LAFD Faces Greater Alarm

A two-story commercial building suffered extensive fire damage in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, October 30, 2020.

LAFD Fire personnel and assets were dispatched to a 2-story commercial building located in the 800 block of south San Julian Street (later address changed to the 900 block of the same address).

First due arriving units reported heavy pressurized smoke showing from the rooftop around 2003 hours PT.

The first due units (initial dispatched resources) were FS9, B1, Council District 14, BC1, BC11, E209, E210, E4, E9, RA209, RA809, SQ21, T10, T9, CH9, CH13.

A Greater Alarm structure fire was escalated at 2023 PT with reports of the building being a one-story with a possible upper mezzanine, concrete tilt-up construction and a size-up of 100′ x 200′. Firefighters were in offensive fire strategy with a heavy interior fire.

Building Photo
Photo Courtesy | BING

Greater Alarm units dispatched were BC18, BC5, CM22, E10, E15, E203, E209, E210, E211, E220, E221, E3, EA1, EM1, EM13, HR3, RA10, CH14.

About 15 minutes later (2036 PT), firefighters were in a defensive fire strategy. The interior operations team made it deep inside the structure and was unable to locate any fire. It appeared to be overhead in a possible mezzanine of the building.

Due to rapidly poor conditions, all members were pulled from the interior and rooftop operations and immediately exit the building. Initially, Command had an unconfirmed report this structure was housing a fabric buisness.

Additional Units dispatched at 2036 PT were: RA3, RA4, RA803, RA9, T11, T20, T21, T21, T3, UR3, UR5, and UR88.

At 2202 PT, the address changed to 917 South San Julian Street, where fire fighters returned to offensive fire strategy and making enough suppression to re-enter the interior of the structure. This was to enable them to reach the remaining hot spots inaccessible by the master streams from the exterior sides.

One firefighter was transported due to a heat related illness and was said to be in fair condition.

Units working and on-scene were BC1, BC11, BC18, BC5, CM22, E10, E15, E203, E209, E210, E211, E220, E221, E3, E4, E5, E9, EA1, EM1, EM13, EM9, HE1, HR3, PI1, RA10, RA14, RA209, RA3, RA4, RA803, RA809, RA9, RS3, SQ21, T10, T11, T20, T21, T3, T9, UR3, UR5, UR88, CH9, CH13, CH14.

In the end of this incident, it would take 109 firefighters to knockdown this stubborn fire around 2213 PT. It would take them 2 hours and 9 minutes to extinguish this blaze.

Fire personnel will remain on-scene throughout the night for overhaul operations and fire watch to ensure no rekindling.

Units still on-scene are: AR1, BC1, BC11, BC18, BC5, CM22, E10, E15, E203, E209, E210, E211, E220, E221, E3, E4, E5, E9, EA1, EM1, EM13, EM9, HE1, HR3, PI1, RA10, RA14, RA209, RA3, RA4, RA803, RA809, RA9, RS3, SQ21, T10, T11, T20, T21, T3, T9, UR3, UR5, UR88, CH9, CH13, CH14.

The LAFD Arson Section is investigating this fire.


This is a commercial structure that has three different bays and currently being used as a store building built in 1975. It is located in the industrial neighborhood of Moran, a subdivision inside the Los Angeles city limits.

It boasts over 10,000 square feet and is nestled in between several other large commercial structures nearby.

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Enumclaw Touched by Fire

The Living Court Assisted Living community facility located in the 2200 block of Jensen Street in Enumclaw (King County), Washington State was touched by a small fire on Friday evening around 2215 hours PT.

Image result for 2229 jensen st enumclaw wa 98022

It was reported that the fire was quickly contained but fire fighters were still working to knock it down. Residents inside the building were assisted during evacuations.

There was one area on the east side of the building reportedly as being flooded.

Police were on-scene to help with evacuations and traffic control.

Engine 34 from the Enumclaw Fire Department was dispatched as mutual to help King County Fire Agencies:

  • Valley Fire
  • VRFA
  • South King Fire
  • IAFF 2024
  • Mountainview Fire
  • IAFF2595
  • King County Medic 1
  • Puget Sound Fire

Did not hear of any reports of injuries to residents or to firefighters.

The Red Cross was requested and is assisting the facility.

