Snohomish County firefighters responded to a 2-alarm residential fire in the 49000 block of SR 2 in Gold Bar, Washington State. The fire occurred on Saturday, April 3, 2021 around 2153 hours PT.

Units dispatched were T53, KCT195, 1G9, 1K1, A51, A54, AIR54, B31, B53, E31, E51, E53, E54, M32, T51, TN54, KCTN166, E33, KCE195.

All occupants were said to have escaped the structure. However, firefighters were being challenged with no water supply and utilities had not been secured at one point during the incident.

About 30 minutes after the water supply issues, fire crews were able to find success in knocking down the fire

One person was said to have suffered burns but it is unknown the severity of their injuries.

SR-2 in Gold Bar was blocked due to the fire incident. Officials were asking that drivers use another route to bypass the area for their safety and due to emergency vehicles in the area.

No preliminary cause of the fire was released.

A damage assessment to the property and contents was also unknown and too early to determine.

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Edmonds Chimney Fire Quickly Contained


Firefighters were dispatched to the 5600 block of 145th Street Southwest to a chimney reported extending inside the home just after 1730 hours PT.

Units A15, B21, E15, E23, E25, M15, MSO21, TR21, B15, L14 were dispatched from Snohomish County Fire Districts.

Dispatch relayed heavy black smoke was seen from the home but due to quick egress efforts, firefighters successfully stopped the fire within ten minutes from the original dispatched time. The timer was stopped after the fire was out.

A Fire Investigator was en route to the fire ground.

Cause of the fire and dollar amount for property loss was known at the time of this post.

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Sno Co Firefighters Respond to Home Fire


Snohomish County Firefighters are currently en route to a residential structure fire in the 5400 block of 101st Place NW in Marysville, Washington State. It is said that the fan in the home’s bathroom caught fire.

Units dispatched are A62, B61, E61, E63, E68, L62, M61.

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Snohomish County Firefighters Respond to Late Night Fire


Snohomish County Firefighters were dispatched Friday night, May 1, 2020, to a trailer fire that spread to a nearby home around 2340 hours PT.

The fire was located in the 28300 Old 99 Street, Stanwood, Washington.

At the 20-minute timer (at midnight), Command stated the fire was in offensive operations with the fire in the attic and at a 50% containment status.

Water supply was established by Engine 90 and being tasked with incoming tenders.

Primary search of an exposure building, a shop on the Delta side had an all-clear. It was determined by firefighters there was no extensive inside or from the exterior into the building.

One occupant was rescued by firefighters.  Medic 63 was respond

Just after midnight on Saturday morning, Command requested two nearest engines for more manpower and their air unit. Dispatch advised Aid 94 was unavailable., but the engines were enroute.

Firefighters currently on-scene stated they had a good knockdown on the fire, were checking for extensions and conducting a primary search on the house.  They stated they could handle with the resources on the fire ground.  Command would cancel the two incoming engines 63, and 46.

Around 1220, Command asked if any Deputies  or the Fire Marshal were on-scene. Dispatch reported that none were dispatched to the scene. The IC received new information and requested Dispatch send a Deputy to the fire ground, non-emergency.

No injuries to firefighters were reported.

No preliminary cause has been released by Fire Officials at this time.


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WA Wildfire | Stanwood Bryan Fire | 2

UPDATE 2  (Final) – Friday, April 17, 2020

A wildfire broke out deep within a heavily forested area off  Stanwood Bryant Road  in spreading through areas within Cities Arlington to Stanwood (Snohomish County), Washington State.

Fire ignited on the afternoon of Wednesay, April 15, 2020, from an unknown cause.

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit: City of Arlington Firefighters

Fire crews reached a successful 100% containment today (1248 PT) after mopping the remaining area on the eastern side of the fire earlier this morning.

Resources such as:  Snohomish County Fire District 7’s E76 (structure protection) deployed as mutual aid to the North County Fire.  WA DNR firefighters also assisted.

No cause has been released at the time of this post.

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NEW WA WILDFIRE | Stanwood-Bryant Fire | 1

A wildfire is burning in the area of Bryant Road in Arlington to Stanwood in Snohomish County, Washington State that dispatched fire personnel and assets in the early afternoon on Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit: City of Arlington Firefighters

DNR firefighters were also dispatched at 1541 hours PT from the North Regional DNR Dispatch Center sending units:  BOL31, BOL33, CL27, CL41, E5466, E5549, E5560, E5564, NW2, PIL33.

Reports of many Snohomish County fire units are on-scene as they work to fight flames buried deep inside the forest of wetlands, brush and timber.

Two acres have been destroyed as of one-plus hours ago.

