U.S Active Wildfires | Washington | Jul 20 2017

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Here are the most active wildfires for the State of Washington on Thursday, July 20, 2017.  Hope you enjoy.

Bateman Island Fire.  Resource order being drawn from the City of Richland wildland firefighters.

Firefighter on Bateman Island on 7/16/2017. (Credit: BCFD1)

NEW! #CopperFire.  Ferry County. Copper Mountain. Dispatched @ 1835 hours PDT. Resources o/s @ 1910 hours. Resources include:  C 201 DIV 2 HI 10 HI 122 HI 141 HI 142 HI 144 HI 145 HI 146 HI 147 HI 25 HI 26 HI 60 PIONEER T1 UMPQUA 26.  1 acre.  Grass, brush and timber.

NEW! #400 Fire.   U.S. Army Military Training Center. Corral Canyon in Yakima County, Washington State. Burning on both sides of Yakima and Kittitas County borders.  Crews dispatched 7/20/2017 @ 2004 and reported at 1,000 acres but now 18,800 acres.  Resources:  H345, WEN-AA. Air resources requested.

NEW!   L Road Fire.  Mid-Columbia River National Wildlife Refuge, FWS. 7 miles SE of Mattawa, WA. Brush and short grass. Extreme fire behavior. 526 acres. 90% contained. 5 engines. $50,000 CTD.

Noisy Creek Fire.  3 miles E of Sullivan Lake  (Northern Pend Orielle County) on  Colville NF. Reported 7/15/2017. Lightning caused. 125 acres. 0% contained. 54 personnel assigned. 3 crews. $125,000 CTD.

Redford Canyon Fire.  Colville Agency, BIA. 8 miles SE of Keller, WA. Light logging slash, brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. Road closures in effect. 681 acres. 80% contained. 359 personnel.  11 crews. 18 engines. 3 helicopters. $1.3 Million CTD.

NEW! Richland Fire.  SR240 @ MP26.  RPD and RFD responded to a natural cover fire on the east side of SR240 near MP26 on Thursday, July 20, 2017. Unknown cause and limited details.

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U.S Active Wildfires | Washington | Jul 19 2017

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Here are the most active wildfires for the State of Washington on Wednesday, July 19, 2017.  Hope you enjoy!

Clayton Fair Fire.  Clayton Fair (Stevens County). 1913 dispatched. 1930 resources.

Noisy Creek Fire.  3 miles E of Sullivan Lake  (Northern Pend Orielle County) on  Colville NF. Reported 7/15/2017. Lightning caused. 102 acres.  50% contained. Timber, grass, brush and heavy deadened fuels.  Fire became active today and pushed uphill.

Red Mtn Fire.  NW of Maple Falls  (Whatcom County). 1 acre. Dispatched @ 1416 hours. IC assigned @ 1752 hours. Resources assigned:  CL 41, DEM 31, 32, E464,466,560, GL30,40, HAM31, 32, ISO30, KEN31, NK30, NW28, RADIO22. Grass and brush. 4 engines. Good knockdown.

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Active Wildfires | Large Incidents | July 18 2017

Large Wildfires Incidents is a post for any wildfire at 25,000 acres and over. Here our compiled list for Tuesday, July 18, 2017.  | These fire are across the United States.


Photo of firefighter putting out a hot spot near the line.

East flank on the Four Seasons Complex fires

This complex consists of the Roosters Comb Fire  (218,380 acres. 100% contained) + 3 other Unnamed Wildfires. 

They are located 50 miles North of Battle Mtn in a remote and logistically challenging environment for fire crews.

The Cornucopia 4 Midge Fires are both in patrol status.

Snowstorm Fire’s behavior is active, running and flanking.  About 116,934 acres  for this fire alone has been burned.

A Firefighter walks in the black on the Roosters Comb Fire.

Collectively, this wildfire has scorched 155,502 acres and is 60% contained.  Fire behavior is moderate with smoldering and some active fire behavior in various areas.  606 personnel are assigned.  Lightning was the cause.