No preliminary cause was known at the time of this post.

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Southend Firefighters Respond to Commercial Fire

White Center, Washington | Southend Fire assets and equipment were dispatched to a 2-Alarm Commercial structure fire on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, just before five o’clock in the morning.

Photo Credit | Zone3 Fire REHAB


Units were quickly on-scene. Agencies were from the Puget Sound, Tukwila, Burien, Tukwila and Skyway Fire Departments, as well as the North Highline and King County Fire Districts.

King County Paramedics (IAFF 2595) and the King County Sheriff’s assisting with medical and traffic control.


REHAB units were also tied in to the call bringing out REHAB units 2, 3, 302, 304 and 322.

Crews brought in aerials and specialized equipment working to put out the stubborn and fierce fire.

The 2-Alarm incident took place  in the 10700 block of 16th Avenue, S.W., Seattle, Washington.

The structure was verified to be vacant building once housing a former funeral home.

As it continued to burn in the area, roadway closures began impacting the White Center community streets, one block out from 16th Avenue S.W. to S.W. 107th Streets.  This would be a normal process as multiple lines would be laid on the streets and up connected to hydrants.  This is to avoid drivers or those from damaging or destroying fire hoses.

No reports of firefighter injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is unknown and is under investigation.

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Canadian Firefighters Fight Major St Catharines Fire


Firefighters battled for several hours heavy smoke and flames in a commercial structure located at 11 Cushman Road in the sixth largest city of Canada’s Niagara Region on Friday night into Saturday morning early hours.


The cause is unknown at this time.  Fire investigators were called during the incident to respond to the scene.  A preliminary determination as not been released as of this post.


Pumpers 1, 2, 3, 4 ,6; Ladders 2, 4, 5. Car 3. Safety Officer. Air Units.


Incident Timer | 40 minutes

Firefighters had reported about five minutes earlier, that they were using Blitzfire (deck guns from research) on the Bravo side. There was no visible fire on the exterior and the black smoke was decreasting.  A knockdown of fire in the main area and water on the hot spots was in progress.

Fire Weather Temps:  30F but feels like 19F

However, one minute later, Command reported that the color of the smoke was changing and escaping where the cinder block meets the metal of the building structure.  Command then reported they were in defensive operations, applying water and reporting heavy smoke conditions.

Evacuations were completed for the structure north of the fire building. A heat signature was reported by fire crews on the Delta side.  On the Bravo side, there was zero visibility. Fire heading towards a fire break on Cushman Road and would eventually penetrate the cinder block and tresses on the Bravo side.  A collapse zone for firefighters was immediately established.

Incident Timer | 50 minutes

 Command reported same fire conditions and four ladders, as well as a second water supply as needed immediately.  The water supply group asked Dispatch where the two nearest hydrants were located, which were determined to be at 6 Cushman Road and on Skyway.

A short time thereafter, instead of four ladders, five were requested by Command. Fire had breached the wall on the Bravo side.  Water was on the fire at the time.

Incident Timer | 60 minutes

Visible flames were reported to Command that were burning over the door on building one (we believe to be an exposure building) on the Bravo side.   Command indicated to Dispatch, they were still in defensive operations, heavy smoke and flames and were looking for the four ladders.

Dispatch indicated they were still waiting for another person so that all four of them could be en route together.  Command asked the Safety Officer to ensure there was enough room to enable the four ladders to enter the area and immediately set-up aerial/masterstream operations.

Finally, an additional person showed up and the four ladders were now en route as they were fully manned.  However, they were still waiting for a runner for refilling of their air bottles.

Request for salt via City Yards was requested.

Incident Timer | 80 minutes

Fire appeared to be cooling on the Alpha side but the interior fire on the Delta side had crossed over and was heading past areas where fire breaks were thought to be but were not.

Fire Weather:  Humdity at 59% 

Black smoke was still being reported.  Ladder 4’s crew found a pocket of heavy fire they were working on.   A runner finally was located and en route to the fire ground.

Incident Timer | 90 minutes

Same fire conditions were reported. The gas company was having difficulties shutting off the gas and were working on securing it in the roadway.

Traffic cams were reporting a major fire that had broken out at the base of St. Catharines Skyway Bridge on Cushman Road.  Drivers were reportedly stopping ont the Skyway causing traffic delays.