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UPDATE | South SnoCo Firefighters Tap Lynnwood House Fire

South Snohomish County Firefighters were dispatched at 1249 hours PST to a multi-story house fire in the 5600 block of 169th Place SE in Lynnwood, Washington on Saturday, January 4, 2020. 


Credit | Andrew Kim (granted permission)

Eyewitness accounts reported the attic entirely fully engulfed with potential exposures.

1st Alarm resources included:    B21, E15, E23, L10, L14, TR21, A15, B15, M10 2nd Alarm E16, E17, E18 L72, M11, CH11, B11 and Air 10.

Most 2nd alarm resources were quickly released shortly after their arrival.

Firefighters multiple hot spots and egressed, tapping the fire shortly thereafter arriving on-scene.


Credit | South County Fire

Primary and secondary searches of the entire structure was completed with nothing found.

Fire Investigators have not released the cause of this fire.  It is still under investigation and the preliminary cause has not been released at the time of this  post.

Lynnwood Police Officers provided traffic control near the fire incident, which was closed off to drivers and only open to Emergency vehicles.

No injuries to any citizens or firefighters were reported.


#LynnwoodWAFire #SouthSnoCountyFire #HouseFire

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Washington State | Fire Season 2019 Has Ignited Early


Since the beginning of this week on March 18th when higher temps in the 60-80’s broke some major weather records, it did not come without some additional concern conditions such as low relative humidity and wind.  With the dead and dormant grasses and shrubs, it made it for some all too ripe conditions for the perfect firestorm.

Here are some of the wildfires that have occurred this week alone:

BLACK CREEK FIRE | 3/202/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1507 hours. 1 acre. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

BODINE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Bodine Road.  Dispatched @ 1943 hours.  0.5 acres.  IC Blodgett.  In Patrol Status.  Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

BURROWS ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | 21 Hogan Road in Hoquiam. Dispatched @ 1354 hours.  Contained @ 1500 hours. Controlled @ 1700 hours.  0.2 acres of slash.  IC Kinkade @ 1500 hours.  In Patrol Status. Olympic Region Dispatch.

Burn Bans | Cowlitz & Wahkiakum Counties in Effect.

CAT SCRATCH FIRE  | 3/19/2019 |  Bond Road. 0.25 acres of brush, slash and logs. Dispatched @ 1951 hours. IC Mohler. Contained @ 2125  hours. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

CATTLE FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1303 hours. 6.5 acres of grass, brush, slash, duff and litter. IC E463   @ 1036 hours on 3/20/2019. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

CEDAR PONDS FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Snohomish County | Off Cedar Ponds Road, SE of Monroe.  Dispatched 1402 hours. 0.1 acres. Stump, logging and slash as fire fuels.  IC Zavala @ 1650 hours. E466 tied to incident. Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center.

CHEHALIS FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Grays Harbor County | 209 Mox Chehalis Road in Malone. Dispatched @ 1408 hours.  12 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Bradshaw. Resources on-scene. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

CHEHALIS RIVER FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Porter (Grays Harbor) | Dispatched @ 1900 hours. 0.5 acres of grass and light brush. IC Noonan. Contained/controlled @ 0927 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

COAL CREEK FIRE  | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Carlon Loop. Dispatched @ 1419 hours. IC @ 1742 hours. In Patrol Status. Resources:  WA DNR dispatched 5 engines along with Fire District mutual aid units. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

COLUMBIA FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Dispatched @ 1743 hours. 0.3 acres. IC Bortner @ 0658 on 3/19/2019. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

CONDIT FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Klickitat County | Hwy 141, mile post 5.  Dispatched 1332 hours. Contained/controlled @ 1400 hours. Out @ 1420 hours. 0.1 acres. Grass, brush and duff fire fuels. IC Dobson. Central WA Interagency Communications Center.

DAY ROAD FIRE |  3/21/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1115 hours.  Fire reportedly as out. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

DEVONSHIRE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | 74 Devonshire Road.  Dispatched @ 1414 hours. Controlled @ 1713 hours.  Contained @ 1954 hours.  4 acres of brush.  IC Johnson @1417 hours. In Patrol Status. Olympic Region Dispatch.

Fire Fact  | As of March 18, 2019, there have been 49 wildfires of 50 in Western Washington in this week alone. – WA DNR

EAST DEEP RIVER FIRE | 3/20/2019 | East Deep River in Wahkiakum County. | Dispatched @ 1649 hours. 3 acres. IC Hynning. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

ELOCHOMAN DIVIDE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Wahkiakum County |  Dispatched @ 1952 hours. 1.5 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Servenka on 3/20/2019. DNR tied to incident.