# # #


The Brianhead Fire has been burning for a very long time and has consumed up to 71,673 acres with a containment status of 96%.  It is located about 1 mile North of Brian Head in Utah.  There is still 79 personnel assigned along with 2 crews, 3 engines and 1 helicopter, though the fire has a minimal fire behavior.  26 structures have been completely lost.

The fire suppression and containment costs-to-date have reached an all-time of $36 Million.

# # #


The Long Valley Fire is located is about 2 miles North of Doyle, California and 50 miles North of Reno, Nevada.  Fire was wind-driven today with winds gusting up to 44 mph.  However, there was little to zero fire activity.

Very Large Air Tanker is dropping retardant on the Long Valley Fire

A VLAT (Very large air tanker) dropping some retardant on the Long Valley Fire

Approximately 83,733 acres have been scorched.  57% containment has been reached.  The fire started on 7/11/2017 from an unknown cause that is being investigated.  There are 896 personnel assigned along with 47 engines, 9 helicopters, 13 dozers, 15 water tenders and 25 crews.

# # #

GARZA FIRE – California

The Garza Wildfire is burning near Avenal in California that began on an unknown cause on July 9, 2017.  48,889 acres have been burned but crews have reached a 97% containment status.

A California National Guard (CNG) helicopter sits in a LZ with a bambi bucket nearby on the Garza Fire, while another one takes off. (Credit: LACoFireAirOps)

There are still 625 personnel with 21 engines, 16 crews, 2 helicopters and 5 water tenders.

There has been 1 reported injury.  We are unsure if it is a firefighter or a civilian casualty.

            # # #

FRYE FIRE – Arizona

The Frye Fire is burning in the old burn scar of the 2004 Nuttall Complex Fire, which is located on both the North and South of Mt. Graham on the Safford Ranger District in the Coronado National Forest in Arizona.

Portable water tanks, commonly called pumpkins for their orange color and rounded shapes, are positioned near the summer homes on Mount Graham on July 4, 2017.

Pumpkins (portable water tanks) are placed strategically near summer homes as part of Fire crews tactics to protect structures aka structure protection on the Frye Fire.

There has been 48,443 acres destroyed but there is almost a line around the whole fire reaching today a 93% containment status.  There has been minimal fire behavior.

# # #

Two firefighter trucks are stopped by a wall of flame crossing the highway

Stopped by a wall of flames on the Frye Fire.


Lightning passed over the Onaqui Mountains on July 16, 2017 @ 1700 hours causing several wildfires under this complex.  No names have been given to the wildfires so we are collectively reporting on the complex only.  Fire fuels include Grass, sage and pinyon-juniper.


Onaqui Mtn Complex fire photo taken on 7/16/2017.

35,153 acres have been consumed but fire crews have successfully reached a 45% complete partially around the wildfire.  325 personnel are assigned.

This fire is burning on Utah’s Department of Forestry Forest State Lands.


# # #


CAL Firefighters and other Agencies are battling a firestorm about 2 miles East Lake of McClure (Mariposa County) in California.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office gathers for an Evacuation briefing. See the background of the fire storm behind Officers. (Credit: TCSO)

The town of Mariposa is in the process of evacuating the whole town with up to 1,500 structures currently under direct threat.

Structure protection in effect for the town of Mariposa, California. (Photo Credit: Novato Fire District)

25,000 acres have been scorched while the wildfire is racing out-of-control to nearby towns.  There is a 5% containment reached by fire crews.

Evacuations are in effect.  Red Cross has several shelters open.

There are 1,405 personnel assigned along with 217 engines, 35 crews, 9 airtankers, 11 helicopters, 35 dozers and 26 water tenders.

The fire is burning near the Central California Reservoir.

Fire behavior has been reported as extreme and aggressive with active crowning, short-range spotting and uphill runs.

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Wildfire CAD Activity | Washington | July 18 2017 PM

Here is the Wildfire CAD Activity of resources dispatched, locations, acres and status.  NOTE:  Limited info is showing on most of these. – Thanks for reading our post and following along!


