LACoFD Fights Commercial Fire

Published 1/8/2022, 1745 hours PT

SAN CLARITA, CALIFORNIA — LA County Firefighters are on the scene of a two-story strip mall fire on Saturday, in the block of 23200 West Lyons Avenue.

Upon arrival by E73 as the first due apparatus, reported the second floor of the mall was heavily involved with fire and the unit went initially going defensive. At 1702, Command advised Dispatch they were in defensive operations but transitioning back over to offensive operations but were still in the same mode

This is the LA LYONS IC as the Command designator.

Command requested a 2nd alarm at 1713 hours PT, bringing additional resources, and were instructed to check in with Medic 1 when they arrived at Staging which was located on Lyons and Valley.

At 1707 PT, Dispatch advised the LA Lyons IC it was 20 minutes on the timer, at which time, the IC stated they was heavy fire in the attic and all hands were working in the defensive operations mode.

The Fire was knocked at 1724 hours and Command advised Dispatch, to retain all 2nd alarm resources as manpower due to extensive overhaul. The Fire Investigator asked Command to hold off on overhaul until the cause could be determined.

A primary search of the building at 1725 hours was conducted but nothing was found.

Cause is still being determined at the time of this post. No preliminary cause had been disclosed and no word if any citizens or firefighters have been injured during this incident.

About the Fire Building

The fire building is a two-story-strip mall that is being used as mixed occupancy as offices and retail space, which was built in 1982 on 1.09 acres. The building is approximately 31,418 square footage and assessed per LA County tax records as $1,205,794.

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WA Passes Still Struggle With Snow

Published 1/8/2022 1550 PT

WASHINGTON STATE — Mountain Passes around the State are still struggling with too much of a good thing and crews are working tirelessly to clear all the feet of snow. Here is a recap of what has been happening in the last 24 hours.


Avalanche Specialists and crews mitigated hazards on the pass recently, when they successfully performed avalanche control operations by using artillery or explosives to trigger a snow slide.

According to their website, Avalanche Explosive Experts used various delivery methods to reach the intended target area(s) to place explosives, which some e of these techniques used would include placing by hand, using cable-pully bomb trams, or with surplus military weapons.

The WSDOT state they also use passive control methods to manage snow slides to include elevated roadways so avalanches pass under them and into basins to halt the avalanche before snow reaches the highway. Additionally, diversion dams and snow berms to keep the snow off the highway are also used as prevention methods.

Another plow from the Davenport area along with crews has also been dispatched to this pass to assist with snow clearing operations. Officials are hoping this Pass will reopen on Sunday but won’t have a clear definitive answer until they conduct a reassessment late Sunday morning.


Snoqualmie Pass.

WSDOT maintenance crews are currently using plows, blowers, and graders to clear snow to ensure hillsides are safe and stable from avalanche hazards. Additionally, they are busy clearing catch basins to enable melting snow and rain to drain properly.

Fact | As of January 7th, the Pass had received 12 inches of snowfall with a total season amount of 286 inches, which has surpassed its 5-year season average to date at 148.2 inches!

WSDOT officials say their Spokane shop’s tow plow, the Plowie McPlow Plow has been temporarily moved to this pass to assist with plow operations.

Plowie McPlow Plow crews from Spokane and Davenport.

Fact | US 2 Tumwater Canyon, east of the Pass impacts Stevens from opening has had 208 snow slides in the Canyon, which is about 25 slides per mile!

The pass is hopefully on schedule and to be reopened on Sunday but officials won’t know until late morning when they do a reassessment of current conditions.

Officials due to the extremely hazardous conditions, Stevens Pass are saying this stretch of roadway is most likely not due to reopen until Tuesday of next week. Crews continue to work and reassess conditions often.

Snoqualmie Pass is located in both King County and Kittitas County and is a mountain pass, in which I-90 through the Cascade Range, and its summit is at the elevation of 3,015 feet. The area is said to have a population of 366 but with it being closed, it could have a higher occupation due to stranged motorists, truckers, and skiers, alike.


