#Breaking | Commercial Fire in Washougal WA | 1


Incident Summary

Responding fire units were dispatched to a commercial lot for a very large brush fire in an industrial area around 2004 hours PDT on Friday, July 28, 2017.  Around 2016 hours PDT,  Command updated Dispatch the fire had a fast rate of spread with multiple exposures. At 2035 hours, it was still being reported as a fast-moving brush fire with  many exposure structures around it.


Resources from the Washougal Fire Department are on-scene fighting the blaze. It is unknown if there are other mutual aid Agencies assisting and whom those units may be.

Fire Weather

Weather forecasters are saying smoke is now blow towards Corbett with winds NW/NNW.

Current Conditions

The fire has been mostly knocked down and appears to be smoldering.  Two semi trailers were removed from the fire location that were heavily damaged or totalled.

No injuries were reported.

Social Media

The fire is being covered all over Social Media with some saying the smoke can be seen as far away as Portland, Troutdale and other Cities in Oregon.

We will provide an update as soon as info is available.

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BREAKING NEWS: House Fire in Renton Washington

0100 Hours PST

Renton, Washington


Location:  Firefighters were dispatched to a residential structure  located in the 14600 block of SE 142nd Street finding the fire alarm active.

Observations:  First due crews arrived on-scene just after midnight early Saturday morning to find a chimney fire in the walls and attic.

Staffing:  Additional fire units arrived on the fire ground very quickly.


Personnel:  Battalions 12 & 13, Engines 11,16, 78, 1078 (Norcom), Ladder 11, Aid 12.


Timeline of Call:

0003:  Fire Department resources dispatched.

0019:  fire crews were still in the offensive strategy on the Alpha/Delta side, approximately 10 minutes into the incident.

0020:  E16, A12.  were checking extensions into the attic.

0021-0022:  L11, E78 and E1078 were at Level 1 Staging.

0022:  Crews indicated the fire spread into the walls, there were zero heat found

0023:  L11 was tasked with checking for extension and primary search.

0024:  B13 as Safety completed a 360* and found no basement to the structure.  B12 reported A12 was on-scene with L11 on the Alpha side.  Communications reported 23 minutes on the timer since the time of the call.

0026:  A county investigator was requested by Command.

0027:  Fire crews were opening up the Chimney on Delta side. No needs.  L11 reported primary search complete with nothing found.

0028:  A secondary search was in process.

0029:  Secondary search complete, nothing found.

0030:  27 minutes on the timer.  Discontinued by  Dispatch.

0031:  Crews were checking the attic over the garage for extension.  E1078 returned back in service back to NORCOM (Eastside)

0034:  E11 reported L11 opened up the wall above the garage and found no fire but residual smoke.

0035:   Crews went interior bringing in a fan from Alpha to Charlie side.

0036-0050:  Crews began doing some salvage work and completing all assigned tasks.  They were sent through REHAB and then released from this incident. All have returned back in service.

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Lynnwood Wa | 3 Alarm Commercial Structure Fire

Lynnwood, Washington

Incident Summary

A fire broke out in an apartment complex under construction on Wednesday, January 25th around 2136 PST as a first alarm but would the alarm would be quickly elevated all the way up to a 3rd Alarm.

The commercial structure is located on the 19600 block and Scriber Road in Lynnwood, Washington.  Many reports of this being a replacement for a former apartment complex that also burned down.

Police and Fire began demobing around 0010 hours on Thursday morning.

Parts of the building in sections have collapsed, including the chimney in the center of the structure and appears all of the exposure buildings have been saved by firefighters.

Fire Tactics

Crews had continued to battle flames, while Public Works assisting w/water flow,  Reports of water flow issues.

Fire units continue to work on large commercial fire in Lynnwood. Police continue to evacuate surrounding areas. People were evacuated by several Community Transit buses to areas nearby.  A nearby church was being used as a shelter.


#FireImage Courtesy of Lynnwood Fire Department

Mutual Aid

Firefighters around the area locally from Lynnwood, Shoreline and others along with a Snohomish County strike team were dispatched to this multiple story apartment complex.

Red Cross was on hand to help local residents by staffing a local evacuation shelter at a nearby church located near the Command Post.

Police Officers were tasked with evacuating residents from exposure buildings which took up much of the City’s and Mill Creek Departments.  They provided perimeter security around the building.

Level2 Firefighters helped put tape up to keep drivers from continuing driving through the fire scene, as Police Officers were tied up with assisting with evacuations.

Public Works set-up barriers to keep the public back in a safety zone and to help Fire with scene control.

PSE secured power to the buildings, which others reported power was out in the whole area.


