WA | Wildfire Activity Report

WASHINGTON STATE — The State has been hit hard by wildfires and smoke checks as seen through the eyes of the WildCAD incident log that keeps track of WA DNR deployments. Here is a recap for Saturday, June 5th.


JOSEPH CANYON FIRE. Started on June 4th in Oregon has now crossed over State lines and is burning in Washington. Check out our separate post on this fire, just released today.


1744 PT — SHADY SLOPE FIRE. Shady Slope Road in Spokane County. 0.1 acre of timber, understory. In patrol status.

1700 PT — HYYTAINEN FIRE. Hyytainen Road. Stevens County. 0.1 acre of timber. Contained and controlled at 1942 hours PT.

1634 PT — MILE MARKER 19 FIRE. Stonelodge. Stevens County. 1 acre of timber, understory. NC41+Crew, NC42+Crew, NC43+Crew, NC44+Crew and NC7303 dispatched. Contained at 2000 hours and controlled at 2230 hours PT.

1559 PT — RAMBO FIRE. Janes Lane. Spokane County. 55 acres of timber, understory. AR7405 and NC7306 dispatched. 100% lined at 2033 hours. Crews staffing fire overnight. — See our separate post on this wildfire —

Credit: SCFD10 – Rambo Fire

1542 PT — TWO HORSE STRIKE FIRE. 2nd Horse Way. Okanogan County. 0.1 acre. Grass and timber. Contained at 1630 hours. Contained at 1800 hours PT.

1502 PT — BOOGS PIT FIRE. Sherman Road. Stevens County. 0.3 acres of slash, blowdown. Contained 1700 hours PT. Controlled 1940 hours PT.

1424 PT — RIDGE STRIKE FIRE. Ridgeback Way in Okanogan County. 0.1 acre. Grass, shrub and timber litter. Contained 1710 hours. Controlled 1830 hours. In Patrol status.

1311 PT — OSBORN FIRE. Osborn Bay in Grant County. C6201, DIV6101, DIV6102, E6696, LOA15, Patro604 dispatched and are staffing the fire overnight. 50 acres.


Credit: GCFD13
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Credit: GCFD13

1036 PT — DEER VALLEY FIRE. Deer Valley Road. Pend Oreille County. 0.1 grass and shrub. Contained at 1120 hours. Controlled at 1130 hours PT.


2015 PT — MCKAY CREEK. Smoke Check. McKay Reservoir. Umatilla County.

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WA | S Helena Fire

SPOKANE COUNTY — A wildfire is burning off of South Helena Street in the County named as the HELENA FIRE that started on Tuesday, June 1st.

State fire assets and resources were dispatched via the WA-NEC Dispatch Center on Tuesday at 1456 hours PT which include AR25, AR7402 and AR7406. The fire was quickly contained at 1630 hours, lined at 1724 hours and controlled at 1800 hours PT.

Fire crews stopped the forward progression and kept the fire spread rather small and holding it at a 0.3 acre.

Fuels included timber and understory.

Cause is unknown.

No reports of injuries to firefighters or citizens is known at this time.

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WA | Boundary Ridge Fire | Final

UPDATE 2 (FINAL) | MAY 31, 2021 | 1010 HOURS PT

CHELAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE — A wildfire named the BOUNDARY RIDGE FIRE is burning off of NF 500 and southeast of Wedge Mountain.

CREW-74, E-4104 and E-4105 were dispatched via the Central Washington Comm Center on Sunday, May 30th at 1441 hours PT.

There has been 0.1 acres of grass, shrub and timber burned.

IC Gonzalez (E4015) is the Incident Commander.

Fire contained on May 30th at 1951 hours PT and controlled at 2030 hours.

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WA | Road 20 Fire | 3

WASHINGTON — A small brush fire ignited on Sunday, May 30th around 1500 hours PT. The fire is named the ROAD 20 FIRE for its location on Road 20 NW in Douglas County.

CAUSE — Unknown and under investigated by the Bureau of Land Management, also known as BLM.

SIZE UP — 20 acres. Unknown containment status. (DCFD5 update 22:20)

RESOURCES — BLM, Douglas County Fire Districts 1,2, 4 and 5, Chelan County Fire District 7, WA DNR along two Rotors.

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Credit — DCFD5

FIRE STATUS — Some resources have been released. On Monday, May 31st, additional BLM and DCFD5 crews will be on-scene to assist with full containment and mop-up operations. No movement on the fire is expected tonight. (Per DCFD5)

WA DNR is stating the fire has been contained as of 2030 PT.