Incident Timer | 110 minutes

HYDRO had arrived on-scene quickly and secured the power.  The incident timer was switched over to every 20 minutes.

They were still in defensive operations, making good progress and dumping large amounts of water on the fire building.

Firefighters were sent to REHAB and told to take a rest.

Fire had breached the roof and it was reported temps in the Delta wall had reached 103*C  or 217*F.  Car 3 had arrived on-scene.  Finally, gas was secured at the fire building. Service Truck 6  (air unit) had also arrived on-scene.

Incident Timber | 130 minutes

Firefighters were still in defensive operations, making headway and had a heavy water flow.

While a ladder company was implementing masterstream operations, they blew a hole in one of the fire building’s walls, deeming it to be too unsafe to send in firefighters inside. Everyone was ordered to stay away from that area.

Incident Timer  | 170 minutes

 The timer was switched to every 30 minutes via request from Cushman Command. Same reported fire conditions. Most of the fire was knocked down.

Incident Timer | 200 minutes

Light smoke. Operations shut down for 10 minutes. Everyone is taking a break.

Incident Timer | 230 minutes

Defensive operations. Checking for hot spots and in overhaul.  Shortly after this report by Command, fire operations had ceased.  No primary or secondary searches would be conducted.



#StCatharinesFire  #CanadaFire

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2 Porterville Firefighters Remembered Today


A large fire reportedly broke out around 1600 hours PST on Tuesday afternoon at the Porterville Public Library, located at 41 West Thurman Avenue in Porterville, California.

It was reported that a blazing fire started in a section of books which began to engulf the 1950’s un-sprinklered systems building.  Quick-thinking and fast-acting Librarians called the nearby Fire Department to report flames on the interior of the structure and evacuated all persons outside.


Once the local City Deparment was on-scene, they immediately called for a 2nd-alarm and neighboring Fire agencies from Tulare County, CAL CIFRE, Tulare City and Fresno County responded.  Imperial Ambulance also was on-scene.

Fire Behavior was described as intense, difficult to contain the flames due to the fire fuels inside the building.  It was full of books and anything else that was considered unstoppable by the flame’s path.

From some scanner feed, it was stated by firefighters on the interior, thought they were in the basement when they were on the second floor.  A May Day went out for missing Fire Captain 71 and Firefighter 71.  The Captain was located but after extensive searches by multiple firefighters from various Agencies, the missing Firefighter is still being reported as being unaccounted for.  Firefighters are still searching for him.


The fire has been determined by both Fire Marshal’s Office and the Police Department as arson.  Two 13-year old suspects were reported as being seen running from the building right after the fire started just after 1600 hours PST.

They have been arrested and are being charged with manslaughter, arson and conspiracy. Because they are now in the juvenile detention system, it is unknown if they will be charged as minors or as adults.  The investigation continues on.

Because this is an active investigation, there has been further additional information released.


Quick thinking and highly trained Librarians reported flames inside the building, called the Fire Department and made sure all persons made it outside the structure safely and securely.  They saved many lives yesterday.


We will never forget those who risked their lives to put out the flames during this intensified incident, the sacrifices they made and working to save the lives and property for all those involved.

We will remember their Legacy, their impacts on their Communities and their Families.

No photo description available.

Fire Captain Raymond “Ray” Figueroa, 35, was killed in the fire.  He started his dream job in the Fire Service in 2007.  He was a resident of the Bakersfield, California community.

Image may contain: 1 person

Capt. Ray Figueroa | Credit: Porterville FD

A second first responder, Firefighter Patrick Jones, 25, has been confirmed as still missing.  He started his career with the Fire Department in 2017.

Image may contain: 1 person

FF Patrick Jones | Credit: Porterville FD


If you would like to support the PFD familly and members, please visit the  If you wish to donate, you can click the Portervile Fire Patch and it will redirect you to a link to donate.

Or, if you wish to send a sympathy card or cards of support, you can address it to:  Porterville FD, 298 N. Main Street, Porterville, CA 93257.

The PFD would like to remind those that no “official” Go Fund Me accounts or pages have been officially created.


If you are a Public Safety member in Law Enforcement, Fire, Corrections, Dispatchers, EMS, All First Reponders and their family members, this is a confidential, comprehensive, 24-hour crisis referral service for all nationwide.