Stevens Pass.

Stevens Pass has had several snow slides with new depths upwardly to 30-35 feet in some places.

Fact | The WSDOT stated some blower cuts were 16 feet deep!

One lane has been opened to allow crews to access avalanche control and clearing of snow. Due to high stacks of snow, Officials are looking at possibly using a helicopter on Monday to help mitigate hazards that have built up.

Blowering cutting through all that white stuff.

Power is currently out (as of 1500 hours) and hard-working crews worked their magic to dig out one of their generators.

Fact | Stevens Pass was named after John Frank Stevens, the first non-indigenous person to discover the area.

Due to special permission and approval by safety officials, a Chelan County PUD worker was allowed in the impact to start making repairs but crew members are said to be communicating by radio for a while. This is one way of dealing with the snow incidents all over the state and they are well-prepared.

Stevens Pass is a mountain pass that carries motorists on Highway 2 through the Cascade Mountains at the border of King and Chelan Counties. The max elevation is 5,845 feet.

A WSDOT crew member shovels out the radio generator shed from under feet of snow.
Co. PUD worker begins repairs on power outage on Stevens Pass.


Another Pass is closed not from avalanche threats but due to heavy loads of snow and debris, as well as trees, rocks, and other debris which has fallen onto the roadway.

Fact | White Pass is about 12 miles southeast of Mt. Rainier National Park at the summit, a national scenic byway.

Crews have been busy trying to clear roadways as quickly as possible but Officials say even though an excavator has been brought in to assist, this Pass is due to not be opened until Monday of next week. Another Sunday update will be released after an assessment has been completed.

View of a snow slide blocking SR 971 on the south lake shore of Lake Chelan.

At this time of this update released, crews were able to gain access to a now stabilized roadway on SR971 near Chelan which was considered unstable and has 10-plus feet of now. With so much snow, an ETA to reopen this road to drivers is unknown.

White Pass is also known a the Dead Horse Trail with an elevation of 4,500 feet, is a mountain pass in the Cascade Range of Washington, southeast of Mount Rainier and north of Goat Rocks. The Pass is on Highway 12 which if you head over the pass, will connect you with Yakima County on the east side with Lewis County. The Pass is also home to the White Pass Ski Area, which is located approximately 53 miles west of Yakima and 54 miles east of Morton.

Photo Credits | All photos in this post are not ours and we do not lay claim to them. Photo Credits: WSDOT, WSDOT-Snoqualmie Pass, Stevens Pass, and Blewett Pass.

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Just in: Seattle Fire is busy with January Fires

Published 1/8/2022 0200 PT

SEATTLE, Washington — Firefighters were busy on Friday which seemed to have started at the beginning of January with more responses well into late-night hours with fires in buildings throughout the City limits.

Here is a snippet of some of the fires, Seattle Firefighters have responded to. (Note: This is only a partial list of fire responses for this month, ending at 2359 PT hours on January 7th.

Stock Photo
Stock Photo (c) NWFB

January 7, 2022, Friday

1808 PT | 2100 block of 6th Avenue West | Fire in Building

A14 AIR10 B4 B6 DEP1 E18 E2 E20 E41 E9 L4 L8 M18 M44 R1 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 dispatched. This is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home valued at $1,004,000 which was built in 1942. It is estimated to be worth in today’s market at $1,170,100.

2217 PT | Pike Street x 2nd Avenue | Fire in Building

A5 AIR10 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E2 E25 E5 E8 L1 L10 L4 M26 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 dispatched. This was stated as a possible suspicious fire. It was quickly tapped. Abandoned building – 4story. The fire was on the exterior of the structure with minor extension to the interior. MAR5 investigating.

2217 | 1500 block of 2nd Avenue | Fire in Building

A third fire in building call with the following dispatched: A5 AIR10 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E2 E25 E5 E8 L1 L10 L4 M26 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10. Fire tapped at 2337 PT. This is a residential structure built in 1905 which is a 3-bedroom, 1.75 bath home. It is assessed at $1,055,00 by the assessor’s office and valued at $1,329,000.

