WA Wildfire | Cowiche Mill Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 | 6/21/2020 1900 PT

The COWICHE FIRE is located at Cowiche Basin in Yakima County, Washington. Started as a smoke check call at 1450 PT on Sunday afternoon.  WA DNR sent Engines 4301, 4302 and 4304.

The Dispatch Center is through the Central WA Interagency Communications Center.

The fire has burned 20 acres of grass, brush and timber.   There is a 0% containment status.

Resources dispatched included:  E-382 E-4301 E-4302 E-4304 E-4405 E-4406 H-338 SE-JAMES.

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NW Wildfire Activity Log | May 15, 2020 | Friday

Here is a recap of both Washington and Oregon wildfire activity for the beginning of this week, from May 15, 2020.



Talkire Road.  Smoke Check. Talkire Lake Road. Dispatched 1531. Resources  on-scene include:  HI26, HI27, HI7105.

Moore Fire.    Moore Road.   Spokane County. Dispatched at 1340 hours. Slash, logs, duff. 0.01 acre.  Contained 1415 PT. Contained 1445 PT.  In patrol status.


Skamania.  Skamania. Dispatched 1614 PT.  E2205 dispatched.  Open Incident. 


Brooks Fire.  Orting. Pierce County.  Dispatched 1136 PT.  Brush, timber. Contained 1250 PT. Controlled 1330 PT.  0.1 acre.  In patrol status.

# # #



UMF-159 Fire.  3 miles south of Dale. Dispatched 1713 PT.  Unstaffed fire.  Open incident.


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NW Wildfire Activity Log | May 14, 2020 | Thursday

Here is a recap of both Washington and Oregon wildfire activity for the beginning of this week, from May 14, 2020.



Rocky Flat Fire.  Old Hwy 8, Klickitat County. 0.1 ac. Grass. Dispatched at 0824 PT.  Contained/controlled/out 1120 PT.


Coeur D’ Alene Fire.    Coeur D’Alene Road. Dispatched at 1510 hours. Resources on-scene at 1520 PT.  Open Incident.

# # #



0134 CS Fire:   Cline Buttes.  Dispatched 5/13/2020 1100 PT.  0.1 ac.  Open Incident.  


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NW Wildfire Activity Log | May 13, 2020 | Wednesday

Here is a recap of both Washington and Oregon wildfire activity for the beginning of this week, from May 11 – 13, 2020.



Medical Lakes Four Lakes Fire:  Four Lakes Road, Medical Lakes in Spokane County. 5/13/2020. Dispatched 1247 PT.   0.25 acres. Grass, brush, reproduction and light timber. IC 7411. In patrol.

Pine Hill Fire :  Pine Ridge Way, Stevens County .  5/12/2020. Dispatched 1900 PT.  Controlled/contained 2001 PT.  0.1 acres. Slash, grass and brush. AR 63 (IC).

“Camping isn’t yet permitted, but we’re already responding to escaped campfires. These illegal fires take time and resources from our firefighters. Please obey the rules and remember: If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.”  – WA DNR

Riverside Fire:  Riverside Memorial Park. Spokane County.  5/12/2020. Dispatched 1329 PT.  0.03 acre. Grass, brush, reproduction and heavy timber.  7404 (IC). Contained 1440 PT. Controlled 1600 PT.

Furzee Fire:  Furzee Road, Stevens County.  5/11/2020. Dispatched 1109 PT.  Contained 5/11 1130 PT.  0.01 ac.  Garbage.  Controlled 1140 PT.  Out 5/13 1052 PT.

Dishman Knob Fire:  Dishman Hills natural area. Spokane County.  Dispatched 0805 PT.  5/11/2020.  0.01 acre.  Logs, duff.  AR 62 (IC). Contained/controlled 0915 PT.


Omak River Campfire:  Omak River. Dispatched 5/11/2020 1239 PT.  0.1 acre. Contained/controlled/out 1515 PT.

# # #



Office Fire:  Dispatched 5/11/2020 1200 PT.  0.1 acres. Grass, brush. Under control 1412 PT.  Contained 1511 PT.