2900 Rock Pit Fire.  Cowlitz County – Coal Creek Road. Dispatched at 1022  hours PDT. Contained and under control @ 1300 hours PDT.  Out @ 1638 hours PDT. Slash pile turned back over to landowner. | Olympic Region Dispatch Center.

L Road Fire.  Grant County – L Road SW.  Fire West of Saddle Mtn Lake. USFW responded.  BATT 804, E332, E6696.  BLM E842 and E852.  200 acres.  | Central WA Dispatch Comm Center.

Little River Fire.  Little River Road off of Black Diamond.  Dispatched @ 1059 hours PDT. | Olympic Region Dispatch.

Morrison Fire.  Kittitas County – Elk Heights.  Escaped burn pile.  Fire turned back over to Landowner. DNR SE 442 responded. Dispatch time 1311 hours PDT.  Contained @ 1516 hours PDT. Controlled @ 1517 hours PDT. | Central WA Dispatch Comm Center.



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Active Wildfires | NW Region | July 18 2017

Here are the wildfires burning in the Northwest Region which included Washington State and Oregon for Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

Canyon Creek Fire |  WA DNR – NE Region. 2 miles North of Carlton, WA. Timber, brush and tall grass. 2 structures lost.  Min FB. 1,200 acres. 75% contained. 393 personnel.  11 crews.  53 engines. 3 helos. $777,000 CTD.

Dry Creek Fire |   WA DNR – SE Region. Transfer of command from IMT 2 (Sheldon) back to the local unit will occur today. 6 miles North of Husum, WA. Timber and brush. Min FB with backing, smoldering and creeping. 337 acres.  94% contained. 255 personnel. 12 crews. 8 engines. $4 Million CTD.

Redford Canyon Fire |   BIA – Colville Indian Reservation and WA DNR. 8 miles SE of Keller, WA. Light logging slash, brush and tall grass. Moderate fire behavior (FB) with backing and flanking. 500 acres.  10% containment. 250 personnel.  9 crews. 14 engines. $150,000 CTD.

Snake River Fire |  Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office. 8 miles of Clarkston and 15 miles of Pomeroy. Brush and tall grass. Min FB. 3,980 acres. 70% contained. 307 personnel. 9 crews.  2 helicopters. $500,000 CTD.


Buck Creek Fire |  Wallowa-Whitman NF. 16 miles NE of Imnaha, OR. Brush and grass. Min FB.  1,015 acres. 95% contained. 0 resources. $1 Million CTD.

Coyote Creek Fire | Burns District. 30 miles SW of Riley, OR. 1583 acres. 90% contained.

Hart Fire | Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge. 41 miles NE of Lakeview, OR. 466 acres. 60% contained.

McCarty Fire |  Lakeview District, BLM. 4 miles SE of Alkali Lake, OR. Brush and grass. 980 acres. 82% contained. 12 personnel. $415K CTD.


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Wildfire CAD Activity | NW Region | July 17 2017

Here is the Wildfire CAD Activity of resources dispatched, locations, acres and status.  NOTE:  Limited info is showing on most of these. – Thanks for reading our post and following along!


Batement Island Fire.  @ 1018 hours. Resource Order for WA DNR. | Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

Davis Lake Fire. Dispatched 1734 Hours. E 267 responded. 0.1 acres. | Pacific Cascade Dispatch Center.

Drumheller Fire. Dispatched 1521 hours. Spokane County – Drumheller Road. Wheat field.  4 acres. AR 28, 440 and 441 dispatched. | NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

Gate Fire. 1424 Hours dispatched. 1615 Hours contained. Grant County – Whitebluffs.  Brush fire. USFW responded. Mop-up operations. 3 acres. | Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

Jordan Creek 2 Fire. 1636 Hours dispatched. 1700 Hours contained. Snohomish County – Jordan Road. E549 dispatched and conducted mop-up operations. | NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

Mill Pond Fire.   Dispatched 0943 Hours. Resources o/s 1017 Hours. Pend Orielle County – Sullivan Lake. Brush and grass fire fueled. C301 and E31 responded. | NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

Winters East Fire.  Dispatched 1522 Hours. Contained @ 1800 Hours.  Clark County – NE 94th Street.  E275 and 280 responded. 0.25 acres. Slash | Pacific Cascade Dispatch Center.