1737 PT | 300 block of Marion Street | Fire in Building

A14 AIR10 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E2 E25 E5 E6 L1 L10 L4 M10 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 dispatched. This building is owned by a business and the building was built in 1916 and made of reinforced concrete. This is subsidized housing, which has three stories and 112 units that are approximately an average size of 180-420 square feet per unit. This building is worth $20,647,000 and has not been assessed taxes since 1998

January 6, 2022, Thursday

0131 | 80 South Jackson Street | Fire in Building

A5 AIR10 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E2 E25 E5 E6 L1 L3 L4 M10 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 dispatched. A small fire was reported in the stairwell of a residential building. This is the 80 South Jackson Lofts. This building was built in the year 1900, has four stories, and is considered a condo building. Located in the Pioneer Square area.

January 5, 2022, Wednesday

1711 | 6400 California Avenue SW | Fire in Building

A10 A14 AIR240-260 B2 B5 B7 E11 E13 E26 E29 E30 E36 E6 L1 L11 L13 M32 MAR5 R1 dispatched. This structure is owned and operated by the Seattle Housing Authority.

1701 | 11700 block Pinehurst Way NW | Fire in Highrise

A31 AIR10 B4 B6 DEP1 E21 E24 E31 E39 E40 L5 L8 L9 M31 M44 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 dispatched. This building was listed as the former home to East Souk Gifts. This was a working fire in a basement of an abandoned building. It was assessed as $625,700 on Zillow, Assessed $622,800 by the Assessor’s Office.

January 4, 2022, Tuesday

1930 | 100 block Taylor Avenue North | Fire in Building

A2 AIR10 B2 B4 DEP1 E10 E2 E25 E5 E8 L1 L10 L4 M10 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10. These are the Century Apartments. It is located next to the Seattle Center and a few minutes from downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, Queen Anne, and Belltown. It was recently recognized by the Washington State Multi-Family Housing Association. Per assessor records, this building is valued at $23,000,000.

January 3, 2022, Monday

2344 | 2400 block of Utah Avenue South | Fire in Building

A10 A14 AIR10 B2 B5 B7 DEP1 E10 E13 E2 E25 E30 E36 E5 L1 L3 L4 M1 M44 MAR5 R1 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 dispatched. This is the building that Starbucks HQ is located. The building was recently assessed at almost $270,000,000.

1737 | 1400 block Densmore Avenue North | Fire in Building

A86 AIR 240-260 B4 B6 DEP1 E17 E21 E24 E39 E40 L5 L8 L9 M10 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 responded. This is a multi-story residential structure assessed at $756,000 and worth $814,700.

1259 | 3500 Rainier Avenue South | Fire in Building

A10 AIR 240-260 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E13 E25 E36 E5 L1 L12 L3 M10 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 assigned. A small fire was reported in an apartment unit, out by sprinklers. This is The Estelle, which provides permanent supportive housing for 91 formerly homeless individuals. Owned and operated by DESC.

0903 | 4000 block of Corliss Avenue North | Fire in Building

AIR 240-260 B4 B6 DEP1 E18 E21 E38 E8 E9 L4 L8 L9 M17 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 dispatched. A working fire was reported in a residence. The fire was quickly put out and no injuries were reported. Cause under investigation.

0903 | 4000 block of Corliss Avenue North | Fire in Building

E18 E21 E38 E8 E9 L4 L8 L9 REHAB1 dispatched. The fire was located in the attic. All occupants were safely evacuated. This is a 2.5 story 5 bedroom, 4 bath home with an attached garage which was sold on 10/15/2021 for $2,575,000. It is appraised at $1,316,000. The structure was built in 2021. This is for two separate fires in the same block.