And, the great part is that no one has to know about it and they are there with open arms, non-judgmental and caring to catch you.

Please, we ask that if you need help – please call or visit them TODAY.

Safe Call Now®

We send our sincere sympathies to both Firefighter Families, their Loved Ones, to the Porterville Fire Department Family and Fire Family members touched by this fire incident and to the Communities that have been impacted. We are grieving alongside you all. – Ed.

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Texan Firefighters Respond to 2-Alarm Commercial Fire

Incident Summary

Firefighters from the Austin Fire were dispatched to a commercial building fire located in the 6800 block of East US 290 in Austin (Travis County), Texas.

First Due Images

Firefighters arriving on-scene were met with this fiery image of the structure being fully engulfed and the Incident Commander escalated the first alarm to a second alarm around 1513 PST/1713 CST.

Fire Operations

Firefighters quickly egressed on the fire and were able to knock down most of the fire aroudn 1748 PST/1948 CST with containing damage to the fire building. Exposure buildings were saved and not being reported as damaged or destroyed.

The fire building, a 16-unit structure is considered to be a total loss.

Location of Fire Building

These are the Menlo at Mueller, luxurious homes centralized near Highways 290 and 183 and near Interstate 5, as well as near Austin’s city center, shopping, dining and recreational districts.

Credit | Zillow


No word on the cause of the fire and no preliminary report has been released yet.

The cause is under investigation.


No reports of injuries to residents, the public or to firefighters were reported.

Evacuee Resources

The American Red Cross was called to help an unknown number of residents. The property manager was also said to be assisting with their tenants’ needs.


Austin is a vibrant City that proudly is host to many great venues with shopping, entertainment, recreational and additional opportunities in mind for all walks of life.  It is also a fabulous place to photograph, as you can see in the image below. Credit:  Michael Barera (under the Creative Common or CC SA 4.0)

Austin August 2019 19 (skyline and Lady Bird Lake).jpg

The City is the Capital of Texas and the largest in Travis County and considered one of the most populated cities in Texas. Texas is home to 964,254 residents, as of their 2018 census records.

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Commercial Fire | Phoenix, Arizona | 2

PHOENIX, Ariz. – UPDATE 2 – 2100 PDT

A Super Safeway store was the big trending story yesterday after it caught on fire.  Firefighters from multiple fire departments arrived on-scene to see the fully engulfed commercial structure ablaze that would eventually be elevated to a 3-alarm blaze.

Tactics were taken to immediately go into a defensive operation.  It was too unsafe to enter the building. There were several reports in media and on Social Media saying at first there was no one inside and another saying that all persons had safely evacuated the building.

Around 0840 hours this morning (Thursday, July 12, 2018), photographs on Social Media would show that the store was fully left open and exposed with its roof completely caved in, shelving toppled, steel rebar and girders showing the intensity of the blaze and how it can completely destroy anything in its path.

Photo Credit | Phoenix Fire PIO

Reports of a big storm with lightning rolled over the area, right before smoke billowed out of the building. One Social Media user reported that Police had shutdown several roadways, while emergency personnel responded to a gas leak a day or two ago.

There is no exact cause listed but reports of a big downpour of rain fell over the area with some speculating that the heavy rain may have caused the roof to be too heavy and suffered some damage to an electrical box.  We will have to wait to see what the result of the fire investigation report states.

A Disaster Recovery and Restoration team was on site today around 1650 hours, assessing the damage of the building.  It appears that everything interior appeared to be destroyed with the outer walls including the front facade of the structure still standing.

Safeway said that will be relocating employees from this store to other locations.  It is unknown if they plan to rebuild this store.

No injuries were reported.


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SODO Commercial Structure Seriously Damaged by Fire | 2

SEATTLE, Wash. – A commercial building located in the 3600 block of E Marginal Way South in the SODO industrial area and near the main arterial Spokane Street, caught fire on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

Fire was from an unknown ignition causing massive damage to the 3651 Warehouse building – an Event Rental Space building. (per Google Maps and Seattle’s CAD exact address given)

Fire seen from Coulon Park in Renton, Washington | Photo Credit: Diego A Santiago


Seattle Fire dispatched the following units on July 4th at 1903 hours (PDT) for both the initial and 2nd Alarm companies:

E13, L17, B5, E36, A14, AIR10, B7, DEP1, E27, E30, E32, E5, E6, L11, L3, M10, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF 10, B5, E36, E13, L7


Here are some of the highlights from the actual fire call as we focused on live coverage on both of our Facebook (@nwfireblog) and Twitter (@nwfireblog) pages.

