Seattle Firefighters Respond to Saturday House Fire

King County, Washington | Firefighters were dispatched to a single-family house fire on Saturday, July 18, 2020 in the 7000 Block of Ravenna Avenue NE in Seattle.

Seattle Fire units included Aid31, Air10, B2, B6, Deputy1, Engines 16, 17, 22, 31, 40. Ladders 5, 8, 9. Medic17, 44 9 (Supervisor), FIU Marshal5, REHAB1, Safety2, Staff10.

Chaplains 5 and 6 from the Seattle Fire Department have been dispatched to the scene.

Photo Credit | Seattle Fire Department


Fire was deemed quick under control.  Primary and secondary searches were conducted.

One adult male was found deceased inside the home and an elderly female was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

A firefighter suffered minor injuries and was also transported to a local Seattle Hospital.

There was no preliminary cause of the fire released at the time of this post.

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#TrumpTowerFire Kills 1, Injures 4 | 1

MANHATTAN, NY | A 4-Alarm fire from an unknown cause ripped through the 50th story of the Trump Tower this afternoon killing one civilian and injuring four firefighters.  Onlookers shot video and photos spreading like wildfire all over Social Media.

Photo Credit | NYC OEM



1524 PDT – Due to a fire at Trump Tower in Manhattan, expect police and FDNY in the area of 5th Ave/W.57 St. Expect traffic and street closures nearby by due to emergency vehicles.

1527 PDT – Members are on scene of a 3-alarm fire at 721 5th Ave Manhattan. There are currently no injuries reported.

1530 PDT – Current street closures due to the fire at Trump Tower.   5th Ave between W. 55 St to W. 57 St and W. 56 St between Madison Ave to 5th Ave.

1556 PDT – Members remain on scene of a 4-alarm fire, 721 5th Ave in Manhattan. There is currently one serious injury to a civilian reported.

1628 PDT – 

1657 PDT –  Fire brought under control.

1658 PDT – We found fire on the 50th floor of the building. The apartment was entirely on fire. Members pushed in heroically, they were knocking down the fire and found one occupant of the apartment who is in critical condition.

1659 PDT – We had many floors to search, and stairways, and right now the only civilian injury is to the occupant of that apartment. There are four Firefighters with non-life-threatening injuries.

1659 PDT (2) – This was a very difficult fire. As you can imagine, the apartment is quite large, we are 50 stories up. The rest of the building had a considerable amount of smoke. 200 Firefighters and EMS members are on scene.

1700 PDT – The fire is still not considered to be under control because of the smoke conditions on all the floors above, says FDNY Fire Commissioner Nigro gives update on 4th alarm, 721 5th Ave Manhattan.

INCIDENT SUMMARY | 1 person has succumbed to his injuries, 4 firefighters were injured and have non-life threatening injuries.


January 8, 2018 | A fire in the building’s HVAC system injuring two civilians and one firefighter (non-life threatening injuries) and caused smoke to billow from the room.  It reportedly started around 0700 on Monday morning.  It was stated that some debris fell on to a firefighter and an engineer breathed in some smoke.  This fire took about one hour to put out.

PHOTO CREDIT | FDNY unless credits given otherwise to photos.

SOCIAL MEDIA | #TrumpTowerFire #NYFire

Senator Chuck Schumer (NY):  “Thinking tonight of those lost and injured in the fire that broke out in Trump Tower today, and incredibly thankful to the FDNY for their work that kept more NYers from harm.”

Editor’s Comments:  While there are very hateful things said on Social Media, we don’t always agree to agree with things going on in this world either but this is fire related and this is what we report on.  There was one person who was reportedly killed from their fire related injuries and four FDNY firefighters injured. We need to rally around the civilian’s life and family, as well as the firefighters, their family and our Fire Family.

When everyone runs out of a building or are trapped, these amazing and highly trained firefighters run in with a cache of personnel supporting them.  We need to recognize them for stopping this fire from spreading and extending beyond its current position.” LR Swenson, Editor

SOURCES | FDNY, FDNY Alerts, NYPD, Social Media

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U.S. Wildland Fires | SitRep | March 11, 2016

Fire Summary

During the week of March 4, 2016 through March 10, 2016:

Nationally:   732 new Light fires.  32 new Large incidents. 32 Fires contained. 5 Not contained fires.



595 new fires broke out with 22 of them deemed large fire incidents and of those, 3 of them still not contained.

New! Active Fires

North Carolina

  • Tombstone:  7 miles NW of Casar, NC. North Carolina Forest Service. 12 Personnel.  4 Engines. 575 Acres. 91% contained.  Closed timber litter. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Last report unless significant activity occurs. Cost-to-Date: $33,000.00.


  • Katie:   3 miles SW of Dustin. 1630 acres.  Oklahoma DOF. 30 Personnel.  10 Engines. Timber and short grass. 65% contained. Moderate fire behavior. Structures threatened. Cost-to-Date: $9,000.
  • Mustang:   1 mile SW of Bartlesville, OK. 11,257 acers. 81% contained. Osage Agency, BIA. 22 Personnel assigned. 6 engines. Tall grass and hardwood litter. Minimal fire behavior. Precipitation occurred over the fire area. Cost-to-Date: $82,000.

100% Contained Fires


  • Party Rock:  150 acres.  Cost: $35,000.


  • Fletcher Ridge:  150 acres.  $1,000.
  • Honeysuckle:  370 acres.  Cost: $7,000.
  • Piney Branch:  275 acres.  Cost: $1,000.


  • Fox Brown Rd.  313 acres.  NR.
  • Hornet Complex:  DOD.  7,500 acres.  Cost: $75,000.
  • Pine Shadow:  401 acres. NR.


  • Barnsdall: 429 acres. Cost:  $43,000.
  • Bass:  3740 acres. Cost: $46,000.
  • Blue Duck:   1005 acres.  Cost: $1,000.
  • Caney Creek:  400 acres.  Cost:  8,000.
  • Double Header:  1270 Acres.  Cost: $9,000.
  • Edge Rock:  347 acres.  Cost:  35,000.
  • England:  155 acres.  Cost: $20,000.
  • Fairfax Landing:  640 acres. Cost:  $67,000.
  • Hill:  890 acres. Cost: $65,000.
  • Lane School:  151 acres.  Cost:  $5,000.
  • Lenora: 587 acres. Cost $40,000.
  • Lost City:  240 acres.  Cost: $20,000.
  • Mule Camp:  128 acres.  Cost: $1,000.
  • Pigeon Bed:  285 acres.  Cost:  $5,000.
  • Ralsten:  972 acres.  Cost: $65,000.
  • Roy Ann: 476 acres.  Cost:  $15,000.
  • Tallant:  492 acres. Cost: $42,000.
  • Tin Shack:  557 acres.  Cost:  $3,000.
  • Tounsend:  600 acres. Cost: $10,000.
  • Whispering Pines:  160 acres.  Cost:  $5,000.



32 new fires with 3 of them considered as new large incident. 1 is not contained.

New! Active Fires


  • Boss Ranch Fire:  19 miles NE of Douglas. Coronado NF/Forest Service.  79 Personnel.  3 Crew.  3 Engines. 1 helicopter.  1253 acres. Tall grass and brush.  Min fire activity with smoldering. Structures threatened.  Cost-to-Date: $75,000.

