Chester, PA – Earlier this morning, Amtrak’s Palmetto Train 89 traveling from New York to Savannah, Georgia struck a backhoe sitting on the busy rails in Chester, South of Philadelphia.  Two people were reportedly killed and up to 30 injured.


Amtrak stated that all train traffic had been suspended on the Northeast Corridor then later released a statement stating, “We are providing limited service between Wilmington and Philadelphia.”

As of 1151 PDT,  New York City Emergency Management tweeted that all Amtrak Northwest Corridor traffic has resumed between NYC and Philadelphia but to expect some delays.


Amtrak Hotline.  Friends and Family can check the status of their Loved Ones by calling Amtrak’s Emergency Hotline phone number 1-800-523-9101.

Red Cross.  The Red Cross responded less than an hour into the scene, bringing with them their Spiritual Care Team to the Trainer United Methodist Church on W. 9th Street.  They also set up at 30 Station with snacks, water and additional members of their Spiritual Care Team to help traumatized passengers.


Amtrak is currently working with the NTSB to thoroughly investigate this incident.  We are hoping for a good outcome as to how and why this occurred so it doesn’t happen again.

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