Reports of one firefighter was injured from a fall.  He was said to be alert and talking.  Another source said he will be okay.

A second report of another firefighter being injured but his/her condition was unknown at the time of this fire.

Unconfirmed Reports

There were several 9-1-1 calls into SNOCOM of reports of those claiming responsibility for starting the fire.  Police are working to investigate those potential leads.

Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media (What people are saying on Social Media)

“Huge fire in Lynnwood…new, unfinished apartment building.”

“Massive fire south of me in Lynnwood. Not sure where it’s located, but it’s lighting up the sky.”

” Falling ash is everywhere at the fire. Flames are definitely lowering.”

“Firefighter injured as crews battle massive 3-alarm fire in Lynnwood.”

“Windows in adjacent buildings exposed to the fire are breaking out due to the heat.”

“Fire can be seen from Brier.”

“Fire burning in new unfinished and unoccupied condo building.”

“This is the new building replacing the former apartments when that structure burned.”


#LynnwoodFire #ScriberFire

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NEW! San Pedro Fire in Los Angeles California

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles City Firefighters were dispatched to a large commercial fire on 3rd Street and San Pedro at 2010 hours this evening.  Command Name:  San Pedro Fire.

Here is a timeline for this fire:

2010 Hours PDT

The fire is located at 265 S Pedro Street in Los Angeles, California.  A commercial fire on floor 2 of a 2-story business with another exposure building, also a commercial structure.

Firefighters have arrived to a well-established fire.

2036 Hours PDT

The fire address has been corrected to 330 E. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, California.  There are 127 Los Angeles City firefighters fighting the large commercial structure fire.

The fire tactics now shifted to defensive tactics in one (1) business, a wholesale-distributor of smoking materials. The business name is “Smoke Tokes”.

Hazardous materials reported inside the building are an unknown number of flammable pressurized gas cylinders exploding.

No injuries or evacuations have been reported at this time.

2118 Hours PDT

Still in defensive operations.  There are now 164 Firefighters on the fire ground fighting the active fire on floor 2.

No injuries or evacuations are in effect at this time.

2149 Hours PDT

Hot spots on ground floor on the Alpha side.  IC keeping crews out of the Alpha side.  REHAB is on 3rd Street / E of San Pedro Street.

2151 Hours PDT

Front end of the fire has taken off in the fire occupancy building.

2155 Hours PDT

Bravo / Charlie trying to get to fire area.  Floor 1 fire knocked down.

2156 Hours PDT

Fire is starting to break through. Truck 50 getting water on it.

2157 Hours PDT

Line on 3rd Street. Unable to pull line due to the mezzanine will be affected.  The Charlie wall said to be compromised and limited access in the dumbwaiter area.  Fire did not want to put firefighters in that area.

2158 Hours PDT

Requests to releasing units back in service were made.  Engine 9 was released. LAFD PIO tweeted Fire crews were getting close to containing the fire but it was not official as of yet.

2159 Hours PDT

The roof on the Delta side is good and a hose line is getting repositioned/on the fire.

2202 Hours PDT

Engine Co’s 9 and 3 were on the Delta exposure building establishing a hand line on the rooftop.

2203 Hours PDT

Engine 10 on the Alpha side was putting “water” on the fire from the Delta side.

2204 Hours PDT

1 hour and 50 minutes was broadcasted over the radio from Dispatch.

2207 Hours PDT

RIT Supervisor along with E27, Rescue4 on Alpha side, USAR 88, Rescue 27 on Bravo side. All companies out of the building.

2208 Hours PDT

Bravo side reported the fire is going nowhere. One(1) small hot spot they were working on.  Charlie side was working from the bottom of the structure to work with Truck 50 on the hot spot.

2210 Hours PDT

Engine 10 on the Alpha side reported part of the top deck has fallen down below is source for smoke and trapping a layer of fire.  Fire is surrounded by units and it is not going anywhere.  Truck 9 is close to calling this a K/D fire.

Truck 50 is now reporting mostly white smoke on the Bravo side.

2213 Hours PDT

Operations is releasing Truck 3, Engine 10 and Truck 11 from the fire.  Charlie side officially reports fire is K/D.

2214 Hours PDT

The stubborn commercial structure fire in the 100-year old 13,822 square foot 2-story building was knocked down within two (2) hours and four (4) minutes.

The building was home to “Smoke Tokes” a smoking-materials wholesale-distributor business.  Heavy damage to the building, business and contents are present.  The unknown financial loss is not known at this time.

No injuries or evacuations were reported.

The cause of the fire is unknown at the time of this post.

2215 Hours PDT

Command announces NE 3rd Street and San Pedro is now K/D. Calling all Officers to do a quick HOT WASH.

