NM Wildfire | Hermits Peak Fire | 2

UPDATE 2 – MAY 2, 2022

Both the Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon Fires have combined and are together being managed by the SW Area Type 1 IMT Team with IC Dave Bales at the helm.

EVACUATION INFO (Mora Counties): https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/8069/68405/

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The HERMITS PEAK FIRE is located at the base of Hermit Peak, about 12 miles northwest of Las Vegas, New Mexico, in the Pecos/Las Vegas Ranger District of the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF).

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The steep and rugged terrain will be one of several challenges firefighters will face during this incident.

Its cause is said to be multiple spot fires that spread beyond the originally planned RX fire on April 6, 2022.

At the time of this post (1820 hours), the fire has burned 120,653 acres and there is a 20% containment status.

About 1,052 total personnel are assigned to this incident.

Fire behavior is extreme with wind-driven runs and group torching.

Fire Ops will be conducting the following future objectives:


Hold line South and West of Mora along the northern perimeter of the fire to reduce the potential of fire impacting Mora, Ledoux, Cleveland, South Carmen, and Bueno Vista. If crews are unable to hold the perimeter lines in this area, they will engage in structure defense and additional evacuations as prompted by fire behavior.


Hold dozer line around the Hotsprings area and Storrie Lake tying Highway 65 to Highway 518, as well as Highway 65 West to the Highway 65/FR 263 Junction. Crews will ID, construct, and hold the line to protect Mineral Hills, San Pablo, and San Geronimo Area.


Resources have disengaged in Divisions Delta, Juliet, and Lima.

Structure Protection Group:

Combined structure groups will continue to prep and prepare for structure defense in Ledoux, and prepare to engage in structure defense in Mora, Cleveland, South Carmen, Bueno Vista, Sapello, Las Tusas, Manuelitas, Emplazado, Gallinas, El Porvenir, Canovas Canyon, Big Pine, Rociada, Upper Rociada, Hot springs, and Mineral Hills. Efforts will be prioritized based on the probability of success and proximity of VARs to threats.

Overhead Team:

The team will continue to coordinate with the local utility companies to allow for the operation of critical infrastructure and to continue to coordinate with law enforcement agencies to account for public safety.

The CALF CANYON FIRE is also located on the Santa Fe National Forest but in the Gallinas Canyon along Hwy 65, about 18 miles northwest of Las Vegas, NM.

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NM Wildfire | McBride Fire | 1

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Update 1 | April 12, 2022, Tuesday

The MCBRIDE FIRE originated Tuesday, April 12, 2022, at 0230 hours MT, located on Gavilan Canyon Road, spreading north through Homestead Loop and Eagle from the high school in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

According to verified sources (Lincoln National Forest) the last update stated the fire has now burned 1,000 acres of grasses and timber on a mixture of state and private lands was heading also towards the nearby airport and mandatory evacuation orders were ordered

Both Internet and power are out in the area as well.

The cause is unknown and being investigated.


Ruidoso, north of the Ruidoso High School

Gavilan Canyon Road

Homestead Loop

Eagle Creek

Blue Lake Drive

Mira Monte Road

East of Fort Stanton Road


Carrizozo Schools, address to be updated shortly.

Capitan Fairgrounds (accepting livestock).

Resources include in the response are the following: County, Village of Ruidoso, and Forest Service firefighting resources, and two (2) aircraft. Additional resources have been ordered.

Several unknown homes and other types of structures have been lost. There is a current threat to all other outbuildings and homes.

This is a developing story. More updates as information is received. Please check back for updates.

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NM Wildfire | Hermits Peak Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 – 4/10/2022, Sunday

The HERMITS PEAK FIRE is located at the base of Hermit Peak, about 12 miles northwest of Las Vegas, New Mexico, in the Pecos/Las Vegas Ranger District of the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF).

The steep and rugged terrain will be one of several challenges firefighters will face during this incident.

ALERT! Voluntary Evacuation Order in Effect

Evacuations for communities of San Ignacio, Las Dispensas, and Pendaries are in effect, at the direction of the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office.

High risk structures that are risk are the Gallinas Municipal Watershed and privately-owned inland structures.


A RED FLAG WARNING is in effect until 2000 hours (8pm) this evening.

ALERT! TFR Alert in Effect

The unauthorized use of unmanned aircraft (also known as “drones”) in a fire area endangers the lives of pilots and firefighters and is strictly forbidden. Never fly unmanned aircraft over or near a wildfire whether there is a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) in effect or not. Visit  https://www.nifc.gov/drones  and Know Before You Go for more information on drones and wildfires.

Its cause was due to multiple spot fires escaping its containment lines from the original prescribed fire (RX Fire).

At 1630 hours on April 6th, fire officials deemed it escaping its barrier. Though weather conditions were ideal for today’s burn, unexpected erratic wind gusts were not forecasted but have caused multiple spot fires.

The current size is about 540 acres in dense and overgrown mixed-conifer. There is a 10% containment status. Fire behavior is active with short crown runs, group torching, spotting, backing, and flanking.

Starting on Monday, April 11, 2022, AZ’s Team 4, a Type 2 IMT will take command over the fire from the Northern NM, a Type 3 IMT. The Northern NM team will continue using a full suppression strategy, especially during the high wind period to engage the fire.

Another challenge facing fire crews are the inaccessibility by apparatus or vehicles into the area and working tirelessly to keep the fire from spreading into the Beaver Creek area and by keeping it out of the watershed. They will continue to work by securing the fire’s edge and strengthening the indirect fire line along the Forest boundary.

Resources assigned to this incident include:

  • Hotshots: 4
  • Crews: 1 Type 2 IA
  • Engines: 8
  • Helicopters: 1 Type 1, 1 Type 2, 1 Type 3
  • Module: 1 Rapid Extraction Module
  • Water Tender: 1 Tactical water tender
  • Personnel: 163 firefighters

The weather has been forecasted to reach wind speeds of 60 mph. RED FLAG warning is in effect until 2000 hours this evening.

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