Water  Supply

In the early stages of the structure fire, firefighters quickly set up water supplies in various areas around the fire building.  One of several were established with the first one where lines were laid over Burlington RR tracks (the RR was notified). A second one was established in Division Bravo, protecting an exposure building to the South. A third location which they laid 1,000 feet of a hose line to the nearest hydrant.


Command made sure all fire crews were aware of his fire objectives when At 40 minutes into the fire, he stated they were working to knock down the fire and make sure there were no extension through the fire wall on the Alpha side.  They wanted to save the front of the building and stopping any extension. They wanted to go for a maximum flow in Division Bravo and Delta.

Ladder 3 was assigned as the RIT team.

50 minutes on the incident clock (1955 hours)

Ladder 7 would experience a mechanical failure in which the aerial could no longer pump water from its aerial.

70 minutes on the incident clock (2015 hours)

Division Alpha

Firefighters were working successfully with 2 1/2″ hand lines on the exterior side in defensive fire operations.

Division Bravo

Engine 5 became the supply line to Ladder 7 on the Charlie side from the Bravo side. They were busy helping Ladder 7 establish Ladder Pipe Operations, along with Ladder 1.

L1 was located at the Alpha/Bravo of the exposure building.  More resources were needed for manpower.  A 3rd Alarm was called by the IC but was later cancelled.

E25 set up a 2 1/2″ dry hose line to L7. (2000 hours)

Fire was knocked down on the Bravo / Charlie side. Some crews were sent to REHAB for recycling.

Fire was knocked down completely in the Charlie side with no extensions. (2007)

City Light arrived in this Division and helped shutdown all power lines.

Units in the Division Bravo area included L1, L7 (Alpha), E27, E6, B6, E5 and E2.

Division Charlie

Aid 14 was assisting L7 with Ladder Pipe Operations but was recalled to the  Command Post.  Another unit would come in and continue with assistance.

Fire was knocked down (1950 hours).

L17 Team Bravo was assigned to Division Charlie.  A 2 1/2″ line was put in on Charlie from Delta side.  They were working on assisting with putting out car fires.

Division Delta

E13 was located on the Charlie/Delta exposure side where a fence was located. Their needs for (2) 2 1/2″ to help save the building on the corner of the exposure building.

Cars in the rear of the building were catching on fire.  The IC cancelled the 3rd Alarm due to firefighters were fighting defensively and not going interior.

They were making good progress and would later shutdown L7 (Alpha) ladder pipe operations and to implement a reassessment.

Rooftop Operations

Firefighters were on the most Southern rooftop and could see the fire building on their stable operating platform. They observed the roof caved in on the Fire building but that others were not affected.

Due to their good location, they stated they could hit the fire building safely from the rooftop with (2) 2 1/2″ lines safely.

Engine 25 Officer would become assume Rooftop Operations (2013).

REHAB Operations

REHAB Operations was established to help rehydrate firefighters with water, healthy foods and in conjunction with Medical Group in making sure crews are assessed for medical reasons.  They are generally grouped together with the Seattle Fire Buffs and near the Seattle Fire Air Unit.

Fire PIO

A presser was released by the Seattle Fire Department stating that the main body of fire has been put out but fire crews will remain on scene working on spot fires throughout the night into the following day.

The fire was contained to one commercial building.

Fire investigators will be investigating the cause.  There is no preliminary cause known at this time.

No injuries were reported to civilians or firefighters.

Image may contain: tree and outdoor

Seattle Fire’s Ladder 1 (Stock Photo) | (c) NW Fire Blog

Social Media

We have seen reports that this was a “Junkyard” Fire and another stated it was a 4-Alarm fire.  We can confirm this was a commercial structure fire and only a 2-Alarm.  It was a 3-Alarm for a very short time but then it was cancelled by Command as they stated they weren’t going interior operations.

As many of you know, we work to try to provide the best and most accurate details of any fire-related/Public Safety/Emergency/Disaster event we cover or write about.  We generally glean information from verified sources before we publish.  There are many versions of this fire incident in the news and through eyewitness throughout the Seattle area.

Editor’s Message(s):

We thank you for reading our post and understanding how this fire unfolded.  We send our sincere condolences to those whom may be affected by the fire from the owners down to Management to the employees.

Special Thank Yous to all of the Seattle Fire crews who worked in dangerous fire and weather conditions to get this fire out and for those who will spend their 4th of July on Fire Watch throughout the night.

To those who support the Fire Service, including the Dispatchers and Fire Buffs (REHAB Support) who took part in this incident. Your engaging efforts were well received and appreciated.  You all did a great and amazing job.

To the Seattle Police Officers that handled Traffic Control and other assigned duties.  We appreciate your dedication and service.


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Seattle Fights Large Barge Fire

SEATTLE, Wash. – On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, Firefighters were dispatched to a fully engulfed scrapped car barge fire moored at the Seattle and Iron Metal Corp. dock. The commercial fire was located in the 600 block of South Myrtle Street in the Georgetown area.


The fire incident was quickly elevated to a 2-Alarm fire response bringing more Chiefs, personnel, equipment and more fire boats.

Image may contain: outdoor

Photo Credit | David Sonsteng (Written permission granted)


The following Seattle fire resources were dispatched immediately, which they quickly engaged the fire.

MRN1, FRB5, A14, E28, L3, E27, L1, L11, SAFT2, STAF10, DEP1, R1, FIREBOAT, AIR10, FRB4, A2, M1, E11, L7, B5, E6, A10, E36, REHAB1, E13, M28, PTRL4, B7, B5, MAR5, PIO, E32, E10.


Seattle Fire personnel.

City of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Office staff.

Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor and water

Photo Credit | David Sonsteng (Written permission granted)

Seattle SPU arrived to the fire scene with their main focus on assessing the Duwamish River.

The Department of Ecology stated they observed no oil sheen and did not observe distressed wildlife on the Duwamish River on Wednesday morning, June 27, 2018.  They did say there was a small amount of firefighting foam at the tide line.  The barge is boomed as a precaution.

Barge moored along river bank, crane in background, orange boom in foreground.

Photo Credit | WA Dept. of Ecology


Fire Investigators have ruled the cause as accidental and with damages at $1,000,000.


Two firefighters were reported to have been injured after suffering minor injuries and were treated at a nearby unnamed (most likely Harborview Medical Center) hospital.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water

Photo Credit | David Sonsteng (Written permission granted)


Social Media became ablaze with barge fire photos being posted all over the Twitter and Facebook.

Photos portrayed a huge black smoke column seen from areas such as Capitol Hill, West Seattle, South Seattle, seen on 1st Avenue South bridge, from north of the Seattle Boeing plant, Seatac Airport, Magnolia and by others on the outskirts of this large City.

If you are seeing smoke to the East (via from West Seattle).  It is a barge on fire with metal and propane on the Duwamish River.”

Seattle Fire Department says the fire is mostly out and that they train for these types of large fire incidents.” – SFD Presser

We are aware of the large barge fire. We are monitoring the situation and will respond as needed.” – USCG Pacific Northwest


Want more great photos?  Check out David Sonsteng, Photographer and Owner of DJ Sonsteng Photography on his Facebook Page @djsonstengphotography or on Instagram at

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Commercial Fire Now 2nd Alarm in Federal Way, Washington


Another large fire is plaguing the Southeast area of King County but this time it is a commercial structure fire located at 32300 4th Place South in Federal Way, Washington.

The fire originally reported as a first-alarm incident has now been elevated to another second alarm with some crews coming from Tacoma (Ladder 4) en route from Fife and Command requesting that all South King Fire units being recalled.  Some are being rerouted from the three-alarm fire of the old Heritage Building in Auburn.


Fire crews were busy conducting primary and secondary searches on all floor levels of the fire structure.  A structure on the Bravo side was one of the concerns but fire crews did a search and found no extension and nothing else found in the adjacent building.  Primary and secondary searches were conducted but nothing was found.


One person was rescued from the structure and in the hands of Medics with CPR in progress.  One trusted source has reported Fire Officials reported one fatality.


We are using hashtag #FederalWayFire.



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