FARGER VIEW FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Clark County | Dispatched @ 0109 hours. 1.5 acres of grass and brush. IC Estes. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

FERN HILL FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Pacific County | South Fork Road. Dispatched @ 1254 hours. 0.2 acres of grass and brush. IC Stigall. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

GABLE 3 FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Clark County |  Dispatched @ 1550 hours. 0.1 acre of slash pile. IC Hubbard. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

GRANDVIEW FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Grandview.  Dispatched @ 1154 hours. 6.48 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Wesemann @ 1015 hours. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

GRIP ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Skagit County | Union Square Road in Sedro Woolley. Dispatched 1302 hours.  Legal rule burn, no escape. False alarm. IC McMillen, GL 41 @ 1331 hours. Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center.

HARVEST MOON FIRE | 3/21/2019 | Lewis County | Onalaska.  Dispatched  @ 1655 hours. False Alarm. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

HICKORY FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Thurston County in  Yelm. Dispatched @ 1735 hours.  0.25 acres of Grass and brush. Contained & controlled @ 1900 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

HORNE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Dispatched @ 1425 hours.  2 acres. In patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

HORSLEY ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 |  Horsley Place. 23 acres of grass. IC Hynning @ 0710 on 3/19/2019. WA DNR on-scene. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

JACKSON ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Pierce County |  Mckenna. Dispatched @ 1323 hours. 45 acres of timber, reproduction slash. IC Burns. Resources on-scene. Puget Sound South Dispatch.

MYSTIC FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Mystic Road. Dispatched @ 1226 hours.  0.25 acres of grass, slash and timber light. IC Mattilla. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

NELSON FIRE | 3/21/2019 | Rochester in Lewis County |   1.5 acres of grass and brush. Dispatched @ 1509 hours.  IC Werner @ 1800 hours.  In Patrol Status.  Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

NORTH MAPLE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | SE of Kelso in RoseValley.  Dispatched @ 1700 hours.  40 acres. IC Hynning. Approximately 90 homes threatened. State Mobilization authorized. Puget Sound Task Force assigned to incident. Evacuations in effect for those off of Walker Road. 35% contained. Resources:  SE WA Type 3 IMT. Fall City Brush 166, Cowlitz Fire & Rescue, Larch Mountain inmate crew. Over 50 firefighters are working on this wildfire. No homes have been lost.  Evacuation orders have been reduced from a Level 3. Significant Events:  N Maple Hill Road served its purpose well in acting as the perfect fire breaker. County Commissioners have declared an emergency. Cause:  Escaped burn pile.

OLD BARN ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Lewis County on Old Barn Road | Dispatched @ 1620 hours .  18 acres. IC Warthen @ 1822 hours. DNR on-scene. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

Pierce County firefighters responded to a 15-acre wildfire in Eatonville on March 20, 2019. | Credit: PCFFs

OXBOW ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Pacific County | Oxbow Road. Dispatched @ 1454 hours. 10 acres. IC Shweso @ 1530 hours. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

PICKERING ROAD FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Mason County | Shelton. Dispatched @ 1616 hours. 0.25 acres of light slash and brush. IC Sullivan. Contained & controlled @ 1830 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

PRIEST ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1916 hours.  0.1 acre of grass, brush and logs. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

RAGLAND ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Ragland Road.  Dispatched @ 1503 hours. 3 acres of grass and brush.  IC Adam. Contained and controlled @ 2139 hours.  Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

RANDLE BRIDGE | 3/21/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 0909 hours.  Contained/controlled @ 1200 hours.  1 acre of grass, brush and hardwood. IC Latham. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

SCHOOL HOUSE FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Dispatched @ 1355 hours. 0.1 acre. IC Hynning. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

SOMERS ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Shelton. Dispatched @ 1638 hours. 0.4 acres of grass and brush. IC Bradshaw. Contained @ 1930 hours. Controlled @ 1200 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

Pierce County Firefighters responded to a fire off of SR 702 and Jackson Road in Eatonville on March 20, 2019. | Credit: PCFFs

SOUTH BANK FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Grays Harbor County | Oakville. Dispatched @ 1450 hours. 0.5 acres of grass and brush. IC Noonan. Contained & controlled @ 1615 hours.  Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

SOUTH PRAIRIE ROAD FIRE | 3/20/20109 | 25100 block of South Prairie Road in Pierce County |   Dispatched @ 1244 hours. 1.5 acres of brush and grass. (200×200 brush fire) | IC Traweek. Contained @ 1500 hours. Controlled @ 1615 hours. Patrol Status. Resources included:  3 brush engines and 4 engines from East Pierce Fire.  Puget Sound Dispatch.

