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Robeson County, North Carolina was one of many areas hit hard by Hurricane Matthew’s fury on October 7th (Friday) and 8th (Saturday), 2016.  This post and future ones are all about how the Robeson County (NC) area was devastated and their efforts to recover from Matthew’s aftermath.

To give you a perspective of how large this incident truly is, let’s put it in acres.  Over 600,000 acres have been impacted by Matthew in one shape or form.

Water is in the forecast to recede to a “Minor Flood Stage” on October 27, 2016.

Though there is no 100% guarantee when this is due to be cleaned up, Emergency Managers are tentatively saying they are looking at a date of November 30th.  This area will forever be changed from Matthew’s fury, but the people will move forward and prosper once again.

Record-Breaking Impacts

Historic Flooding:  Hurricane Matthew impact over the area dropped torrential downpours and tropical storm force winds led to historic flooding of the Lumber River.

Flooded:  Almost 7100 structures in Robeson County alone.

Road Conditions:  Of the impacted areas, 41 road closures were in effect due to washed out bridges and culverts.  Portions of I-95 and US 74 crossing the Lumber River are closed to traffic.

Shelters:  Multiple Red Cross shelters are being managed by the Agency along with the County EOC.

County EOC:  The Robeson EOC is being assisted by the National Guard to manage a number of food/water distribution points.

Water Supply:  The County’s Municipal water supply systems have been restored.  Work is in process to return the City of Lumberton’s water treatment plant back to an operational status.

Utilities:  Crews are working to repair and replace the utilities infrastructure.  Slowly, they are able to restore and reduce the number of customer outages. However, in some areas where it is still flooded, workers have to wait for the water to recede before being able to restore power due to safety concerns.

Staffing:  There are 598 incident personnel and cooperators from 110 various Agencies that have responded to hurricane damage and the flooding aftermath in this area alone.


From A First Responders Point-of-View

“SFD Deployment Strike Team returned some pics of search and rescue missions since they have been in Lumberton and Robeson County.” – Fire Salisbury NC (10/14/2016)

Credit: Fire Salisbury NC

“MCFD has dispatched 3 firefighters, a Pumper-Tanker, and a utility truck.” Morehead City FD. (10/12/2016)

“Holly Springs Fire Dept. Boat Team in Robeson County to assist in saving stranded livestock from farms. Neighbors helping neighbors.” – Wake County, NC  (10/14/2016)

Credit: Wake County, NC

State of Emergency

“NEIGHBOR HELPING NEIGHBOR: When Robeson Co called us for help, we considered it our duty to help displaced families.” Durham Sheriff (10/16/2016)

“Repairs are currently underway on I-95 at mile marker 18.” NC DOT

Credit: NC DOT

“We are working to get medicine and pharmaceuticals to shelters.” – Gov Office NC (10/8/2016)

“Rainfall reports: 11.57″ – Bladen Co; 8.64 Robeson County; 8.5 since midnight – Fayetteville Reg Airport; 8.15″ in Columbus Co.” Emergency Management (10/8/2016)

The People Have Spoken

“Lumberton NC (Robeson Co) 50 yrs living here I’ve never seen such devastation. We will rise again.”

“First load of donations delivered to American Indian Mothers Inc.”

“Everyone pls. send healing vibes towards the flood victims.”

“Robeson is the poorest county in the state…. it’s also 38% Native American & 25% black.”

“On Indigenous People Day, don’t forget Robeson Co. NC floods, where poverty is high & many identify as Lumbee Indian.”

“The Trumps (@LaraLeaTrump) delivered tons of supplies for flood victims as well! Thank you from Robeson County NC!”

“ok y’all. We need a benefit concert for us in Robeson County NC.”

“I never thought something like this would happen to Robeson County, it has really open my eyes to how grateful we should be.”

“… is one of the poorest regions in NC & the aftermath Mathew left is heartbreaking to watch.”

Via News Media Coverage 

“All Public schools closed Monday-Wednesday”. (10/16/2016)

” A firefighter injured when hit by falling tree. Difficulty transported to hospital due to blocked roads and flooding.” (10/14/2016)

“The County continues to face challenges due to the flooding.” (10/14/2016)

“Anson County leads donation efforts, sends supplies.”  (10/14/2016)

“Gov. McCrory says 17 people are now confirmed dead to Hurricane Matthew effects in NC. Two more deaths reported today.” (10/11/2016)

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