100% Contained Fires



  • Guadalupe Pass Fire:  6500 acres. Cost:  $250,000.
  • Phoenix Fire:  592 acres.  Cost:  $58,000.

New Mexico

  • Cowboy Fire:  4000 acres.  Cost:  $120,000.



42 new fires.  3 new Large fire incidents. 3 contained. fires.


  • Barbers Creek:  200 acres.  Cost:  $15,000.
  • Lipps Fire:  208 acres. Cost: $15,000.
  • Tellham:  174 acres.  Cost:  $10,000.



38 new fires with 3 of them being large fires. 3 contained.

100% Contained Fires


  • Huerfano:  300 acres.  Cost:  $13,000.


  • 1800 / Yancy:  7500 acres.  Cost:  $3,000.
  • Ferguson Ranch:  25,650 acres.  Cost:  $61,000.


New! Active Fires


  • Cherry:  23 miles NW of Terry. Miles City Field Office, 440 acres.  BLM. 7 Personnel. 3 Crews.   Started on county land.  Short grass. Minimal fire behavior. 50% contained.  Cost-to-Date: $10,000.




March 4 – March 10, 2016

NOTE:  Numbers do not include fires included in Complexes

2016:  5.564 fires. 270,286 acres.

2015:  6,154  fires. 93,639 acres.

2014:  6,733 fires. 84,457 acres.

2013:  3,657 fires. 36,048 acres.

2012:  6,313 fires. 119,506 acres.

2011:  12,271 fires. 357,228 acres.

2010:  5,025 fires. 68,244. acres.




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U.S. Wildland Fires | SitRep | March 5, 2016


During the week of  February 27th through March 4th, 751 new fires were reported across the Nation, with 23 of them being large fire incidents. Eleven continue to burn with 18 of them still left not contained. Altogether, over 14,000 acres have been scorched as of Friday, March 4, 2016.

Southern area [Oklahoma]:  631 new fires broke out with 18 of them deemed large fire incidents and of those, 8 of them still not contained.

Southwest Area [Arizona and New Mexico]: reported 23 new fires with 3 of them considered as new large incident. 1 is not contained.

Rocky Mountains area reported 21 new fires with 2 of them being large fires. 1 is not contained but 2 of them being 100% contained.


Southern Area [Oklahoma] 

Active Fires

Barnsdall: 1 mile SE of Barnsdall, OK. Osage Agency, BIA.  429 acres.  95% contained. 12 Personnel.  2 Engines.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $42,000.

Bass: 20 miles N of Pawhuska, OK. BIA. Osage Agency. 9 Personnel.  2 Engines Tall grass. 3740 acres. 90% contained. Minimal fire behavior.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $46,000.

Big Ridge: 25 miles E of McAlester, OK. 400 acres. Hardwood litter. Minimal fire behavior. 97% contained. 5 Personnel. 2 Engines. Cost-to-Date: $1,000. [Last Report]

 Eagle Rock: 5 miles S of Davis, OK. Oklahoma DOF. 346 acres.  Tall grass and timber. Active fire behavior with uphill runs and group torching.17 personnel.  4 Engines.  Structures threatened. Evacuations in effect.  20% contained. Cost-to-Date: $20,000.

Fairfax Landing: 9 miles NW of Fairfax, 640 acres. OK. Osage Agency, BIA. Hardwood litter. Minimal fire behavior. 23 personnel. 5 Engines. 90% contained. Cost-to-Date: $67,000.

Lenora: 1 mile NE of Taloga, OK. Oklahoma DOF.  586 acres. Tall grass and timber. Active fire behavior with running. 60% contained. 23 personnel.  7 Engines. Cost-to-Date: $45,000.

Ralsten: 3 miles N of Depew, OK. OK DOF. 972 acres. 90% contained. Hardwood litter and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 5 Personnel. 2 Engines.  Structures threatened. Cost-to-Date: $60,000.

RoyAnn: 2 miles W of Cromwell, OK.  Wewoka Agency, BIA. 426 acres. Tall grass, hardwood litter and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. 55% contained. 512 personnel.  2 Engines.  Cost-to-Date: $16,000.

Tallant: 4 miles E of Barnsdall, OK.  Osage Agency, BIA.  492 acres. Hardwood litter. Minimal fire activity. 12 Personnel.  2 Engines. 95% contained. Estimated Cost-to-Date $42,000.

100% Contained Fires

Bar-G:  300 acres. 19 Personnel. 8 Engines. Cost: $10,000.

Bear:  6 miles NE of Prue, OK. Osage Agency.  32 Personnel.  6131 acres. 31 Personnel. 7 Engines. Cost: $49,000.

Cashion:  740 acres. 3 Personnel. 1 Engine. Cost: $35,000.

East Lost: 600 acres. 1 Personnel. 1 Engine. Cost: 3,000.

Flat Rock:  300 acres. 12 Personnel. 6 Engines: $11,000.

Gary Road:  400 acres.  1 Personnel.  0 Engines. Cost: Unknown.

Henard:  1000 acres. 5 Personnel. 0 Engines. 2 Structures lost. Cost: Unknown.

Los Prados:  240 acres. 6 Personnel. 4 Engines. Cost: $8,000.

Mainline:  123 acres. 9 Personnel. 8 Engines. Cost: Unknown due to Private Lands.

Memorial:  900 acres. 6 Personnel. 3 Engines. Cost $10,000.

Perry Lake:  301 acres. 16 Personnel. 4 Engines. Cost: $30,000.

Pine Top:  640 acres. 6 Personnel. 1 Engine. Cost: $5,000.

Pipeline: 3285 acres. 2 Personnel. 1 Engine. Cost: $75,000.

Powerline South: 652 acres. 0 Personnel. 0 Engine. Cost: unknown.

Southfork: 820 acres. 2 Personnel. 1 Engine. Cost: $3,000.


Southwest Area [Arizona & New Mexico]

Active Fires

Guadalupe Pass Fire: 35 miles S of Animas, Arizona. Start 3/2/2016 @ 0530 MST.  On Coronado NF with Forest Service firefighters.  Tall grass & timber. 5200 Acres [reported 3/4/2016] with a 15% containment status. Structures threatened. 110 Personnel. 2 Crews. 13 Engines. 1 Helicopter. Cost-to-Date: $81,000.

100% Contained Fires

Truck:  Las Vegas District, NM. 5000 acres. 13 Personnel. 4 Engines. Cost: 15,000.

Kaiser 8: Capt. District. NM State of Forestry. 2800 Acres. Personnel unknown.  Cost: $25,000.  1 structure lost.


Rocky Mountain Area [Colorado and Kansas]

Active Fires

Sullivan Park: Sullivan Park, CO. 1250 acres. 60% contained. 10 Personnel.  3 Engines. 0 Structures lost. Cost: Unknown.

100% Contained Fires

175 Road:  Kansas.  1000 acres. 46 Personnel. 17 Engines. 1 Structure lost. Cost: $9,000.

Loving Road:  440 acres. 59 Personnel. 25 Engines. Cost: $22,000.


January 1 – March 4

NOTE:  Numbers do not include fires included in Complexes

2016:  There were 4,377 large fires that have scorched 187,697 acres.

