PPV was set-up on Division 5 (floor 5).

Fire crews quickly egressed on the fire from the moment they located the fire to knocking it down at 2158 hours and digging out hotspots.


One person from the fire unit was rescued by Firefighters and transported to Harborview Medical Center, where they are currently being treated for unknown injuries.

No firefighter was reported as being hurt during this fire incident.


The Fire building, is a 50-unit 5-story building constructed in 1966 that is a wood-frame approximately 200 x 100 in diameter.  All units have been recently remodeled per its website.

It’s main entrance is “street level” with two floors above and two floors below.

These are the Martinque Apartments, located in the Central Queen Anne district with views of bustling Lake Union and our beautiful Cascades.


The cause of this fire is curerntly unknown.

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Large Group of Firefighters Respond to False High Angle Call

Pierce County Firefighters responded to a high-angle call which the caller claims he was stuck down 100 feet of the 300 foot cliff on the west end of Cascadia Boulevard in Tahaleh, Washington.

The reporting party had called 9-1-1 to report his demise.

Firefighters arrived on-scene around 1820 hours PDT on Saturday evening and searched for about 90 minutes and were unable to locate the subject.

Resources included firefighters and a Pierce County Rescue team.  Fire Agencies represented were East Pierce Fire, Central Pierce, Pierce County Fire District #18 and Gig Harbor Fire Department.

The subject  was never in this area but was in Puyallup, some distance away.  This should make for very interesting contact with Police and something no one should ever do.  Calling 9-1-1 is for life or death emergencies.

This took all of these resources out-of-service and the inability for them to respond to a “real” emergency.


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Paterson Fire Escalates to 7-Alarm | 1


New Jersey firefighters are fighting a multiple alarm fire located at 81 Beech Street in Paterson (Passaic County), New Jersey.

It was stated over scanner feeds that there were multiple fires started near this street address.

Scanner feed (via bloggers) states the fire was started on Saturday at 2030 EDT.

Here is a timeline of the incident so far.


2052 EDT

  • Battalion 1 arrives on-scene. Immediately calls a 2nd alarm for arriving units.
  • Fire would quickly escalate by showing heavy conditions in the rear of the structure then spreading to the Bravo side.
  • Delta side was also seen on fire.
  • Firefighters would immediately conduct a primary search in the main fire building with nothing found.
  • 3 buildings on fire.


2054 EDT

  • Command upgraded the incident to a 3rd Alarm Fire.
  • Mutual aid units are requested by Command.


2058 EDT

  • Fire upgrade to 4th Alarm.
  • Four (4) structures are now fully involved.
  • These are structures on the Bravo, Charlie and the Delta sides.


2115 EDT

  • Multiple lines are stretched and operating.
  • Two  master streams are in operations.
2122 EDT
  • Command reports now 5 buildings are now on fire.
  • Some other media reporting 6 buildings, which includes the fire building.
  • Multiple master streams are still operational.


2150 EDT
  • 6th Alarm requested.
  • 2 Command posts are established.
  • Multiple mutual aid are incoming for stage moveups.

2203 EDT

  • Prospect Park Engine setting up water relay
  • 6 buildings on fire

2302 EDT

  • Fire building has been destroyed.
  • 56 people have been displaced due to fires.
  • Red Cross has been requested.
  • Secondary searches complete, nothing found.


2324 EDT

  • 7th Alarm requested.

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UPDATE 2 – MAY 9, 2020

A wildfire broke out after noon on Saturday, May 9, 2020 , northbound 5 Freeway, just south of Vista Del Lago and north of Castaic, California.

Incident Cooperators include:  LA County Fire Operations (air support), Angeles National Forest, LA County Fire Department, CHP and CA Trans District 7.

Photo Creidit | LA Co Fire Ops


Units include:  BC-11 BC-32 CRW-1 ENG-10 ENG-12 ENG-311 ENG-316 ENG-333 K-ED-14 PAT-13 PAT-15 WT-212 w ith Captain 12, G HERRERA as the IC as of 1307 PDT.

IC M. CONKLIN (BC 11) was in effect as of 1327 hours PDT.

LA Co Fire Opt

About 21.5 acres have been burned.  Containment status is unknown at this time.

Cause of the fire is unknown at the time of this post.

