Snohomish Co Firefighters Respond to Lynnwood Commercial Fire

Published 1/3/2022 – 2325 PT

LYNNWOOD, Washington – South County Firefighters from Snohomish County responded to a three-story commercial building fire located in the 16600 block of 6th Avenue West, Suite 204B, in Lynnwood, Washington.

Units dispatched originally but have since been cleared are Air15, B11, B21, B71, E11, E15, E22, E7, L72, M11, M76, and MSO 21.

Aid 15 and Engine 21 remain on-scene.

First-due units reported a light smoke haze in the area. Engine 21 stretched a hose line but it was not needed due to the fire found to be burning in a pit in one of the building’s rear patios and put out.

The fire building was described as a three-story building with no basement present. A 360* of the building was completed.

The incident is named “6th Avenue Command” and it is a Level 1 fire response.

An FIU Investigator from Snohomish County was requested through Dispatch.

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NW Fire News From the Fireground

Published 12/11/2021 (Saturday) 1115 PT

WASHINGTON, OREGON — Happy Saturday, everyone. This is fire news from around the northwest and what’s happening in each of your communities. Stay safe and thank you for reading our post. We appreciate you!


Credit | BFD

Structure Fire | On the morning of December 9th, there was a large resource response dispatched to a fire in a condo building in the Eastgate area. Firefighters say it was a challenging fire due to extreme heat and low visibility fire conditions. They were able to successfully bring the fire under control in less than 35 minutes. The American Red Cross helped an unknown number of displaced residents. All of the occupants had evacuated from the building safely. No word on the cause of the fire, as it was still under investigation at the time of this post.


New EMTs | Four new EJFR graduates from the Jefferson County 2021-2 EMT school. The Fire Department states students will spend nearly 200 hours of training before taking their written and practical exams before starting on their journey of becoming career firefighters.


Credit | EPFR

Coats to Local Kids | Firefighters take part in annual local community events that benefit kids and people, alike. Currently, EPFR firefighters have launched their Coats-4-Kids Drive, which began on December 7th with firefighters fitting coats at both Emerald Hills Elementary and Crestwood Elementary schools. By December 16th, firefighters will have outfitted about 200 kids with warm coats in about 10 schools throughout the District. You can help with Operation Warmy by donating, so First Responders can buy more warm coats for kids, by visiting their site at


Santa’s Route | Santa has added an additional stop on his route in the agency’s service district, Eatonville on December 14, 2021 from 1700 hours to 2100 hours PT. Santa will be escorted by SPFR firefighters throughout the area. The map below with the route marked in RED shows his path through the City.

Credit | SPFR


Credit | TFD

Training Buildings | TFD Firefighters are using the old Fawcett Elementary to conduct fire and rescue training. The training involves building searches, activating fire alarms, and mock fire call responses. The existing Fawcett building will be demolished next year, with the construction of the new school slated from 2022 to 2023. Fawcett staff and students will use the former McKinley campus for the next two school years, during the construction of their new school.


Credit | TVFR

New Additions | TVFR added eight new members to the agency who will begin their journey through the Medic program this month. This will be Paramedic Recruit Academy 21-01.


Credit | Valley Professional FF IAFF 1352

Toys For Kids Program | The Valley Professional Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 1352 need your help! Firefighters are investing in their community’s local children who need your help this Holiday Season. Firefighters support approximately 1,000 local children in their community and they are asking for donations, so they can provide gifts to them. These gifts will benefit the families in the Algona, Auburn and Pacific areas.

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CA | 3-Alarm Commercial Fire


SUMMARY — A commercial structure is ablaze on Del Paso Boulevard near Evergreen State in Sacramento (Sacramento), California that started this afternoon.

Credit — Sacramento FD

MEDIA STAGING — PIO is en route and Media staging is at Lampasas Avenue and Evergreen Street.

SCANNER FEED — You can follow along with this incident here on Broadcastify’s feed Sacramento Regional Fire and EMS (

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Spanaway Sees 2nd-Alarm Fire

JUNE 5, 2021 | 2100 PT

Central Pierce County Firefighters were dispatched to a commercial structure fire in the 2200 block of Brookdale Road East in Spanaway (in the middle of Spanaway and Parkland), Washington. Maps are saying the 26-apartment unit is located in Tacoma, Washington. It is located in Pierce County.

Credit | Central Pierce Fire & Rescue

First alarm units were dispatched on Saturday evening at 1851 hours PT: Air60, BC61, BC72, CAHP671, CHF603, CHF604, CHF609, E20, E22, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E68, E95, FM9904, L21, L61, L72, M61, M63, M65, PIO645.

The second alarm was dispatched at 1956 hours PT.

Resources arrived on-scene just after 2000 hours PT.

Twelve apartments were impacted by fire, smoke and/or damaged. About 20 people were displaced by the fire.

Credit | Shirley Rudolph McCallum

CLOSED – Brookdale at Chesney Road and 25th Avenue Northeast due to the fire.

One occupant was treated and released for a minor injury.

A firefighter was reportedly hurt and transported to a nearby hospital. His or hers condition is unknown at the time of this post. We wish them a fast recovery.

Quick egress from first and second alarm units help contain the fire to these units and stopping the extension to other area apartments and exposure buildings.

Damage to the commercial structure is extensive and unknown value of property/content loss is known at the time of this post.

The cause of the fire is listed as a charcoal BBQ on the deck according to findings by the Pierce County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Photo (left) is courtesy of a witness Shirley Rudolph. Repost of the photo has been granted in writing by the South Sound Freelance News outlet.

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BFD Responds to Newcastle Fire

BELLEVUE, Washington State — Bellevue Fire units were dispatched to a structure fire just before 1800 hours PT on Thursday, May 20, 2021.