2015:  2015 was known as the worst Fire Season on record in some States but the numbers are easily being squashed in 2016.  5,881 large fires were reported burning up 92,915 acres.

2014:  The most large fires reported during this time over years 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016, with 6,512 and burning 81,314 acres.  This is less in acreage in years 2012, 2015 and 2016.

2013:  The lowest number of fires at 2,304 and the recorded less number of acreage at 21,05.  Only to have this year repeat itself but these stats have been left in the dust.

2012:  Almost 5,000 [exact: 4,977] large fires were reported burning up 92,646 acres.  This is the 4th highest in acreage burned following behind years 2011 as the highest, 2016 coming in 2nd and 2015 in third.

2011:  2011 was reported the largest amount of wildfires nationally topping out at a whopping 316,267 acres from 10,604 large wildland fires reported.  We hope to not see this again anytime soon.

2010:  Last but not least, 2010 had 3,082 large fires reported while it remained at 44,217 acres destroyed.  It is considered to be the second lowest in number of acreage burned than years all except 2013.




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U.S. Wildland Fires | SitRep | Feb 26, 2016


During the week of February 19th through the 26th, there were 413 light new fires.  Of those fires, there were 27 new large incidents and 22 that have been contained.  There was 8 that have not been contained as of yet.


5 Mile – Started 2/15/16 @ 1600 hours – Human caused

12 miles NE of Broken Arrow, OK.. Agency:  Ozark &  St. Francis NF [Forest Service]. 6 Personnel.  3 Engines.  692 acres. 60% contained.  Timber and hardwood litter. Moderate fire behavior with backing, creeping and flanking.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $200,000.

Barnsdall  NEW!

1 mile SE of Barnsdall, OK.  Osage Agency, BIA.  429 acres.  65% contained. 12 Personnel.  2 Engines.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $40,000.

Bass NEW!

12 miles N of Pawhuska, OK.  Osage Agency. 9 Personnel.  2 Engines.  BIA. Tall grass. 3740 acres. Minimal fire behavior.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $45,000.

Bear  NEW!

6 miles NE of Prue, OK.  Osage Agency.  32 Personnel.  7 Engines.Tall grass and hardwood litter.  6131 acres. 60% contained; estimated to contain by 3/1/2016. Fire behavior is minimal.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $41,000.

Big Bluestem  

10 miles W of Pawhuska. Osage Field Office [BIA].  10 Personnel.  3 Engines.  989 acres. 80% contained.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $11,000.


8 miles W of Buffalo.   Oklahoma DOF.  18,000 acres. 30% contained.  107 personnel. 40 Engines. Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs and spotting. Structures threatened.   Tall grass and brush. Minimal fire behavior.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $50,000.

Camel Back  NEW!

3 miles SW of Hattiesburg, MS.  Started on private land.  MS Forestry Commission.  6 Personnel.  2 Engines. 507 acres.  Southern rough fire fuel.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $1,000.

Fairfax Lending  NEW!

9 miles NW of Fairfax, OK.  Osage Agency.  BIA.  23 Personnel.  5 Engines.  640 acres. 65% Contained. Estimated Cost-to-date $65,000.


3 miles W of Hanna.  Okmulgee Field Office [BIA].  19 Personnel.  6 Crews.  3 Engines. 462 acres.  70% contained.  Tall grass, hardwood litter and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. Structures threatened.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $10,000.


30 miles SE of McAlester.  E Central Area, Dept. of Forestry [ST].  6 personnel. 900 acres.  75% contained.  Hardwood litter and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering.  No new cost-to-date.

Grand Bature

Grand Bay Wildlife Refuge [Fish & Wildland Services], 4 East of Pascagoula.  11 Personnel.  1 Engine. 1 Helo.  4229 acres. 95% contained.  Tall grass, southern rough and timber.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.  Structures threatened.  Trail closures in effect. Estimated Cost-to-Date $245,000.

Pawnee Cove

10 miles W of  Terlton.  Osage Agency [BIA].  128 Personnel. 50 Engines. 2500 acres.  20% contained.   Tall grass and hardwood litter.  Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs.  Numerous structures threatened.  Evacuations and road closures in effect. 50 Structures lost. Estimated Cost-to-Date $75,000.

Sand Creek

6 miles SW of Henryetta.  Dept. of Forestry [ST]. 18 Personnel.  9 Engines. 4950 acres.  15% contained.   Hardwood litter and tall grass.  Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs and spotting.  Numerous structures threatened. Estimated Cost-to-Date $25,000.


7 miles NE of Clayton.  SE area, Dept. of Forestry [ST].  12 Personnel.  5 Engines. 820 acres.  50% contained. Hardwood litter. Active fire behavior with running.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $20,000.

Sullivan Park  NEW!

Fort Carson Army Base DOD.  11 miles SW of Fort Carson, CO.  10 Personnel.  3 Engines.  1250 ares.  80% contained. Timber.  Minimal fire activity.  Cost-to-Date $750,000.

Tallant  NEW!

4 miles E of Barnsdall, OK.  Osage Agency, BIA.  12 Personnel.  2 Engines.  429 acres. 60% contained. Estimated Cost-to-Date $40,000.

Tree Farm

8 miles W of Sapulpa.  Okmulgee Field Office [BIA].  23 Personnel.  2 Crew. 3 Engines. 1126 acres.  40% contained. Hardwood litter. Minimal fire behavior. Structures threatened.  Estimated Cost-To-Date $5,000.


Level 1.


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#ValleyFire in Lake County, California | Update 5


On Saturday, September 12, 2015 around 1324 hours the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center received the first report of a fire [now named the Valley Fire] in the area of Cobb Mountain. The fire is located off of High Valley Road and Bottle Rock Road in Southern Lake County, California.

This incident is being reported as a Disaster Event from many sources and being treated as such.


The Administrative Unit handling this fire incident is CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit


The fire has burned 73,700 acres and is threatening 7,473 structures. Approximately, 585 homes have been destroyed along with a confirmation of hundreds of “other” structures receiving the same fate.

A containment of 35% has been reached.



There are now 3,921 Fire Personnel assigned to this fire incident from a previous level of 2,362..

Equipment & Resources

Fire Engines

Increased to 441 from Tuesday, when they had 258 Engines.

Fire Crews

Increased to 84 on Thursday from Tuesday’s levels of only 54.

Air Tankers

2 have been added.


Increased to 18 from 8 assigned on Tuesday.


Dozers have more than tripled in size from Tuesday’s count of 31 to 72 on Thursday.

Water Tenders

Increased to only 3 more Water Tender to 70 on Thursday from Tuesday’s 67.