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A wildfire has ignited on Highway 50, mile post 275, about 2miles WNW of Canon City, Colorado.

Fire assets and personnel were dispatched at 1457 MDT to the area.

About .10 acres of grass has been destroyed.

This is still an open and active incident

Photo Credit | (c) 2020 NW Fire Blog, Stock Photo

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A wildfire named the MAGOTE FIRE is burning approximately 7.5 miles southwest of Antonito in (Conejos County) on the Conejos Ranger District in Los Mogotas, Colorado.

The human-caused fire has destroyed 50 acres.   Crews are still on-scene working to contain the wildfire.

The containment status is 0%.

Crews were dispatched at 1329 hours  MDT.

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A wildfire broke out after noon on Saturday, May 9, 2020 , northbound 5 Freeway, just south of Vista Del Lago in California.

CAL Fire units re on-scene and are now saying the fire is completely in the area of the USFS Angeles National Forest area.  Crews are in  en route.

Photo Creidit | Angeles National Forest (stock photo)

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature

Units include:  BC-11 BC-32 CRW-1 ENG-10 ENG-12 ENG-311 ENG-316 ENG-333 K-ED-14 PAT-13 PAT-15 WT-212 w ith Captain 12, G HERRERA as the IC as of 1307 PDT.

Additional air resources have been called and are inbound.   Additional resources are on order, including more engines.

The fire has burned 8 acres. There is a 0% containment status.

Reports of fire  behavior running uphill with light fuels and has increased from two to eight acres.

Cause of the fire is unknown.

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Healthcare Workers Give Personal Touch to Caring for COVID Patients

United States – Healthcare workers are taking back how they care for COVID19 patients in hospitals across the nation.  With the COVID outbreak, patients have been in hospitals without loved ones  surrounding them and dealing with medical staff completely gloved up, masks, shields and everything to protect them from the spread of the virus.

Healthcare workers find it has been emotionally heartwrentching not being able to “touch” their patients or able to connect with them by their sickly patients see who they are behind the masks.

A new PPE idea has sparked a spread of wildfire across Social Media and allowing healthcare workers to enable them to provide a “personal touch” to their most vulnerable patients.

Check out this great new PPE Portrait Project. and

Photo Credit |

Steven Asch@steveaschmd

Human connection is even more important in times. but masks get in the way. The @StanfordDeptMed sticker portrait project literally puts a human face on providers. Patients and providers love it!

Let us know if you are using this new PPE.  We want to share your goodfeel stories!

Please be safe, stay sane and healthy.  We are pulling for you.

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Firefighters Respond to Wallingford Derelict Building

Seattle, Washington | Firefighters were dispatched on Friday, May 8, 2020 , on Friday evening to a fire in building call in the Wallingford community.

It was located in the 4100 block of the Wallingford Avenue North, Seattle, Washington State.

According to Zillow, the structure is  listed as a single-family residence with four bedrooms and one bath that recently for $1,025,000 in February of this year.  The home is said to be worth an estimated value of $838,000.  The value has decreased over $166,000 in the last 30 days.

Personnel and assets included:  A2, AIR10, B4, B6, DEP1, E16, E17, E21, E22, E9, L9,L10, L6, L8, M17, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF10.  Units were dispatched at 1844 PDT.

Image may contain: 3 people

(c) NW Fire Blog (Stock Photo)

Firefighters quickly arrived and set-up a  water supply line.

Reports of a possible victim on floor 2 proved to be false, as members searched the basement and floors 1 and 2 of the structure finding no one or any other occupants.

It was stated this is a derelict building with debris blocking floor 2 and other areas blocked off.

At one time, Command broadcasted a potential biohazard and sent its firefighters to the Decon  Line.

The fire was tapped in less than 45 minutes.

There were no injuries to citizens, occupants or firefighters reported.

Cause at this time is unknown.

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Florida Firefighters Fight Major Firestorm | 5 Mile Swamp Fire | 1

Update 1 – May 6, 2020 – Wednesday

Though this wildfire has been burning for three days, we felt it important to show what the good folks in the State of Florida are now going through.

Information gleaned in this posting, is from several verified sources in the Fire Service.

May 4, 2020 [Day 1]

A 250-acre RX fire occurred early in the morning on private land, near Avalon Blvd and I-10.  Several hours later, it appeared the fire had escaped its containment lines, spreading quickly.