STANDARD ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Whatcom County | Standard Road in Acme. Dispatched @ 1604 hours. 15 acres. No further info. Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center.

SUNSET FALLS FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | County 17 Road. Dispatched @ 0640 hours. 5 acres. IC Lingquist. @ 0815 hours.  Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

SWOFFORD FIRE | 3/19/2019 | 200 block of Swofford Road near Mossyrock in Lewis County |  Dispatched @ 1302 hours. 103 acres of grass, brush, slash. IC Smith on 3/20/2019 @ 1630 hours. Contained at 1200 hours on 3/20/2019. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

TOWER FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County |  Dispatched @ 1512 hours. 2 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Fowler. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

VALLEY GREEN FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Thurston County in Olympia. Dispatched @ 1608 hours. 4 acres of leaf litter. IC Carlsen. Contained @ 1100 hours on 3/21/2019. Controlled on 3/21/2019 @ 1515 hours. In patrol Status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

VENNERSBURG FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Clark County | Dispatched @ 1851 hours. 29 acres of grass and brush. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

WEST WASHOUGAL FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Clark County | 22nd Street. Dispatched @ 1415 hours. 0.25 acres of grass and brush. IC North. Fire out. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

WILDWOOD LANE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Wahkiakum.  Dispatched @ 1705 hours.  85 acres. IC Tester on 3/21 @ 0930 hours. Resources: Bortner E273, Hancock, Hoskins Olson and Tester. DNR  on-scene. Pacific Cascade Dispatch. Resources:  Western WA Type 3 IMT assumed command along with additional fires.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature

Courtesy: Western WA Type 3 IMT

WILLIE KEILS FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 0858 hours. 4 acres of grass and brush. Fire out. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.


We are also gearing up for some fire chasing opportunities. As the temps increase and fires begin to ignite, we will most likely find ourselves looking for those that may pop so that we can report and share with you all.   Besides, we like catching our friends in action.

You can also find us on Twitter @nwfireblog and on Instagram.

Be Safe Friends.

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Gold Bar (WA) Water Rescue Prompts Call Out | 1

GOLD BAR, Wash. – Firefighters from Gold Bar, Snohomish County Fire Districts 5 and 7 were toned out for a missing 20-something male swimmer in Eagle Falls near Index.  The incident occurred on Memorial Day, May 28, 2018.

The swimmer is described as male, 20’s, wearing black shorts, thin build and last seen jumping into the water and not resurfacing.  The area is about 50 yards from where the rapids start. (In the area where the Command Post is located).

Battalion 53 assumed command and established the incident as “Eagle Falls” Command.  Units have arrived on-scene and are currently searching for the missing swimmer.  Some units are downstream searching as well.

A chopper from Snohomish County, SNOHawk 10 was said to be deployed but were committed to another active incident.  King County Guardian 1 was in the process of deploying to the scene.

Around 1722 hours PDT, the incident was switched from an active search and rescue to a recovery mission.  The most likely lead Agency taking over is the Snohomish County Sheriff Office.


Eagle Falls is located on Washington State US 2, about four miles east of Index to the mile marker 39.

This area is in the uppermost part of the waterfall on the South Fork Skykomish River and downstream from the town of Baring.  It then drops about 25 feet in a high volume cascade.

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Update 8 | #Oso SR 530 Reopens Again | Washington

UPDATE 8 – APRIL 13, 2017 – 1715 HOURS PDT

The SR530 highway is once again open to the motoring public.

The WSDOT released this statement on Wednesday, April 12th just after 1400 Hours PDT.  “Over the past weekend, crews installed 11 monitoring locations to track ground movement and analyzed the hillside twice a day.

After several days of no measurable movement to the slide area above SR 530, geologists from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) agreed to reopen the roadway.”

Snohomish County residents were allowed to return to their homes/businesses/areas after Officials lifted the evacuation order.

Please be vigilant to driving conditions as the roadway could close again if the area begins to shift once again.

UPDATE 7 – APRIL 11, 2017 – 1900 HOURS PDT

Again, crews checked the slide and found no movement.  A new assessment and  will be made on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

UPDATE 6 – APRIL 10, 2017  

WSDOT crews have checked the original slide on Monday, April 10th stating there has been no movement found.  Another check was due to occur on Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

UPDATE 5 – APRIL 9, 2017 – 2115 HOURS PDT

Due to the unstable hillside above the SR530 highway, WSDOT states they have extended the shutdown in both directions of the roadway until at least next Thursday, April 13th.  Another assessment will be made at that time.