  • Lake County
  • Sonoma County
  • Napa County
  • California Office of Emergency Services
  • California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • California State Parks
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • CHP
  • Red Cross
  • PG&E


Mandatory Evacuations – Lake County

  • Butts Canyon Road to Napa County line
  • Cobb
  • Seigler Canyon
  • Loch Lomond
  • Middletown
  • Hidden Valley Lake
  • All residences on Bottle Rock Road
  • From Harrington Flat Road
  • All residences on SR 175 (Cobb)
  • All residences on Sr 29 at SR 53 south to SR 29 at Tubbs Lane

Mandatory Evacuations – Napa County

  • Butts Canyon Rd west of Snell Valley Rd
  • Aetna Springs Rd west of Butts Canyon Rd
  • James Creek Rd west of Butts Canyon Rd

Advisory Evacuations – Napa County

  • Pope Valley north of Ink Grade Rd


Red Cross 

  • Kelseyville High School @ 5480 Main Street in Kelseyville
  • Napa County Fair Grounds @ 1435 N Oak Street in Calistoga

Lake County

  • Highland Senior Center @ 3245 Bowers Center in Clearlake
  • Big Valley Rancheria Gym @1002 Osprey Court in Kelseyville


Lake County

  • SR 175 at Red Hill Rd (SR 281)
  • SR 29 at Red Hill Rd
  • SR 29 at Diener Dr
  • SR 29 at Siegler Canyon
  • SR 29 at SR 53 closed for southbound traffic
  • Bottle Rock Rd south of SR 29
  • SR 175 at Dry Creek cut-off

Napa County

  • Aetna Springs Rd at Pope Springs Rd
  • SR 29 at Tubbs Lane
  • James Creek Rd at Butts Canyon Rd
  • Butts Canyon Rd, Snell Valley Rd

Sonoma County [Local Residents Only]

  • Ida Clayton Rd At SR 128
  • Pine Flat Rd ascending addresses from the 11000 block



  • 4 Firefighters with burns
  • 1 Citizen Fatality
  • 585 homes destroyed
  • Hundreds of “other” structures destroyed
  • 9,000 structures currently being threatened


Small Animals Donations

Being accepted at Wasson Memorial Vet Clinic, 3083 Hwy 175, Lakeport, 707.263.5380. [9/15/15]

Large Animal Donations

Being accepted at Main Street Veterinary Clinic, 2530 S. Main Street, Lakeport, 707.263.6232.

Red Cross

Call 1-800-Red-Cross and say “California Wildfires.” OR Text the word “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Stockton Fairgrounds

Volunteers in Stockton are taking donations for fire victims in Lake, Amador and Calaveras counties at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds. []

Supporting Burn Centers

UC Davis Health System/Burn Unit

Firefighters Burn Institute

Lake County’s State Senator Mike McGuire has launched a donation drive to help those affected by Valley Fire.

A check may be dropped off to the Lake County Fire Victim Donation Drive Up between 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Rattigan State Building, 50 D Street in Santa Rosa. Contact: Karlene Rebich or (707) 576-2771

The Redwood Credit Union is also collecting funds. Checks can be made payable to Redwood Credit Union and sent to RCU Lake County Fire Relief, c/o Redwood Credit Union, P.O. Box 6104, Santa Rosa, CA 95406.


We Offer our sincere apologies, thoughts and prayers that you all are going through this.  We don’t know why this is happening to you but be reassured we are here for you.  If you are a First Responder and feel overwhelmed, there is 24 hour/365 day support through many organizations.

We recommend  They are a national non-profit organization and understand your pain and what you have seen.  We ask that you seek help, if not for yourself but for your fellow First Responder[s]. Together, we are one big Family that looks out for each other, night or day, 24/7 365 days a year.

For those who are non-responders and may need to talk to someone, reach out to those at the Shelters, churches, to your friends or to a Professional.  We can reassure you, that many care about you and your family and this is something that is affecting those directly and indirectly.  We want to let you know we are here to support you and provide you with any resources or pointing in the right direction to seek assistance.

You all mean a lot to us and we again are so sorry for what you are going through.

If you wish to share your story, you may drop us line at NOTE: We are not mainstream media and this would be an informal phone call or email – whichever is easiest for you.  Thank you and God Bless.

– Lisa Swenson


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U.S. WILDFIRES | By State| August 29, 2015 Saturday


CABIN FIRE:  8 mi NE of Camp Nelson in the Golden Trout Wilderness, Sequoia NF. Start 7/19/15. Lightning. 32 Personnel. 6980 Acres. 96% contained.

Red River Complex Fire [Rattlesnake Fire]. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

CUESTA FIRE:  East of SR101 between San Luis Obispo and Santa Margarita. Start 8/16/15. Car Fire. 434 Personnel. 2446 Acres. 100% contained.

DEMOCRAT FIRE:  Democrat Gulch, west of Weaverville. Start 8/25/15 @ 1408PDT. Cause unknown. 514 Personnel. 25 Engines. 22 Crews. 3 Dozers. 11 Water Tenders. 128 Acres. 85% contained.

FORK COMPLEX:  Community of Hayfork. Start 7/30/15. Lightning. 294 Personnel. 36,499 Acres. 97% contained.

GASQUET FIRE:  Gasquet Ranger District. Start 8/3/15 Lightning. 755 Personnel. 23,542 Acres. 27% containment.

–> Coon Fire:  5657 Acres. 74% containment.

–> Peak Fire:  9663 Acres. 5% contained.

–>  Bear Fire:  7324 Acres. 14% contained.

–> Feeder Fire:  898 Acres. 100% contained.

HORSE FIRE:  Saddle Mountain Road, 6 miles NE Shelter Cove. Start 8/18/15 @1830 PDT.  Cause under investigation. 499 Personnel. 16 Fire Engines. 14 Crews. 4 Helicopters. 1 Dozer. 6 Water Tenders. 148 Acres. 96% contained. In mop-up mode.

A dozer begins to work.

Dozer Operations. [Photo Credit: Brad Clark]

MAD RIVER COMPLEX:  2.5 mi to the SW of Spanish Mtn & 5 mi N of Hume Lake. Start 7/30/15. Lightning. 288 Personnel. 37,278 Acres. 88% contained.

NICKOWITZ FIRE:  Nickowitz Peak. Start 8/1/15. Lightning. 273 Personnel. 6631 Acres. 55% contained.

RIVER COMPLEX:  New River Drainage near the communities of Dailey Ranch, Hoboken and Denny. Start 7/30/15. Lightning. 531 Personnel. 67,225 Acres. 29% contained.

ROUTE COMPLEX:  Mad River,Dinsmore, Hyampom. Start 7/30/15. Lightning. 657 Personnel. 35,674 Acres. 93% contained.

Falls Creek Fire Aug 25th

Falls Creek Fire / OR [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

ROUGH FIRE:  2.5 miles to the southwest of Spanish Mountain and 5 miles North of Hume Lake. Start 7/31/15. Lightning. Fuels:  Timber, chaparral, tall grass. 2033 Personnel. 60,238 Acres. 25% containment.

SOUTH COMPLEX:  Hyampom, south of 299 along the 60 Road. Start 7/30/15. Lightning. 605 Personnel. 29,275 Acres. 65% contained.

SUMMIT FIRE:  near Snow Summit Mountain Resort, south of Big Bear Lake. Start 8/23/15. Cause unknown. 118 Personnel. 55 Acres. 85% contained.

TEXAS FIRE:   Lytle Creek Road x Glen Helen Pkwy.  Start: 8/28/15 0947. Cause unknown. Chaparral. 1 Acre. 0% contained.