Photo Credit | OR DEQ (State of Oregon)



0133 CR Fire:  Crescent.  Dispatched 5/13/2020 1602 PT. 0.1 ac.  Open Incident. 

0132 NE Fire:  Moffitt Rd x FS 23.  Dispatched 5/13/2020 1330 PT.  0.1 acre.  Contained/controlled at 1605 PT.

0131 CR Fire:  Masten Rd.  Dispatched 5/13/2020  1253 PT.  0.1 acre.  Contained/control 1454 PT.

0130 CS Fire:  Suttle Lake.  Dispatched 5/13/2020 1203 PT.  0.1 ac.  Open Incident.  

“Lightning is one source, but leading causes are human-made: debris burning, power equipment & escaped campfires.”  – OR DEQ

0128 NE Fire:  Lava Butte.  Dispatched  5/11/2020 1617 PT.  Controlled/contained/out 1929 PT.

0126 NW Fire:  Wanoga.  Dispatched 5/11/2020 0808 PT.  .25 acre.  Contained 5/11/2020 1823 PT.  Controlled 5/13/2020 0955 PT.

Bramlet Wildfire:  Smith Mountain Road area, 5 mi northwest of Wallowa.  Dispatched 5/11/2020 2127 PT.   Lightning caused.   ODF State resources, responded 5/11/2020.  Contained/controlled 2216 PT.  0.1 acre.


Stevenson Fire:  T39S R10E Sec12 NWNW.  Dispatched 5/12/2020 1210 PT.  0.1 acre. Contained/controlled 1623 PT.

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UPDATE 1 – 5/5/2020 – TUESDAY

A wildfire has ignited in Hay Canyon, a few miles north of Cashmere (Chelan County), Washington.

Dispatched units included:   7-MENDO CAPT-74 CREW-15 E-373 E-4103 E-4106 E-4107 E-672 H-338 H-339 PATROL-7 SE-BURRI SE-GALE SE-LAPOINT were deployed at 1214 hours PDT today via the Central Washington Communications Center.


The IC is Marquart.

Resources represented the US National Forest, WA DNR and local resources.

Photo Credit | Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (@OkaWenNF)

No exact cause of the fire was known at the time of this posting, but a glaring reminder to those who use the forest should remember to be extra careful with starting and putting out campfires.

Today, weather was increasingly warmer and drier and it has been deemed ripe conditions for a fire storm.

Visitors need to have an emergency plan of entering and exiting the forest, in case of a wildfire does impact the area. Always know your location, so if you have to call a Ranger – you can tell them exactly where you are.

The fire has destroyed 15 acres of grass, brush and timber.

There were no reports of injuries to campers or firefighters as reported.

This is an active and open incident.

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The Wildfire Report | Washington State | August 10, 2019

The Wildfire Report, is all about wildfires in Washington State and beyond.  Here is a summary wildfire activity that has occurred on this summer day in August.

Each wildfire is listed by the dispatch call time, Wildfire name and location.

We appreciate you reading and following our Fire Blog.  Much appreciated for all those in the Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement professions everywhere. – LR


2002 PDT | Gold Lake Road Fire | Colville Indian Reservation.

Crews were dispatched via the Mt. Tolman Dispatch Center this even around 2002 hours to Gold Lake Road.

This is an open incident.

1931 PDT | Dreyer Fire | Barrett Creek, Ferry County.

HI 7101, 7105 and 7109 were dispatched at 1931 hours to Barrett Creek for a wildfire.  They arrived at 2006 hours.  Fire fuels are grass, brush, slash and light timber. 0.1 acre.

This still an open incident.

1746 PDT | Moe Ridge Fire | Moe Ridge, Chelan County.

Fire crews were dispatched at 1746 hours to the Moe Ridge area the CWICC in Chelan County.  Fire fuels include grass and brush.  0.1 acre.

Contained @ 1830 PDT; Controlled/Out at 1900 PDT.

1744 PDT ALICE MAY FIRE | Bodie Mountain, Stevens County.

Resources are still showing responding as of 1747 hours. NEWAICC Dispatch Center.

This is an open incident.

1712 PDT | Sandy Fire | Sandy, Lewis County.

Fire crews were dispatched via the Pacific Cascade Dispatch Center to a wildfire in Lewis County.  Crews assigned were Engine 266 and IC Stigall. Fire was held at 0.01 acre and under control at 1805 hours PDT.

In patrol status.

1533 PDT | Round Top Fire | Pass Creek Pass, Pend Oreille County.

Dispatched at 1533 hours PDT.  Limited information.  Rapellers are on order. NEWAICC Dispatch Center.

This is an open incident.

1437 PDT | Salmon Creek Fire | Tenino, Thurston County.

A fire prompted crews to be dispatched via the South Puget Sound Dispatch Center to Salmon Creek in Thurston County.  Fire fuels included grass, brush and stumps.  0.1 acre.

