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By Hal Collier, LAPD, Retired

Hal is a thirty-five year veteran of LAPD. We are pleased he is sharing his stories with us. 

Police officers deal with crime on a daily basis and far too often, that crime is violent. Cops see death regularly and they have to deal with it. We often suppress our emotions and treat the violence as a simple part of the job. It’s how we keep our sanity, or at least that’s what we think. Every so often, a crime hits close to home, a friend, a partner, or your family. Then it becomes personal. It also helps you understand how your everyday victims feel.


ruger-sr22-pistol-sideMy first “family” incident occurred when I was on probation. I came home after a long night working the grave yard shift and see my Ruger 22 caliber pistol on the dining room table. It’s cocked! I keep it in the bedroom and not cocked. I have taught my…

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