AZ Wildfire | Margo Fire | Sit Rep


A wildfire designated as the MARGO FIRE is burning along the river bottom through dense tamarisk fire fuels in Dudleyville in Pinal County, Arizona. the fire was detected today at 0900 hours MT.

There has been about 100 acres of salt cedar, grass and brush that has been destroyed.

About 75 fire personnel and support staff are assigned and on the fire line currently. The IC is Bob Arthur, DFFM.

Air Attack Photo of Margo Fire in Dudleyville
Credit: AZ DOF / State Fire Management Office

Assets include: airtankers (VLAT, LAT) and Air Attack for aerial fire suppression that will assist ground operations on the fire line.

Evacuation orders (GO Now) have been issued to residents in Dudleyville by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

Emergency shelter has been established. It is located at the Ray High School.

Challenges include: high sustained winds with significant gusts.

Traffic Closures: The AZ DOT has closed NB SR 77 at mile post 128.

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CA Wildfire | Onion Fire | Sit Rep 1


A wildfire named the ONION FIRE is burning about 5 miles west of Independence, off of Onion Valley Road and near Foothill Road on the Inyo National Forest in the State of California

The human-caused fire has destroyed about 85 acres of brush and has a 40% containment status has been reached.

After an extensive investigation, the fire inside a ring was determined to be a campfire that was not properly extinguished and embers were carried by high winds to nearby brush.

The fire was detected on April 7th at 1745 hours PT.

April 7th Onion fire
Credit | USFS / Inyo National Forest

Incident cooperators are: BLM Bishop, CAL FIRE San Bernardino, Inyo/Mon Unit along with Bishop VFD, Big Pine VFD, Independence VFD and Lone Pine VFD.

Resources include: 10 Type 3 engines, 4 Type 1 crews, 1 Dozer, 2 Water tenders, 2 Airtankers, 1 Air Attack plane, 1 Type 1 helicopter and 1 Type 2 helicopter.

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CA Wildfire | Elk Fire | Update 1


A wildfire is burning approximately 7 miles southeast of Happy Camp on the Klamath National Forest in the State of California.

Image of the Elk Fire burning on a steep mountain hillside
Credit | USFS

The fire was detected on April 4th around 1400 hours PT, which is burning in the drainage of Elk Creek. It has scorched 43 acres of timber and a high number of dead snags that are in an area where fire has impacted the area.

There about 200 firefighters from KNF and CAL FIRE, along with 5 crews, 12 engines, 1 dozer, 2 water tenders and 4 falling modules that have been deployed and are working currently on the fire line. Fire line construction has now been completed and personnel are focused on finishing mop-up operations.

Picture of a hoselay and the Elk Fire
Credit | USFS

The cause is unknown at this time and is still under investigation.

There has been a 75% containment status achieved at the time of this post.

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April 5, 2021 | NW Wildfires


A few fires broke out in both Oregon and Washington States today but nothing too major. Thanks to quick egress out on the fireline from keeping these fires turning into big wildfires.

Here is a recap of today’s incident via the, communication centers.

0754 PT Dispatched

BUCK FIRE. Buck Creek Road. Pend Orielle County, WA. 0.1 acre. AR66 (IC). Contained 0930 PT. Controlled at 0950 PT.

0759 PT Dispatched

HUBERT ROAD TWO FIRE. Spokane. Stevens County, WA. .01 acre. Grass, brush. In patrol status.

0805 PT Dispatched

SCOTTIE DOG FIRE. Scottie Dog Lane. Spokane County, WA. 1.9 acres. Grass, shrub. AR29 (IC). In patrol status.

0808 PT Dispatched

BECK CREEK FIRE. Beck Creek, OR. 0.1 acre. Contained 4/5/2021 1344 PT. Controlled 1345 PT. Out 1346 PT.

1147 PT Dispatched

DAVIES FIRE. Davies Road. Okanogan County, WA. 13 acres. Grass. HI7112 (IC). In patrol status.

1237 PT Dispatched

MASON FIRE. Mason Road. Spokane County, WA. 1 acre. Grass, brush, timber. AR65 (IC). In patrol status.