In patrol status.

1300 PDT | Second Strike Fire | Olympia, Thurston County.

A wildfire prompted more resources to be deployed to Olympia for a wildfire we are guessing was caused by lightning.  Fire fuels included duff.  The fire was limited to 0.01 acre.

Contained at 1300 PDT; Controlled at 1345 PDT.  In patrol status.

1012 PDT | Cedar Strike Fire | Olympia, Thurston County.

Crews were dispatched to the Olympia area in Thurston County at 1012 hours, where a fire was burning in grass and brush.  It was limited to 0.1 acres.

Contained at 1135 hours.  Controlled at 1230 hours PDT.  

1201 PDT | McCumber Spring Fire | McCumber Spring, Klickitat County.

Resources and equipment were dispatched to the McCumber Spring area at 1201 hours, located in Klickitat County. Brush and light timber were fuels.  0.1 acre. CWICC Dispatch Center.

Contained at 1358 PDT.

1107 PDT | Marble 4 Fire | Marble Mountain, Skamania County.

Crews were dispatched at 1107 PDT via the Pacific Cascade Dispatch Center  where a wildfire was burning grass, brush and timber.  Crews successfully limited the fire to 0.1 acre.  It was brought under control and contained at 1400 PDT.

Fire out at 1503 PDT.

0806 PDT | Girl Scout Fire | Dog Mountain, Skamania County.

Resources were dispatched to Dog Mountain at 0816 this morning where grass and brush were burning.  0.1 acre.

Contained, controlled and out at 0921 PDT.

0647 PDT | Alpha Fire | Alpha, Lewis County.

This wildfire was dispatched early this morning and put out. It was limited to 0.2 acres.

In patrol status.



Devore Creek Fire | Stehekin, Washington

Aerial view of the fire on August 7, 2109.

Devore Creek Fire | Courtesy/Inciweb

A wildfire sparked by lightning began on 7/23/2019, which is located 3 miles southwest of Stehekin, Washington.  Approximately 450 acres of heavy timber have been destroyed in the Okanogan – Wenatchee National Forest.   The fire behavior has been reported to be minimal with creeping, backing and flanking.

Lead Agency is the USDA Forest Service.  About 58 personnel have been deployed to the front lines alongside one crew and two helicopters.

Cost-to-date have reached $1.1 Million dollars.

This an open incident.  0% contained.

North Mill Creek Fire | Colville, Washington

The North Mill Creek Fire is located 13 miles northeast of Colville.  This fire started from an unknown cause on 8/8/2019.  It is currently under investigation.

The fire has burned approximately 497 acres of timber. Lead Agency is USDA Forest Service.  There are 75 personnel assigned along with the 2 crews and 5 engines.  An IMT3 assumed command on 8/9/2019.

Open incident. 10% containment.

Williams Flats Fire | Keller, Washington

Hand crew conducting burnout operations on the Williams Flat Fire.

William Flats Fire | Courtesy/Inciweb

The Williams Flats Fire ignited from lightning on 8/2/2019.

The fire has burned 43,000 acres of grass and brush.   It is moving east and has crossed over the Brody Creek Road and Redford Canyon areas.  Fire behavior is now minimal that is creeping, flanking and smoldering, which means crews are getting an upper hand on the fire ground.  Mop-up operations will be in effect for Divisions Alpha and Bravo, with continue with line scouting, construction and road improvements in Divisions Foxtrot and Ida.  Limited movement is expected by Fire Managers.

There are approximately 36 homes and 20 minor structures that are still being threatened.  Lead Agency is Colville Tribal Agency.  Approximately, 1203 personnel are assigned along with 32 crews, 8 helicopters and 51 engines.

Total cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment expenses have toppled to $8.7 Million Dollars due to personnel, equipment, resources and one home that was lost.

This is an open incident.  40% containment reached.

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The Wildfire Report | Pacific NW | August 9 2019

Thank you for reading our The Wildfire Report, a listing of wildfires for Friday, August 9, 2019.  This includes incidents for the Pacific Northwest in Washington and Oregon States.

Scanner feed for the South Central Washington and Northeast Oregon Fire Agencies came alive around 2230 hours PDT with reports of new wildfire starts from lots of lightning and hailstorms.  Additionally, reports of flash flooding due to heavy rains and high winds, along with large hail pellets were reported and said to be causing extensive damage.  Power outages were being felt by many in multiple hard-hit areas.