2218 Hours PDT

Engine Companies 15 and 4 are still on Floor 2.

2219 Hours PDT

Battalion 5 is back in service.  Emergency Air 1 unit has arrived on Boyd and San Pedro, South of the fire building.

2242 Hours PDT

Truck 9, LF2, E3 and E10 will remain on-scene for one (1) hour and then be released for the night.

Units Dispatched

  • AR:  1
  • Battalion Chiefs:  1, 2, 5, 11, 13, 18
  • Command:  21, 22
  • EM:  1
  • Engines:  2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10,  11, 17, 21, 26, 27, 201, 202, 203, 205, 209, 211,  220, 227, 229, 250.
  • EA:  1
  • EM:  2, 11
  • Heavy Rescue: 56
  • HU:  59
  • RA: 3, 4, 9, 27, 209, 804,  821,
  • RM: 2
  • RT:  59,
  • Squads:  21
  • Trucks:  1, 2, 3, 5,  9, 11, 20, 27, 29, 50.
  • UR: 27, 88


Hashtags for this fire used on Social Media are #DTLA #LAFD #SanPedroFire


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Structure Fire Puts Firefighters At Risk


At 2025 Hours PDT, Seattle Firefighters were dispatched to a large concrete building with a solid concrete roof on Boren Avenue North and Thomas Street.


1st Alarm – A2, Air9, B5, B6, Dep1, E10, E17, E2, E22, E25, E6, L1, L10, L6, Medic1, Rehab1, Safety2, Safety10.

2nd Alarm – E16, E36, E41, E13, L7, L9, Air260, M44, M10 and the CommVan.


This building is a known building frequented by transients and were seen during this fire.  They were on the rooftop and had their faces covered.  Seattle Police (multiple Officers) were requested to respond as there were quite a few of the transients present.

After some time, it appears the transients were told to exit the building by Fire personnel but they were ignoring their pleas and commands, leaving the area of their own free will.  No one was reportedly arrested.

There was a Code 33 to all fire personnel on scene that this building is known to be booby-trapped, flooring issues, doors removed from the elevator shafts and human fecal matter.


The fire sounded like it was contained to one room.

No additional people were found in the structure and no injuries were reported by the “Boren Command”.

A Person Accountability Report or “PAR” was later conducted of all fire personnel.  All were accounted for.

Firefighters were dispatched around 2025 (8:25pm) hours this evening and the fire was reported as a tap fire at 2120 hours.

A Decon line was set-up to make sure firefighters cleaned off all of their gear before going back into service.


Marshal5, SFD’s Fire Investigator is on-scene investigating the cause of the fire.  There is currently no preliminary cause at the moment.

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Structure Fire Upgraded to 8-Alarms in Boston, MA

Boston, MA – Firefighters were called by the Summer Street Fire Alarm System Monitoring Company in the early hours this morning to report to a structure fire.

Summer Street Command

Boston Firefighters were dispatched and reported a 5-story brick office building located at 327-333 Summer Street with smoke showing.  They would later call for a 3-alarm after finding heavy fire on several floors of the building.

Shortly after, fire blew out windows on floors 1-3 initiating a 7-alarm response.  No injuries were reported at the time of the blow out.

Evacuation sirens began to sound.  Firefighters at this time repositioned their fire apparatus and deck guns on the fire.

Later, the fire was upgraded to a 8-alarm fire.  

Major notable operations that took place during the stubborn fire with the Department of the Chief Hasson assuming Command on the fireground.  The Fire Alarm Emergency  Dispatch Operations conducted a PAR [an accountability system for all fire crews on the fireground]. There was no missing Firefighters reported.

Firefighters were Heroic this morning when they had to forcibly open doors, enabling several cleaners to escape with their lives out the back of the building.  

Firefighters fought the blaze for several hours into the late morning, finally stomping on the stubborn fire that refused to be extinguished.  And, for having no firefighter injuries – Everyone Goes Home Safe.

The Boston Fire Department reported at 1245 hours EST, the fire was still smoldering.

It is estimated that damage to the Office Building is $2 Million.  Fire Investigators had been on scene but had not been able to access the inside of the building. Cause is currently unknown at this time and the BFD states they may not have a cause for a day or two.

A Structural Engineer was brought in as the Chief had concerns about a depression in the street.  Streets around the building were closed but were recently opened at 1535 hours EST.

Currently, there is 2-engines, 2-ladders along with a District Chief checking for hot spots.  The IC and Safety Chief had entered the building checking the interior.  

Some reports are coming back saying that a wooden floor at the rear of the building has been burned away.  A burned beam is currently holding up floor 1. 

We will report as soon as we receive more details about this incident.

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