BALDY [ID] FIRE:  14 Miles WNW of Elk City. Start 8/10/15.  Lightning. 283 Personnel. 2220 Acres. 9% contained.

plane scoops up water

Plane scoops up water on the Carpenter Road Fire [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

BOBCAT FIRE:  15 miles north of Salmon, ID on the Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District. Start 8/14/15 @ 1600 hours. Lightning. 41 Personnel. 237 Acres. 80% contained.

CAMPBELL FIRE:  In the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, 10 miles southeast of Dixie. Start 8/13/15. Lightning. 29 Personnel. 6720 Acres. Unknown % of containment status.

CLARK FORK COMPLEX:  6 miles NE and 9 mi. S of Clark Fork, Idaho; 5 mi. N of Noxon, MT.  Start 8/13/15. Lightning. 323 Personnel. 13,762 Acres. 35% contained.

CLEARWATER COMPLEX:  Most of the Complex is adjacent to Kamiah, ID. Other fire locations are in the vicinity of Kooskia, Craigmont, Ruebens, Greer, Woodland, and Harrisburg.  Start 8/10/15. Lightning.  607 Personnel.  67,992 Acres. 75% contained.

Smoke Collumn

Smoke column on the Carpenter Road Fire [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

COUGAR FIRE:   3 mi SW of Warm Lake and 20 mi NE of Cascade. Start 8/13/15 Lightning. 329 Personnel. 1237 Acres. 81% contained.

ELEVEN MILE FIRE:  15 miles west of Challis, in the Yankee Fork Drainage.  Start 8/24/15.  Lightning. 227 Personnel. 8,000 Acres. No % on containment status.

FISHER FIRE:  7 mi N of Craigmont in the Big Canyon area. Start 8/12/15. Lightning. 132 Personnel. 21,640 Acres. 75% containment.

GRIZZLY COMPLEX: In the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River drainage, near Grizzly Peak.  Start 8/10/15.  Lightning. 181 Personnel. 15,703 Acres. Unknown Personnel or containment status.

Smoke Collumn

Smoke billows from the mountainside on the Carpenter Road Fire [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

LARKIN COMPLEX:  30 miles northeast of Pierce. Start 8/17/15. Lightning. Unknown Personnel or containment status. 4988 Acres.

LOCHSA SOUTH COMPLEX:  South side of the Lochsa River drainage from Warm Springs to the Selway River. Start 8/15/15. Lightning. 5535 Acres. No status on # of personnel or containment status.

MIDDLE FORK COMPLEX FIRES:  North Fork Ranger District. Start 8/11/15. Lightning. 5115 Acres. Unknown personnel, containment status.

MOTORWAY COMPLEX:  Numerous fires 10 miles east of Kooskia, 4 miles east of Pierce, 1 mile north of Syringa. Start 8/14/15.  Lightning. 429 Personnel. 30,974 total Acres. 2% contained.

The moon in the sky visible during night burnout operations.

Moonlight and night burnout operations [Photo Credit: Kyle Miller Wyoming IHC]

–> Jay Point Fire:  1.5 mi W of Powell, 1 mi downriver from Powell Power Station.   Detected 8/17/15. Lightning caused. 148 Personnel. 3753 Acres. 0% contained.

Sunset on the Motorway Complex.

unset on the Motorway Complex. Photo taken on 08/24/15 [Photo Credit: by Kevin Korbel]

MUNICIPAL COMPLEX FIRE:   Clearwater, Lewis and Nez Perce Counties. Start 8/18/15. Human caused. 607 Personnel. 67,992 Acres. 75% contained.

NEW SELWAY 2015 FIRE:  4 miles WNW and 7 miles NE of Elk City. Start 8/10/15.  Lightning. 283 Personnel. 31,691 Acres. 0% containment.

PARKER RIDGE:  7 mi SW of Porthill. Start 7/29/15. Lightning. 82 Personnel. 6252 Acres. 27% contained.

RAPID FIRE:  2 mi SE of McCall, Idaho, E of Jug Handle Mtn. Start 8/14/15. Lightning. 314 Personnel. 5869 Acres. 37% Contained.

–>  Slide Fire:  7 1/4 mi E of Lowell. 3 mi East of the homes on the Selway River. Start 8/13/15. 9953 Acres. Lightning. 148 Personnel.

RED RIVER COMPLEX:  Southern portion of the Red River Ranger District including two Wilderness Areas. Start 8/17/15  Lightning. 11,800 Acres. No # of personnel or containment status.

SCURVY MTN FIRE:  28 miles east and northeast of Pierce. Started 8/21/15 @ 1130. Lightning. 381 Acres.  Unknown personnel & containment status.

TEPEE SPRINGS FIRE:  Located in the area of Tepee Springs and Hazard Creek. 20 mi S of Riggins, Idaho; on E side of Hwy 95. 22 mi NW of McCall and N of Goose Lake. Start 8/12/15 @ 0730. Lightning.  710 Personnel.  40,665 Acres. 30% contained.

Night Ops

Danger lurks in the darkness on the Carpenter Road Fire [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

TOWER FIRE:  Wildfire On The Pend Oreille Divide With Fire On Both The Colville And Idaho Panhandle National Forests. Start 8/11/15. Lightning. 755 Personnel. 16,335 Acres. 10% containment.

WASH FIRE:  8 mi E of Lowell. About 5 mi E of houses on the Selway River. Start 8/13/15.  Lightning. 31,608 Acres. Unknown status or personnel assigned.

WILDERNESS COMPLEX:    Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness. Start 8/21/15. Lightning. 8 Personnel. 14,900 Acres. 1% contained.

WOODRAT FIRE:  1  mile N and W of the community of Syringa. Start 8/14/15. Lightning caused. 4654 Acres. 2% contained.

Night photo of burnout operations.

Burnout operations on the southeast side of the Woodrat Fire on 08/22/15. [Photo Credit: Kyle Miller Wyoming IHC]


BEAR LAKE FIRE:  1/2 north of Bear Lake in the West Pioneer Mountains near Wisdom. Start 8/20/15.  Lightning. 200 Personnel. 4117 Acres. Unknown status.

GOAT ROCK COMPLEX:  SW of Libby. Start 8/20/15. Lightning. 78 Personnel. 4492 Acres. 0 % containment.

LITTLE JOE FIRE:  7 miles southwest of St. Regis on the Superior Ranger District. Start Unknown.  Lightning. 120 Acres. 17 Firefighters.

Little Joe Mtn. [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

MOUNT SILCOX FIRE:  North of Silcox Peak on the main ridge at over 6,000 feet elevation. Detected by helicopter working on another nearby fire.  Start 8/25/15. No threats to structures. High elevation Fire. Approx 60 acres.

MORRELL COMPLEX:  7 mi N of Seeley Lake. Start 8/14/15. Lightning. 211 Personnel. 795 Acres. 50% contained.

REYNOLDS CREEK FIRE:  4.4 miles East of Logan Pass.  Start 7/21/15. Cause under Investigation. 4850 Acres. 90% containment.

Structure protect group at nght near potentially threatened structures

A Structure protection group patrolling on the night shift during the Okanogan Complex Fires in WA. [Photo Credit: Jeremiah Mushen]

SPOTTED BEAR DISTRICT FIRES:   22 fires. 0% containment. 3566 Acres. Start 8/10/15. Lightning. Located in Spotted Bear Ranger District in the Flathead National Forest..

