HAVE YOU SEEN US: Kala Brown & Charlie Carver | Update 1

Updated 11:45 PM PDT 


Kala Brown and Charlie Carver were suppose to meet Kala’s friend for dinner so she could get to know Charlie a little better but they were no-shows. That was six weeks ago (August 31, 2016)

Charlie Carver, 32


Friends and Family contacted the Police Department to report the couple missing.  The Couple’s dog was left inside the Kala’s apartment without any food or water.  Family and friends who know her, say she would never do that.  It appears nothing was stolen from either residence as keys, meds and other personal items were still inside.


However, Charlie’s vehicle has been reported stolen.


Family and friends were startled when Charlie’s Facebook page came alive with random postings of missing people and other messages about things the family/friends say Charlie would never post on his Page.


One news media story titled, “Could the Killer or his Ex be Posting on Charlie’s Facebook page?”

Here’s the story where the FB page was first reported:  http://breaking911.com/missing-couples-facebook-account-suddenly-comes-alive-terrifying-family/


It was reported that Police have not tried to track down the couple through Social Media stating they would have to get a search warrant and they just have not done that yet.  Facebook reported through one news media source saying that if they were served a Search Warrant, they’d turn over all details needed to find out who the poster is, the IP address and location information.

Kala Brown, 30


Whatever the case, their families, friends and communities are searching for them.  At least to find out what happened and some answers to calm their unknown fears.


We would appreciate if you would SHARE this post and flood Social Media. Someone knows something and maybe they are afraid to share with the Police or they have Tips about their Location.

This couple has been missing for six weeks and counting.



NW Fire Blog:  We are using the following hashtags – #KalaBrown  #CharlieCarver #BringCharlieAndKalaHome

Social Media:  Social Media users are posting  hashtags – #FindKalaAndCharlie #MissingInSC #AndersonSC #AndersonPolice Department




The vehicle is a white 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix 4-door with South Carolina Plate HWY224.  It also has a LSU decal in the back window and a LSU vanity plate on the front bumper.  There is damage on the side passenger mirror.

If you see this vehicle, call 9-1-1. Do not approach the vehicle.  Police are also looking for this vehicle and need the Public’s assistance to locate it.


Because someone’s daughter and son are missing.  Maybe they are choosing to be missing or maybe not. We also know the Police seem to be looking for them and there are many misconceptions about what they are / are not doing with their investigation. Let’s #BringKalaAndCharlieHome

We feel this is a unique case that demands some answers and besides, it’s a story and will have an unexpected ending.  We really want them to be found safe and well.

This is what we know so far (gleaning from Social Media):

  • They were suppose to be met by a friend for dinner on 8/31/2016 but were no-shows
  • Kala left her dog without food or water and she would never do that
  • Said that Charlie is in the middle of a divorce with one woman
  • Charlie left from work but was not heard from since
  • They have been missing now for 6 weeks
  • Friends and Family have asked those to share on Social Media
  • Someone is posting on Charlie’s page things he would not normally say or do and he rarely posted on his Facebook Page.
  • Kala know as a frequent Facebook Page user has not posted anything since her disappearance
  • A Good Fund Me has been created but someone indicated it was a fake page raising money for something not legit (Please check it out if you feel like donating).
  • Because we want them to be found safe and well

See Something? Say Something?

Call Anderson SC Police @ A 864-260-4444


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SHORELINE FIRE Help Save Lives by Giving Away Free Window Guards

Shoreline, Washington

More and more calls come through 9-1-1 Dispatch centers across the Nation in kids pushing the screen out or being curious of windows in their homes, causing them to fall down below.  Some have received serious injuries, while a few have died.

The Safe Kids Worldwide say that in 2011 alone, there were 2.876,929 fall-related injuries that required ER treatment.  In 2010, there were 127 children that died from their fall-related injuries.  Kids younger than five years old falling out of windows U.S.-wide annually is 3,300.

Folks, we don’t know about you but to us that’s way too many kids getting hurt from PREVENTABLE injuries.  These “accidents” can be so prevented, if parents, caregivers, grandparents, friends, daycare, neighbors and the list goes on that can protect these innocent lives.  No one wants to see a child hurt or watch as they fall out of a window.

With this being said, Shoreline Fire Department is giving away FREE Window Guards starting TODAY.  You can pick these up from their Headquarters located at 17525 Aurora Avenue N in Shoreline Washington.

Sponsored by | SafeKidsWashington and the Regional Trauma Council.

For more information, you can click this link for details | http://www.stopat4.com/if-kids-could-float.

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