2115 PDT | Wygant Fire | I-84, Milepost 84 , Oregon

A recent wildfire shows via wildCAD that there were fire resources dispatched via the Columbia Cascade Communication Center to mile post on I-84 in an unknown part of Oregon State.  Crews have kept the fire to a minimum of 0.1 acre so far.

This is an open incident.

2034 PDT | 0721 OD Fire | Pilot Butte Ridgeline, Oregon

Limited information.

This is an open incident.

2030 PDT | 0720 OD Fire | Triangle Hill, Oregon

Engine 9551 dispatched.

This is an open incident.

1925 PDT | 0712 OD Fire | Trout Creek Butte, Oregon

Located 2 miles north of Trout Creek Butte in Oregon.

This is an open incident.

1920 PDT | 0711 NW Fire | Cultus MT, Oregon

This is an open incident.

1920 PDT | 0710 NW Fire | Tumalo Reservoir, Oregon

Located north of the Tumalo Reservoir.

This is an open incident.

1919 PDT  | Riddle Fire | Tom Jenkins Ranch, Oregon

Crews were dispatched via the Burns Interagency Communications Center to respond to the Tom Jenkins Ranch for a wildfire at 1919 hours PDT.  Fire fuels include grass, brush and timber.  0.1 acres burned.

This is an open incident.

1910 PDT | 0709 OD Fire | Geneva Road, Oregon

Engine 9563 dispatched at 1910 hours this evening. Located east of Geneva Road.  0.1 acres.

Contained at 2041 hours. Controlled at 2041 hours PDT.

1843 PDT | Warthog Fire | Moffitt Table, Oregon

This fire is located east of Moffitt Table in Oregon, where crews were dispatched via the Burns Interagency Communications Center at almost seven this evening.  Fire fuels include grass, brush and timber. IC Bailey is on-scene.

This is an open incident.

1755 PDT | Soggy Fire | Trail Flat area, Oregon

Resources were dispatched via the Burns Interagency.

Open incident.

1704 PDT | Hollow 0696 RS Fire | Sulfur Butte, Oregon

Dispatched via the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center at 1704 hours PDT.  Resources included Engines 420, 625 and 628.  15 acres burned.

This is an open incident.

1608 PDT | Scatter Creek Fire | Tieton Meadows (Yakima County), Washington State

A wildfire has been sparked by an unknown cause.  Fire resources were dispatched at 1608 hours this afternoon.  Fire fuels include single trees. No word on the status of the acreage burning and containment status.

Fire being monitored as of 1844 hours PDT.

1603 PDT | Hogback Fire | Shoe Lake  (Yakima County), Washington State

Fire resources were dispatched this afternoon to the Shoe Lake area for a wildfire at 1603 hours.  Fire fuels were single trees.   No word on the status of the acreage burning and containment status.

Fire being monitored as of 1844 hours PDT.

1305 PDT | Whites Ridge Fire | Whites Ridge (Yakima County), WA

Fire broke out and prompted resources to be dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center earlier in the afternoon today to Whites Ridge.  Resources included WA DNR SE-540 and 561 with IC as Schwenn as of 1454 PDT.  Crews have held the fire to 0.1 acres.  Fire fuels include:  grass, timber and snags.

Open Incident as of the time this was posted.

1147 PDT | Kidder Fire | Rochester (Thurston County), Washington State

Firefighters were dispatched via the South Puget Sound Dispatch Center to Rochester where a wildfire ignited.  Fire fuels included brush, grass and light timber.  Acreage was limited to .15 acres.

Contained at 1300 hours.  Controlled at 1500 hours. In Patrol status.

0955 PDT | Hereford Meadow Fire  | Quartz Mountain (Kittitas County), Washington

Earlier this morning, resources and assets were deployed via the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center at 0955 hours to Quartz Mountain.  This included Engines 331 and 332 along with IC Johnson.  Resources kept the fire to a minimum of .25 acres of destroyed timber.

Contained at 1852 PDT.

0735 PDT | Riverbend Fire | River Bend (Clark County), Washington State

Fire resources were dispatched via the Pacific Cascade Communications Center to River Bend in Clark County.  Fire fuels were brush.  Crews contained and controlled the wildfire at 0930 hours PDT.  The total acreage burned was .02 acres.

In patrol status.

0607 PDT | Jamieson Fire | Jamieson Lane (Spokane County), Washington State

Resources were dispatched via the Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center early this morning, just past six-o’clock to Jamieson Lane in Spokane County.  Fire fuels included grass, brush and light timber. Total land burned as kept to 0.3 acre.