0564 RN Fire.  Round Butte.  Dispatched @ 1754 Hours. 0.1 acres.  | Central OR Interagency Dispatch Center.

Borderline Fire.  Dispatched 1318 Hours. Steep Creek area. | Grangeville Interagency Dispatch Center.

Farley Lake Fire.  SNRA – Farley Lake, OR. 1114 Hours dispatched. 1430 Hours contained. 1500 Hours controlled.  | Grangeville Interagency Dispatch Center

Inc 451 Fire.  Fox Hill area and 5 miles NW of La Grande, OR.  Dispatched @ 1415 Hours. Out @ 1709 Hours. Grass.  Human caused. | Blue Mtn Interagency Dispatch Center.


Beaver Creek Fire.  1738 Hours dispatched.  E2251, 3152 and 411. 3 acres. | CDA Interagency Dispatch Center.

Camas Creek Fire.  6 miles South of Dubois and near Dehy plant in ID. Dispatched @ 1354 Hours. Contained @ 1500 Hours.  Controlled @ 1900 Hours. Grass and brass. 1.5 acres. | Eastern ID Interagency Fire Center

Dump Fire.  Dump Creek.  Dispatched @ 1345 Hours. Firefighters o/s. 3 acres. 2 Helitac with 1 IC and 10 fire crews. 30% contained. | Central ID Fire Dispatch Center.

Fire Draw Fire.  Dispatched @ 1120 Hours.  Contained and Controlled @ 1834 Hours. 0.5 acres. SJS Controlled. | CDA Interagency Dispatch Center.

Little Hellroaring Fire.  Dispatched 1407 Hours.  Contained 1723 Hours.  Controlled 1824 Hours and 1944 fire out. | CDA Interagency Dispatch Center.

Oil Well Fire.  Resource Order. E2303 TFD and E2418 TFD. | S Central ID Dispatch Center.

Quail Fire.  Dispatched @ 0855 Hours. Contained @ 1031 Hours.  Out @ 1155 Hours. KVS out. 0.1 acres. | CDA Dispatch Center.

Spade Fire. Dispatched 1346 Hours. E431. 0.2 acres. Contained 2050 Hours. | CDA Interagency Dispatch Center.

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#CanyonCreekFire | Washington | 4



A wildfire is burning about 2 miles North of Carlton, Washington that began on July 15, 2017, that prompted many fire resources to be dispatched would quickly become a larger fire.


185 personnel.  11 crews.  53 engines.  3 helicopters.  State Mobe approved. IC:  Washington DNR – NE Region.


Timber, brush and tall grass.


Moderate fire behavior.  1,192 acres with a 10% containment status.


2 structures have been lost.  Fire suppression and containment costs to date have reached up to $204,000. (readjusted figure)

A smokey haze sat in the lower part of Methow Valley which is from a wildfire in nearby along the U.S. – Canadian border. (Fire is in Canada)

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit: Okanogan Fire District #6




#CanyonCreekFire #WAwildfire2017 #WAwildfire #OkanoganCountyFire

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#SnakeRiverFire | Washington State | 6


Incident Summary | A wildfire prompted fire assets to be dispatched around 1800 on the evening of Saturday, July 15th.  When the first due arrived from the Whitman Fire District #14 Agency, they called in that the fire was on the other side of the river in Garfield County.

Since, then a State Mobe was approved for multiple strike teams around the State.

Location | 8 miles NW of Clarkston and 15 miles East of Pomeroy, Washington State.

Snake River. (Photo Credit: Danny Boyd)

Size | 3,980 acres. 80% contained.

Fire Fuels | Tall grasses.

Cause | Lightning.