January 2, 2022, Sunday

0758 | 7300 block MLK Jr Way South | Fire in Building

A84 AIR 240-260 B2 B5 DEP1 E13 E27 E28 E30 E33 L12 L3 M28 M44 MAR5 R1 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 dispatched. Well-involved Vacant building fire. Primary/secondary searches completed. Nothing found. No injuries were reported. Per Trulia, the home is listed as a 2-bedroom, 1 bath home built in 1926 was assessed in 2020 as $828,00 and sold on July 1, 2021, for $1,770,000.

January 1, 2022

11500 block 40th Avenue NE | Fire in Building

A31 AIR 240-260 B2 B6 DEP1 E24 E31 E38 E39 E40 L10 L5 L9 M31 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 assigned. This is a private residential home built in 1947 and listed as a 3-bedroom, 1 bath structure owned by a business. It is assessed at $121,100. It was sold on 12/16/2021 for $610,000. It is estimated to be worth $702,100 in today’s market.

(Sources: King County Assessor, Zillow, Trulia, SFD, SFD Major Incidents, Seattle Fire Incidents, City of Seattle)

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Hillside Collides with Magnolia House

KING COUNTY, Washington State

Incident Summary

A rain-soaked hillside turned into a scary moment on Friday, January 7, 2022, after it collided downward into a house and forced off its foundation, entrapping the homeowner, and two of his dogs.

Units Dispatched

The Fire Alarm Center dispatched A14, AIR10, B2, B4, DEP1, E18, E2, E20, E41, E8, L1, L4, M18, M44, R1, SAFT2, and STAF10 just after 1330 hours, when the first 9-1-1 call came into the Emergency Communications Center. The call was listed as a heavy rescue call.

Fire Response

Seattle Fire resources arrived quickly with all of their heavy tools and equipment, apparatus, and manpower, but they were faced with several challenges, which can see in this video above that included fire suppression and having to pass resources up and downhill. Multiple actions were being taken place at the same time. A Magnolia Fire Station is literally down the street from this incident and was the first-due unit, requesting additional members to respond to the scene.

One homeowner was saved from their house while a female had extricated herself safely. One dog was found deceased and the Fire Department states they were unable to locate the second canine.

Impacted Structure

Today, the homeowner in the 2400 block on Perkins Lane was lucky as was another occupant escaping with their lives and with home determined to have moved about 15-20 feet off of its foundation.

Today’s impacted residence is a 1.5-story, 5,000-square foot home with sweeping views of the Puget Sound and Olympics is listed at an estimated assessed value of $3.1 Million Dollars, according to the County’s tax assessor records. The amount of property damage sustained due to the landslide and fire is unknown at the time of publication.

Evacuations, Repopulation

The Seattle Police Department assisted with area evacuations and blocked roadways to keep people out of the landslide area. Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light were requested to secure utilities. An Seattle’s Department of Construction and Inspections Inspector was also sent to the site to investigate the damage to the existing nearby structure and checked this home’s structural integrity, and if repopulation back to area homes could be safely occupied.

Reminder to Homeowners

The Seattle Fire Department asks those who have homes in areas on or near steep slopes to periodically evaluate the state of their hillside for signs of soil movement and determination to determine if there are leaning trees or cracks in the soil. This is very important especially during the rainy season.

Landslide History on Perkins Lane West

Homes built on Perkins Lane have been used in many Puget Sound weather models by geologists and future college students in how the area is an iconic display of how landslides greatly impact this area

1920s-30s: Records indicate this area has been dangerous from the beginning of time when homes were being built in the 1920s and ’30s, but yet homes are still being constructed on this unstable and constantly shifting land beneath it.

1996-1997: Another article originally written in 2011 and updated in 2015, by the Seattle Times with the title, “Living in a slide zone” talks about how wet the season was in the Puget Sound area in 1996-1997 where landslides occurred all over the region.

A more notable incident occurred in 1997 when a landslide near the south end of the area would destroy several homes from similar situations.