Firefighters from the Florida Forest Service – Blackwater Forestry Center, along with other mutual aid agencies to fire burning in the same area.  The fire ‘s behavior was observed as moderate with long-range spotting, with windy conditions.

The fire was said to be pushing mostly to the northeast and burning south of the Santa Rosa Landfill.  Within one hour of deploying fire assets and personnel, the fire had doubled in size to a whopping 100 acres destroyed.

About 45 minutes  [1644 EDT] thereafter, Fire Officials released this information:

  • 140 acres destroyed
  • 30% contained
  • 10 dozers
  • 3 brush trucks
  • 1 helicopter
  • 1 fixed wing aircraft
  • No structures were being threatened

At 1930 hours, firefighters stated the fire had burned 150 acres and was at 40% containment.  Most crews had left and will be monitoring this fire through the night. Most of the fire activity had been reduced with increased humidity overnight.  Significant growth is not expected. Crews will return in the morning for a new assessment.

May 5, 2020 [Day 2]

Just after 0500 hours, Firefighters returned to the fire line to build line.  There were personnel on the ground and there were reported issues or fire growth just like they had predicted the night before.

The cause was explained that a RX fire had escaped its containment lines being conducted by a contractor.  No structures were endangered.  Additional local fire departments were called in as mutual aid as precautionary measures.   Press releases went out that firefighters would still be on-scene for the next few days and it appeared that they were beginning to wind down the incident. [0715 EDT]

Less than four hours later [1100 EDT]  activity began picking up along with winds and firefighters were once again on the front lines trying to contain the fire.  With increased winds, swampy land and dry fire fuels seemed to now slow down containment.

Day 2 brought in 14 dozers to help stop the forward progression of the fire, now nearing the City of Milton.  It had now grown to 250 acres which was the maxed amount of acreage for the original prescribed fire, but because it was outside of its boundaries it was becoming something else.

Containment had slipped to 30% from the day/night before at 40% levels in the afternoon. Swamp fires have been hard to fight, as most firefighters whom have first-hand knowledge.  It is the dry fire fuels on the surface allow the fire to easily spread – it is the rising of the water table that makes the soil underneath deeper and more difficult to maneuver with a large piece of equipment, such as a dozer.

The fire has pushed north of I-10 and is east of Avalon Boulevard and near the former Moors Golf course.  It was also said to be burning approximately .5 miles from the nearest structures along the Ski Lane area.  Crews were deployed as needed for structure protection.  [1600 EDT]

Containment had been increased to 40%, allowing crews to make some progress throughout the day and into the evening. [1830 EDT]

May 6, 2020 [Day 3]

Day 3, brings a brighter outlook but would soon change later in the day.

Firefighters have spent the last two days building line around the fire, which has allowed them to fully line it.

Weather is due to be more favorable.  Crews were holding the fire to 250 acres and a containment status of 40%.

No photo description available.

At this time [0800 EDT], there were 14 dozers, 1 fixed wing aircraft, 3 helicopters along with 33 total personnel

About an hour later, things started to progressively go downhill thereafter.  Fire behavior was beginning to rear its ugly head and turning to become more extreme.  Fire conditions were beginning to increase activity and here is what has transpired over the latter part of the day.


Road closures began going into effect with I-10 being closed from Garcon Road to Avalon Blvd.  Later I-10 was shut down from exit 22 at Avalon to exit 31 on Highway 87.  Due to the fire burning near the roadway, the fire was spotting across the freeway with embers.

A dozer was positioned in the median of the interstate in case needed.  [1000 EDT]

As of this wildfire, two more fires had sparked in the FFS’s area, which are being managed separately from this incident.

Fire behavior has now become erratic with the perfect conditions for a Firestorm with high winds, extremely low relative humidity (RH) and nearby structures in the path of disaster.   Fire has destroyed 2,000 acres and containment has been lowered to 20% as it continues to widens its pathway.

Structures have been burned south of the fire and though there have been many, Fire Officials usually would wait for a damage assessment to determine the amount of loss.   It has now crossed over I-10 and there have been many images across Social Media showing zero visibility.  Drivers seem to be clueless or desperate as they drive through the highway covered smoke.  Officials are asking people to avoid the area.

Fire Images Credit:  Florida Forest Service –

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