Food Poisoning Seen As Possible Cause To NAACP State Convention Dilemma

US Food Safety

Everything went fine in the closing of the 27th annual NAACP State Convention last Oct. 30 until about 100 guests fell sick due to suspected food poisoning.

In the event last weekend at Sofitel San Francisco Bay Hotel in Redwood City at least 12 people were rushed to local hospitals due to vomiting and diarrhea. The patients were treated for dehydration. More guests were hospitalized on Saturday and Sunday morning after they felt ill over the weekend following the banquet dinner in the hotel.

Over 300 people attended and former Oakland Mayor and Assemblyman Elihu Harris was among those who felt sick for possible food poisoning. There is no confirmation whether Ex- San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who was the event keynote speaker, was also hospitalized.

The guests began feeling ill after they had dinner of salmon and salad. At about 10:30 p.m., people started vomiting in the Sofitel lobby…

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