Seattle Firefighters were called to the scene of a condo fire where Investigators deemed the North Seattle fire accidental.  It appears a motorcycle’s electrical system caught on fire taking along a nearby dumpster and car, then extending to the four-story building.

The first initial calls began pouring in around 1055 hours in Seattle’s First Alarm Center.  Engine 39 was first on scene reporting a dumpster on fire was quickly spreading to the building and up the sides of the structure to the roof.  Two units suffered extensive fire damage.

Firefighters did a primary search of the building finding a mother and her baby, in addition to pets that were rescued and rescuitated. 

Damage is estimated to be around $250,000.00.  No injuries were reported.

Units Dispatched were:

1055   Engines 39 & 40, Ladder 5, Battalion 6.

1057  **Full Response** Aid Unit 2, Air 9, Battalion 4, Deputy 1, Engines 16, 24, 31 and Ladder 9, Medic 16, Rehab 1, Safety 2 and Staff 10.

1059  Engine 6 & Ladder 3.

1100  Engine 27.

1102  PIO & Engine 17.

Fire was located in the 115th Block & 15th Avenue NE, Seattle.

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