Credit: Bellevue Fire Department

The fire incident named “135th Command” is located in the 4200 block of 135th Place Southeast in Newcastle, Washington State.

Officials say the fire started in the attached garage and extended into the attic. Heavy smoke could be seen and was vented outside of the opened garage doors.

Fire operations included fighting it from an offensive strategy and was quickly brought under control.

It was unknown if occupants were home at the time of the fire or if they were evacuated from the structure.

No injuries to firefighters were reported.

The cause is under investigation at this time.

Firefighters will remain on-scene for an unknown period of time.

Bellevue Fire has Station #9 located in downtown Newcastle and provides fire/EMs coverage throughout this growing City.

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SFD Sees Fire in Same Abandoned Building

UPDATE 2 – MAY 16, 2021 – 2329 PT

Fire crews are working to transition to an offensive strategy to conduct a primary search of floors three and down. This is the old Seattle Opera building.

The bulkhead door has been opened and an assessment has been completed.

Video Credit: Seattle Fire Department

Floors 1 and 2 primary search will be handled by Engine and Ladder 10. Other units will be searching as well.

Four additional units are en route to the incident.

Fire was listed under control at 2323 PT. Shortly, thereafter fire crews had a tap fire at 2325 PT.

Crews were directed to place foam over the building.

Sounds like they have been to the location more than two times.

Primary searches were in effect.

UPDATE 1 – MAY 16, 2021 – 2308 PT

Seattle Fire units A2 AIR 240-260 B6 DEP1 E22 E5 E8 L1 L10 M1 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 have been dispatched at 2254 PT tonight, to a Fire in Building call in the intersection of Terry Avenue North and John Street. Multiple callers reporting seeing flames on the top floor of a six-story commercial structure.

This is a derelict building that the Seattle Fire Department has responded to several times already. Tonight, they are right back at it.

Last time, there were visible flames located on the fire under the bulkhead on the roof.

First due units are reporting to Command as fire on the top floor.

Units are going to deck gun the fire from the Terry side. Due to it being a derelict building, it has been recommended not to enter inside the structure.

A Ladder pipe operation was established until discovery of a high power transmission line that would interfere with their operations was replaced with a deck gun operations. Multiple units have set-up deck gun operations group.

Command states it appears several transmission lines have blown. It is a safety issue for those on the ground. A broadcast was given over the scanner.

Command Post has been relocated to Terry Avenue, named as the Alpha side. East side is Charlie side. Ten minutes on the timer.

Units reporting a top floor fire. Derelict building. No collapse zones. Deck gun to be inserted inside the third floor window. Water on the fire at 2305 Hours PT but transmission lines are causing challenges to get water dumped on the fire.

Firefighters are going to the bulkhead of the parking structure to open the door to the building.

This incident is called the TERRY AVENUE COMMAND.

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2-Alarm Fire Struck in Oakland


Fire fighters were dispatched to a fully engulfed residential fire in the 1800 block of 57th Avenue in Oakland, California on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at 2037 hours PT.

Incident Name: 57th Command

First due units were met with two units ablaze and Command quickly escalated the incident to a two-alarm fire about 20 minutes afterwards (2100 PT).

Heavy damage was suffered to two units, one shed and multiple vehicles.

No cause has been determined as of yet and is under investigation.

About 40 firefighters fought this blaze. There were no reports of injuries to civilians or firefighters released by the Public Information Officer.

Quick egress efforts by firefighters stopped the spread to other nearby exposures and further damage to the single structure.

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Seattle Fire Responds to First Hill Fire

FIRST HILL | APRIL 16, 2021 2210 PT

Seattle Units B2, E10, E25, L1, A25, Air240-260, B5, DEP1, E34, E5, E6, L3, M10, M44, MAR5, R1, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF10, Air260 were dispatched to the 1100 block of Boren Avenue at 2149 hours PT for a commercial structure fire.

Units would immediately arrive to a one-story commercial building, which appears to the be occupied by South Shore Rehab and Lundgren Monuments.

Water supply quickly established and put on the fire, knocking it down with minutes of first arriving. The full response was reduced to those that first arrived on-scene, which included B2, E10, E25 and L1. All other units were released from the incident.

When firefighters knocked down the interior fire, they found a second floor inside the one-story building. A primary search of both floors proved there were no victims or any other things found.

MAR5 was requested to respond to the scene to investigate. There is no preliminary cause or known losses to contents and property at the time of this post.

There are known reports of injuries to civilians or firefighters.

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Seattle Firefighters Tap Garage Fire

UPDATE 2 (final) | APRIL 10 2021 2315 PT

Seattle firefighters were dispatched to a parking garage structure fire on John Street and Boren Avenue on Saturday night.

Firefighters had a difficult time when they first arrived on-scene in gaining access to the stairwell as it appeared to be down an embankment. After they gained access on the Bravo side, they were able to quickly egress and tap the fire, about twenty minutes into the incident.

A 400-foot extended line was brought in by crews and used the single line to put water on the fire.

It was said to be contained to a 130 x 20 rooftop bulkhead.

Units dispatched were A25, Air10, B2, B6, Dep1, E10, E2, E22, E25, E5, E8, L1, L10, L4, M1, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2, and STAF10.

The cause of the fire is unknown and under investigation.

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Saturday DC Fire Displaces Seven


Seven adults were dispatched when a structure fire broke out on the first floor of their two-story apartment complex on Saturday night around 2040 hours PT. The incident occurred in the 1600 block of K Street Northeast.

Credit: DC Fire and EMS

Firefighters quickly egressed, stopping the fire from spreading further through the interior of the building and containing it to one first floor apartment.

There was no injuries to civilians or firefighters.

The cause is unknown, as well as the property damage to the contents and structure.

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