1913 PT Dispatched 4/4/2021

CAMAS FIRE. Camas Prairie. Klickitat County, WA. 27 acres grass, brush, timber and slash. SE Miller (IC) as of 1315 PT. Resources: SE 863, SE Lawson. OPEN INCIDENT

1400 PT Dispatched 4/4/2021

QUINCY LAKE FIRE. Quincy Lake, Grant County, WA. .25 acres. Grass, brush. Riker (IC). Contained and controlled 4/5/2021 1030 PT.

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Springs Fire | California | Update 1


Brush is ablaze in Los Angeles County on the Angeles National Forest that is currently a wind-driven fire, but aerial firefighting resources are starting to knock it down. Due to winds, low RH and high temps, fire resources will be challenged by many obstacles but are working towards a 100% suppression and containment objective.

Incident Summary

  • Wildfire
  • Reported 4/5/2021 1618 hours PT
  • Springs Fire incident designation
Credit: Angeles National Forest


  • East of Paradise Springs and South of Big Pines Highway
  • West of Phelan (Los Angeles County), California


  • Angeles National Forest
  • Los Angeles County FD


  • Angeles National Forest – 1-C-1 AC-7 AC-8 BC-21 CHF-1 DIV-1 DIV-3 DOZ-10 ED-11 ED-17 ENG-10 ENG-19 ENG-310 ENG-315 ENG-333 ENG-37 ENG-532 PAT-15 PAT-32 PVBC-13 WT-10 via Angeles ECC
  • Los Angeles County FD – E24 E37 E80 E108 E129 BC11
  • CAL FIRE (Mutual Aid

Air Operations include:

  • 4 Airtankers
  • 4 Copters

Structure Protection – Strike Team 1111A

  • 2 Strike Teams designated ‘Valermo” and “Mountain”.

Fire Status

  • 60 acres. 0% containment status
  • 2nd Alarm Brush Fire
  • Near the 2020 Bobcat burn scar
  • South side of fire – expected to burn into the snow
  • East side of fire – due to crest the ridge, backing down towards structures; through heavy (thick) brush.
  • Active fire behavior with backing, potential for long-range spotting.
  • Copter 18 has picked up a spot fire outside of the main fire
  • Main fire is holding between the retardant lines
  • Air Ops to lose light soon, IC asking for 4 copters for Tuesday, 4/6/2021.

Current Weather Report

  • For Los Angeles County area (as of 1845 hours PT)
  • 62*F Temps
  • Sunny
  • 0% Precip
  • Winds are at 10 mph
  • RH is 58%

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Snohomish County firefighters responded to a 2-alarm residential fire in the 49000 block of SR 2 in Gold Bar, Washington State. The fire occurred on Saturday, April 3, 2021 around 2153 hours PT.

Units dispatched were T53, KCT195, 1G9, 1K1, A51, A54, AIR54, B31, B53, E31, E51, E53, E54, M32, T51, TN54, KCTN166, E33, KCE195.

All occupants were said to have escaped the structure. However, firefighters were being challenged with no water supply and utilities had not been secured at one point during the incident.

About 30 minutes after the water supply issues, fire crews were able to find success in knocking down the fire

One person was said to have suffered burns but it is unknown the severity of their injuries.

SR-2 in Gold Bar was blocked due to the fire incident. Officials were asking that drivers use another route to bypass the area for their safety and due to emergency vehicles in the area.

No preliminary cause of the fire was released.

A damage assessment to the property and contents was also unknown and too early to determine.

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Saturday DC Fire Displaces Seven


Seven adults were dispatched when a structure fire broke out on the first floor of their two-story apartment complex on Saturday night around 2040 hours PT. The incident occurred in the 1600 block of K Street Northeast.

Credit: DC Fire and EMS

Firefighters quickly egressed, stopping the fire from spreading further through the interior of the building and containing it to one first floor apartment.

There was no injuries to civilians or firefighters.

The cause is unknown, as well as the property damage to the contents and structure.

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Piney Point Contaminated, Evacuated


INCIDENT SUMMARY | Multiple Sources

Residents in the area of Piney Point (Manatee County), Florida were under a mandatory evacuation order for those living around the Piney Point Phosphogypsum Stack and waste water overflow facility breach. Officials believed the leaking gypsum stack could pose a safety danger to those in the area, as well as a mere collapse. It was expected to collapse at any moment. (0819 hours PT).

EVACUATION ORDER | Manatee County Public Safety

Originally, the evacuation order was for those who were a half-mile west and one mile southwest to the Moccasin Wallow Road but was extended it for those around the breached reservoir. This is impacting approximately 316 households in the evacuation area.


