Great to Greatness: Making a Difference

Did you know?  Regular people like you and me every day may see people driving in cars, biking on the roadway, walking by us in a store, or doing whatever we all may be doing at that moment.

Did you know? You can make a difference on someone’s life, just by smiling, leaving enough room on the roads for a driver to change lanes, reaching up on the top of a shelf for someone who may not be able to get to that certain item or by just saying hello to a stranger.

Did you know?  You don’t have to have “Super Powers” to help change a person’s life.  It can be easy as taking care of a loved one, make an errand for a friend, relative or even a co-worker.  Whatever the need, being available as a one-time thing or even on a regular basis, is helping Make A Difference.

Did you know? Firefighters every day put their lives on the line for friends, family and even strangers.  They do it not to be dubbed “Heroes” but because it is their “calling” to naturally Make a Difference in someone’s life.  It could even be yours if you were in danger, needed medical attention or had a fire emergency.

What will you do Today to become the already great person that you are?

Here are some ideas:

  • Thank a Firefighter for what they do. Tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Call up an old friend and see how they’re doing – maybe go out for coffee.
  • Check up on your elderly neighbors welfare. Especially, single ladies – need to know they are appreciated, thought of and need human interaction.
  • Volunteer with an organization of your choice and see what benefits you can reap, while Making a HUGE Difference impact on someone’s life.

There are million combinations you can do to Make A Difference.  Now, it’s  time to get out there and Make  A Difference.  Not only will someone appreciate you for what did for them [even if they may not be able to say it in words], it will make you feel yourself feel Greatness deep down.

Here’s to many days, weeks, months, years of being Great to Greatness:  Making a Difference.

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog