Island Dreams vs Realities Are Not One in the Same

Kiribati Islands – When most of us think about tropical islands here in the States, we think of our U.S. Hawaii, Florida or California or more globally recognized islands, isuch as those in Barbados, Tahiti, Jamaica and the list goes on.  However, there are other much lesser known islands that are out there.

We have written about the Kiribati Islands, known as low-lying atoll and corral reef islands spread out over several thousands of miles. These low-lying islands are sinking every year, as Global Warming that threats to sink many islands across the Globe unless the World reaches out to save them.

Our island dreams usually consist of tanning ourselves on sandy beaches getting a nice bronze sun, where as the low-lying residents fear the King Tides that wash up on to their beaches eroding the walls that protect their homes and livelihoods.

For years, the President and Council that represent this not-so-known Country of low-lying Islands has been seeking higher ground with neighbor New Zealand but so far, they have the shut door on the residents that are working to save their population or face extinction.

We are showing their stories because it appears that no one is listening and if you are, what you doing to save the lives of so many? We may live hundreds of thousands of miles away but we can see through their eyes in images and see their stories of where they are reaching out to those to help them.

Please read this young woman’s pleas and tell me that this doesn’t pull on heartsrrings:

Yesterday, Feb. 4, 2016, rain started falling. It rained until morning, and this is what it brought. This is in my village in Tarawa, Bairiki. I live on the other side. The strong winds, and the heavy rain were so bad that schools shut down early, and sent kids back home.

I feel frightened, and we don’t know what the next days, months, or even years will bring. I always feel worried, what will happen to our country in the future? Sometimes I feel hopeless because the waves, the rain, the winds, the storms just keep coming.

But let’s pray that the new government will bring a light of hope for the country and our people. -Bonrenga Mannei, 23

The New Zealand government ruled out the people of Kiribati as immigrants due to impending refugee status saying that’s not how the law was writtten. It’s okay for those fleeing war torn areas but to these people there appears to have HOPE.  We all know this isn’t the case and as we continue to do – is help share their stories.  Please help us tell the World what is happening.


Here’s another post from a young teen in 2012.  Here’s her family’s story.

Salty water – Lisa Aremwaiti, 18: 2012

My name is Lisa Aremwaiti. I am 18 years old and come from Buota, North Tarawa. Since I was little, I have used this well to get fresh water for my family. Now the water has become salty and not good. We don’t have fresh water in our well anymore, so I have to walk to a different well down the road to a different village to get water for my family now. –

Please share with the world this message and help gamechangers make a difference in saving lives globally.

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