SQUEEZER FIRE:  Squeezer Ridge north of Swan Peak.  Detected 8/25/15.  Lightning. 80 Personnel. 114 Acres. 0% contained.

SUCKER CREEK FIRE:  Helena NF. 8/10/15. Cause unknown. 150 Personnel. 2850 Acres. 55% contained.

THOMPSON-DIVIDE FIRE:  Glacier National Park & Flathead National Forest. Start 8/9/15. Lightning. 3 fires. 332 Personnel. 18,893 Acres. 14% contained.

TRAILS CREEK FIRE:  2 miles East of Spotted Bear Ranger Station. Start 8/12/15. Lightning. 33 Personnel.  12,250 Acres. 0% contained.

Trail Creek Fire

Trail Creek Fire [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

WEST FORK FISH CREEK FIRE: 15 miles southwest of Tarkio.  Start 8/14/15. Lightning. 2900 Acres. No # of personnel or containment status known.

WHIPCRACKER FIRE:  Elkhorn Mountains in the Whipcracker Gulch area (T7N, R1E, Sec 29). Start 8/27/15.  Lightning. 40 Personnel. 12 Acres. 95% contained.

Smoke column from fire activity

Whipcracker Fire. [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]


CANYON CREEK COMPLEX:  South of the towns of John Day and Canyon City. Start 8/12/15. Lightning. Threatened:  75 homes.  Damaged:  50 homes.  Destroyed:  39 homes, 11 minor structures.  Fuels:  Timber, medium logging slash, and short grass. 759 Personnel. 14 Crews. 9 Helicopters. 67 Engines. 86,929 Acres. 44% contained.

COLLIER BUTTE FIRE:  18 mi E of Gold Beach in Gold Beach Ranger District. Start 8/2/15. Lightning. Threatened: 1 non-residential commercial property. 0 Homes threatened. 155 Personnel. 3 Crews. 2 Helicopters. 6 Engines. Fuels:  Timber, slash and brush. 11,110 Acres. 55% contained.

CORNET-WINDY RIDGE FIRE: 4 mi W of Durkee. Start 8/11/2015. Unknown cause. Destroyed:  4 homes. 21 other structures. 33 Personnel. 1 Crew. 4 Engines. 102,089 Acres. 85% containment.

COUNTY LINE 2 FIRE:  US Hwy 26 MP 100 to 92, just north of Warm Springs. Start 8/12/15. Unknown cause. Threatened:  955 homes, 22 mixed commercial/residentiall. Destroyed: 4 homes, 3 minor structures. 553 Personnel. 14 Crews. 3 Helicopters. 21 Engines. Fuels: Brush, short grass. 66,374 Acres. 72% contained.. 

EAGLE COMPLEX:  20 mi NW of Richland, OR. Start 8/11/15. lightning. Threatened:  21 single residences, 30 minor structures. Destroyed:  1 home.  327 Personnel. 7 Crews. 4 Helicopters. 12 Engines. 12,298 Acres. 25% contained.

ELDORADO FIRE:   5 mi of Unity.  Start 8/14/15. Unknown cause. Destroyed: 1 home, 3 other structures. Fuels: Grass, timber and brush. 32 Personnel. 1 Crew. 4 Engines. 20,635  Acres. 90% contained.

Firefighter in dense smoke with a bandanna over his face.

Firefighter protects his face in the dense smoke on the Okanogan Complex fires in WA. [Photo Credit: Alan Barbian]

FALLS CREEK FIRE:  5 mi SW of Joseph, Oregon near Hurricane Creek Trailhead. Start: 8/22/15. Unknown cause. Threatened:  60 single primary homes. Fuels:  Timber and grass. 168 Personnel. 6 Crews and 7 Engines. 15% contained.

GRIZZLY BEAR COMPLEX:  20 mile SE of Dayton, WA on the Umatilla National Forest, in the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness, and on private lands protected by Washington DNR and by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Lightning caused. Timber and short grass. 72,421 Acres. Firefighters working on containment and battling increased winds. 558 Personnel. 8 Crews. 5 Helicopters. 31 Engines. Threatened: 400 homes, 35 non-residential commercial properties & 35 minor structures.  Destroyed:  5 homes & 28 other structures. 10% contained.

NATIONAL CREEK COMPLEX:  10 miles SW of Diamond Lake. Start 8/1/15. Lightning. No Threats at this time. Fuels:  Timber litter, light logging slash. 287 Personnel. 2 Crews. 5 Helicopters. 11 Engines. 13,211 Acres. 40% contained.

STOUTS CREEK FIRE:  16 miles east of Canyonville; 1 mile south of Milo, OR. Start 7/30/15. Human-caused; Mowing During Hours Prohibited By Fire Restrictions. Threatened:  158 single residences, non-residential commercial structures. Fuels: Timber (litter and understory), Brush and Medium Logging Slash. 417 Personnel. 8 Crews. 4 Helicopters. 11 Engines. 26,452 Acres. 84% contained.  

WILLAMINA CREEK FIRE:  45 mi SW of Portland, 10 mi N of Willamina. Start 8/19/15. Unknown Cause. Fire Fuels:  Timber and logging slash.  63 Personnel. 5 Crews. 2 Engines. 230 Acres. 97% contained.


ALDER LAKE:  7 mi S of Eatonville. . Lightning caused. Started 7/26/15. 119 Personnel. 3 Crews. 7 Engines. Threatened: 15 residences & 20 minor structures, 253 acres. 10% contained. Current weather conditions: [2225 8/28]. 68F with rain showers. Visibility: 10 miles. Humidity: 68%. Wind:  3NNW.

Alder Lake Fire on 08-24-2015

Alder Lake [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

CARPENTER ROAD FIRE:  35 mi NW of Spokane; N and E of Carpenter Road and Mudget Lake Road. Cause still unknown but under investigation. Significant growth to the NE.  New containment lines to be constructed.  Timber and grass.  Threatened:  600 structures and residences; 5 commercial properties & 160 other structures. 575 Personnel. 11 Crews. 53 Engines. 25% contained.

CHELAN COMPLEX:  1 mile S of Chelan.  Cause unknown.  91,172 Total Acres. 52% contained. Threatened:  1330 structures, 150 commercial structures, 650 minor structures.  Destroyed: 21 homes, 23 minor structures. Fuels:  Short grass, brush, timber . 963 Personnel, 21 Crews, 8 Helicopters, 69 Engines.

–> First Creek Fire: 6800 Acres. 25% contained. Threatened:  420 single residences, 73 multi-unit residences, 63 minor other structures.  Damaged:  22 commercial structures. Destroyed:  12 Homes. 7 other structures. 263 Personnel. 9 Crews. 2 Helicopters. 23 Engines.  Water drops & structure protection continue.

–> Wolverine Fire:   3 mi NW of Lucerne. Start 6/29/15.  Lightning. Threatened: 121 single homes, 80 mixed, 75 minor structures and 12 non-residential commercial structures. Fuels:  Timber, brush. 226 Personnel. 1 Crew. 1 Helicopter. 17 Engines. 64,849 Acres. 28% contained.