Landslide starting on the side of a cliff in the Seattle Area
1996-1997 landslide. Credit: Public Domain

In March of 2006, a group of college students destined for a Field Trip as listed in their ESS315 Class for extra credit was posted online outlines one of the areas of study, “Perkins Lane”, where they are going to a park on Magnolia Blvd. above Perkins Lane and taking the stairs down to the landslide area, where five homes were destroyed in 1996. In the document, it states the following, “A geotechnical firm recommended that the City install dewatering wells to reduce the water pressure at the base of the sand. Before these wells could be installed, the big destructive slides occurred. One of the homeowners sued the City of Seattle for failing to stabilize the bluff. The suit was later dismissed.” (Source:

2013: On December 11, 2013, proof of a landslide occurred as one Social Media user took a photo showing proof it occurred.

2014: An article was written by a reporter, Deborah Wang (KUOW) on March 26, 2014, covering the Perkins Lane area, spoke to an area resident about a devastating landslide that occurred 18 years prior when a deep-seated landslide released a large portion of the bluff taking five houses with it. (Source: NPR.

To learn more about Landslide Hazards, the USGS is currently monitoring for researching rainfall thresholds for forecasting landslide potential. Shallow landslides are common on coastal bluffs overlooking Puget Sound according to their site here —>

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Renton Crews Cleaning Up Roadway

RENTON, Washington — City of Renton street maintenance crews were called out to the area of approximately the 2200 block of Maple Valley Highway, where dirt, mud, debris, and trees fell over the roadway blocking all lanes.

The roadway has had all lanes blocked for the last four hours (approximately around 1830 hours PT).

Credit: City of Renton

At the time of this post, the City of Renton did not have an ETA when the roadway was going to be reopened.

The roadway is closed at the Riviera apartments.

Additionally, the City also closed Nile Avenue x 148th Avenue SE between SE May Valley Road and SR 900/Sunset Boulevard due to water over the road. The City’s Transportation Division has closed this area and currently, signage and barricades are in plain sight.

Note: It is illegal to drive around road closure and barricade signage, plus taking the unforeseen depth of water causing you and your car to be damaged or even need to be rescued. Please don’t be THAT guy.

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Hoquiam Records Second Soggiest Day

HOQUIAM, Washington – According to local weather trackers and forecasters, NWS Seattle released some interesting weather facts today about this little beachy City located in Grays Harbor on the west coast of the state and only miles from beautiful Pacific beaches.

It appears this small City has reached its second soggiest day on record with reaching up to 5.24″ of rainfall as of 2100 hours PT tonight and coming in pretty close to the soggiest day on record at 5.39″ on October 20, 2003. Recordkeeping of rainfall data began back in 1953.

As they say in Seattle, get out your rowboat because it rains in Washington all of the time!

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Global Flooding | Tasmania, Australia

TASMANIA, Australia — Reports are starting to come through via scanner feeds about flooding in various locations, including the Eastlands Shopping Centre.

Live feed can be heard on the Tasmania Police – South scanner feed here –>

In looking at this area, it appears this is not the first in which many areas have been hit by flash flooding. Hoping if it is flooding that this beautiful centre does not get damaged. It looks like an architectural masterpiece building design.

About Eastlands Shopping Centre

The Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in Tasmania and is located on the eastern side of the Derwent River, in the shopping district of Rosny Park and in the greater area of Hobart, Tasmania in Australia.

The mall is said to have over 100 stores in an air-conditioned building with over 1,445 car parking spaces. Looks like a great place shop!

More information can be found on their website here –>

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FFs Respond to Dumpster Fire

KING COUNTY, Washington — Seattle Firefighters were dispatched to a Dumpster Fire located in the 900 block of Hiwantha Place Seattle at 2127 hours PT on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

One engine (E6) was sent via the Fire Alarm Center (FAC) to respond to the location.

It was deemed to be a small fire that was out when the first due unit arrived.