THREATENED — No structures, infrastructure or assets are under threat.


May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'Brewster Rocky Butte Pateros Downing Bridgeport Azwell Peach Rd Beebe Chelan Mud g Spring 3D'
Credit — DCFD5

ALERTS — Douglas County has released of a new mobile app, “MyAlerts”, powered by AlertSense, the county’s new emergency alerting service. Residents and visitors can now receive life-saving emergency alerts and advanced warning of severe weather directly on their Android or Apple iOS phone or table. You can download the free MyAlerts app today from Google Play myAlerts – Apps on Google Play or the App Store ‎AlertSense My Alerts on the App Store (apple.com)

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WA | Road 20 Fire | 2

DOUGLAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON — A two alarm brush fire is located in the area of Road 20 NW that started on Sunday, May 30th.

CAUSE — Unknown.

RESOURCES — Chelan County 7, Douglas County Fire Districts 1, 2 & 4 and BLM and two rotors are working from the air to support ground crews.

SIZE UP — 30 acres. Unknown containment status.

Credit: DCFD5

EVACUATIONS — None at this time.

THREATS — There are no homes or structures under threat.

SOURCES — We try our best to glean from various verified sources to provide full details on fire incidents. Sometimes, we find none at the time of posting. Thanks to the first due arriving resources on this one, we were able to receive enough information to fully bring you a second update.

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WA | Boundary Ridge Fire | 1

CHELAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE — A wildfire named the BOUNDARY RIDGE FIRE is burning off of NF 500 and southeast of Wedge Mountain.

CREW-74, E-4104 and E-4105 were dispatched via the Central Washington Comm Center on Sunday, May 30th at 1441 hours PT.

There has been 0.5 acres of grass, shrub and timber burned.

IC Gonzalez (E4015) is the Incident Commander.

It is unknown what sparked this blaze.

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WA | Road 20 Fire | 1

DOUGLAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE — A wildfire is burning on Road 20 NW from an unknown cause.

WA DNR resources were dispatched at 1507 hours PT to the area. These include: DVI-6101 and E-6695.

As of the time of this post, there has been 30 acres of grass and brush burned.

Incident #DGEN-156.

Dispatch Center — WA DNR – CWC.

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WA | Frosty Creek Road

OKANOGAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON — A smoke check has prompted the WA DNR-NEC dispatch center to deploy HI 7112 to the area on Frosty Creek Road. The unit along with unknown resources were deployed at 1616 hours PT on Sunday, May 30, 2021.

Resources were en route to the area at 1619 hours PT.

This is a new incident. We will update as soon as information is received or there is significant fire activity.

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Today in Fire History

One year and a month ago to this date, Washington State was feeling the heat from large wildfires that kicked off its fire season in 2020 and during a pandemic; two crises our area would face making firefighting challenging. The two wildfires on April 26, 2020 were the Stanwood Bryant Fire burning up to 70 acres in Snohomish, it would be joined by the Porter Creek Fire in Whatcom County at 80 acres.

As of today, there has been some wildfire activity but not as large uncontained incidents like we were all facing the year before. This year, we have been super lucky.

This information is gleaned from the WA DNR Fire CAD system.


Hwy 12. Yakima County. 15 acres. Grass and brush. IC Mansfield. CREW 83, E4303, YAK26. Contained 1832. WA-CWC.


Murdock Beach. Port Angeles. Smoke Check. IC Pagel. False Alarm. WA-OLS.


Hayford Rd, Spokane County. 0.1 acre. Grass. In Patrol Status. Dispatched via WA-NEC.


Springdale. Spokane County. 0.1 acre. Slash. Contained 1227. Controlled 1320. WA-NEC.


Salt Creek. 0.1 acre. IC Manchester. Contained 0948. Controlled 0949. Patrol status. WA-OLS.

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Final | WA | Square Butte Fire

MAY 22, 2021 | 1938 PT

The SQUARE BUTTE FIRE located on Fishtrap in Spokane, Washington State was brought under control at 1900 hours PT. Fire crews held it to 0.1 acre.

BC6103 and C6201 were dispatched on Saturday, May 22nd around 1531 hours PT.

Resources have arrived on-scene at 1750 hours PT.

IC is Ben Chu.

Dispatched via WA DNR Dispatch Center.

This is our FINAL update.

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