COMMUNITY MEETING –> August 29 [Saturday] at 7:00pm at the Performing Arts Center, Chelan High School, 215 W. Webster Way, Chelan, WA. #ChelanComplex

COLVILLE COMPLEX:  10 miles radius of Kettle Falls. Stevens and Ferry Counties. Human caused. Threatened: 294 residences & 155 other structures.  Damaged:  22 homes. Destroyed:  2 homes, 16 other structures.  Timber, grass, brush. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs. 486 Personnel. 12 Crews. 31 Engines. 10,800 Acres.. 48% containment.

Night burn operations on Graves Mountain

Graves Mtn Fire on the Colville Complex / SE Flank. [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

 –> Gold Hill Fire:  95% contained.

–> Marble Valley Fire:  96% contained

COUGAR CREEK FIRE:  6 mi NW of Glenwood. Lightning caused. Threatened:  10 homes. 527 Personnel. 11 Crews. 6 Helicopters. 26 Engines. 49,200 Acres. 25% contained. Brush, grass, timber. Extensive bug-killed timber in north half of fire.

KANISKU COMPLEX:  35 mi E of Colville, 15 mi NW of Newport. Lightning caused. Threatened:  218 homes, 1038 commercial along with 490 minor structures. 755 Personnel. 17 Crews. 3 Helicopters. 21 Engines. Fuels:  Timber and old logging slash. 17,510 Acres. 10% containment.

–> Baldy: 515 ac. 80% contained.

— > Grease Creek:  75 ac. 0% contained.

–> Onata Creek:  300 ac. 0% contained.

–> Hall Mtn:  20 ac. 0% contained.

–> Slate Creek: 1 ac. 0% contained.

–> S Fork State Trail – D5.  10 ac. 0% containment.

Capturing Heroes on the Front line [Photo Credit: Alan Barbian]

KETTLE COMPLEX:  26 mi NW of Colville.Colville National Forest, private, DNR. 862 Personnel. 12 Crews. 6 Helicopters. 65 Engines. Threatened:  2600 homes. 70 mixed commercial & residential.  Destroyed: 1 home. Red Cross Shelters: Grace Evangelical Free Church, 851 S. Miner St., Colville —  American Legion, 1057 Highway 395 N, Kettle Falls — the Inchelium Community Health Center, 39 Shortcut Road, Inchelium, WA.

–> Stickpin Fire:  100% contained.

–> Graves Mtn Fire:  1200 Acres. 15% contained.

–> Roy Fire:   No data.

–> Renner Fire: 11,776 Acres.

–>  Marble Valley Fire:  50 mi NW of Spokane. 3087 ac. 85% containment.

NORTH STAR FIRE:  25 miles N of Coulee Dam. Human caused. Threatened: 3,000 homes. 225 commercial & 1,000 other structures.  808 Personnel. 12 Crews. 2 Helicopters. 62 Engines. Fuels:  Timber, heavy logging slash, grass. 190,000 ac. 22% contained.

OKANOGAN COMPLEX:  7-11 miles NE and NW of Omak. Lightning. Threatened: 5140 single residences.  Destroyed: 94 homes, 63 other structures. Fuels:  Timber and short grass. 1831 Personnel. 33 Crews. 7 Helicopters.  173 Engines. 302,224 Acres. 12% contained.

A fire engine is seen as a reflection in the side mirror of a vehicle

Fire reflections on the Okanogan Complex Fires [Photo Credit: Alan Barbian]

UPPER SKAGIT COMPLEX:  Directly North of the town of Newhalem. Lightning. Threatened: 88 mixed commercial/residential.  Damaged:  2 commercial structures. Fuels:  Timber & short grass. 205 Personnel. 3 Crews. 2 Helicopters. 17 Engines.  7978 Acres. 37% containment.

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Sources:  Inciweb, NWCC, other locations


WA WILDFIRE | Chelan Complex | August 20, 2015 | PM SitRep


Complex Fires: Black Canyon, McFarland, Reach and Wolverine Fires.
Location: 1 Mile S of Chelan
• Start:  8/14/15
Cause: Unknown
Fire Mobe:  Approved, as of 8/14/15

Sikorsky Skycrane dipping straight out of Lake Chelan in support of initial attack.

Sikorsky Skycrane dipping right out of Lake Chelan. Courtesy via Inciweb


  • Wolverine Fire: 40,904 acres. 30% containment
  • Reach Fire:  68,465 acres. 49% containment.
  • First Creek:  1902 acres.  2% containment.
  • Black Canyon Fire:  11,394 acres. 2% containment.
  • Blakenship Fire:  180 acres.  0% containment.
  • Total Acres:  122,845.

Courtesy of Reach Complex Fire Info Facebook page.


  • Personnel:  993
  • Crews: 27
  • Engines: 78
  • Water Tenders: 17
  • Bulldozers:  16
  • Helicopters: 5
  • Fixed Wings: 2

This Image shows you where most fires lie. Courtesy of the Reach Complex Facebook Page


  • Chelan Co Fire Districts #7, 10
  • Chelan Co Sheriff Office
  • WA DNR
  • USDA Forest Service
  • National Park Service
  • Bureau of Land Management
Wolverine Fire

Smokey conditions at the Wolverine Fire. Courtesy of Inciweb


  • Chelan Co: 67 lost
  • Douglas Co: 17 [incl residences, businesses & outbuildings] lost

# # #

The Whos. The Whys. The Whats.  And, The Hows – Important Contact Info [Persons Affected by Wildfires]


USDA Farm Service Agency

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Indemnity Program

Tree Assistance Program

WA State Dept. of Revenue

Wolverine Fire

The Wolverine Fire burns hot and heavy in this #FireImage. Courtesy of Inciweb


Dept of Licensing –

  • Offering those affected by wildfires expedited service
  • Accepts inquiries via phone #360-902-0172, in person or online


DSHS Community Services Office [Wenatchee]

  • Open & serving clients affected by wildfires
  • Assists with food and cash assistance replacement
  • Contact by phone:  800-209-5446


  • Basic Fire Info:  800-803-0622 from 0800-2000 PDT, Monday – Saturday.
  • Emergencies:  Dial “9-1-1”
Tree torching with smoky sky.

This is what “Tree Torching” looks like. It is very dangerous for Firefighters. Courtesy of Inciweb

National Forest Closures

  • Methow Ranger District:  509-996-4003
  • Chelan Ranger District:  509-682-4900

Roads, Highways, Evacuations

  • Chelan County Emergency Management:  509-667-6863
  • Douglas County Emergency Management:  509-888-6841
  • Okanogan Emergency Management:  509-422-7207
  • Washington State DOT:  5-1-1 or on Twitter: @wsdot
  • Washington State Patrol:  509-682-8090


  • Chelan County PUD:  877-783-8123


Masks Supplies

  • Chelan: Chelan Hospital, Chelan Clinic or Chelan County Sheriff Office
  • Manson:  Red Apple Market – go to Customer Service Desk
  • Wenatchee: Emergency Managment Office @ Fire Station on 5 St / Western
  • Cashmere:  City Hall
  • Leavenworth:  Hospital


Red Cross Shelters

  • Moe Elementary:  407 E Woodin Ave, Chelan
  • Sterling Middle School:  600 N James St, E Wenatchee
  • Brewster H. S. :  503 S 7th St, Brewster
  • Evacuation Shelters [Red Cross]: 509-663-3907

Animal Shelters

  • Small Animals:  Humane Society in Cashmere. [Evacuees must be at a Level 3 to bring animals in]
  • Large Animals:  Cashmere Fairgrounds. Note:  Use gate in back [Tillicum Gate] and gray stalls.
Sunset in Railroad Creek drainage with smoke from Wolverine fire.