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Record Snowfall Hits Snoqualmie Pass

WASHINGTON STATE — Record snowfall has hit many Washington State passes but Snoqualmie Pass seems to be hit the hardest as I-90 is completely shut down, which has travelers and economic shipping coming to a complete halt.

The reason is simple. It is just too hazardous for the traveling public due to avalanches, falling/fallen trees, road debris, and extremely deep and heavy snow.


If it is too dangerous for WSDOT crews, it is too dangerous for the traveling public. Those who are stranded up at the pass are recommended they seek lodging from the nearby hotel and other accommodations. It is going to be a looooog wait for the pass the open again. At this time, there is an estimated time of reopening on Sunday but that too has already been delayed, as Saturday was their targeted day.

With snow falling at an alarming rate, it has caused danger for those who are trying to rescue those stuck in the snow, ditches, and other locations. Please be aware of your situational awareness and drive according to conditions. Just because you have 4×4 does not mean you are invincible as some drivers have found themselves or others spun out in the middle of the roadway.

WSDOT crews are working as quickly and safely as possible and ask for your additional patience. They also must be able to work safely as well.

Other passes that are also closed are Stevens, White, and Blewett.

Yesterday, Washington State Patrol was busy enforcing traction requirements, which meant drivers needed to chain up their vehicles and even the big rigs. Those who did not or did want to comply could have possibly received a belated Christmas of a $500.00 ticket that keeps on giving. Don’t be THAT guy who gets the ticket.

Before you head out the door in the day or so, check the pass and get your up-to-date weather reports from local weather stations such as the National Weather Service (NWS), NOAA, WSDOT and your local TV stations.

The snow is so beautiful until it is not. Please prepare when also traveling and keep essentials with you, like enough food and water for you, your family, friends, pets, kids, blankets, extra batters, extra phone charger, fire starter, car and emergency kit. Need the full list to be prepared while traveling? Check out the Red for ideas what to have on hand if you get stuck in adverse weather.

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CO Wildfire | Marshall Fire | 6

Published January 6, 2022, Thursday, 2030 PT


The MARSHALL FIRE was reported near the area of South Foot Hills and Marshall Road which quickly spread to portions of Superior, to areas of Louisville and in other locations inside unincorporated Boulder County, Colorado on December 30th around 1100 hours MT. At the time of the fire, Fire and Law Enforcement Officials had not determined the cause of the fire but it was under close scrutiny and investigation.

The fire would quickly spread from the location of the original area of the fire and become wind-driven from reports of gusts up to over 100-mph, with a fast rate of spread and with extreme spotting. Communities, large structures, and other infrastructure were significantly damaged to being completely destroyed.

The Incident # is 2021-COBLX-000995.


Throughout the Boulder County area

  • 1,084 residential structures were lost
  • 149 homes were damaged
  • Total residential property losses are estimated at $513,212,589
  • 7 commercial structures were destroyed
  • 30 others were damaged
  • A complete assessment of commercial property damage and lost assets have not been fully calculated and are still in progress at the time of this post

City of Louisville

The damage and destruction which occurred to both residential and commercial structures are significant and will impact these communities for a very long time.

Damage Assessment

  • Destroyed: 500 residential and 4 commerncial structures
  • Damaged: 43 residential and 14 commercial structures
  • Total residential property damage is $229,199,184
  • Assessed values are based upon the Boulder County Tax Assessor’s Office

Town of Superior

Damage Assessment

  • Destroyed: 378 residential and 4 commercial structures
  • Damaged: 58 residential and 58 commercial structures
  • Total residential property damage is $152,757,462

Unincorporated Boulder County

Damage Assessment

  • Destroyed: 156 residential and 2 commercial structures



The Rocky Mountain Area Type 1 IMT assumed command on January 1, 2022, at 0600 hours are helping local resources with the management of this large and catastrophic incident.


Boulder County Call Center | 303-413-7730

Disaster Assistance Center | 1755 S. Public Road, Lafayette | 0900-1900 hours, 7 days a week

Emergency Updates | Boulder Co OEM,

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