The weather for next week is as follows:

* Sun  Rain April 9.   Current Temps 46*F and cloudy. 55% humidity with a chance of rain this evening.  Winds are at 5 mph.
* Mon  Thunderstorms April 10.  Temps  49º / 35º
* Tue Partly Cloudy April 11.  Temps  58º / 39º
* Wed Rain April 12. Temps 53º / 41º
* Thu  Rain April 13. Temps  52º  / 41º
* Fri   Light Rain April 14.  Temps  51º  / 38º
* Sat  Partly Cloudy April 15. Temps  58º /  37º

UPDATE 4- APRIL 8, 2017 – 1815 HOURS PDT

SR 530 remains closed from Mile Post 34-40 so that Geologists can still monitor the land and any movements.

News conference. [Photo Credit: WSDOT]

On Monday, Officials will reassess the situation to see if it is safe for the motoring public and if they can reopen SR530 once again.

About Oso, Washington

A town located in Snohomish County, Washington is approximately 50 air miles from Seattle; is just West of Darrington and South of the North Fork of the Snoqualmie River.  

It is said to have 180 residents (2010 census).  There is no census information to reflect how many were living in the area in 2014.

The small town was placed on the international news map when a large mass of  mud and debris [approximately one square mile] slid down a hillside covering a rural  community and killing 43 in March of 2014.  The incident was located 4 miles East of the town of Oso.

Families reached a $50 Million Settlement for the 2014 Oso mudslide major disaster due to Officials had full knowledge of the future dangers and risks building/living in the area while not providing that information to residents/visitors.  This caused many parties to be at fault for not warning those down below prior to the disaster occurring, leading to many deaths and injuries and listing this as one of the most horrific and largest disasters in Washington State.  

Oso has also been touched by wildfire.  On May 13, 2016, there was a wildfire just off of SR 530 that burned about 100 acres.

UPDATE 3 – APRIL 8, 2017 – 1015 HOURS PDT

SR530 was closed last night as a precaution due to the mudslide being above the highway.  No actual mud flowed on to the roadway, says WSDOT North Traffic.

Some of the debris above the highway. [Photo Credit: WSDOT]

The roadway is still closed from Mile post 34-38 on SR 530 to enable Geologists to assess the area and if it poses a threat to the motoring public below.

No injuries have been reported.

UPDATE 2 – APRIL 8, 2017 – 0740 HOURS PDT

The slow-moving mudslide in Oso, Washington has prompted area residents on the North end of where the unstable ground to evacuate from their homes voluntarily on a precautionary basis overnight.

Correction:  The incident is not in Skagit County as reported last night but in Snohomish County.

Per the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Command is in Unified Command with the Oso Fire Department to be available and work with the residents to ensure their safety (Update around 2230 Hours PDT).

Location of the incident at the Yellow spot. [Photo Credit: WSDOT]

About 10 homes in the North end of the slide voluntarily evacuated as an overnight precaution.

Yellow area indicates the evacuation and closed road areas. [Photo Credit: Snohomish County Sheriff Office]

According to the WSDOT’s website last updated at midnight, SR 530 eastbound & westbound directions at Oso Loop Rd (MP 35) to 310th St NE (MP 39) is closed due to the mudslide.

WSDOT also stated, ” For clarification of the incident. This is on the opposite side of road as the 2014 slide and approximately 1.5 miles west. Crews will reevaluate @ daylight.”

There have been no additional updates since last night’s pressers.

UPDATE 1 – APRIL 7, 2017 – 2115 HOURS PDT

A slow-moving mudslide has hit the Oso, Washington area around 2015 Hours PDT on Friday evening.

Both WSP and WSDOT were en route to the slide moments after the slide occurred to shut down SR 530, the same roadway involved in the previous devastating Oso mudslide event in 2014.

SR 530 Both Directions – On SR 530 eastbound & westbound at MP 36 there is an incident blocking all lanes. Last Updated: 4/7/2017 8:11 PM – WSDOT Traffic Alert

This appears to be about 2-3 miles West of the mudslide that devastated Oso back on March 22, 2014.  The 2014 mudslide killed several people, destroyed many lives and brought compassion, kindness and human love upon a much deserving community.

“Our hearts nearly dropped again, hearing of a second slide touching the #Oso community. We are hoping for the best in that it is minor compared to the last event. We know they have suffered much.

Prayers and thoughts to our 1st Responders on-scene and to those that may be impacted.”

LR Swenson, NW Fire Blog Editor 

Officials were said to notify homeowners and residents if evacuations were needed.

So far no injuries or property damage have been reported.

There is no updates from the Oso Fire Department.  We are waiting for additional details about this incident.

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