Current Conditions |  Active fire behavior with creeping, smoldering and uphill runs.

Resources |  265 personnel. 7 crews. 2 helicopters.

Command |  A BMIDC State Mobe was dispatched at 1505 hours on 7/17/2017 to respond.

Current Conditions |  Fire behavior was minimal Monday as winds subsided after sunset. High Humidity recovery overnight, fire remained in existing footprint. Containment lines are holding. 


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#BatemanFire | Washington | New!


Incident Summary:  A brush fire reportedly broke out at least 4 hours (around 1900 hours PDT) ago on Bateman Island located between Richland and Kennewick, Washington.

Size:  It is unknown as to how many acres have been consumed, but Chief Tom Huntington said during a local news presser, that the island is a total loss.

Resources:  About 20-30 personnel from Richland Fire, Hanford Fire, Kennewick Fire, Franklin Fire District #3, Pasco Fire and Benton County Fire District #1 are either on-scene. More are expected to arrive on Monday, including those from the US Fish and Wildlife Services.

Fire Tactics:  Small brush trucks are being used in the area, hand crews are having to wade through the water to get to the other side and Franklin County Fire District #3 has brought in an ATV to help haul equipment, REHAB supplies and other miscellaneous items.

Evacuations:  People were on Bateman Island at the time of the fire broke out and were all said to have evacuated safely.

From earlier this evening on Bateman Island.  Photo Credit:  Dale Ray 


Bateman Island is an island located on the Columbia River between the Cities of Richland and Kennewick, Washington State.  It is approximately 1 mile long and 0.5 miles wide (about 160 acres) and is part of the city of Richland, Bateman Island was formerly known as Riverview Island.

The Bateman Island suffered a significant wildfire in 2001 and it took five days for it to be completely out. Residents have taken off 27 tons of garbage, beer cans and other debris that gathered over a course of 60 years off the small piece of paradise. The Island was starting to recover from the 2011 wildfire.

This area is home to rec activities such as, fishing, bird watching and hiking and to several different species of wildlife, including deer, birds, carp in the wet season, and numerous small animals.

(Source:  Wikipedia)

Fire Image | Dale Ray (was published with written permission)

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Active Wildfires | Great Basin Area | July 16 2017

Not only are many States more drier than ever, some are literally burning up the landscapes all around us and becoming large fire incidents.  Here is our compiled list for the States of Nevada and Utah.

# # #

Hotshots travel the fireline as they begin thier day.

Hotshots traveling up the fireline beginning their day on the Brianhead Fire. It is not easy being a wildfire firefighter. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Brianhead Fire.  1 mile North of Brian Head, UT.  71,673 acres. 95% contained.  355 personnel. 7 crews. 9 engines. 1 helo. 26 structures destroyed. $34.8 Million CTD.

Cornucopia Fire.  32 miles SW of Owyhee, NV.  1,523 acres. 25% containment. 73 personnel. 1 crew. 14 engines. 1 helo.  $50,000 CTD.

Long Valley Fire.  (also reported on the CA wildfires post).  50 miles North of Reno, NV. 51,750 acres. 24% contained. 533 personnel. 14 crews. 39 engines. 7 helicopters. 5 structures lost. $3.4 Million CTD.

MM 155 Fire.  21 miles SW of Winneamuca, NV.  11,789 acres. 15% containment. 173 personnel. 5 crews. 11 engines. $500,000 CTD.

Roosters Comb Fire.  25 miles North of Battle Mtn, NV.  218,380 acres. 90% contained. 362 personnel. 3 crews. 16 engines. 5 helicopters. $3.5 Million CTD.

Snowstorm Fire. 50 miles North of Battle Mtn, NV.  IMT also managing Cornucopia and Roosters Comb fires. 60,000 acres. 5% containment. 142 personnel. 6 crews. 5 engines. $500,000 CTD.

Summer Fire.  10 miles North of Wells, NV.  1,250 acres. 80% contained. 201 personnel. 7 crews. 9 engines. 1 helo. $75,000 CTD.

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