Some serious smokey skies. This is a Sunset in Railroad Creek drainage. Courtesy of Inciweb

How YOU Can Help Those Affected by Wildfires


Red Cross

Washington State Employees

“Thank you for your tireless efforts, commitment, dedication and everything else in between.  We know it will be never enough for our appreciation for what you all are doing out there on those wildfires, but it’s the least we can offer.  Some of you may be strangers to us, but we will also be related via fire.  That’s a pretty good benefit to us because we consider all of you a HUGE part of our Family.  Wishing you safety on the fire ground, mental well-being, much support offered and a safe return wherever your home base may be.”

We also thank the countless personnel who are Dispatchers, Police Officers, Fire Managers, EOM Volunteers, Pilots, Staff and everyone else we probably have unintentionally have forgotten.  Your actions to support the many fire personnel on the ground and taking care of the Public is very admirable.  We appreciate your tireless hours of staffing the EOCs, Dispatching, road blocks, evacuation notifications and much much more that we can even name.  Keep up the great work that you all do! We Thank You!”

~ Lisa, Editor/Blogger

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WASHINGTON WILDFIRES – July 22, 2015 – Wednesday

Here’s the latest on Washington State Fire News.2x3IEmM5_bigger


  • 163 “New” Fires
  • 6 “New” Large Fires
  • 5 “Contained” Large Fires
  • 9 “Uncontained” Large Fires

* * *

BLUE CREEK FIRE – 8 miles East of Walla Walla

Fire Summary/Status ==> Started 7/20 @ 1230 Hours PDT. 5580 acres. 5% containment. In full suppression.  Active fire runs uphill, with torching, flanking.  Cause: Human & under investigation.

Fire deemed “State of Emergency”.   FEMA is dedicating funds for this fire.  Declaration was released on Monday, July 20, 2015.  At which time they stated one structure was lost and the Blue Creek and Mill Creek watersheds were threatened, along with 150 homes, 6 bridges, various roadways and external utilities.

Reports also released stated, the fire was moving NE towards Blacksnake Division.

From tonight’s Community Meeting:  “The fire has crossed over Blue Creek.”

Weather Forecast ==> Wednesday currently this evening [2115 Hours PDT] 78F, clear with winds SW to 4 mph.  Tomorrow’s forecast is 87F with clear sunny skies dipping into the evening to 63F degrees.

Damage Assessment ==> Structures lost [# unknown].

Threats ==> Addiitonal homes.  City of Walla Walla Watershed.  Blue Wood Ski Area.

Evacuations ==> 

Level 3: Klicker Mtn Rd & Blue Crk Rd

Level 2:  Scott Canyon Rd, Tracy Rd, Biscuit Ridge Rd [& Biscut Ridge area]

Level 1:  Mill Crk Rd [above Blue Crk Rd], Lewis Peak Rd [& Lewis Peak area]

Shelter ==> Red Cross Shelter. Walla Walla County Fairgrounds. Will be open until Thursday. Contact Walla Walla Co DEM for more info.

For Evacuation Updates –>  Call Walla Walla County Emergency Department of Management.  Phone #509-524-2900.

Resources ==> 1,000 personnel from DNR SE Region, Walla Walla Co Fire District #4, WSP, WA State Fire Marshal, Walla Walla Emergency Management Division, Walla Walla County Sheriff, Columbia City Emergency Management Division, USDA Forest Service Umatilla Forest.

Mapping of Area ==>


Sign-up for Alerts ==> Sign up for the Emergency Alerts in your area by going to the County’s website here ->  It looks pretty easy as 1-2-3. 

* * *

I-90 Fire – 7 miles SW of George

Fire Summary/Status ==> Start 7/19/15. Cause unknown.  In full suppression. 700 acres at a 80% containment status.  Some demob expected in near future.

* * *

NEAH BAY 200 LINE – 2 miles SE of Neah Bay  – NEW!

Fire Summary/Status ==> Started 7/18/15 by an unknown cause.  41 acres.  Is 90% contained.

* * *

NEWBY LAKE LONG DRAW – 23 miles NW of Oroville

[Formerly Newby Lake Fire]

Fire Summary/Status ==> Started 7/2/15 by lightning.  5,065 acres and is 50% contained.

Resources ==> 329 personnel from BC Ministry of Foresters and WA DNR.

* * *

PC COMPLEX – 8 miles NW of Amboy

Fire Summary/Status ==> This complex is made up of 5 different fires.   Unknown cause. 100 acres. 248 total acres with a 40% containment status.  Type 3 helos [1 heavy, 3 med’s] + 3 Air Tankers have been dropping retardant over the fires.  A Washington IMT 5 Team assumed command on Monday, July 20, 2015.  Fire behavior is moderate with some tree torching. Left flank moving downhill.

Big Creek — > Near Yacolt.  Started 7/17/15 around 1500 hours PDT. 100% contained at 12 acres.

Germany Creek — > Hwy 4 / W of Longview / Kelso areas. Fire started 7/16/15 around 1600 hours PDT.   100% contained at 5 acres.

Colvin Creek –> Started 7/19/15 before noon. Located off of Hwy 503, E of Woodland. 30% contained at 110 acres.

Power Line 1 –> Started 7/20/15 around 1230 hours PDT.  Located in same area as Colvin Creek & Power Line 2 Fires.  100% contained at 1 acre.

Power Line 2 –> Started 7/20/15 1600 hours PDT.  Is in the same general area as Colvin Creek and Power Line 1 Fires. 100% contained at 2 acres.

* * *

WHITEHORSE FIRE – 4 miles SW of Oroville

Fire Summary / Status ==> Started 7/20/15 by lightning. In full suppression. 185 acres at a 0% containment status.  Active fire.

Threatened ==> 9 Mile Ranch subdivision, homes and outbuildings.

We will continue to report on Wildfires as they come in for each State. Please bear with us as there are so many!

If you wish to SHARE your stories and photos, we’d be happy to post them to our blog and Social Media Sites.

Be Safe out there Friends and Thank You for all of your supportive comments, input and following us.  We appreciate every single one of y’all.

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Bellevue Commercial Building Destroyed by Fire

Bellevue, Washington | On Wednesday, November 26, fire a commercial building home to two businesses located in the 13000 block of SE 27th Place in the South side of the City.

NORCOMM received the 9-1-1 call at 01:02.

Firefighters arriving on scene found the two-story commercial fully engulfed with flames in the center of the building and showing on all sides.  A second-alarm for mutual aid was requested.

Fire crews from Mercer Island and Eastside Fire and Rescue provided Mutual Aid to Bellevue Firefighters.

Bellevue Police provided traffic control and scene security.

Both A&M Auto and Superior Towing suffered significant fire damage.  No dollar of damages is known at this time.

Cause of the fire is currently under investigation.  No injuries were reported.

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