On Saturday, Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered a State of Emergency due to the possibility of mixed saltwater from the south reservoir at the Piney Point facility. He will be traveling to the area on Sunday meet with Florida Department of Environmental Administration and the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

STATE RESPONSE | Governor, Emergency Management

Emergency Management responded to the area with mobilized pumps, pump trucks, vac trucks and over 100,000 bottles of water. The EOC was activated and is still currently in an operational period of time.

Residents can find the following resources as listed by various governmental pages:

EVACUATION ORDERS | Manatee County Public Safety

Residents call call 3-1-1 with questions about the evacuation zone related. Call 9-1-1 only for life and safety emergencies only.


Closure of US-41 – from Buckeye Rd to Moccasin Wallow Rd.

Moccasin Wallow Rd – West of 38th Avenue East.

UPDATES | Florida Government

To find out about more updates or how this has occurred over the last several days, go to this website here –> Piney Point Regional Notification | Water Quality Dashboard (

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April 3, 2021 | NW Wildfire Updates

What a difference of a single day can make. Spokane and Steven Counties in Washington State were the only ones that saw any kind of small wildfires that ignited in their area.

The State of Oregon Dispatch centers (State) are not showing any dispatched fire assets or equipment in their areas, which is a clear sign that people were being Fire Smart and the weather was cooperating.

Here is a recap for both Oregon and the State of Washington on this Saturday evening, April 3, 2021.



W Bowie Road Fire. .6 acres of grass, shrub, understory. AR62 (IC). Resources on-scene at 1339 hours PT.


South Sands Road. 3.6 acres of grass, shrub. AR26 (IC). Contained and controlled at 1430 hours PT.



Hubert Road. 0.1 acre. Grass, brush, timber and duff. SPA21 (IC). In patrol status.

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Seattle Fire Fight Multiple Saturday Fires


3200 block of SW Avalon Way (West Seattle)2-Alarm

Firefighters were dispatched to a Fire in Building call in the 3200 block of Southwest Avalon Way in West Seattle, Washington State on Saturday, April 3, 2021 around 1824 hours PT. The building is a mixed use business with retail space on floor one and apartments on floors two through six.

The original units dispatched to the fire were B7, E32, E3, L11 at 1824 hour PT.

Credit: SFD

It was quickly upgraded to a full response with additional fire assets and equipment A14 AIR10 B5 DEP1 E11 E13 E37 L13 M32 M44 MAR5 R1 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10. (1st alarm)

At a later time, Command called for a 2nd alarm. The Fire Alarm Center or FAC dispatched E29, E5, Air240-260, B2, E10, E2, E26, E30, L1, L3 and the SFD PIO.

L9 and L10 were added to this incident prior to 2000 hours T.

Fire has been contained to the top floor but major water damage is evident on the top floors.

The cause and extent of damage is under investigation at this time.

It is unknown if there were any injuries to civilians or firefighters at the time of this post.

300 block of Bellevue Avenue East 1st Alarm/Full-Response

Firefighters were busy chasing another fire in building call at 0421 hours PT. This was in the Capitol Hill neighborhood prompting A25, B4, E16, E22,E31, E36, E8, L13, L6, L9, M17, MAR5, B6, SAFT2, Air240, Air240-260 to be dispatched.

This was an unoccupied building that was set for demolition.

The cause was listed as “undetermined” by Marshal 5 (SFD Fire Investigator). There was no determined amount of loss given that the building was set to be destroyed.

2000 block of 23rd Avenue South (South Seattle)2-Alarm

At 0303 hours, Firefighters were dispatched to the 2000 block of 23rd Avenue South in Seattle on Saturday. This was a mid-rise U-shaped building under construction in the Mount Baker neighborhood. The fire had appeared to begun on the first floor and spread to the upper floors.

First arriving units were greeted by heavy flames and smoke.

Credit: SFD

Units dispatched were B5, E30, E6, L3 then determined it to be a working fire, initiating a full response.

The full response included A5, Air10, B2, Dep1, E10, E13, E6, L1, M1, M44, MAR5, R1, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF10.

Additional resources deployed were Air 240-260, B4, E2, E25, E28, E34, L10, L4, PIO.

Seattle FD’s Marshal 5 determined this was an arson caused fire. The Seattle Police Department Arson unit is currently looking for any tips from the public. You may contact them at

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