Contained at 0755 PDT.  Brought under control at 1000 PDT.

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The Wildfire Log: Elmer City Fire Command Transferred



Monday, June 24, 2019

Image may contain: text

Photo Courtesy: Grant County Sheriff Office on behalf of NOAA

Incident Summary | A wildfire started on Sunday, June 23 , 2019, around 1547 hours PDT, which is located about 4.7 miles north of Elmer City, Washington State from an unknown cause. Some residents and eyewitnesses have their own speculations but the cause is still being investigated by the Fire Service and they have not released any type of preliminary at the time of this post.

FIRE FACT | 96 new wildfires were reported as of Sunday, June 23, 2019

Size, Containment Status | The fire has destroyed 3,500 acres of grass, sage and bitter brush.  Fire crews have reached a 60% containment status.

FIRE FACT | 5 wildland fire suppression crews have been deployed to Alberta, CAN.

Resources | There are still 100 personnel assigned to this incident along with 3-20 person crews, 7 engines, 3 dozers and 2 Type 2 Tenders.   Command was turned over by the Mt. Tolman Fire Center over to the NW IMT Team 3 at 1800 hours this evening.

Air resources included: 5 fire bosses, 2 air attacks, 2 Type 2 Helicopters.

During the initial fire attack, Firefighters from the Colville Indian Reservation, WA DNR and other mutual aid resources converged upon the area to fight the initial five-acre-fire-turned-wildfire.  They  would deploy every available resource from hand crews, water tenders, air tankers, dozers and a large number of personnel and assets with them and quickly bringing the wildfire to a halt.  It was a difficult wind-driven fire but they worked quickly, efficiently and effectively.

FIRE FACT | 2 new large wildfires have started, but 4 contained.

Evacuations | All Level 3 evacuation orders in the Rebecca Lake HUD and Buffalo Lake areas have been lifted.

Road Closures | None.

Updates | This will be our last and final update, unless more information is received or the fire activity increases.

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The Wildfire Log: Colville’s Elmer City Fire



Sunday, June 23, 2019

Incident Summary | A wildfire has ignited this Sunday afternoon at a meat smoker near a garage of a structure in the 3500 block of Hwy 155 north in between Belvedere and Elmer City, Washington.  (unconfirmed by our verified fire sources pf the exact cause but info being reported by a 3rd party on a fire related site).

The fire is burning on the Colville Indian Reservation and fire personnel along with assets are working to stop the fire from damaging or destroying any of their structures.

No photo description available.

GOES-17 satellite data showing a fire between Elmer City and Nespelem, Washington. | Credit: NWS – Spokane

Resources | Resources include 2 helicopters from Omak and Colville (H340, 344), WA DNR, Colville Fire, Redding air tanker (on a load and return) and hand crews. Various fire districts.

Evacuations | Those in the Rebecca Lake community are under evacuation.

Fire History | There have been a rash of fires that have hit the Elmer City area.  Here is a timeline of some of those previous fires.

October 3, 2018:  A fire started inside the Grandview Trailer Park just outside of Elmer City.  4 mobile homes are destroyed. 2 are damaged.  Residents are devastated, including one local artist who loses his art studio. Fire resources who responded were:  Elmer City, Colville Confederated Tribes, U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Mount Tolman Fire Center, Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee, Electric City and Douglas County responded.

Photo Credit:  Okanogan County Emergency Management Agency.

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Sept. 11, 2016:  SR 155 @ SR 174 is closed due to a 2nd fire. Parts of Grand Coulee communities are at a Level 2 evacuation.  Fire heads down towards the Elmer City Post Office in this photo.

Photo Credit:  Grant County Sheriff Office.

August 16, 2012:  An Okanogan County sheriff deputy trades his badge to help with firefighting.

Current Social Media Reports | Here are some eyewitness accounts and what others are saying across all Social Media Channels:

“Can see smoke 1 mile N of the Grand Coulee Dam.”

“Fire started downhill near the river and worked its way east/southeast and now due east. “

Fire may have started behind a fruit stand on Hwy 155 and north of Peter Dan Road.”

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The Wildfire Log: Snohomish County’s Happy Hollow Fire

Snohomish County, Washington State

At about 0845 hours PDT this morning, fire assets via the Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center were dispatched to the Happy Hollow Road in Stanwood (Snohomish County), Washington State.

Fire crews were immediately on top of the fire as they brought the less than one acre of slash under control and contained by 0900  hours.  It was put out shortly thereafter at 0928 hours.

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